11Monitoring Phone Calls346Discusses technical details on receiving microwave linked telephone conversations using conventional and widely available ham satellite/satellite TV receiving equipment.Public domain article obtained from ARPANET.N4Monitoring Phone Calls With a TVRO4.5000
21More on VM/CMS945Discusses the previous articles author's superficial knowledge of VM/CMS and fills in some of the gaps and gives a more complete picture of VM.References "Lex Luthor" articles in November 1987 <a href='article.php?i=93&a=1546'>..</a> and December 1987 <a href='article.php?i=92&a=1538'>..</a> issues.N9VM/CMS Corrections6.0000
31Weathertrak Codes346Lists Weathertrak codes for the Weathertrak service.N151.0000
41The Hacker Threat946Discusses telecommunications and fraud, phreaking, hacking and bulletin board systems, includes a short modem war-dialing Basic program.A reader response is in Summer 1988 <a href='article.php?i=2&a=13'>..</a>A16An Interpretation of Computer Hacking5.000220
51Private Sector Scam Revisited346Discusses the New Jersey Bell investigation of the Private Sector 2600 bulletin board including a oscilloscope printout and Telephone Network Security letter.N213.0000
61A ROLM Catastrophe346Discusses the University of New York at Stony Brooks installation of a brand new ROLM phone system and the incredible range of problems and foul-ups that ensued.Includes complicated ROLM dialing instructions.N30ROLM Phone System Creates a Nightmare7.0000
71Happenings346Discusses several current news items.N372.5000
81AT&T/BOC Routing Codes346List of routing codes used by AT&T and the Bell Operating Companies (BOC) that you can blue box to and includes pages of notes.N425.0000
92Allnet's Legal Problems346Prints the "Notice of Class Action and Proposed Settlement to Certain Current and Former Customers of Allnet Communication Services, Inc.".N22.0000
102A Solution To Viruses941Discusses Trojan and virus programs and presents the FLUSHOT series of programs designed and written by the author to protect against them along with detailed information on how it attempts this.N4A Form of Protection For You and Your Computer17.0000
112How To Write a Virus908Discusses virus programs including how they work and spread, a program outline and information on virus types.N8the dark side of viruses7.0000
122Building a Red Box942Discusses what a red box is and how to use it and includes parts list, schematic and instructions for building one.N133.0000
132Reply To Captain Zap943Discusses and criticizes the Caption Zap article and makes specific responses to some of his statements regarding phreaking and hacking.References Captain Zap article in Spring 1988 <a href='article.php?i=1&a=4'>..</a>N16A Reader's Replay to Caption Zap6.000227
142Fun Phone Numbers944Lists a bunch of interesting telephone numbers along with some notes.N44List Of Numbers Rev. 1.03.0000
153Outside Loop Info926Discusses the path from the central office (CO) to the subscriber and examining each major point along the route (these facilities are called the outside local loop distribution plant).N41.0000
163Cellular Phones927Discusses the rising interest in the cellular scene and provides insight into what is going on.N81.0000
173Who Was Strowger?930Discusses the rather sketchy life of Almon Strowger who, it could be fairly stated, was the first phreak ever to exist.N9Who The Hell Was Almon Strowger, Anyway?1.0000
183Communications Update346Discusses several current news items.N10What's Going On With Phones/Computers5.0000
193A Map of the 516 NPA346Discusses the 516 area code and lists all of the exchanges.N14The 516 Area Code In Detail5.0000
203Red Box Program931Discusses a Commodore-64 basic program to play red box tones.A221.0000
213Canadian Numbers931Lists Canadian WATS telephone numbers.N231.0000
224The Internet Worm Story922Discusses the "Internet Worm" including the exploits it uses and analysis of the disassembled worm code - no source code shown.Reprinted from the RISKS Newsletter.N4A Report on the Internet Worm6.0000
234MCI Ripping Off Customers346Discusses some of the scams and deceptive business practices MCI uses to "slam" long distance customers and overcharge them.N10MCI: The Phone Company with a Lot of Explaining to Do2.000168
244Hacker's Guide to UNIX920Discusses the UNIX operating system's operation and useful commands, including a brief history.Part two in Spring 1989 <a href='article.php?i=5&a=31'>..</a>N12A Hacker's Guide to UNIX7.0000
254Overhearing Phone Calls346Discusses the telephone calls you can listen to depending on the radio receiver you have, lists frequencies and some phone calls overheard.N19how to hear phone calls5.0000
264Soviet Operators923Discusses the job of an inter-city telephone operator in Novosibirsk, Soviet Union named Valentina Efimovna Vdovina.Reprinted from Pravada.N30What Its Like To Be A Soviet Operator3.3300
274Chaos Computer Club924An interview with two members of the Chaos Computer Club.N34an interview with the chaos computer club6.0000
284Hardwiring Free Calls859Discusses a number of ways to do "hardwiring" - directly connecting a phone to somebody else's line without their knowledge to get free telephone service.N42Hardwiring Your Way In3.00033
294Review: Tune In On Phone Calls925Discusses the book "Tune In On Telephone Calls" by Tom Kneitel published by CRB Research.N45Book Review2.0000
305Hackers in Jail346Discusses two stories of hackers winding up in jail (Kevin Mitnick and Herbert Zinn Jr.) and draws some conclusions about this disturbing trend.N34.660202
315The Wonders of UNIX920Discusses various useful UNIX commands and system files (eg. /etc/passwd) that could be useful in exploring a UNIX computer.Part two, part one in last issue. <a href='article.php?i=4&a=24'>(..)</a>N4More On Hacking Unix7.0000
325800 & 900 Exchanges921Discusses 800 and 900 numbers, lists the 800/900 exchange translations and who owns them and contains a glossary of terms.N12Ever Wonder Who Owns All Those 800 Numbers?8.0000
335Payphones Explained898Discusses and explains how a fortress phone (a.k.a. payphone) works and how one can (ab)use it.N30How Payphones Really Work10.25035
345News From Around346Discusses several current news items.Ripoffs & Scams, Long Distance Censorship, Foulups & Blunders, Abuse...., Mischief MakersN365.0000
356A Guide to PRIMOS907Discusses the PRIMOS operating system, this initial installment is an introduction and contains extensive technical documentation.First of three. <a href='article.php?i=8&a=59'>(2nd)</a> <a href='article.php?i=10&a=79'>(3rd)</a>N414.0000
366201 Exchange List898Lists the valid exchanges in the 201 (Northern New Jersey) area code.N20Exchange List: 201 Area Code2.2500
376Scanning For Calls828Discusses eavesdropping on telephone calls with a radio scanner, primarily concerned with receiving cordless and cellular.N222.000116
386Tips on Trashing859Discusses the benefits of exploring your local phone company's garbage and then how to do it without getting into trouble.N323.0000
396A Sprint Story916Discusses details of the police search of "Mike's" room the day after messing around with Sprint, a couple of hints on avoiding this and some advice.N34The Spring Gestapo Strike Again!2.0000
406Spanish Phones917Discusses how in the space of a few months the Spanish telephone system, one of Europe's most efficient, all but collapsed.Reprint from last year's England's Financial Times.N36Spanish Phones - and what they don't do2.0000
416A Summer Worm918Discusses the Ada source code for a DEC VMS worm.Initial development on a PC using R.R. Software's JANUS/Ada.A383.0000
426Reviews: Pirate Radio Directory, The New 'Tap'919Discusses "The 1989 Pirate Radio Directory" published by Tiare Publications.Index entry shared with this article <a href='article.php?i=6&a=1492'>..</a>N421.0000
437The NYNEX Strike346Discusses the New York Telephone (NYNEX) strike and details service issues and problems.N3Competition... It's the Next Best Thing to Being There1.00062
447Grade 'A' Hacking908Discusses the University Applications Processing Center (UAPC who process student records) including technical information, logging on, getting a password and changing grades.Updated in Winter 1989 (6:4) <a href='article.php?i=8&a=62'>(..)</a>N45.330132
457Galactic Hacker Party346Discusses the Galactic Hacker Party conference which took place at the Paradiso Cultural Center in Amsterdam on August 2nd, 3rd and 4th.N10The Galactic Hacker Party4.000216
467British Telecom's Guilty Conscience346Discusses a plea sent to the British people by British Telecom.N12British Telecom: Guilty1.5000
477The Death of COSMOS?346Discusses the summer edition of COSMOS Currents (a newsletter put out by Pacific Bell/Pacific Telesis) that says COSMOS will be replaced with SWITCH.N131.0000
487What's Going On346Discusses several current news items.N147.5000
497The Secrets of 4TEL346Discusses details and information about 4TEL, a loop testing system mainly used by General Telephone (GTE).N204TEL4.0000
507REMOBS898Discusses REMote Service OBservation System (REMOBS), a method for Ma Bell to watch what you do on the phone.N321.0000
517GTE Horrors346Discusses information about General Telephone & Electronics Corporation (GTE) equipment and customer complaints.Article written with the help of Silent Switchman and Mr. Ed.N33Gee...GTE Telcos2.0000
527Voice Mail Hacking914Discusses how to take advantage of the Genesis Voice Mailbox Systems (VMS) and details of the NYNEX Business Center voice mail compromise.N36Voice Mail Hacking... ...NYNEX Style1.0000
537Punching Payphones915Discusses how to obtain free local phone calls on many pay phones by "punching" the handset receiver.West Coast Phreaks.N371.0000
547Useful Frequencies346Discusses details of the touch tone frequencies used in the telephone system.From a central office recorder/announcer installation manual circa 1983.N40Touch-Tone Frequencies1.0000
557Carrier Access Codes346Lists the telecommunications carrier access codes.N422.0000
568The AT&T Story346Discusses the AT&T long distance meltdown of January 15th.N4The Day The Phone System REALLY Died2.5000
578Our Ever-Changing World346Discusses several current news items.N6Morris Found Guilty5.000155
588NYNEX Central Office Data908Discusses information and data relating to New York & New England Telephone (NYNEX) switching systems and lists telephone centers subdivided by sector.Special thanks to Kornflake Killer.N9NYNEX Data5.0000
598PRIMOS, Part Two907Discusses the PRIMOS operating system, this installment covers several useful applications you are likely to find on Prime computers.Second part of series. <a href='article.php?i=6&a=35'>(1st)</a><a href='article.php?i=10&a=79'>(last)</a>N14More Hacking On PRIMOS11.0000
608Building a Silver Box828Discusses information about and details for building a silver box, including schematic and parts list.N20How To Build A Silver Box4.0000
618Area Code/Exchange Count346Lists all North American area codes and the number of exchanges being used in each ordered by area code and population.N44The NPA Countdown1.0000
628UAPC Update908Discusses the University Applications Processing Center (UAPC) scandal in the media and ways around the changes they made.References article in the last issue. <a href='article.php?i=7&a=44'>(..)</a>N451.0000
639For Your Protection346Discusses hacker arrests, the apparent government crackdown and the suppression of the electronic newsletter Phrack in response to the 911 document scandal.N37.660493
649Facts About MIZAR909Discusses the MIZAR system which is used by Bell in the Recent Change Memory Administration Center (RCMAC, also CIC) to process Recent Change Messages.N8The Secrets of MIZAR3.0000
659How Blue Boxers Are Caught910Discusses the rumors, false information and myths circulating about how phone phreaks are caught for using blue boxes and dispels them.Legion of Doom!N12Toll Fraud Detection Techniques2.0000
669Build a Touch Tone Decoder911Discusses how to build a "snatch 'n latch" DTMF decoder including schematic, parts list and instructions.N14Building a DTMF Decoder5.0000
679Listening In Via VHF828Discusses how ship-to-shore telephone calls can be listened to with a scanner, lists the frequencies and notes that calling card numbers can be heard.N19Listening In2.660423
689News Update346Discusses several current news items.N231.0000
699The 911 Document2Discusses the "Documentation on the E911 System" document published by Bell South.N37The Scoop on 9111.0000
709Fun at the 2600 Meeting346Discusses the bizarre story of the 2600 meeting in New York City being monitored by investigative agents and harassed by a mob of police, includes pictures.N38Fun and Games at a 2600 Meeting2.0000
719DNIC Codes346Discusses Data Network Identification Codes (DNIC) and lists known DNIC's with their countries and networks.N40Data Network Identification Codes3.0000
729The 707 Area Code913Lists the exchanges for area code 707 including city and county.N441.2500
739Review: The Cuckoo's Egg859Discusses "The Cuckoo's Egg" by Clifford Stoll published by Doubleday.N45Book Review1.7500
7410A Bittersweet Victory346Discusses the news about the Phrack case being officially dropped by the prosecution but details the costs paid by Craig Neidorf and his decision to stop publishing.N30.500501
7510The Neidorf/Phrack Trial906Discusses the five day Craig Neidorf/PHRACK Magazine trial (concerning the 911 document) giving a day by day account of what happened.N4The Neidorf/Phrack Trial: Day by Day5.0000
7610An Interview With Craig Neidorf346An interview with Craig Neidorf, publisher of PHRACK magazine.N82.0000
7710What is the EFF?346Discusses the formation of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and details of their minor involvement in the Craig Neidorf/PHRACK case.N101.000501
7810Negative Feedback346Discusses bringing the Phrack story to the attention of the public and prints some of the electronic and paper mail received by 2600 from people who didn't like what 2600 was doing.N116.000503
7910PRIMOS Conclusion907Discusses the PRIMOS operating system, this installment covers Prime's network communications capabilities and associated utilities.The final article of the series. <a href='article.php?i=6&a=35'>(1st) </a><a href='article.php?i=8&a=59'>(2nd)</a>N14PRIMOS: The Final Part11.0000
8010Fun With COCOTS908Discusses Customer Owned Coin Operated Telephones (COCOTS), a treasure trove of tasty parts and a phone line to explore the phone system for telephone enthusiasts.N20An Introduction to COCOTs8.000448
8110News Update346Discusses several current news items.N381.0000
8211Caller ID901Discusses information about the Incoming Call Line Identification Device (ICLID) and the Caller*ID service it uses. Also discusses other Custom Local Area Signaling Services (CLASS) becoming available.N4Caller ID: The Facts4.000458
8311Network 2000 Saga (cont.)346Prints a Network 2000 newsletter concerning unauthorized accounts (long distance telephone slamming) and letters from Cable & Wireless Communications, Inc. and AT&T.N8The Network 2000 Saga Continues2.0000
8411Dorothy Denning Interview859An interview conducted via e-mail over a two-month period of Dr. Dorothy Denning, well known in the computer security community and author of "Cryptography and Data Security" along with numerous research papers.N10An Interview with Dorothy Denning6.0000
8511Things You Shouldn't Know2Discusses internal documents 2600 has obtained detailing BellSouth's future plans for monitoring telephone lines.N16New Revelations From Bellsouth6.0000
8611Defeating Trap Tracing902Discusses what you should do if you receive a call from telephone company security personnel asking you who made an illegal call to your telephone.N222.0000
8711Tone Dialer Conversion903Discusses a very simple modification to a Radio Shack pocket tone dialer that can make it into a red box.N32Converting a Tone Dialer into a Red Box3.000439
8811Build a Telephone Induction Coil904Discusses the multipurpose induction coil, some of it's uses and instructions on how to build one.N36Building a Telephone Induction Coil3.0000
8911The Definitive ANAC Guide346Lists Automatic Number Announcement Circuit (ANAC) numbers for the United States.N391.0000
9011Credit Card Algorithm905Discusses a c source code program that does a checksum verification of a credit card number.K00l/RaD Alliance!A42An Algorithm for Credit Cards2.000370
9111Facts and Rumors346Discusses several current news items.N443.000509
9212A Political Hacking Scandal346Discusses the Land case, how political organizations are using hackers and how corrupt the whole political process has become.Index indicates page 4 but article begins on page 5.N5Hacking Scandal3.0000
9312The Hacker Reading List859Lists sources of computer security information of interest to hackers in six parts: underground magazines, catalogs, books journals, newsletters and network mailing lists.N84.0000
9412Central Office Operations684Discusses information about the organization and operation of a telecommunication companies' central office. One of the last articles to come out of The Legion of Doom.N128.0000
9512More Leaked Documents346Displays pages from an unnamed phone company's manual for supervisors.N16Leaked Documents2.0000
96121-900-STOPPER: Anatomy of a Rip-off346Discusses the 1-900-STOPPER service rip-off after receiving a threatening letter from the CEO of Private Lines, Inc. the service provider.References a letter on page 25-26 of Autumn 1990.N22Anatomy of a Rip-off2.0000
9712IT'S THE LETTERS PAGE15Dear 2600:COCOT Troubles, Future Surveillance, Why Did You Do It?, Questions, BBS Troubles, Another Method, Suggestions, Technical Suggestions, Caller ID Override, A Phone Company Tour, Assorted Thoughts, COCOT Info.N247.0000
9812Winning Reader Entry346Prints two letters that are the winners of a contest from the Summer 1990 issue to respond to negative letters written about hackers.Entry 1 by TELEgodzilla, no author for entry 2.N32Our Contest Winners5.0000
9912The Word in the Street346Discusses several current news items.N365.0000
10012Listings346Shows a "Publication Denial Notification" for 2600 and a Fraud Alert from a Communications Fraud Control Association newsletter.N422.0000
10113An Atari Virus897Discusses the assembler source code for a virus program for the Atari 520ST and its GEMDOS operating system.A4In Pursuit of Knowledge: An Atari 520ST Virus6.0000
10213The Terminus of Len Rose888Discusses the case of Len Rose (known to some as Terminus) an example of blind justice and corporate power perpetuated by the SS (US Secredt Service) and AT&T.N115.0000
10313Soviet BBS List346Lists BBS telephone numbers in the Soviet Union and some interesting phone numbers supplied by readers.N16(? in Russian?)2.0000
10413What's Up?346Discusses several current news items.Only EFF Lawsuit section on page 22 is in Best of 2600 book.N19<blank>5.000511
10513UNIX Password Hacker898Discusses a c source code program for UNIX systems that automates the process of hacking users' passwords.A314.0000
10613Looking Up IBM Passwords555Lists an assembler program for IBM CMS 3.0 systems that snags passwords off the disk and decrypts them.A364.0000
10713Internet Outdials899Discusses an introduction to Internet outdials and a list of some with instructions on how to access them.N401.0000
10813The New LEC Order900Discusses the forward movement of telecommunications companies to ready themselves for new technologies (eg. ISDN) and how it has been revolutionizing Local exchange carriers (LEC).N42The New LEC Order Acronym City5.0000
10914Where Have All The Hackers Gone?346Discusses recent witch hunts and draconian law enforcement that is driving the hacker community underground and the need to fight for freedom of speech and continue sharing information to prevent this.I've assumed this is an editorial though that is not specified, there is no author and there typically weren't editorials in these early issues.N42.0000
11014Magnetic Stripes894Discusses plans for building a credit card copier and reader/writer, including schematics and data formats and bit encoding information.Translated from Hack-Tic, #8, #9/10.N74.0000
11114Epitaph For NYNEX Business Centers62Discusses the sale of NYNEX Business Centers to ComputerLand and a brief history and background written by an employee.N11Death of NYNEX Business Centers1.0000
11214Hacker News346Discusses several current news items.N121.0000
11314Building a Tone Tracer828Discusses how to build a tone tracer from a handful of parts and a few dollars, includes schematic and parts list.N14Build a Tone Tracer2.0000
11414MCIMAX895Discusses MCIMAX which is MCI's link into the MAX database (that contains information about MCI/AT&T/Sprint products) and MCI's domestic products.N16Hacking MCIMAX2.0000
11514Inspect Implementation346Quotes the more interesting sections of an internal document concerning security implementations on Digital's EASYnet.Information supplied by an employee to be known as "Condor Woodstein".N184.0000
11614More on the CLASS Struggle346Quotes internal documents from Bellcore which go into some detail on CLASS services.N22The Class Struggle2.0000
11714Some New Frequencies701Discusses NYNEX plans for testing wireless technologies and lists their science and technology experimental radio frequencies.N32Secret Frequencies2.0000
11814411346Discusses several current news items.N35411 - news about phone companies6.0000
11914Review: Cyberpunk869Discusses "Cyberpunk: Outlaws and Hackers on the Computer Frontier" by Katie Hefner and John Markoff published by Simon and Schuster.N42When Hackers Ride Horses: A Review of Cyberpunk2.000235
12014Tymnet PCP Outdials896Discusses and lists some PC-Pursuit and Datapac outdials from Tymnet.N44Outdials2.0000
12114Prisoner Update346Discusses a note received from Frank Darden in prison (one of the Atlanta hackers) and the U.S. Department of Justice's rational for restricting an issue of 2600.N461.0000
12215Why Won't They Listen?346Discusses recent media portrayal of hackers and how 2600's attempts to publicize the real story and warn the public of real concerns has received negligible media interest.I've assumed this is an editorial though that is not specified, there is no author and there typically weren't editorials in these early issues.N42.0000
12315Simplex Locks: Illusion of Security722Discusses information and details of Simplex locks, including how easy they are to open (even by complete novices) and lists all the possible combinations.Emmanuel Goldstein also listed as an author.N6Simplex Locks An Illusion of Security10.000314
12415Dutch Hacker Intrusion346Discusses the video showing Dutch hackers accessing military computer systems in the United States, including commands used and a complete explanations of what is going on.N14The Hacker Video4.000253
12515Protecting Your SSN890Discusses methods to keep your Social Security Number from being used as a tool for the invasion of your privacy, including a short history of related federal legislation.N183.2500
12615COCOT Numbers891Lists Customer Owned Coin Operated (COCOT) telephone numbers in Washing DC and New England (Maine, Rhode Island and Massachusetts).N22COCOT Numbers (Customer Owned Coin Operated Telephones)2.0000
12715Tidbits346Discusses information about MCI 800-FRIENDS update service, 800 ANI numbers and a reasonable 900 number reverse listing service.N311.000463
12815Postal Hacking869Discusses information about the United States Postal Service (USPS) including POSTNET, MARK, FIM, LSM, BCS, MLOCR, free/fast/snail mail and encourages exploring the system.Further reading: 'A Guide to Business Mail Preparation' by the USPS.N32USPS Hacking6.000372
12915Psychology in the Hacker World892Discusses the Enforcer archetype, an enforcement personality type, which at its most extreme is a paranoid schizophrenic unable to distinguish friend from foe.N382.6600
13015Another Dialer Converted893Discusses an enhancement to the Radio Shack red box conversion that incorporates a switch to select between the two different frequency crystals to enable both touch tones and a red box.References conversion article in Autumn 1990.N43More Conversion Tricks1.0000
13115Useful UNIX Programs886Discusses two c programs, the first lets you see what words look like encrypted and the second is an example of embedding that encrypted word into a program for a password so it can't be gleaned from the source.A441.0000
13216Sentry Security346Discusses the SENTRY system used by the Bureau of Prisons from a statement by Richard J. Hankinson of the Inspector General before a government subcommittee.N5Computer Security at the Bureau of Prisons3.0000
13316Important News883Discusses several current news items.N8Stuff You Should Be Interested In3.0000
13416Crypt() Source884Discusses an issue concerning UNIX encryption and the crypt() function including c source code.References a letter from SJ on page 29 of the Autumn 91 issue.A115.0000
13516Birth of a Low Tech Hacker805Discusses how the author became a hacker in a very different culture (India).N162.000382
13616Mobile Frequencies885Discusses mobile phone frequencies (not cellular!) and lists them for 31 large cities throughout the United States.References article by The Researcher in April 1986 [3:4].N182.0000
13716Simplex/USPS Update346Discusses corrections to the Simplex lock codes and the POSTNET examples previously published.References page 12 of "Postal Hacking" <a href='article.php?i=15&a=128'>(..)</a> and 32/36 "Simplex Locks: Illusion of Security" <a href='article.php?i=15&a=123'>(..)</a> in the Autumn 1991 issue.N210.5000
13816Postnet Programs886Lists a BASIC and a c source code programs to print POSTNET's for a five or nine digit zip code.A222.0000
13916Class Features887Discusses the custom calling features of the Centel telephone system in Las Vegas.N312.0000
14016COCOT Corner346Discusses information to show you what is unique and precious about customer-owned coin-operated telephones (COCOT).N333.0000
14116An Appeal For Help888Discusses the aftermath of the author's court case, the expenses involved and a request for assistance.N362.0000
14216Gulf War Printer Virus62Discusses the news accounts of the "Gulf War" virus being introduced into an Iraqi air defense system via a printer.N39Annalysis: Gulf War Printer Virus1.000289
14316Major Telco Privacy Hole346Discusses exploiting a weakness in Busy Line Verification (BLV) whereby it is possible to remotely listen in on phone conversations at a selected telephone number.N42U.S. Phone Companies Face Built-In Privacy Hole2.000464
14416Monitoring Devices346Discusses plans (parts list and schematic) for a FM wireless transmitter and the same circuit modified to take its input and power from a telephone line.Originally published in Hack-Tic, designed by Billsf.N44FM Wireless Transmitter2.0000
14516Human Database Centers889Lists addresses and phone numbers for companies that provide data and information services (ie. credit, real estate, court, etc).N461.0000
14617MS-DOS Virus876Discusses the MS-DOS assembly language code for a .COM file infecter with a placeholder for a payload.References Atari virus code in Spring 1991 issue.A4An MS-DOS Virus3.2500
14717Batch Virus877Discusses a MS-DOS virus created with batch files that infects .COM files.A8A Batch Virus1.0000
14817Virus Scanners Revealed770Discusses some insight into just a few methods that could be used in a virus that current virus protection wouldn't catch.N9Virus Scanners Exposed3.000290
14917Hacking WWIV346Discusses four techniques for hacking the popular WWIV BBS program and hacking prevention countermeasures.N124.0000
15017Using a Silver Box878Discusses how to use the silver box that you built. (see notes)References Winter 1989 silver box article.N160.5000
15117Fun Frequencies346Lists selected SS (Secret Service) and Disney radio frequencies with description.N17Real Important Frequencies1.0000
15217UNIX Password Hacker879Discusses an alternative way of password hacking, using the same method as most others, but with a different approach, includes c source code.A182.0000
15317How To Take Apart a Payphone880Discusses detailed instructions for disassembling a typical pay phone including the tools required.N203.3300
15417The Australian Phone System881Discusses information about the public switched telephone network in Australia including Telecom Australia, the network, pay phones, special numbers and more.N314.0000
15517Catching Peepers882Discusses a little C program that will let you know when someone tries to finger you via the "finger" command.A35A Way To Catch Peepers1.0000
15617Review: Steve Jackson's 'Hacker'869Discusses "Hacker: The Computer Crime Card Game" by Steve Jackson of Steve Jackson Games.N36Hacker Review2.0000
15717Simplex Locations346List of Universities, Colleges, Preparatory Schools and School Organizations using SIMPLEX pushbutton locks.References article on page 6 of the Autumn 1991 issue.N38Looking for Simples Locks?3.0000
15817News Updates346Discusses several current news items.N42The Latest3.0000
15917Interesting Numbers877List of currently available numbers and where they lead to, in constant need of updating.N45Fascinating Fone Fun1.0000
16018Portable Hacking873Discusses the recent hacker/phreaker crackdown and suggests ideas for avoiding these problems by taking it to the road.N4On the Road Again: Portable Hacking6.000278
16118Hitchhiker's Guide To Boxing713Discusses the most complex machine on earth: the phone system, an introduction and guide to having fun with the technology.Recommends "Signaling in Telecommunications Networks" by S. Welch, CCITT Red/Blue/Green/etc Books and "Telecommunications Engineering" by Roger L. Freeman.N10Hitchhikers Guide to the Phone System : Phreaking in the Nineties6.000466
16218Demon Dialer Review869Discusses the "Do It Yourself Demon Dialer Kit" by Hack-Tic Technologies.N15Do It Yourself Demon Dialer Kit3.0000
16318Revelations346Discusses Bellcore technical advisory TA-NWT-00030 that details data transmission standards for future Caller ID services.Titled "bellcore's plans for caller id", also index entry for "Fun Things to Know" <a href='article.php?i=18&a=1476'>(..)</a> and "Here We Go Again" <a href='article.php?i=18&a=1477'>(..)</a>N18Bellcore's Plans for Caller ID1.0000
16418Defeating *69701Discusses several methods you can use to defeat Return Call (*69) and Caller ID to maintain your telephone privacy.N31Hot To Defeat *694.0000
16518The View of a Fed874Discusses the author's (a computer security specialists who works for the U.S. government) take on his interactions with the hacker scene versus the governments' distorted view.N382.000384
16618Review: Devouring Fungus840Discusses "The Devouring Fungus (Tales of the Computer Age)" by Karla Jennings published by W.W. Norton & Company, Ltd. in U.S. and Penguin Books Canada Ltd. in Canada.N40Book Review1.0000
16718Voice Mail Hacking875Discusses details and information about hacking voice mailboxes (VMB's), which have become a very popular way for hackers to get in touch with each other.N42Voice Mail Hacking5.000472
16819Hacking AmiExpress866Discusses the AmiExpress BBS software for the Amiga and presents a c program that displays the sysop password.N43.0000
16919Defeating Callback Verification770Discusses some methods for circumventing the callback verification done by a sysop after applying at a BBS.N92.0000
17019Shopper's Guide to COCOTs867Discusses information about Customer Owned Coin Operated Telephones (COCOTs) and a potential method of getting free calls from them.N134.0000
17119Review: Sneakers2Discusses a review of the Universal Pictures movie "Sneakers" starring Robert Redford.N17Film Review1.0000
17219A Simple C Virus868Discusses the DOS c source code for a simple overwriting virus that attacks all .exe files in it's subdirectories.A192.2500
17319Review: The Hacker Crackdown869Discusses "The Hacker Crackdown: Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier" by Bruce Sterling published by Bantam Books.N21Book Review1.7500
17419Hacking on the Front Line870Discusses basic information on gaining computer access including identifying the system, telephone tracing, common accounts and password guessing ideas.References Lex Luthor's "Hacking VAX/VMS" Feb 1986 and "Hacking IBM'S VM/CMS Operating System" by Lex Luthor Nov/Dec 1987.N315.0000
17519Using the Dial Telephone871Reprint of a phone company document entitled "How To Use The Dial Telephone".N36How To Use The Dial Telephone3.0000
17619Getting Started872Discusses what it takes to get going and involved in hacking and phreaking.N421.0000
17719Toll Fraud867Discusses documents the author recently obtained from AT&T and Bellcore detailing what they are doing to stop toll fraud "thefts".N43Toll Fraud: What the Big Boys Are Nervous About4.000478
17820Hackers in a World of Malls346Discusses details of what happened at the Pentagon City Mall during the November 6th Washington DC 2600 meeting including eyewitness account, reporter interview and pictures.N4Hackers in a World of Malls: Secret Service Behind Harassment of 2600 Meeting4.000512
17920Cipher Fun841Discusses a procedure for telephone number encipherment that is designed to frustrate most snoops based on the polyalphabetic substitution cipher devised by Giovanni Battista della Porta.N62.0000
18020Beginner's Guide to Minitel862Discusses a short introduction to the Minitel or technically the Teletel network (a videotex online service).From CORE-DUMP a French hacker publication.N83.0000
18120Vehicle Identification Numbers346Discusses details of the VIN (vehicle identification number) required by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Department of Transportation for the 1981 model year.N111.0000
18220Secret Service Sites863Lists the city/state/telephone number and whether a Resident Agent (RA) or Domicile (D) of all SS (US Secret Service) field offices.N12U.S. Secret Service Field Offices1.0000
18320Letter From Prison346Discusses the lack of First Amendment rights and some details of the prison telephone access.From a prisoner in California.N132.000387
18420Growth of a Low Tech Hacker864Discusses some pointers for newcomers to hacking from the author's own experience.N172.000390
18520High Tech Happenings346Discusses several current news items.N194.0000
18620Toll Fraud of the Past346Discusses how one branch of the old Bell System educated its employees about blue boxes.N33A Blast From The Past3.0000
18720AT&T Office List346Lists every AT&T office address and telephone number (including switching stations) in eight states.Part two of the list is in Summer 1993 <a href='article.php?i=22&a=205'>(..)</a>N36Is AT&T Hiding Near You?3.0000
18820More Telco Leaks346Discusses the lack of security on some telco computer systems that have dial-up connections and the internal NYNEX guidelines for unacceptable yellow pages advertising.N42Telco News3.3300
18920Review: Speach Thing865Discusses the "Speach Thing" by Convox Inc. (an add-on audio port for IBM/clone computers) and it's use as a red box.N45Product Review1.0000
19021Cellular Magic776Discusses the manuals and equipment necessary to do virtually anything regarding cellular.N49.5000
19121Trouble in the White House855Discusses how the White House telephone system has been busy since Tuesday, January 26 and speculates why they've been getting so many calls.N122.0000
19221Beige Box Construction856Discusses the instructions for building a beige box and how to add some features that the lineman's handset has.N142.0000
19321Descrambling Cable857Discusses how to build a pay TV descrambler including materials and instructions.N162.000331
19421Secret Service on Trial858Discusses the day by day details of the Steve Jackson Games trial, a travesty instigated by the SS (U.S. Secret Service).N18Secret Service on Trial - SJG Trial: Day By Day5.0000
19521Acronyms851Lists telecommunication acronyms from letters a to g.Subsequent parts of this list can be found in the Summer and Autumn issues.N34Acronyms A-G4.0000
19621A Study of Hackers859Discusses the author's use of MINIX to imitate a UNIX system and his observations of what happened after posting a login/password on some hacker bulletin boards.N383.000392
19721Getting Your File860Discusses information and addresses for obtaining your credit history, criminal record and Social Security information.N42Getting Your File...1.0000
19821British News861Discusses several current British news items.N442.0000
19922A Guide to the 5ESS852Discusses extensive details and information about the Class 5 telephone Electronic Switching System (5ESS) including switch topology, hardware, software and how to program it.N411.0000
20022British Credit Holes346Discusses a flaw in the British credit reporting companies procedures and suggestions on how it can be taken advantage of.N121.0000
20122High School Hacking853Discusses the author's experience exploring the Netware network and PS/2 computers at his high school and encourages you to do the same.N131.0000
20222DTMF Decoder Review801Discusses the TDD-8 DTMF Decoder - a Touch-Tone Decoder/Display & ASCII Converter Board - sold by MoTron ElectronicsN14Product Review2.0000
20322Meeting Advice822Discusses suggestions and strategies for preventing problems like the disruption of the November 2600 meeting in Washington DC.Listed under 'Meeting Advice' in Index with another article <a href='article.php?i=22&a=1469'>(..)</a>N161.5000
20422More Acronyms851Lists telecommunication acronyms from letters h to r.Previous/subsequent parts of this list can be found in the Spring and Autumn issues.N20Acronyms H-R4.0000
20522AT&T's Pages346Contains a threatening letter from AT&T concerning previously published AT&T office addresses and telephone numbers and part two of that list.Part one in Winter 92 issue.N35Corporate Speak: Part Two4.0000
20622Video Review: Commonwealth Films2Discusses three videos released by Commonwealth Films - 'Lost Control: Illegal Software Duplication', 'Virus: Prevention, Detection, Recovery' and 'Back in Business: Disaster Recover/Business Resumption'.N40Video Review: Assorted Videos from Commonwealth Films1.000238
20722Toll Fraud Device346Discusses building a red box (ie. toll fraud device) including schematic and parts list.See correction to schematic on page 37 in Autumn 1993 [10:3] issue.N422.0000
20823Hacking at the End of the Universe2Discusses the "Hacking at the End of the Universe" hacker event organized by Hack-Tic and several recent hacker/university student cases with disturbing outcomes.N42.000271
20923The Wheel Cipher841Discusses Thomas Jefferson's major contribution to cryptography - his invention of the Wheel Cipher and how it works.The same Thomas Jefferson known as the father of the Declaration of Independence.N63.5000
21023True Colors713Discusses the confusion in the color coding scheme of various "Toll Fraud Devices" (TFD's) - sets the record straight with the color of each box and it's function.N93.000441
21123Caller ID Technicalities842Discusses the way Caller ID works internally through Signaling System (SS7) messages between telephone switches.N122.0000
21223Congressional Wake-up Calls346Discusses Emmanuel Goldstein's testimony before the House Subcommittee on Telecommunications and Finance on June 9.Markey (D-Massachusetts) and Fields (R-Texas) the only idiots (aka Congressmen) attending.N14Congress Takes A Holiday2.000550
21323UNIX Openings843Discusses a simple Unix trojan horse script and suggestions for writing it as a program and getting it executed.A16UNIX Job Openings1.5000
21423Hacking Honesty Tests844Discusses honesty and integrity tests, the underlying principles, how they are constructed and the knowledge and skills needed to beat them.N20How To Hack Honesty4.0000
21523Password Cracking Software845Discusses the "Password Cracking Software" commercial programs written by Access Data Recovery.N33Product Review1.0000
21623Changing Your Grades846Discusses the author's experience hacking the Pupil Attendance and Records System (PARS) at his high school to alter his grades.N34Changing Your Grades on a High School Computer2.0000
21723Overview of DSS1847Discusses Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) and Digital Subscriber Signaling System 1 (DSS1) which handles signaling between the end nodes.N361.0000
21823Book Review: Approaching Zero848Discusses "Approaching Zero" by Paul Mungo and Bryan Clough published by Random House.N38Book Review2.0000
21923Protecting Your Virus849Discusses some sample assembly language code to encrypt a virus until runtime to allow it to avoid detection by virus scanners.A40Protecting Your Virus From Evil Detectors1.0000
22023More Cellular Fun850Discusses details of cellular phone's Electronic Serial Number (ESN) and some Caller ID information.References Spring 1993 "Cellular Magic" article by Bootleg.N422.0000
22123The Last of the Acronym List851Lists telecommunication acronyms from letters s to x.Previous parts of this list can be found in the Spring and Summer issues.N44Acronyms S-X (no Y or Z)2.0000
22224Hackers in Jail, Part Two2Discusses recent hackers who have been imprisoned, specifically details of the Phiber Optik case.N42.000526
22324Cellular Phone Biopsy624Discusses some useful techniques, ideas and tips for exploring and modifying you cellular phone.N62.500425
22424Elementary Switching834Discusses how signals are sent over the telephone network to control its operation and indicate its status.Two articles for index entry, "KNOW YOUR SWITCH"<a href='article.php?i=24&a=1460'>(..)</a>N91.5000
22524Hacking Smartphone835Discusses details of the Smartphone, a soon to be release service available in some ares that will incorporate all the currently available telephone services.N112.0000
22624High School Mac Hack836Discusses some tips to pass on to hopeful high school Mac hackers.N151.0000
22724Hacking Computer Shows837Discusses several methods to get free stuff at computer industry trade shows or expositions.N162.0000
22824NYNEX Voice Mail346Lists NYNEX telephone exchanges, type of switch/location and local telephone number for voice mail.N184.0000
22924The Magical Tone Box838Discusses the author's design for a box that can handle any tone related task, includes parts list and building advise.N222.0000
23024Passageways to the Internet346Lists locations and phone numbers that provide access to the Internet.N323.0000
23124More Meeting Advice839Discusses the 1st and 14th Amendments to the Constitution and how they don't apply to 2600 meetings on private property, advises participants to know the local laws.N352.000519
23224Book Review: Virtual Reality840Discusses the "Virtual Reality" book by Howard Rheingold published by Touchtone, Simon & Schuster Inc.N37Book Review1.0000
23324Digital Locks346Discusses how to open the fully mechanical Digital lock.N38Digital Locks: Another Contradictions In Terms3.0000
23424News Roundup346Discusses several current news items.N424.0000
23525Crime Waves2Discusses the difference between hacking for personal adventure (what 2600 is about) and using hacker knowledge for personal profit (what criminals are about).N42.000266
23625Build a DTMF Decoder823Discusses plans for a dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) decoder including schematic, parts list, circuit description, instructions and Commodore Basic source code.References TDD-8 DTMF Decoder review in Summer 1993 <a href='article.php?i=22&a=202'>(..)</a>. Author offers kits for sale.A67.0000
23725NYNEX Cards824Discusses an analysis of the new Nynex disposable card technology (Change Card) based on card dissection and use of Nynex test sites.N13The Nynex Change Card1.0000
23825Hacking Health825Discusses several things you can do to a Stairmaster 4000 treadmill.N14How To Hack Health2.0000
23925Software Piracy826Discusses software piracy in Manila and the double standard Western countries apply to it.Reprinted World Press Review.N16Software Piracy: Another View1.5000
24025Cable Denial827Discusses the three forms of denial technology cable TV companies use and some suggestions for bypassing them.N18Coping With Cable Denial2.0000
24125Cellular Telephone Experimenters Review828Discusses the Cellular Telephone Experimenters Kit by Network Wizards which allows control of an OKI 900 cellular telephone from a DOS PC via the RS323 port.N20Product Review2.0000
24225Facts on FOIA829Discusses information about Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and the Privacy Act, provides a list of FBI field offices.N22FOIA Facts and Fiction2.0000
24325Blue Boxing - CCITT System #5818Discusses basic CCITT-5 International signaling ("Comité Consultatif International Téléphonique et Télégraphique" or International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee).Article is a supplement to the CCITT-5 "RedBook".N32Blue Boxing Revisted: A CCITT SYSTEM #5 Interpretation4.7500
24425A Gift From Hallmark701Discusses using the Hallmark, Inc. "Talking Greeting Card" as a cheap digital audio recording device.References Fyberlyte's "The Magical Tone Box" article in Winter 1993.N370.500339
2452510XXX7Discusses the misunderstood and unused features of the post-breakup telconet tenex codes (10-XXX codes).N370.5000
24625Scary News346Discusses several current news items.N38Not Much Good News Here2.000555
24725Michigan Access346Lists telephone access numbers for MSUnet, Michnet and Ameritech Commercial Service.N42Michigan Numbers1.0000
24825Book Reviews: Secrets of a Superhacker, UNIX Security830Discusses the book "Secrets of a Super Hacker" by The Knightmare published by Loompanics Unlimited.Shares index with hacker reviews <a href='article.php?i=25&a=1459'>(..)</a>N43Hacker Reviews0.5000
24925British Trojan832Discusses a couple of trojan programs to capture user passwords.N44Trojans in the U.K.1.0000
25025The Chrome Box833Discusses OptoComs, which are sensors on traffic lights that detect a pattern of flashes from vehicle-mounted strobe lights, and how you might build a device to trigger these.N451.000324
25126Hackers On Planet Earth2Discusses the upcoming Hackers on Planet Earth (HOPE) conference and a "Hacker Congress" in Buenos Aires, Argentina.N42.000273
25226Life Under GTD5142Discusses detailed information on the GTD5 telephone switching software that runs on numerous switches (GTE uses DM-100 AND ESS).N66.0000
25326The Joys of Voice Mail815Discusses enough details of the "Meridian Mail" voice mail system to get you going.N121.0000
25426Finger Follies816Discusses the Unix Finger command and presents a bash shell script to monitor it.Actually two articles, this one "foiling the finger command" and here <a href='article.php?i=26&a=1456'>(..)</a>A14Foiling the Finger Command1.6600
25526Cordless Fun711Discusses information about legally monitoring cordless phone conversations.N181.0000
25626Admins Without a Clue818Discusses a collection of quotes that have been gathered during the recent past that express a position on security that the author would like to entitle "Famous Last Words".N191.0000
25726Hacking Prodigy819Discusses a method of obtaining free access to the Prodigy online service.N202.0000
25826Hacking the Small Stuff820Discusses how hackers experiment, play around and figure out stuff by noticing the little details that most other people overlook, includes several examples.N222.0000
25926DTMF Decoder821Discusses how to interface a simple Dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) decoder circuit to an IBM compatible computer via its parallel port, includes schematic, parts list and QBasic source code.References Spring 94 article by Xam Killroy <a href='article.php?i=25&a=236'>(..)</a>.A326.0000
26026Monitoring Keystrokes770Discusses the author's "Detam's Elite Password Leecher" (DEPL) programs for capturing keystrokes.References Spring 1994 article by Veghead about "Keyspy".N383.0000
26126Facts346Discusses several items of interest.N431.0000
26226Detecting Corporate Leaks822Discusses several methods corporate security teams use to reveal the source of leaked documents.N44How Corporate Leaks are Detected2.0000
26327Opening Doors2Discusses the first Hackers on Planet Earth (HOPE) conference held August 13th and 14th and praises the attendees and volunteers that made it a great event.N42.000274
26427Monitoring U.S. Mail806Discusses details of the United States Postal Service (USPS) Optical Character Readers (OCR) for setting address bar codes and how they could be used to monitor someone's mail.N61.0000
26527Irish Telephones807Discusses information about the Irish telephone system currently run by the Telecom Eireann company.N82.0000
26627The Ghost Board808Discusses phreaking culture centered around Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington and it's "parasitic bulletin board/message system" called the Ghost Board.N111.000397
26727Hacking Netcash809Discusses information about how Netcash - a form of electronic money/online payment system - works.References July issue of Boardwatch.N121.0000
26827Welcome to Mel810Discusses details of Southwestern Bell's Mechanized Employee Locater (MEL) which provides access by telephone to the official company directory.N131.0000
26927Generating an ESN747Discusses how the Electronic Serial Numbers (ESN) is generated based on the serial number stamped on the mobile phone by the manufacturer.N141.0000
27027The Ten Dollar Red Box811Discusses detailed instructions on using a Hallmark card to create a working red box.N151.0000
27127How To Listen In812Discusses information about the many devices available to the general public for eavesdropping on people/places.N177.000349
27227Living on the Front Line346Discusses details of a network intrusion and compromise gathered from Internet posts.N323.0000
27327News Items346Discusses several current news items.N354.0000
27427Breaking Windows813Discusses a couple methods of bypassing the Windows screen saver password.N382.0000
27527Internet World Guide346Lists the two-letter Internet domains and the corresponding county code and name.N432.0000
27627Software Review: The Supervisor Series for VMS814Discusses the Supervisor Series of Utilities for VMS, a public domain collection of tools to intercept traffic between terminals and user processes running on the VAX.N451.0000
27728Inspiration2Discusses the promise of the Internet and the need to oppose restrictions and over regulation on it in a manor that is not self-destructive.N42.000557
27828Bypassing Protec799Discusses a method of bypassing the Protec hard drive protection program, includes a Turbo Pascal program that helps.A65.0000
27928More Key Capturing800Discusses the author's password capturing program and several useful methods for capturing keystrokes on DOS/Windows machines.N123.0000
28028Digital Telephony Passes346Discusses the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA HR 4922), the Congress approved law enforcement takeover of the phone system to make surveillance easier.N151.000559
28128The Risks of War Dialing770Discusses some of the legal complexities of war dialing and Florida statue 815.03 (Florida Computer Crimes Act) and the author's justification.N162.0000
28228Cellular Hardware & Electronics624Discusses details of the Number Assignment Module (NAM) that older phones store in PROM (Programmable Read-Only Memory).N184.0000
28328Australian Update801Discusses the massive brush fires near Sydney Australia that triggered numerous calls from overseas that overloaded many local exchanges.N22News From The Far Side of the Planet1.0000
28428VT Hacking802Discusses how the DEC VT220 or VT240 computer terminals may be utilized to hook accounts on any system it connects with using the included c program.A324.0000
28528Janitor Privileges803Discusses how many companies janitorial services employ temp workers and how that may allow access to internal company information.N361.0000
28628Net Surfing Techniques804Discusses a (potentially time consuming) method of finding interesting machines on the Internet.N371.0000
28728News Update346Discusses several current news items.N38Things That Happen2.0000
28828Reviews: Network Security, Unauthorized Access805Discusses Network Security by Steven L. Shaffer and Alan R. Simon published by AP Professional. Also has a video review by Emmanuel Goldstein of Unauthorized Access by Annaliza Savage of Savage Productions.N43Book Reviews, Video Review3.0000
28929The World vs. Kevin Mitnick2Discusses the recent capture of Kevin Mitnick and details surrounding it and John Markoff's involvement.N43.000528
29029The Gold Card346Discusses prepaid chipcards for telephones (mainly used overseas) including building your own reader/writer and source code in c for experimentation.Adapted, translated, updated article from Hack-Tic, the Dutch hacker magazine issue 24-25.A613.5000
29129Facts On ATM Camera Security796Discusses facts to clear up the many misconceptions on cameras at Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs).N202.0000
29229Cellular Interception Techniques615Discusses monitoring cellular telephony communications including security, usage analysis, equipment availability and interception techniques. The Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 (ECPA) prohibits the monitoring of these frequencies.N235.0000
29329Hacking in Brazil35Discusses the current state of hacking, phreaking, computer and Internet use in Brazil.N362.0000
29429Hacking Tandy285Discusses the Radio Shack PC-6 and a method of creating a Trojan horse to display the memo area.One listing in index, actually two articles, "Hacking the Tandy/Casio Pocket Computer" and this one <a href='article.php?i=29&a=1453'>(..)</a>A38Hacking the Tandy/Casio Pocket Computer1.0000
29529500 Exchange Guide346Provides a list of exchanges and the owner.N41Exchanges In 500 Land Home Of Phone Numbers For Life1.0000
29629Pager Major798Discusses answers to some of the more common questions about pager systems, primarily focused on the US and Canada.N424.000339
29729Review: Masters of Deception722Discusses Masters of Deception by Michelle Slatalla and Joshua Quittner published by Harper Collins.N50West Side Hacker: Masters of Deception2.000239
29829Assorted News346Discusses several current news items.N52News Items2.0000
29929Leaking Cables346Discusses a leaked internal British Telecom briefing document about the challenge it faces from cable companies.N541.0000
30030The Bernie S. Saga2Discusses details of the Bernie S. (Ed Cummings) case and his current incarceration in a federal prison.N42.660531
30130New Antiviral Technologies788Discusses how viruses and anti-virus software work and summarizes the author's many years of independent study on computer viruses.References an article in 2600 called "Protecting Your Virus" <a href='article.php?i=23&a=219'>(..)</a>N6Pioneering New Antiviral Technologies4.0000
30230The Gender Snooper779Discusses information and plans for a device (the author used a gender changer) plugged between a computer and modem which will transmit the data going thru it.N103.0000
30330ATM Tricks789Discusses a couple of problems with ATM Diebold hardware and procedures that could result in free cash.N133.000335
30430Citibank ATM Fun790Discusses how some Citibank ATMs can be put into a special mode by simply using the touchscreen.N161.0000
30530Day of the Hacker791Discusses the author's experience running a Wildcat BBS system and how even though he was vigilant his system was eventually hacked.N182.000398
30630Diverters792Discusses telephone call diverters, what they are, how to use them and where to fin them.N201.0000
30730Hacking AS/400793Discusses information about the AS/400 IBM mainframe computer's operating system OS/400.N224.0000
30830Radio Reviews768Discusses information about Opto's radio scanners "the Scout", R10A FM Communications Interceptor, APS104 Active Pre-selector, Universal M-400v2 Decoder and AOR's AR8000 Wide Range Receiver.N364.0000
30930War Dialing794Discusses the author's experiences with war dialing and computers found, includes a qmodem auto dialer script.A403.000401
31030Coping With Cable Denial 2795Discusses some methods for getting free cable service at a low cost, includes specific mods to a General Instrument Jerrold 450.References Cap'n Dave article in Spring 94.N43Coping With Cable Denial 2: The Jerrold 450 Hack4.5000
31130News Items346Discusses several current news items.In Best of 2600 twice, page 534 has the last section and 562 has the first.N502.000534
31230NPA List346Discusses Number Plan Areas (NPA or area codes) and presents an update list of them for North America.N52The Complete NPA List2.0000
31331No More Secrets2Discusses the Secret Service, a group of dimwitted, overzealous law enforcers and their mistreatment and mis-portrayal of Bernie S. (Ed Cummings).N42.500535
31431Stealth Trojans779Discusses an assembly language trojan and the use of "Stealth" disk I/O to avoid detection by anti virus programs or protected mode environments.A66.5000
31531Military Madness346Discusses the authors experience as the resident techie on a US Air Force base.N142.000405
31631T-Shirt Follies780Discusses three episodes during which the author was harassed for wearing a 2600 t-shirt.N161.0000
31731Macintosh Key Capturing781Discusses a THINK C or C++ program that utilizes a quick key capturing scheme for the Macintosh.References Winter 19945 article "More Key Capturing".A171.5000
31831Just Say No782Discusses the NO-Box which is a like a new and improved gold box without the wires and mess.N19Just Say No!1.0000
31931COCOT Experimenter's Resource Guide783Discusses customer-owned coin-operated telephones (COCOT ie. payphones), including the internal hardware and operation, the business side and operational maintenance.N2010.0000
32031Mutation Engine Demystified784Discusses the mutation engine virus writers use to avoid detection by anti-virus scannersA365.0000
32131ISDN Overview785Discusses information about Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN).N411.0000
32231DTMF Decoder Review768Discusses information about the TM-16a Plus touch tone decoder by MoTron Electronics.N42The * DTMF # Decoder2.0000
32331Hacking Interrogation786Discusses how a police interrogation works and what you can do to be better prepared for it should it ever happen to you.Mentions ATM Bandit article in the Spring 1995 issue.N44Hacking A Police Interrogation2.0000
32431Breaking Windows 2787Discusses additional information on Windows 3.x that may be useful in hacking limited access Windows machines.References 'Breaking Windows' in the Autumn 1994 issue.N501.0000
32531Movie Reviews: The Net, Hackers2Discusses a review of the Columbia Pictures movie 'The Net' starring Sandra Bullock.Shared index entry with Hackers <a href='article.php?i=31&a=1895'>..</a>N51The Net1.000242
32632Speech Control2Discusses the most important issue facing the net community is that of censorship and how government and law enforcement want to control speech on the Internet.N42.0000
32732What Happens on the AT&T Side676Discusses information about the AT&T long distance customer service call in center operations.N64.0000
32832News Update346Discusses several current news items.N122.0000
32932A Spoofing Odyssey769Discusses the technical description of the methods used by Kevin Mitnick to infiltrate Shimomura's computer system.N143.0000
33032Infiltrating Disney770Discusses the mysterious underground tunnels at Walt Disney World and presents a few pointers for "urban hacking" activities.N171.0000
33132Sniffing Ethernet771Discusses what packing sniffing on Ethernet networks is and how it works with examples of useful tools.N182.0000
33232Bypassing DOS/Windows Security772Discusses the conditions for bypassing many security measures on DOS/Windows machines and some useful examples/tools for doing this.N202.0000
33332Understanding Verifone Machines773Discusses the basic layout and some information about how the Verifone machine works, a point of sale (POS) device.N223.0000
33432Pakistani Phones774Discusses recent developments in telephone technology in Pakistan the author discovered during a trip to the area.Recommends Signaling in Telecommunications Networks by S. Welch and Telecommunications Systems Engineering by Roger L. Freeman.N25Phones in Pakistan3.0000 File Infector775Discusses and explains an assembly language program that infects .com files on DOS/Windows systems.N366.1250
33632Understanding the Hacker776Discusses the reasoning that could justify hacking in the eyes of those who do it.N421.0000
33732Scanning Space777Discusses other frequencies beside fire/police to listen in on with scanners, including low orbiting satellites, the US space shuttle, Coast Guard etc.Recommends Comprehensive Guide to Military Monitoring by Steve Douglass and The Outer Space Frequency Directory by Anthony Curtis from CRB Research Books, Inc.N43Scanning1.0000
33832AOL Syndrome745Discusses AOL's Home Page publisher and Personal Publisher, known as "My Place" and "My Home Page".N441.0000
33932Hacking Netware778Discusses the author's successful attempt to acquire the Supervisor password on a Novell 3.11 Netware system.N501.8250
34032Fugitive Game, Takedown Review722Discusses The Fugitive Game by Jonathan Littman published by Little, Brown and Company and Takedown by Tsutomu Shimomura with John Markoff published by Hyperion Press.N52Cashing in on Mitnick: The Fugitive Game2.000245
34133Caught in the Web2Discusses how the Internet can be used by individuals against corporations and bureaucratic and repressive regimes.N42.000538
34233Tap Alert760Discusses plans for and building a tap-alert device to detect lower grade taps (not the non-parasitic or the electronic taps at the switch).N62.0000
34333A Page of Revenge761Discusses the design of a program that would call pager numbers with a victim's phone numberN91.0000
34433Unshredding the Evidence644Discusses the key to reconstructing shredded documents (assumes you are not dealing with cross-cut, chipped documents, or ashes, but with "paper spaghetti").N102.000378
34533Confessions of a Beige Boxer762Discusses the author's history of phone phreaking, though some stories are obviously fiction it is very interesting and amusing.N125.000408
34633Macs at Ease763Discusses how to circumvent the AtEase security system software on Macs commonly used at schools.N171.0000
34733Sharp Cash Trix709Discusses an interesting security problem with the Sharp ER-3100 cash register that allow it to be opened silently bypassing the activity log.N182.0000
34833Hacking Doors764Discusses some vulnerabilities in some of the telephone security systems often used in apartment buildings to control access.N201.0000
34933Hacking Caller ID Boxes694Discusses how to modify a Caller ID Company (CIDCO) caller id box with ROM revision 1.2A or 1.4 so that it has more capacity.See also 'Expanding Caller ID Storage' in 15:3. <a href='article.php?i=43&a=493'>(..)</a>N221.5000
35033The Alaskan Phone System765Discusses the Alaskan phone system and how it is actually very interesting and different from most others because of it's size and low population density.N242.0000
35133Avoiding Suspicion766Discusses how to avoid the attention of law enforcement and recommendations for keeping a low profile.N262.0000
35233Motorola Cellular Guide767Discusses detailed information about Motorola's pagers and their test mode commands.N3810.0000
35333Hackers '95 Review768Discusses a review of the movie Hackers '95 by Phon-E and R.F. Burns, Custom Video Productions.N53Paparazzi Hackers1.0000
35434Guided Perceptions2Discusses the government and media's exaggeration of the hacker threat and subsequent inane politician responses, calls for intelligent questioning to limit this nonsense.N41.660256
35534Flood Warning750Discusses a hostlock.c program written for Linux that uses ip source address spoofing to flood a target with SYN packets.A66.0000
35634Scanning Australia751Discusses a total free phone carrier scan of the entire continent of Australia.N122.0000
35734Imaginary Friends752Discusses suggestions for obtaining a phone under any name you want.N141.6600
35834A Tale of Two Cities753Discusses the current phone system in Sarajevo and some of it's history.N162.0000
35934How To Create Encryption754Discusses the logic and design for a program that would encrypt/decrypt files, email author for a version that runs in DOS.N182.0000
36034Secret Codes755Discusses basic encryption and presents a Powerbasic 3.0 program that codes/decodes messages using a keyword and a simple algorithm.A203.0000
36134Consumer Hazards756Discusses how easy it is for credit card information to be stolen in real life, much less the Internet.N232.0000
36234RCONSOLE Hacking757Discusses how to extract the RCONSOLE password from a sniffer trace to gain access to a Novell Netware's server console.N255.0000
36334Flightlink Fun758Discusses the Flightlink communications service being offered on almost all Continental Airlines airplanes.N422.0000
36434NYNEX Regression759Discusses the Smart Pay Phones operated by NYNEX in the New York City area.N441.0000
36534Starting a Hacker Scene35Discusses how the author initiated a hacker community in San Paulo, Brazil.N453.0000
36634And Justice For All346Discusses and prints the full transcript of the March 5, 1996 sentencing of Ed Cummings (Bernie S.).N5810.0000
36735Fallout2Discusses the ongoing saga of Ed Cummins (Bernie S.) and his mistreatment by the Secret Service and the prison authorities.N42.000540
36835Searches and Arrests723Discusses what the law is, what the police can legally do to you and what your rights are.Prompted by "Avoiding Suspicion" in Spring 1996 <a href='article.php?i=33&a=351'>(..)</a>N62.0000
36935Hacking the SCC OS724Discusses the Site Client Control (SCC) OS which is a business program used for keeping records and making secretaries' jobs easier.N82.0000
37035Security Through the Mouse740Discusses a Turbo C++ program that accepts mouse left/right button clicks as part of a password.A101.0000
37135Brazilian Phone System35Discusses the numerous problems and a few tricks using the telephone system in Brazil.Author is Derneval, same as Argentinian Phone System in Winter 1997. <a href='article.php?i=40&a=444'>(..)</a>N11The Brazilian Phone System3.0000
37235Dial Pulser741Discusses a Turbo BASIC program that is a 'Rotary SF' or 'dial pulser' generator.A14The Dial Pulser2.0000
37335GI CFT2200 Power Box742Discusses details of the General Instrument CFT2200 boxes being installed by the local cable company whey laying fiber optic cable.N16The GI CFT2200 Power Box2.0000
37435GTE Voice Prompts743Lists the codes for GET voice prompts.N18GTE Voice Prompts (Found Inside GTE Computers)1.0000
37535HP LX200744Discusses details of the HP LX200 personal digital assistant (PDA) and why the author likes it.N19The HP LX2001.0000
37635Maximum WOW!745Discusses how to use the Windows 95 dial up scripting tool to get unlimited Internet access to CompuServe WOW! customers.A202.0000
37735Hack Your High School746Discusses some suggestions for gaining access to your High School's computer system.References 'gender snooper' in Vol. 12 # 2.N221.0000
37835Federal BBS's62Lists some Federal BBS's and their phone numbers.N231.0000
37935Hacking the SR1000 PBX747Discusses the SR1000 redundant PBX system by Solid State Systems and how it could easily be taken advantage of.N243.0000
38035Building the Cheese Box615Discusses construction and use of a cheesebox which turns two phone numbers into a loop line.A273.0000
38135Spoofing Cellular Service748Discusses a method of spoofing the celco for phone service instead of having to clone a cellular phone.N402.0000
38235Reprogramming Data749Discusses information on reprogramming your cell phone.N428.0000
38335The Weird World of AOL346Discusses two emails received from AOL related to Terms of Service violations.N502.0000
38435PHF Exploit632Discusses PHF, a common gateway interface (CGI) that is used to browse files on a website and how it can be abused.N56The PHF Exploit2.0000
38536Knowledge is Strength2Discusses hacker culture : the trap of complacency, divisiveness in the community, the need for awareness of the past and the temptation of true crime.N42.0000
38636Toward More Secrets695Discusses encrypted data communications and the complex science of cryptology which is only beginning to be well understood.N62.000308
38736Backcountry Phones712Discusses information about radiotelephones - which are used to connect isolated areas to a phone network without the installation of phone lines.N82.0000
38836Chipcards Explained713Discusses detailed information on phonecards (or chipcards) and provides details on how to test the card and find out its secrets.N1012.0000
38936Biggest Mac Mistakes1065Discusses basic ways a Macintosh network can be attacked or compromised using three methods: File Sharing, Retrospect Remote and Appletalk Remote Access.N203.0000
39036Craft Access Terminal715Discusses CATs (Craft Access Terminals) with an introduction to the system, lists the menus attained and describes the sequence of events occurring when testing.N233.0000
39136Cracking AskSam644Discusses the askSam database software and details how easy the password scheme it uses is to crack.N261.5000
39236Snooping Via MS-Mail716Discusses a method of snooping through other people's mail if your company is using MS-Mail for its email system.N281.5000
39336Subscriber Network Interfaces717Discusses Telephone/Subscriber Network Interfaces which are now installed on all new lines and some fun you can have with them.N412.0000
39436Unfriendly Numbers718Discusses and lists 800 numbers that end up costing you money and 900/976 "stealth numbers" that were liberated from internal telco documents.N432.0000
39536How To Steal Things719Discusses how the author's "friend" orders stuff thru mail order and then never pays for it.Note stealing is illegal and immoral.N451.0000
39636Social Engineering Via Video720Discusses how almost everyone in the world loves the camera and how this is a security flaw that can be exploited to a great degree.N481.5000
39736Defeating the W95 Screensaver721Discusses cracking the password scheme for Microsoft Windows 95.A542.0000
39836Anarchy Online Review722Discusses the book "Anarchy Online" by Charles Platt, published by Black Sheep Books.N562.0000
39937Enough is Enough2Discusses the ongoing over two years saga of Kevin Mitnick and the outrageous treatment he is receiving.N42.000544
40037Hacking LED Signs701Discusses a brief, general overview of most types of LED displays, how they're programmed and how you can use them to get your message out.N62.500325
40137Use Your Skills to Escape Boot Camp702Discusses a technique the author used to get out of boot camp with an honorable discharge.I would advise everyone not to join in the first place!N9Social Engineering Your Way Out Of Boot Camp3.0000
40237Poor Man's Access703Discusses a c program call PMA (Poor Man's Access) that provides limited shell access to multiple clients from a host server.A135.0000
40337Consequences of .gov/.mil Hacking704Discusses the hacked home page of the US Air Force and the potential downside for the people who did it.N18The Consequences of .gov/.mil Hacking1.000301
40437More PHF Fun688Discusses a Python script to find web servers with the "phf hole" vulnerability.A191.0000
40537Credit Card Numbers Via Calculators705Discusses a program that runs on a TI-82 calculator where you enter a 6 digit prefix and it outputs a credit card number.A20How To Generate Credit Card Numbers On A Calculator1.0000
40637Paper Evidence706Discusses some of the FBI's capabilities in restoring evidence that is on paper and two possible suggestions to prevent restoration.N211.0000
40737Cellular Programming Data707Discusses a number of cellular phones with some instructions and background on how to enter program mode.N224.0000
40837Downsizing Insurance708Discusses what the author calls a "fire kit" which are suggestions and strategies for making your ex-companies life difficult if you are let go.N272.660414
40937How To Hack Tech Support709Discusses how you can avoid paying for technical support and how to receive better support from most companies.N413.0000
41037Letter From Prison710Discusses some details of the author's Appeals Court decision and contains an apology to the hacker community.Second page is titled: Digest Of Opinion.N442.0000
41137The Other Kevin Book711Discusses a review of "The Watchman: The Twisted Life and Crimes of Serial Hacker Keven Poulsen" by Jonathan Littman, published by Little/Brown.N471.0000
41237How To Legally Use a Red Box624Discusses the Red Box and presents a detection circuit (with bill of material/schematic) that gives you a legitimate reason to possess this type of multi-frequency generator.N54Red Box Detection Circuit A Practical Use For A "Toll Fraud" Device4.0000
41338The Neverending Story2Discusses attempts by the government to control and regulate the Internet, reveals details of Kevin Mitnick's proposed conditions of supervised release.N42.000562
41438Cablemodem Security Holes691Discusses some of the security issues with the cable modems being used by home Internet users.All references to specific ISP have been censored.N6Cable Modem Security Holes2.000333
41538GSM Comes to North America692Discusses and describes various aspects of the newly implemented Global System for Mobile communications (GSM).N85.330428
41638The Wonders of Net2Phone693Discusses a new product by Net2Phone that allows you to have real-time uninterrupted voice communication between two calling parties over the Internet.N142.0000
41738Those Pesky Mylar Strips694Discusses the plastic anti-counterfeiting strips placed within US $20 bills in the early 1990's.N16Twenty 20 USA Those Pesky Mylar Strips USA 20 Twenty0.6600
41838Fortezza: The Next Clipper?695Discusses the Fortezza Crypto Card which represents the US governments attempt to implement NSA-breakable cryptographic technology like it tried with the Clipper/Capstone project.N172.660310
41938Fast Food Phun696Discusses the radio equipment and information needed to intercept/override a fast food drive thru speaker/transmitter.N202.000365
42038Tricks and Treats of the Autovon697Discusses the Automatic Voice Network (AUTOVON) used by the US military to link all DOD installations on one telephone network.N223.0000
42138Omnipoint in New York City698Discusses New York's first GSM provider Omnipoint and lists all of the current transmitters/site IDs/frequencies in the New York metropolitan area.N255.0000
42238Defeating HTTP Access Control699Discusses the HTTP 1.0 protocol feature for user name/password access control for specific files, presents a Perl script for a brute force dictionary attack.A40http://www.Defeating.HTTP.Access.Control.edu4.0000
42338The Ins and Outs of Metrocard Gold700Discusses details of MetroCard Gold, a thin plastic credit card sized magnetic stripe card used in the New York City transit system.N444.0000
42438News Summary346Discusses several current news items.In Best of 2600 twice, page 299 has page 54, page 481 starts halfway on page 55 and has 56 and part of 57.N54News Items4.000299
42539Sobering Facts2Discusses why the issue was late - the bankruptcy of 2600's distributor Fine Print and the resulting monetary problems.N42.000296
42639How To Get Busted by the Feds684Discusses from the author and contributor's personal experience the criminal justice system in the US and how it applies to hackers. At 15 pages it is quite thorough.From Federal Prison, 1997. Contributions and editing by Minor Threat.N6Busted! A Complete Guide To Getting Caught15.0000
42739Hacking Fedex685Discusses an overview of FedEx's monolith mainframe, a look at FedEx security methods and even a few tips should anyone decide to try and hack FedEx.N143.0000
42839Defeating *67 With Omnipoint686Discusses how Omnipoint voicemail can make *67 (used to block caller id) completely useless.NULLN171.0000
42939How To Be a Real Dick on IRC687Discusses a methodology for hacking IRC channels, some of the better channels to hack as well as fun things to do while "owning a channel".N193.0000
43039Brute Forcing the World688Discusses brute forcing the Post Office Protocol (POP) as many systems don't log or timeout yet.N230.6600
43139Hacking the Vote689Discusses the Voting Rights Act, National Voter Registration Act and suggestions for casting multiple votes.N24Hack The Vote2.0000
43239The EZPass System690Discusses the New York State Thruway's E-ZPass system and speculates on whether it is used for vehicular violation enforcement.N26The E-ZPass System3.000327
43339News Summary346Discusses several current news items.N542.0000
43439Secrets of Walmart163Discusses how the phones at your local WalMart work including extensions, standard models and available features.N56Secrets of Wal-Mart2.0000
43540Remember the Future2Discusses the ongoing Kevin Mitnick case (now three years without trial) and updates details of the 2600's magazine distributor bankruptcy (Fine Print).Best of 2600 Book only reprints the Distributor Update section on page 5. N4Remember the Future - Distributor Update section2.000348
43640Your Very Own Backhoe600Discusses a perl script called Backhoe that is a backdoor daemon that copies a rootshell into /tmp periodically, then deletes it.A65.0000
43740The Medical Information Bureau676Discusses the MIB (Medical Information Bureau) which tracks the medical conditions and health of anyone who has applied for life insurance.N111.0000
43840Some 800-555 Fun677Discusses a list of the interesting numbers found in a scan of the 800-555 exchange.N121.0000
43940TCP/IP Basics and Shortcomings674Discusses TCP/IP including the basics of how it works, the protocols and some vulnerabilities.N13TCP/IP3.0000
44040The Ominous GETS346Discusses the Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (GETS), an emergency telecommunications system for the federal government.N16GETS2.0000
44140The Potential of Mobil Speedpass678Discusses information about the Mobil Speedpass key tag device including a dissection and how it works.N182.0000
44240Telco/Government Cooperation679Discusses and presents documents from a Threat Assessment seminar put on by law enforcement and the local phone company.N204.0000
44340How To Get Away With Things on Geocities680Discusses using GeoCities free web space service and a suggestion for bypassing their content restrictions (censorship).N241.5000
44440The Argentinian Phone System35Discusses a few things about the phone system in Argentina.References author's article about the Brazilian phone system. <a href='article.php?i=35&a=371'>(..)</a>N26Mar del Plata Sede de los Xll Juegoes Panamericanos The Argentinian Phone System Telefo2.5000
44540How To Hack a Virtual Pet681Discusses the author's daughter's virtual pet and some experiments performed on it.N29Hacking the Virtual Pet1.0000
44640Spying on Yahoo346Lists 1000 search strings from random Yahoo users captured thru a security hole (since patched).N40Yahoo Searches2.0000
44740Hack Your Head682Discusses legal stimulants including caffeine, ephedrine, other assorted goodies, toxicity and recommendations.N42Hack Your Head: Stimulants For The Uberhacker2.0000
44840Noggin Cracking683Discusses the principals of "Noggin Cracking" - the process of breaking certain kinds of software protection using nothing besides the gray stuff underneath your hair.N442.0000
44940Sun's Nasty Little List346Discusses Sun Microsystems "Denied and Restricted Parties List" and lists the names in Canada and the US.N466.0000
45041Message Sent2Discusses the latest news concerning the Kevin Mitnick case and additional details of 2600's financial state and the problems causing it.Page 5 has a section titled Our Financial State that is in the Best of 2600 book.N42.000530
45141The Defense Switched Network662Discusses information about the Defense Switched Network (DSN) used for voice and data communications between various DoD installations around the world.N62.0000
45241More on Military Phones663Discusses details about military installation phone systems including monitoring, Defense Switching Network (DSN, formally AUTOVON) and general information.References 'Tricks and Treats of AUTOVON' article by N-Tolerant in Summer 97. <a href='article.php?i=38&a=420'>(..)</a>N82.0000
45341The Mysteries of SIPRnet664Discusses information about and the author's experience with the Secret Internet Protocol Routing Network (SIPRNET) used by the US Defense Department.N102.0000
45441ANI2 - The Adventure Continues665Discusses a new feature call Automatic Number Identification II (ANI II) of the Automatic Number Announcement Circuit (ANAC) tool.N123.0000
45541Eggdropping666Discusses Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and the use of an "eggdrop" bot to protect a channel.Includes TCL code to change a BOT's ident and op commands.A155.0000
45641Naming Exchanges667Discusses the Telephone Exchange Name Project, a web page maintained by Robert Crowe.N201.500484
45741Hack the Hardware668Discusses other devices such as hubs, printers, etc. on the Internet/network that are just as interesting as computers to hack on.N221.0000
45841Day of the Office Assault669Discusses a prank played on a fellow technical support person by the author using a Power Basic 3.0 program.A241.0000
45941Defeating Cyberpatrol132Discusses how to remove the CyberPatrol software from a Win95 computer system.N250.5000
46041CGI Flaws621Discusses several security threats and flaws when using the Common Gateway Interface (CGI).N262.0000
46141A Brief History of Postal Hacking670Discusses Phacking (postal hacking) and presents a brief history of hacking the US postal system.N282.0000
46241Hacking a BBS with DOS671Discusses several methods of getting a target to install software you've modified, example Microsoft DOS batch commands that may be useful.N404.0000
46341How To Get the Better of Best Buy672Discusses information concerning Best Buy's phone system/procedures by an ex-employee.N441.0000
46441Setting Up UNIX Trapdoors674Discusses several methods to set up hidden ways to enter a computer system and gain root privileges over and over, typically called a trapdoor or hidden backdoor.N462.0000
46541NOT A SECRET675Discusses a message (printed in it's entirety) from Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command about issues with the military's new cryptography package.N542.0000
46641News Update346Discusses several current news items.In Best of 2600 twice, page 434 has two items and page 486 has three items of the 11 items in the original article.N56News Items2.000434
46742Lies2Discusses several media articles that misrepresent hackers (one being later found out to be a complete fabrication) and details of the Takedown script (an upcoming movie about Kevin Mitnick).N44.000247
46842Where Long Distance Charges Come From7Discusses how long distance phone call charges are calculated, includes a glossary of terminology.N62.000487
46942Facts About Cablemodems649Discusses how cable companies are modifying their systems so they can provide Internet connectivity and provides information on how it works.N8Facts About Cable Modems3.0000
47042What is ICA?650Discusses Independent Computing Architecture (ICA), a protocol developed by Citrix Systems, Inc. that is used to connect thin clients to servers.N122.0000
47142A Newbie Guide to NT4.0651Discusses a tool to gain administrator access on a Windows NT 4.0 Workstation system and what the author did with the access on his school's network.N142.0000
47242Build a Modem Diverter652Discusses how to build a basic modem diverter - a piece of hardware that diverts an incoming signal on a phone line to another line.N162.0000
47342The Tyranny of Project LUCID653Discusses project LUCID - a computer network being designed to complement and enhance the international justice system.N18LUCID2.0000
47442Hacking Lasertag616Discusses information about customizing a game of LaserTag by accessing the LaserStorm computer.N201.3300
47542Fun With Java178Discusses a method of embedding Java applets into Yahoo mail email so the code runs faster on Yahoo's servers.N231.0000
47642Millenium Payphones654Discusses information about the Millenium payphone by Nortel Telecom, a new technically advanced payphone being installed in Canada.N26The Millenium Payphone1.0000
47742How To Hack Your ISP655Discusses the gaping security holes at the author's ISP in the hope that the security staff will fix them.N271.0000
47842Gameguru Hacking656Discusses how to bypass the disk copy protection scheme of Game Guru by Studio 3DO.N28How To Hack Game Guru2.0000
47942Fingerpainting at the Precinct657Discusses information about the Identix fingerprinting system for law enforcement, from the author's personal experience as a guest of the NYPD.N402.0000
48042Inter-tel Phone Systems658Discusses information about Inter-Tel Technologies phone and digital PBX systems including the AXXESS and AXXENT.N422.0000
48142Security Through 'Secure'659Discusses a c program the monitors memory and CPU usage on all programs retrieved from ps aux, written and tested on Linux.A44secure.c2.0000
48242Tips on Generating Fake ID660Discusses fake id's including disclaimer and legalities, making it yourself, how to make it, purchasing, and using the ID.N462.0000
48342More on DSN661Discusses the Defense Switched Network (DSN), an unsecured automatic phone system serving the US military and related government agencies around the world.DRSN BBS - telnet to
48443Progress2Discusses the financial challenges for 2600 over the past year and the ongoing Kevin Mitnick saga (including the New York Times web page hack).In Best of 2600 book twice the first part on page 254 and the second part on page 565.N43.000254
48543Homemade TCP Packets600Discusses a perl script called lego that is a demo tcp spoofer based on slapfro.A64.0000
48643Socket Programming619Discusses a c program for a simple portscanner that will also demonstrate basic TCP/IP and get those interested started in socket programming.See follow up article in Spring 1999 issue. <a href='article.php?i=45&a=525'>(..)</a>N10Socket Programming For Fun and Profit3.0000
48743Blasting Sound577Discusses a C shell script that will use send_sound to annoy/amuse people on your local network.N131.0000
48843Back Orifice Tutorial595Discusses the recently released Back Orifice (by CdC) and explains it's uses, how it works and how to prevent it from attacking you.N142.000294
48943How To Probe A Remote Network640Discusses the process the author used in exploring a remote network and eventually gaining root access.Title is 'Probing Remote Networks' on page.N16Probing Remote Networks2.0000
49043Hack Your Console641Discusses back-up devices for the Nintendo64 including uses, the different types and where they can be obtained with approximate costs.N182.0000
49143Cushioned Encryption and Deniability642Discusses a method of encrypting a file so that different keys may be used to decrypt different sensible plaintexts, making it possible to reveal a key law enforcement without comprising your sensitive data. N203.0000
49243The Backyard Phreaker643Discusses some things you can do with and some tools you may need to play with your local neighborhood telco box.N231.0000
49343Expanding Caller ID Storage644Discusses a simple method of changing the memory capacity for the CIDCO model PA Caller-ID box.See also 'Hacking Caller ID Boxes' in 15:3. <a href='article.php?i=33&a=349'>(..)</a>N241.0000
49443CLLI Codes Explained645Discusses and explains the construction of Common Language Location Identification (CLLI) Codes.N251.0000
49543Hacking Resnet318Discusses the residence hall network (RESNET) - an approach used by many universities for networking dorm rooms.N264.0000
49643Screwing With Blockbuster531Discusses information concerning operations at a Blockbuster Video franchise or corporate store, written by an employee.N40Screwing With Blockbuster Video2.0000
49743Screwing With Moviefone646Discusses information about MovieFone (MOFN) a publicly traded company that lets you purchase movie tickets with your credit card via phone or web site.N421.5000
49843Screwing With Radio Shack & Compaq647Discusses information about Radio Shack's switch from selling IBM computers to Compaq computers and bypassing restrictions on the demo machines.N44Screwing With Radio Shack and Compaq2.0000
49943Trunking Communications Monitoring593Discusses trunked radio systems - which allot multiple users to all available channels/frequencies through a series of user programmed controls.See 2nd article 16:3. <a href='article.php?i=47&a=558'>(..)</a>N462.000362
50043More on SIPRnet648Discusses details of SIPRnet (Secret IP Routing Network) - a defense network that connects subnets and individual hosts that are classified at the secret level.References article by Ruiner.N541.0000
50144The Victor Spoiled2Discusses the recent phenomenon of "reformed" hackers being hired by corporate America, includes a Kevin Mitnick update.Page 546 in Best of 2600 book has section titled Mitnick Update on page 5.N42.000268
50244A Touch Memory Primer624Discusses details of the Dallas Semiconductor iButton Touch Memory devices used as a replacement for smart cards, barcodes, magnetic stripes and RF tags.N6Touch Memory Primer6.0000
50344The Facts of SSN625Discusses information about and details of the social security number (SSN) used by the U.S. government.I can offer proof of the last four digits being assigned in order - me and my siblings SSN's were applied for all at once and the last four digits are in sequence.N122.0000
50444VMS'pionage626Discusses a few ways to exploit a system running OpenWMS and a MultiNet server (or a server similar to MultiNet).N14A Guide To VMS'pionage3.0000
50544Samba: Lion King or Software Suite?627Discusses the basic elements of the Samba suite and the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol.NULLN171.0000
50644Copper Pair Color Coding628Discusses phone cable wiring and how the wires are color coded so you can determine which go together and which ones are the ring and tip.N181.5000
50744A Security Hole at S-CWIS629Discusses a security flaw in the Student Campus Wide Information Service at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.N201.0000
50844Pocket Connectivity for Frugal Hackers630Discusses information about and features of the Sharp Zaurus 3500X handheld computer.N211.0000
50944Fun With Netware631Discusses a quick overview of what NetWare is, what is changing, and what the current attacks are that can result in damage and or greater privileges to users.N222.0000
51044Become a Radio Ninja547Discusses amateur radio to hopefully dispel the myths and shed a bit more light on what it is all about.N242.000367
51144Cable Modem Security632Discusses the increasing popularity of cable modems for Internet access and information about how they work.N263.0000
51244How To Handle the Media633Discusses some tips and things to remember when chatting with the public and the media about hackers/hacking.N290.6600
51344800-555 Carriers634Discusses the 800-555 exchange and presents a list of numbers that had a carrier.N290.3300
51444Why Anonymous Phone Cards Aren't346Discusses testimony of the FBI relating to the tracing of a telephone debit card found in the possession of Timothy McVeigh.N404.0000
51544The Cryptography of Today635Discusses the author's attempt to give a good outline of cryptography and how each and every one of us can use it to our advantage.N443.0000
51644Hacking the Atcom Cyberbooth636Discusses the Atcom Cyberbooth - a booth that has pay for use Internet access - and presents a method which may provide free use.N471.5000
51744Le Firewall637Discusses some information about Checkpoint's Firewall-1.3.0b product running on Solaris 2.5.1.N531.3300
51844Midwestern Beige638Discusses phreaking information specifically for the midwest area (appears author is in Illinois).Titled 'Phreaking in the Midwest' on the page.N54Phreaking In The Midwest0.6600
51944How To Hide From Netscape639Discusses a batch file to help you keep your privacy after you have been surfing the Internet with Netscape.N551.0000
52045The Big Time2Discusses President Clinton's January 22, 1999 speech (see quote), what it may mean to hackers and what the hacker community should do about it.N4Big Time2.000258
52145Tracking Your Vehicles with AVI & ETTM615Discusses Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and details of the Electronic Tolls and Traffic Management (ETTM) and the Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) systems.N65.0000
52245Cracking the Time-Banc System616Discusses details of the Time-Banc "Phoenix" unit by Westview Instruments, a computer based time clock system for small to mid-sized companies.N11Cracking the Time-Banc1.5000
52345A Retail Target617Discusses details of the computer terminals, Laser Radio Terminals (LRT) and phone system at Target.N121.5000
52445Wreaking Havoc with Netbus618Discusses NetBus v1.6 remote control software including how it works, commands, detection/removal and use.N132.0000
52545More Socket Programming for Fun/Profit619Discusses a c program that creates a simple Windows95 netbios nuker and demonstrates basic TCP/IP programming.References previous article in Fall 1998 issue. <a href='article.php?i=43&a=486'>(..)</a>A15More Socket Programming for Fun and Profit5.0000
52645Internet Peering7Discusses the structure of the Internet, including the backbone, POPs (Points of Presence), NAPs (Network Access Point) and MAEs (Metropolitan Area Exchanges).N202.330302
52745Fun with Tripwire82Discusses the Tripwire intrusion detection software, it's history, typical usage and places where a hacker could interfere with it.N221.3300
52845A Hacker's Guide to Getting Busted620Discusses the basic law/legal rights so that every hacker has at least some understanding of how criminal law works and what they can expect if officers come tapping at their door.N245.5000
52945An Overview of SS7621Discusses details and information about Signaling System Seven (SS7) - a Ma Bell out of band signaling technology.N40SS7 Explained4.0000
53045Network Scanning with NMAP622Discusses information about and usage of NMAP, the network scanner.References lego program by Miff in 15:3 and Armageddon article in same issue.N443.5000
53145News Update346Discusses several current news items.N52News Items3.0000
53245Hacking a Sony Playstation623Discusses modifying your Sony Playstation (PSX) with the addition of a "mod" or "pic" chip so you can play backed up or import games.N551.0000
53346A Culmination of Efforts2Discusses the Kevin Mitnick case including details of the plea agreement he was virtually forced to accept.N42.000547
53446Securing Your Linux Box600Discusses practical ways to secure your Linux box including info on post installation, test attacking yourself, system modifications and monitoring/logging.N63.0000
53546More on SIPRNet601Discusses some details of the Secret IP Routing Network (SIPRnet) used by the U.S. Air Force.N91.0000
53646Hacking AS/400602Discusses the IBM AS/400 mainframe including pre-set user IDs, default password policy and some useful commands.N102.0000
53746Fun at Costco603Discusses the basics of hacking Costco's AS/400 terminals, used for everything from adding new members to tracking inventory and inter-store e-mail.N122.0000
53846Brute Forcing Tracer604Lists the c source code for a brute forcer for Tracer the unit control hardware found at best buy, k-mart, wal-mart, etc.A14A Brute Forcer For Tracer2.0000
53946Broad Band via the Earth605Discusses the possibility of using good old mother earth as a huge conduit for data streams.N162.2500
54046Secrets of Copy Protection606Discusses the two main types of software protection locks commonly used : hardware and software, including theoretical ways to beat them.N182.0000
54146How Parents Spy on Their Children607Discusses the One Tough Computer Cop software which claims to monitor your kids computer by searching files by type and text word lists.N208.0000
54246The Future of IPV6608Discusses IPv6 which is the next generation IP (Internet Protocol) that will replace the current version IPv4.Article incorrectly states 4 million addresses for IPv4 when it should be billion.N281.0000
54346How To Keep Parents From Spying609Discusses several methods of keeping prying parents out of your personal stuff.N401.3300
54446Food For Your Brain610Discusses several methods for finding information about people on line, starting with someone on IRC.N413.0000
54546Adventures With Neighborhood Gates611Discusses a little about security gates found on gated communities, office buildings, etc. and what can be done with them.N441.000419
54646Internal Hacking612Discusses the insider threat that needs to be considered in corporate network security using a hypothetical scenario.N451.0000
54746Batch vs. Interactive234Discusses the differences between batch and interactive computer systems and how they are used.N461.6600
54846Manipulating the Aspect613Discusses the call center (basically a PBX) built by Aspect, a manufacturer of Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Systems.N522.0000
54946Pushbutton Lock Hacking614Discusses messing around with the Benton brand of T2 pushbutton locks (models DL2700 and DL2750).N541.7500
55047Slow Motion2Discusses information and details about Kevin Mitnick's case and the current status.N53.0000
55147Upload Bombing586Discusses a new type of attack the author has named "upload bombing" that repeatedly attempts to send file data to a web server.A66.0000
55247The Guide to Thorough Killing587Discusses the fact that getting rid of all traces of a file is far more complex than you could have imagined, proposes solutions.Title 'Killing a File' is different from index.N12Killing a File2.000285
55347The Terrorist of Orange, Texas588Discusses the author's experience in high school with authoritarian officials.N141.0000
55447ITS Prison Phones589Discusses details of the Inmate Telephone System (ITS) and the author's unsuccessful attempts to beat it.N151.0000
55547Infiltrating Mediaone590Discusses the author's MediaOne Express service experience and what the default email account password is.N16Infiltrating Media One0.7500
55647Palmpilot's Canadian Red Box591Discusses how the PalmPilot by 3Com can function as a Red Box.A160.2500
55747Forging Ping Packets592Discusses a c program to forge Ethernet packets via ICMP echo requests.Program has been tested on BSD systems.A174.0000
55847Trunking Communications Monitoring 2593Discusses listening in on the airwaves and finding a great many interesting things.Recommends 'Challenges in IDing Trunked Radio Systems' in Dec 1998 issue of Monitoring Times. See previous article in 15:3. <a href='article.php?i=43&a=499'>(..)</a>N20Trunking Communications Monitoring Part 22.0000
55947Internet Radio594Discusses information concerning the new phenomenon of Internet radio stations, whose benefits include a broader audience and no FCC regulation.N22Internet Radio Stations1.000306
56047Quantum Hacking595Discusses information about quantum computers and an open source Linux project to build a quantum computer simulator.N241.330287
56147Protel COCOTS596Discusses investigating Protel COCOTs (customer-owned coin-operated telephones) and provides useful info for anyone interested in hacking/phreaking them.N261.0000
56247Unauthorized Disney Fun597Discusses the author's attempts to hack computers at Disney Worlds' Innovations at Epcot.Page 28 has another article 'More Disney Fun' on it. <a href='article.php?i=47&a=1406'>(..)</a>N28Assorted Disney Fun0.6600
56347An Overview of Cellemetry563Discusses Cellemetry, which is a wireless telemetry technology designed to monitor, control and track devices.N401.500435
56447Solaris x86 for Plants547Discusses the installation, adding basic functionality and elementary security issues surrounding Solaris x86.N425.0000
56547Eleetisms599Discusses the occasional use of k-leet characters in communication or hacked works of art by the hacker community.N5531337-isms1.0000
56648Violence, Vandals, Victims2Discusses how we're being enslaved by the corporate agenda and media control but how events in Seattle show an alternative Internet based media can get the true story out.N52.000566
56748Accessing Forbidden NTFS Drives572Discusses a method of circumventing Windows NT security (requires physical access to the machine).N61.0000
56848Security Throught NT? Not Likely573Discusses Windows NT and some of the skills and techniques required to hack it, including several useful utilities for your toolbox.N73.0000
56948Countermeasures Revisited574Discusses telephone counter-surveillance and tools and methods for helping to determine if you phone line is being tapped.N101.6600
57048DATUs - The Tool of the New Age Phreak575Discusses extensive details and functions of the Harris Direct Access Test Unit Remote Terminal.N126.0000
57148Messing With Staples576Discusses the technology and security at Staples, written by an ex-employee.N182.0000
57248I Own Your Car!577Discusses features of a prototype car the author gained access to.N202.3300
57348Telcobabble578Discusses the purpose and terminology pertaining to telephony cabling.References "Copper Pair Color Coding" by Catatonic Dismay in 15:4 <a href='article.php?i=44&a=506'>(..)</a>N23Telco-Babble1.0000
57448Intro to POCSAG/FLEX Interception579Discusses detailed information about intercepting and decoding pager transmissions.N24An Intro to Paging Networks and POCSAG/FLEX Interception1.750345
57548Hack The Media580Discusses the news media and gives advice on how to turn the idiosyncrasies of journalism to your advantage and help reporters present an accurate and positive account.N273.000261
57648How To Create New Urban Legends581Discusses urban legends including common characteristics, presents three urban stories and talks about creating your own.N402.0000
57748Hacking Explorer (the car)582Discusses gaining access to a Ford Explorer with the keypad entry system.N431.0000
57848Netnanny Nonsense583Discusses what the Net Nanny software is and several methods of circumventing it.N44Net Nanny Nonsense1.0000
57948Why Redboxing Doesn't Work7Discusses redboxing, what it is and how it worked so you can understand why it doesn't work in most places anymore.N451.500446
58048Spoofing Call Waiting ID354Discusses how Caller ID on Call Waiting (Call Waiting ID) works and how it is possible to display messages on Caller ID equipment.N460.5000
58148Sprint ION584Discusses information on Sprint's new Integrated On-demand Network (ION) technology.N47The Sprint Integrated On-demand Network [ION]1.0000
58248Understanding Microsoft Exchange585Discusses Microsoft Exchange Server, an introduction for the curious, how it works and some of its vulnerabilities.N532.0000
58349The Next Chapter2Discusses events (eg. Kevin Mitnick, MPAA lawsuit) of the past five years and reflects on where society is going - and what we are losing along the way.N54.000575
58449A Taste of Freedom555Discusses his time spent in prison, release, conditional freedom, senate testimony and New York visit.N93.000586
58549How to Stay a Sysadmin374Discusses the pitfalls of being technical gurus and makes suggestions on ways to keep your job.N121.5000
58649Military Computer Secrets288Discusses some details of the US Marine Corps and US Navy computer systems.N130.5000
58749Securing Web Sites With ASP556Discusses some techniques that can help make sites more secure and keep information from being seen by the wrong people.Author's experience is with MS IIS, ASP/VB Script and MS SQL.N143.0000
58849Still More on Siprnet557Discusses hardware/software details of the network for Siprnet access on board US Navy ships.References "More on Siprnet".N171.0000
58949Finding and Exploiting Bugs558Discusses three major points: all systems have bugs in them, how to find bugs in software systems and how to exploit those bugs.N182.0000
59049All About Securid559Discusses an overview of the SecurID technology developed by Security Dynamics.N202.0000
59149Your Internet Birthday21Discusses making up a data of birth (DOB) for Internet sites that request one so it's harder to mess with your identity.N241.0000
59249Make Spammers Work For You561Discusses a proposal to fight spam by using it against itself.N251.0000
59349Taking Advantage of Alladvantage562Discusses the All Advantage system that pays you to use the Internet by showing you ads and presents a method to take advantage of it.N26Taking Advantage of All Advantage1.0000
59449AT&T's Gaping Hole563Discusses a glitch in AT&T Wireless Service that allows a user to receive free phone service.N271.0000
59549Cellular Networks Detailed564Discusses each of the currently available cellular networks and the basic differences between them.N282.0000
59649How PSX Copy Protection Works565Discusses details of the Playstation CD-ROM disc copy protection scheme.N403.0000
59749Fun at Circuit City566Discusses details of Circuit City price tags, in-store telephone extensions and (800) numbers.N431.000702
59849How to Build a Coffee Box567Discusses materials and construction of a 'Coffee' box which is a combination of a Beige and Brown box.N442.0000
59949The Sprint PCS Network568Discusses information about the Sprint PCS cellular network and the Sanyo SCP-3000 mobile phone.N461.0000
60049How to Get Banned From Your ISP569Discusses several methods and suggestions for activities that could get you disconnected from your ISP.N47How to Get Banned From Your Internet Service Provider1.0000
60149Build, Don't Buy, Your Next Computer570Discusses why you would want to build your own and suggestions/tips for completing the task.N532.0000
60249How Does That DSS Card Really Work?571Discusses public domain information regarding the DirecTV Digital Satellite Service (DSS) card.N551.0000
60350Madness2Discusses the corporate and government attempts thru legislation and litigation to control the Internet and technology.N52.000580
60450The Art of System Profiling490Discusses system profiling (learning everything you can about a target system) including methods, strategies and tools.N63.0000
60550A Brief Intro to Biometrics541Discusses biometrics, what it is, the categories used today, how they work generally and some of the legal aspects.N93.000809
60650Fun With TDOC62Discusses details of the Tennessee Department of Corrections (TDOC) network and TOMIS system.N122.3300
60750Strange Abuses For Your Home Phone542Discusses the Conairphone model HAC SW8260 and several suggestions for using it's 1/8 inch i/o jack.N140.6600
60850More Advantages of Alladvantage543Discusses a couple of methods of shutting off the ads, as well as the whole bar in AllAdvantage and still get paid.References AllAdvantage article in Spring 2000 issue <a href='article.php?i=49&a=593'>(..)</a>N15More Advantages of AllAdvantage1.0000
60950Over The Verizon?346Discusses Verizon's attempt to control domain names that are critical of them. Lists the domains they've registered.N162.0000
61050Securing ASP: A Deeper Cut544Discusses expanded details on some of the issues Guinsu glossed over and some alternatives.References Guinsu's article in 17:1. Recommends Richard Harrison's ASP/MTC/ADSI Web Security (1999, Prentice Hall) and Alex Homer (et al)'s ASP 3.0 Programmer's Reference (2000 Wrox Press).N183.0000
61150Jello Biafra: Hacker Ambassador545Discusses Jello Biafra, former front man for the Dead Kennedys, social activist, and keynote speaker for H2K.N211.0000
61250Hacking The Three Holed Payphone546Discusses the once ubiquitous standard AT&T black pay phone and some of the hacks from that era.N222.000652
61350Packet Analysis and Header Sniffers547Discusses packet capturing and low level IP operation with example source code written in C.A246.0000
61450A Simple Hex Hack548Discusses how to crack Hex Workshop V2.54 by BreakPoint software.N411.0000
61550Secrets of Dell549Discusses Dell computer and technical support details from the author's experience working in tech support at Dell.N421.330697
61650How Domains Are Stolen550Discusses a possible method of changing a Network Solutions domain registration.N430.6600
61750Playing With Dominos551Discusses details of the Lotus Notes system used by Dominos Pizza.N441.0000
61850Java Applet Hacking552Discusses a method of determining a password for a Java applet.N451.0000
61950The Privacy Box553Discusses how to build a box that blocks your phone when someone else picks up another phone on the same extension.Based on the Fuscia Box in Hackers' Information Report #2.N46 2.0000
62050A Student's Privacy Security Survey554Discusses a survey of the security of private student information at California State University at Chico.N533.0000
62151A Summer of Trials2Discusses the result of the DeCSS trial and the bad publicity received by the MPAA. And the rise of new media not controlled by corporate interests, via the Internet and satellite channel Free Speech TV.N43.000587
62251Kernel Modification Using LKMs438Discusses the mysterious virtue of kernel modification with particular regard toward LKMs (Loadable Kernel Module) and their use in the subject.A64.0000
62351How to Hack Cybertime Software530Discusses what Cybertime is, the coolest way to hack it, and how anyone can get the admin password in no time flat.N102.0000
62451Target Advertising531Discusses some of the historical uses of propaganda and how corporations are using the same techniques in advertising.N13Target Advertising!1.0000
62551An Introduction to Sprint ION7Discusses details of Sprint's Integrated On-Demand Network (ION) which is an integrated voice and data services network currently available in limited areas.N142.0000
62651The GeoSpatial Revolution532Discusses the basics of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) including what it is, the main software vendors and why it is important to you.References "Protecting Personal Privacy in Using Geographic Information Systems" in Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing Vol 60 No 9 September and "We Know Who You Are and We Know Where You Live: The Instrumental Rationality of Geodemographic Systems by Jon Gos Univ of Hawaii.N161.7500
62751Anomaly Detection Systems490Discusses Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and presents the author's version (Anomaly Detection).See part 2 (Anomaly Detection Systems) in 18:1 <a href='article.php?i=53&a=666'>(..)</a>N182.0000
62851Hunting the Paper Carnivore533Discusses the FBI's Carnivore system.N202.0000
62951The Making of a Pseudo Felon534Discusses the author's experience being arrested and convicted of a "hacking" crime.N23The Making of a Pseudo-Felon3.000630
63051Flaws in Outsourced ECommerce Systems535Discusses writing shopping basket software and discovering a potential implementation flaw for any ECommerce systems using third party credit card processing.N264.0000
63151Finding a Target Using DNS Lookups536Discusses what Domain Name Service (DNS) is and several tools for retrieving DNS information.N402.0000
63251Another Way to Defeat URL Filters537Discusses a method of bypassing software that blocks URL access.A431.0000
63351Accessing Federal Court Records425Discusses the information available from the federal court system and the methods of accessing it.N441.0000
63451Zone Scanning538Discusses a method to focus network scanning by using DNS zones.References "Net Surfing Techniques" page 37 in 11:4.A452.0000
63551DeCSS in Words539Discusses the decryption of data on a DVD encoded through the CSS (Content Scramble System) algorithm.N531.000584
63651Build a Car Computer540Discusses some ideas for adapting a computer to a car.N542.0000
63752Direction2Discusses events of the year 2000, including Kevin Mitnick, lawsuits/threats of lawsuits, mergers/takeovers and oppressive government.N42.0000
63852Introduction to Snooping Around517Discusses a few tips and tricks for obtaining information about ip's along with a brief overview of simple tools to assist you.N63.0000
63952BellSouth's Mobitex Network518Discusses the network architecture and protocol of Mobitex and a little bit about how to monitor it.N91.0000
64052An Introduction to Radio Scanning519Discusses RF scanning using a device commonly known as a "police scanner", including device recommendations, finding frequencies and signal analysis.N105.0000
64152More Java Fun520Discusses additional tips on gathering information about a Java applet including obtaining source code.References Xprotocol's "Java Applet Hacking" in 17:2.A151.0000
64252Sub7 - Usage, Prevention, Removal521Discusses the Sub7 (version 2.1) trojan horse in general, how to remove it, how to prevent becoming a victim and how to get the most out of it.N16SubSeven - Usage, Prevention, Removal15.0000
64352This Issue's Featured Lawsuit Threat346Displays a letter received by Emmanuel Goldstein from General Motors Corporation legal staff.N21 0.5000
64452Get Anyone's Credit Report For Free522Discusses a method of obtaining a free credit report on someone.N210.5000
64552Microsoft's Hook and Sinker523Discusses the Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) or MCSE+I (Internet) certification programs and what you should know before taking them.N222.0000
64652Hacking an NT Domain from the Desktop475Discusses a method of making yourself a Local Administrator on a Windows NT machine.NULLA241.0000
64752The DVD Paper Chain524Discusses how DVD's are manufactured, from the actual 35mm film down to the encrypted disc.N251.0000
64852Polymorphism Script525Discusses a Perl script to demonstrate polymorphism.A264.0000
64952Confusing ANI and Other Phone Tricks354Discusses how to bypass CLASS services, spoof ANI to AT&T 800 numbers and make free untraceable calls.N402.0000
65052Jury Nullification and The Hacker526Discusses Jury Nullification (or Jury Veto), what it is, some history and what it means to you.N421.0000
65152Cop Proof/Laptops524Discusses details of the PCMobile by CYCOMM computer laptop used by cops in police cars.N43Cop Proof Laptops1.0000
65252Radio Shack's Newest Giveaway527Discusses the ":CueCat" by Digital:Convergence - a bar code scanner participating Radio Shacks are giving away.N441.0000
65352Dissecting Shaw's Systems528Discusses details of the computer/cashier systems at Shaw's (the New England supermarket chain).N453.0000
65452Hacking Free ISPs Using WinDump529Discusses a method of determining the user name and password used by free ISP software.N542.0000
65553Signs of Hope2Discusses the 2600 DeCSS case and how many people are waking up to the true dangers of the DMCA (with several examples).N42.000591
65653Police Searches of Computers482Discusses searching and seizing computers and obtaining electronic evidence in criminal investigations including warrantless searches, warrants, general information and advice.Author involved in information security and is not a lawyer.N65.0000
65753The Future of PKI451Discusses a government system for electronic identification known as Fortezza that is coming out to the public as Smart Cards.N111.0000
65853PHP/CGI Vulnerabilities and Abuses483Discusses several security issues the author encountered while writing a PHP mailing list application.N122.0000
65953Breaking the Windows Script Encoder484Discusses how the Windows Script Encoder works and presents the logic for how a decoder would work (see srcdec link for actual program).Article originally appeared in the Dutch hacker zine 't Klaphek.A144.0000
66053Liberating Advants Terminals485Discusses two methods of "liberating" the Advants Terminals Internet kiosk (which offers Internet access for a fee).N182.0000
66153A Romp Through System Security486Discusses the basics of Unix/Linux computer hardware, software and general common sense security techniques.With help from Zarium.N204.0000
66253Hacking QuickAid Internet Stations487Discusses a method of using the QuickAID Internet station for free.N241.0000
66353The Billboard Liberation Front346Discusses a 11/20/2000 parody news release from the Billboard Liberation Front of San Francisco, USA.N251.0000
66453Computing With The Fabric of Reality488Discusses quantum-based computers and their application for defeating public-key crypto.aka Sarah Jane Smith.N264.0000
66553Secrets of Electronic Shelf Labels489Discusses some details of the electronic shelf labels that display product prices in supermarkets.References Sam Morse's article in 17:4.N402.0000
66653Anomaly Detection Systems, Part II490Discusses a couple of different ways to accomplish anomaly detection on large heterogeneous networks cheaply and efficiently.See part 1 (Anomaly Detection Systems) in 17:3 <a href='article.php?i=51&a=627'>(..)</a>N422.0000
66753The Anna Kournikova Virus491Discusses the author's experience with the Anna Kournikova virus.N45Strange Love: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Anna Kournikova Virus1.000639
66853Declawing Your :CueCat492Discusses a method of removing the serial number from a :CueCat and decrypting it's output.N461.0000
66953Scum346Discusses two companies that send invoice like letters for a business guide to scam companies.N471.0000
67053'Takedown' Taken Down2Discusses the movie Takedown (cybertraque) based on the John Markoff book - a grossly inaccurate and unfair portrayal of the Kevin Mitnick story.N532.5000
67154The Broken Wheels of Justice 2Discusses several lawsuits (Ford, Phrack, ShapeShifter) where even if you win in court you lose because of the time, resources and money lost fighting against them.N42.0000
67254What is Carnivore, Really? 471Discusses details of the FBI's Carnivore program which uses content wiretap and trap and trace/pen register to snoop on Internet use.N62.0000
67354Extra Polymorphic Worms 472Discusses Java code that modifies it's comments, variable/function names and order of execution to bypass signature based virus detection software.References Winter 2000 article by xdroop.A86.0000
67454Everything Your Parents Told You About ESS was a Lie 438Discusses the telephone/ESS (Electronic Switching System) grid including AM/ASM, SS7, FACS, broadband and security. N143.0000
67554Michigan Memos 346Discusses documents found at Ameritech and Ford offices in Michigan.N171.0000
67654How To Become a Hacker Saint 473Discusses how a hacker can become and official "saint" as declared by the Pope.N182.0000
67754Misconceptions About TCP Wrappers 474Discusses misconceptions and hopes to clear up confusion/raise security awareness surrounding TCP Wrappers (hosts.deny/hosts.allow) and ipchains.N202.5000
67854Hacking an NT 4 Domain from the Desktop - Revisited 475Discusses how to gain administrative rights to an NT domain and email the passwords to an anonymous mailbox.A222.5000
67954Popular Myths on Password Authentication 476Discusses security "experts" recommended password schemes, some of the problems with them and the probability of brute force approaches.N252.0000
68054Exploring HPUX Password Schemes480Discusses the HPUX 10.x Trusted Systems' protected password database.A273.0000
68154AOL At School 477Discusses how the author bypassed some of the restrictions imposed by his school's aol@school account.N401.0000
68254Fun With Fortres 479Discusses several methods of obtaining the password for the Fortres 101 (computer lockdown software) configuration dialog.A412.5000
68354AT&T At Home 478Discusses the AT&T@Home First Level Tech Support and several security problems that exist with it.N431.5000
68454The New AT&T Network 354Discusses changes to the AT&T network that prevent ANI spoofing but allow a free ANI blocking service.References authors ANI Spoofing article in 17:4.N451.2500
68554Tell Me: Uses and Abuses 353Discusses some of the features of the new Tell Me (800) service.N461.7500
68654Snooping the Stack 481Discusses snooping or footprinting (the process of obtaining information about a target system) from the very basic to the very complex.N533.0000
68755Consequences 2Discusses how the 9/11 tragedy is being used to further repressive legislation. Mentions the Dimtry Sklyarov case and HAL 2001.N42.000615
68855Deconstructing a Fortres141Discusses details of the Fortres 101 version 4 software for Win 9x which is a security layer for restricting access to a computer.N65.0000
68955Passport Hacking 394Discusses in specific detail a security vulnerability in Microsoft Passport.A113.0000
69055How to Decrypt DirecTV 458Discusses how to listen in on the DirecTV broadcasts by hacking DSS (Digital Satellite Service).N143.3300
69155Code Red 2 459Discusses a means through which a complete list of CodeRed II infected machines could be obtained.N171.6600
69255The Ultimate DRM Hack 460Discusses DRM (Digital Rights Management) and calls for an open protocol to be developed thru the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force).N19Republishing the Rules - The Ultimate DRM Hack1.3300
69355Decloqing Copy Protection 461Discusses using a modified version of cdparanoia to copy CDs protected by SunnComm MediaCloQ 1.0 software.A202.0000
69455Hacking Time 462Discusses time clocks like qqest systems ETC M100 and how to get connected and enter with administrator privileges.References Jaundice in 16:2.N221.3300
69555Myths about TCP Spoofing 326Discusses what TCP spoofing is and it's inherent limitations and uses.Recommends Hack Proofing Your Network from Syngress Books.N231.3300
69655Playing with Qwest DSL 463Discusses the Cisco routers that the author found on Quest's DSL network and how 80% of them have no password.N251.0000
69755Defeating Intrusion Detection Systems 464Discusses some ideas which will make it possible to perform a portscan on an IDS system without being detected.A264.0000
69855Compromising Internet Appliances 465Discusses the growing tendency to make all devices Internet ready (with examples) and the problems that could ensue.N401.0000
69955An Introduction to ARP Spoofing 466Discusses the subject of ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) spoofing - which is a method of exploiting the interaction of IP and Ethernet protocols.N413.0000
70055Offset Hacking 467Discusses how the author got banned from the Everquest online game from Verant Inc.N44Offset Hacking or How I Got Bannded From Everquest1.2500
70155The Invisible Box 354Discusses a device that allows you to pick up an extension phone without lighting the in use light on other phones.N450.7500
70255Bypassing Cisco Router Passwords 468Discusses a method of bypassing the password on Cisco 2500/2600 series routers - requires physical access.N460.6600
70355Hacking Retail Hardware445Discusses POS (Point Of Sale) hardware hacks - the VeriFone PinPad 1000, the Wal*Mart register pin pad and the Axxess Technologies Quick-Scribe.NULLN461.0000
70455Hacking Kodak Picture Maker 469Discusses how to obtain the print password and the typical setup password for the Kodak Picture Maker system.N470.3300
70555Netjacking for Complete Idiots 470Discusses wireless 802.11 networking - what it is, hardware, software and locating.N531.6600
70655Exploiting Intelligent Peripherals 353Discusses the lack of security on Internet connected intelligent peripherals (like the HP JetDirect) and the potential issues.N541.3300
707562001-20022Discusses events in the year 2001 and how freedoms are being eroded and reviews the court cases 2600 has been involved with.N42.000594
70856The Security of the Inferno OS438Discusses the security semantics of Vita Nuova's Inferno OS and some means by which they may be circumvented.See missing source code listings on page 28 in 19:1 <a href='article.php?i=57&a=1369'>(..)</a>N63.0000
70956Black Ice Defender - a Personal Firewall446Discusses the interface and details of the Back Ice Defender software firewall (by Internet Security Systems).N92.2500
71056The Future of Enhanced 911447Discusses the FCC mandated Enhanced 911 (E911) including how it works, how it will be implemented and the potential privacy concerns.N111.750681
71156Behind the Scenes on a Web Page448Discusses using the @Guard firewall to investigate what actually is happening when accessing a popular commercial web site.N134.3300
71256Cracking Clever Content171Discusses one method of bypassing the "Clever Content" technology by Alchemedia that is supposed to protect web images from being printed, saved or otherwise captured.N170.6600
71356Right Click Suppression449Discusses a javascript function to disable the right click "Save As..." feature and a Java program to bypass it.A182.0000
71456Fun with Radio Shack433Discusses the Radio Shack kiosk and methods to freely surf the web and break free of any kiosk restrictions.References Screamer Chaotix's "Tell Me: Uses and Abuses" in 18:2.N201.500704
71556Building a Floppy Based Router450Discusses building a cheap 386 computer for use as a router so you can hook up multiple computers to your broadband Internet connection.N210.5000
71656Build a Wooden Computer451Discusses plans for building a wooden case for your computer.N223.0000
71756Harnessing the Airwaves413Discusses the basics of pirate radio including the transmitter, power, putting it all together and ideas for not getting caught.References the ARRL Handbook for Radio Amateurs and the ARRL Antenna Handook.N25Harnessing the Airwaves - A Primer to Pirate Radio2.000758
71856Secrets of Rogers @Home36Discusses details of Rogers @Home broadband technical support and the modems they use.N271.0000
71956Basics on Answering Machine Hacking452Discusses a generic overview of gaining remote access to answering machines.N282.000659
72056Hacking the Highway453Discusses details of the highway hazard information sign built by ADDCO.N402.0000
72156How to Hack from a Ram Disk454Discusses how to run Windows 9x/ME and Windows/NT/2000/XP from a RAM disk.N422.0000
72256Hacking with Samba455Discusses using the Linux based Samba suite to find and access Windows file shares.N442.0000
72356Fun Facts about Wal-mart456Discusses details of the retail hardware and software at Wal*Mart.Follow-up to article that appeared in 18:3 entitled "Hacking Retail Hardware".N462.000711
72456IIS - Far from Unhackable457Discusses how to own an IIS server of your own and how to deface the site.N531.5000
72556Examining Student Databases353Discusses a university "email station" that allows unfettered access to information in the student database.N541.500602
72657Time To Care2Discusses current and proposed legislation (including DMCA, CARP, CDA, COPA, DCS-1000, USA Patriot Act, etc) that are wiping away our individual rights.N51.2500
72757Transaction Based Systems234Discusses batch processing transaction systems, how they work and potential vulnerabilities.N61.2500
72857How to Regain Privacy on the Net427Discusses the trail of information your Internet browsing leaves (ie. cookies, web bugs, ip info, etc) and recommends things you can do/programs you can use to limit it.N73.0000
72957Stupid Google Tricks187Discusses using Google as a hacking tool.N100.7500
73057Neat Stuff with Switchboard.com433Discusses information on the Yellow Pages like Switchboard web site.N110.6600
73157Poor Man's 3d434Discusses how to create very realistic 3D spectrum analyzer effects using "3D glasses" and Winamp's AVS studio.N122.000812
73257Appletalk Security Secrets435Discusses potential security holes and what you can do to harden client and servers in AppleTalk networks.N141.5000
73357The Definitive Guide to Phreak Boxes436An attempt at to make the definitive list of all the known "color boxes" (ie. blue box, red box, etc) with a brief description of each.N155.2500
73457The Bungee Box437Discusses the modification of a phone handset cord for use as a line cord.N210.6600
73557CampusWide Wide Open141Discusses the CampusWide card access system for colleges (now owned by Blackboard) including software, hardware, infrastructure and a potential exploit.N224.660604
73657Idiocy in the Telcos21Discusses how the local exchange carriers never puts itself in the directory making it difficult or impossible for customers to find them thru directory assistance.N261.330655
73757Creative Cable Modem Configuration439Discusses the way ISPs configure DOCSIS-compliant cable modems and the potential for the user to configure it themselves.N402.0000
73857Fun Password Facts440Discusses some of the limitations of password lists used for brute force password attacks.Referenced by 'Fun Password Facts Revisited' in 19:2 <a href='article.php?i=59&a=770'>(..)</a>N423.5000
73957Defeating Network Address Translation441Discusses how the author obtained Internet access from a cybercafe by modifying the admin settings of their Flowpoint router.N451.0000
74057NSI Abuse442Discusses how VeriSign (who owns and Network Solutions) breaks its own rules by holding expired domains for however long it wants.N460.5000
74157The Threat of a Lazy Admin443Discusses how the author gained access to a 3Com switch and found other potential vulnerabilities after having DSL installed.N471.0000
74257A Script for the Right Click Suppressed444Discusses a perl script that prints the scripts and image URLs (option to download) of the web page URLs entered.References "Right Click Suppression" by Rob Rohan in 18:4.A531.0000
74357Retail Hardware Revisited445Discusses a the compromise of an in store computer at Kmart.N541.000714
74457More Radio Shack Facts373Discusses details of the Microsoft Internet Center computer system installed in Radio Shack stores.N551.0000
74558Fair Use and Abuse2Discusses the reorganization of the FBI and it's newly reauthorized KGB style tactics. Updates the DMCA case and the continuing fight for fair use.N42.0000
74658The Comprehensive Guide to 802.11B Wireless Networks23Discusses 802.11b background and basics, packet types, detecting, WEP, SSID, securing and threats with practical examples.N66.000733
74758How to Break Through a Proxy or Firewall421Discusses the reasons and demonstrates various methods to get by most implementations of firewalls/proxies.N121.2500
74858A Nasty NT Bug422Discusses a bug in Windows NT/2000 that causes the system to reset or hang.N131.0000
74958A Look Back423Discusses some the of technologies the author has worked with over the years and how much things have changed.N151.000640
75058Grab That Cache424Discusses a small Perl program to display images in the Netscape browser cache.A161.0000
75158The End of an Era354Discusses the official discontinuation of AT&T sent-paid coin service which means the end of redboxing.N171.2500
75258NCR ATMs - Aurum Ex Machina141Discusses details of the NCR ATM.N181.750765
75358The Afghan Phone System425Discusses the telecommunications infrastructure of Afghanistan.N201.000657
75458Yet Another Way to Defeat URL Filters426Discusses a short Visual C++ program to translate a URL/hostname to the IP address.References "Another Way to Defeat URL Filters" by ASM_dood in 17:3.A211.5000
75558Getting Into Cisco Routers326Discusses a method of obtaining admin/root access to a Cisco router.Recommends "Hardening Cisco Routers" by Thomas Akin, O'Reilly Books.N221.2500
75658A New Era of Telecommunications Surveillance7Discusses the governments ongoing efforts to increase telecommunications surveillance capabilities with programs like CALEA and DCS1000 (formerly Carnivore).N23A New Era of Telecommunications Surveillance: America in the 21st Century2.330683
75758Web Server Discovery Tool427Discusses a Perl script to discovering all web servers on a network.A264.0000
75858Your Eyes Have Just Been Sold428Discusses ad serving and an overview of how DoubleClick works and it's DART technology.References angelazaharia's article "Behind the Scenes on a Web Page" in 18:4.N403.3300
75958Dumpster Diving: One Man's Trash429Discusses the basics of dumpster diving including what it is, why do it, what to wear, rules, the cops and where to dive.N433.5000
76058Mind Tricks430Discusses how easy it is to make people do and think what you want.N470.7500
76158Review: Hacker Culture431Discusses the book "Hacker Culture" by Douglas Thomas, published by University of Minnesota Press.N531.0000
76258CBDTPA: Yet Another Privacy Concern402Discusses the details of the Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act (S 2048 IS).N541.3300
76358Null Sessions and Enumeration432Discusses what null sessions are and how to enumerate them on Windows computer systems.N550.6600
76459Freedom's Biggest Enemy2Discusses how the mass media amplifies the governments agenda of security thru control and how the hacker quest for knowledge and lack of group think naturally opposes it.N41.7500
76559Lawfully Authorized Electronic Surveillance232Discusses the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) with details of how it enhances law enforcements abilities to tap communications.N63.0000
76659The Mysterious World of the Lerg408Discusses details of the Local Exchange Routing Guide (LERG).N92.0000
76759Telezapper, Telemarketers, and the TCPA376Discusses how telemarketing work, details of the telezapper device and suggests a method for reducing telemarketing calls for free.N112.0000
76859A Password Grabbing Attempt36Discusses a script and scenario for obtaining a root password on a Linux system.A142.0000
76959Advanced Password Recovery320Discusses details of several password recovery programs available from Elcomsoft.N161.6600
77059Fun Password Facts Revisited409Discusses how password cracking works, suggests better password practices and recommends PasswordSafe to manage them.References 'Fun Password Facts' in 19:1 <a href='article.php?i=57&a=738'>(..)</a>N182.0000
77159Hacking on Vacation410Discusses Disney World "Fast Pass", Universal Studios "Universal Express", restaurant TouchPaks, self-guided tour AntennAudios and the French post office Internet terminals.N202.000722
77259Your Guide to Target411Discusses details of the cash registers and other computer equipment used in Target stores.N221.0000
77359Outsmarting Blockbuster396Discusses a method of having Blockbuster late fees removed.N231.000695
77459The New Card Up DirecTV's Sleeve412Discusses the current DirecTV access card swap to the new "secured" P4.N252.3300
77559The Pewter Box413Discusses how to make a speaker from a non-working hard disk.N270.6600
77659How to Log URL Request Strings414Discusses a c program to log url requests made by Internet Explorer on Windows.References 'Behind the Scenes on a Web Page' article in 18:4 <a href='article.php?i=56&a=711'>(..)</a>A282.0000
77759A History of '31337SP34K'234Discusses "elite speak" - what it is, where it came from and when (and if) to use it.N401.500816
77859Hardware Broadband Client Monitoring - an Overview415Discusses a rumored DSL provider device that prevents more than one computer from using the service and a possible counter measure.N411.0000
77959How to Set Up a Free (Secure) Web Server at Home Behind Your Cable Modem and Get Away With It416Discusses a method of circumventing an ISP's restriction on hosting a web server (uses a Windows machine).N421.0000
78059A Word of Warning from a Caught Uncapper417Discusses the author's experience with uncapping his cable modemN431.660634
78159Hacking Electronic Message Centers418Discusses details of the "electronic message center" electronic sign.N452.000768
78259Breaking Down the Dynix Door419Discusses the security holes/vulnerabilities in the Dynix library software.N471.5000
78359The Current State of E-commerce Security420Discusses the author's search for a vulnerable shopping cart solution and his successful exploitation of it.N531.5000
78459Review: The Art of Deception2Discusses the book "The Art of Deception" by Kevin Mitnick and William Simon, published by Wiley Publishing.N541.5000
78560Positivity2Discusses some of the positive and negative things (Mitnick, Elmsoft, TIPS, TIA, Patriot Act etc) that have taken place in the technology world and the continuing need for vigilance and activism.N42.000596
78660Passport Hacking Revisited394Discusses a vulnerability in the Microsoft Passport service.References "Passport Hacking" in 18:3 <a href='article.php?i=55&a=689'>(..)</a>N61.6600
78760Lazy Exchange Admins389Discusses security concerns for servers running Microsoft Exchange.N71.6600
78860Warspying187Discusses setting up a mobile X10 receiver and monitor to view complete strangers' X10 cameras.N90.6600
78960CD Media Data Destruction395Discusses the efficacy of using a microwave to nuke CDs to destroy the data on them.References "How to Hack From a RAM Disk" in 18:4.N101.5000
79060How to Make a DVD Backup396Discusses in detail the steps required to make a backup copy of your legally purchased DVD movies.N122.2500
79160Honeypots: Building the Better Hacker376Discusses how honeypots work, why they are not generally practical and how they break smarter attackers and dumber admins.N151.500818
79260DNS Redirection Stopped397Discusses a method of determining if DNS has redirected a site.A162.0000
79360More on Telemarketing398Discusses the TeleZapper, details of telemarketing computer systems and methods to reduce unwanted phone calls.N181.5000
79460Cracking Voter Fraud399Discusses the discovery of suspected fraudulent voters in New Brunswick, NJ.Questions/comments email with "2600" in subject line.N201.5000
79560Linux on the Xbox400Discusses a method of running Linux on an Xbox.N211.5000
79660Removing Spyware and Adware401Discusses the increasing problem of removing spyware and adware.N231.0000
79760Exposing the Coinstar Network402Discusses details of the Coinstar machines which accept unrolled, unsorted change and spit out a voucher redeemable for cash.N251.3300
79860A Dumpster Diving Treasure403Discusses the Alteon iSD-100 the author stumbled across on his weekly dive.N261.2500
79960DMCA vs. DMCRA404Discusses the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and the proposed Digital Media Consumers' Rights Act (DMCRA) to amend DMCA and prevent the corporate abuses that have taken place.N272.3300 (144.51.x.x)346Lists the ip addresses.N406.0000
80160A Brief Introduction to Deepfreeze405Discusses details of Deepfreeze a Windows program designed to be a deterrent to hackers, a virus solution and maintenance tool.N462.0000
80260Beating Download Manager Protection406Discusses using packet sniffers to bypass restrictions on using wget to download files.N531.2500
80360DHCP is Your Friend!407Discusses Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and how it works.A541.7500
80461Not in Our Name2Discusses events surrounding the launch and subsequent DOS (denial of service) attack against the English language version of the Al Jazeera web site.N42.0000
80561ANI and Caller ID Spoofing354Discusses many methods of Caller ID and ANI spoofing that can still be used as of today. Includes a brief FAQ.N63.000664
80661A Hacker Goes to Iraq493Discusses the author's plan to go to Iraq and teach about programming and Alan Turing's imaginary computer.Author committed suicide in 2006 <a href="">..</a>.N91.000618
80761Getting Busted - Military Style494Discusses military law, enforcement, court-martial and confinement for the military audience or those thinking of joining (don't do it!).References Agent Steal's article "How to Get Busted by the Feds" in 14:3 <a href='article.php?i=39&a=426'>(..)</a>N104.000619
80861Unsolicited Mail346Discusses an email sent to an Internet mailing list by the U.S. Navy's Surface Warfare Development Group and an interesting piece of spam.N142.0000
80961Anonymous E-mail Using Remailers448Discusses remailers, what they are, their history, types, preparation steps, commands and fields, pgp use and remailer chaining.N163.5000
81061Fun with 802.11b at Kroger's375Discusses details of the wireless network used by Kroger grocery stores.N191.750700
81161Best Buy Insecurities495Discusses details of the Best Buy in-store network as accessed thru the "Build Your Own Computer/Try Out Broadband" terminals.N211.750692
81261Ripping Movies from DVD to CD-R310Discusses a simple guide to the software and hardware used to make backup copies of your legitimately purchased DVDs.N242.0000
81361XM - The Flawed Future of Radio141Discuss XM radio including an overview, transmission, signal, compression, encryption, activation, exploitation, premium channels and future.N263.000753
81461A First Look at Virgin Mobile7Discusses details of the new Virgin Mobile service in the USA.N402.0000
81561Creating Delay in the New Age353Discusses a method of conferencing phone calls to increase the voice delay.N421.0000
81661Ibuyspy Portal Software496Discusses a serious flaw (and fix) in the IBuySpy Portal software released by Microsoft and Vertigo Software as an example ASP.NET application.A433.0000
81761Defeating's Premium Content497Discusses how to take advantage of the "one day pass" offer for's premium content service.N461.2500
81861Fun with Hosting on your Cable/DSL313Discusses additional information for setting up a web server on your cable or DSL service.References Khoder bin Hakkin article in 19:3 <a href='article.php?i=59&a=779'>(..)</a>N470.7500
81961Keyboard Theory for the New Age Phreak498Discusses the 88 frequencies in HZ for each piano key and how they map to a dial tone.N531.5000
82061A Glimpse at the Future of Computing499Discusses what a government controlled Internet would look like.N541.500642
82162Disrespecting the Law2Discusses how unjust laws are difficult to correct and how people in power often disregard laws and are not held accountable.N42.0000
82262Roll Your Own IIS Intrusion Detection System381Discusses a method of setting up an intrusion detection system for Microsoft's IIS 5.x web server on Windows 2000.A66.0000
82362Traversing the Corporate Firewall382Discusses two methods of bypassing the restrictions of a firewall by using SSH and an external server.N121.0000
82462Staying Anonymous in the Information Age354Discusses several scenarios for obtaining personal information about someone and some tips to help protect your information from these scenarios.N142.0000
82562Hardware Key Logging244Discusses the disadvantages/benefits/ethics of hardware keyloggers and how they work, details of a commercial one called KeyKatcher and a bit about building your own.N162.0000
82662Peeling Grapes203Discusses the design of a program to rip content from web sites.N181.2500
82762Microphones, Laptops, and Supertaps383Discusses how computer microphones are everywhere and how they could be used by third party eavesdroppers.N191.5000
82862Optimum Online and You353Discusses some of the onerous terms of service of cable companies (specifically Optimum Online) Internet service.N202.0000
82962Cyber Cafe Software Security384Discusses how to bypass the Tinasoft EasyCafe software.N221.2500
83062A Coupon Trick385Discusses a method of creating a duplicate coupon to increase the discount given.N230.5000
83162Hacking the Look386Discusses several methods of altering the look of Windows 2000 and Windows XP.N244.0000
83262Hosting an FTP Server on Cable/DSL Routers387Discusses a method of setting up an FTP server behind a cable modem/DSL router.References 19:3 Khoder Bin Hakkin and 20:1 Toby.N281.0000
83362McWireless Exposed388Discusses the author's findings after playing with the WiFi Internet access offered at McDonald's locations.N402.0000
83462802.11b Reception Tricks389Discusses how to build an antenna for better WiFi receiption.References "Comprehensive Guide to 802.11b" in 19:2.N422.5000
83562Distributed Reflective Denial of Service Attacks390Discusses a very recent iteration of the DoS attack called the Distributed Reflective DoS attack.N441.5000
83662Fun with the Nokia 3360/3361391Discusses how to change the alpha tag and network settings on the Nokia 3360 and 3361.N461.3300
83762Why Redboxing Still Works (sorta)392Discusses the author's attempt at redboxing and how it still sorta worked.N470.6600
83862Xploiting XP393Discusses a method of creating copies of Windows XP Professional that act just like the genuine article.N533.0000
83963Feeding the Frenzy2Discusses how the U.S. has become paranoid, sees threats in every shadow, exaggerates/sensationalizes the potential harm and places the blame on the hackers/terrorists instead of the inadequate security practices.N41.750662
84063Getting to Know Your Neighbors365Discusses the tools and tactics that can be used to protect your WiFi network from invaders by describing some of the methods used.N62.660739
84163Servers on a Ghetto ISP366Discusses the ports Cox Communications blocks and how to circumvent this to run a web server and an email server.References "Fun With Hosting On Your Cable/DSL" by Toby in 20:1 <a href='article.php?i=61&a=818'>(..)</a>N91.6600
84263More Methods for Hosting FTP on Broadband237Discusses a method of setting up an FTP server behind a broadband router (ISP) and suggests several alternative options.References "Fun with Hosting on your Cable/DSL" in 20:1 <a href='article.php?i=61&a=818'>(..)</a>N101.3300
84363Hacking the Look: Revisited367Discusses more details of desktop customization in Windows by changing the default shell.References ZenLogic's "Hacking the Look" in 20:2.N122.0000
84463Case Mods Made Easy368Discusses some of the methods, tools and sources that can be used for modding computer cases.N142.0000
84563DVDs on a Pocket PC369Discusses how to put a DVD movie on a Pocket PC 2002 system.N161.6600
84663More Xbox Fun and Mischief295Discusses several modifications you can make to your Microsoft Xbox video game console.N172.5000
84763Shopping for a Security Flaw? Try Retail370Discusses retail store computer systems and how they often have modems for tech support that are very vulnerable.N201.0000
84863Troubling Target371Discusses the Symbol 6800 PDT (portable data terminal)/LRT (laser radio terminal), a barcode scanner used at Target stores.N211.3300
84963Blockbuster Tricks372Discusses a method of not returning rentals from Blockbuster Video stores (another name for this is stealing).References article in 19:3.N221.2500
85063Webhacking with CVS358Discusses how using CVS (concurrent versions system) to manage web content can leave your web server vulnerable.N231.6600
85163Basics of Cellular Number Portability373Discusses the basics and then some of the more technical issues of number portability.N251.0000
85263The Hacker Diet374Discusses diet hints and tips (including several recipes) for hackers.N261.3300
85363Feather.c375Presents a program to preserve a program's atime and mtime after executing.A272.3300
85463Denial of Service Attacks, Tools of the Tools376Discusses DoS attacks including the types, tools and distributed (DDoS) and local attacks.N402.0000
85563Frequency Theory for the Phone Hacker/Musician158Discusses the dial tone frequencies and harmonics of phone switch circuitry.Reference to autocode's article in 20:1.N421.0000
85663A Trip Down Memory Lane377Discusses the tenth anniversary of the Mosaic web browser and reminisces about the early days of the Internet.N431.0000
85763Finding Ogg - Audio Evangelism378Discusses the history of MP3, it's increasing use of DRM (digital rights management) and an alternative audio format called Ogg Vorbis (or just Ogg).N442.0000
85863Infidelity in the Information Age379Discusses some of the digital footprints left behind on a computer and the amount of information that can be determined from it.N46Infidelity in the Information Age: How I Caught My Cheating Girlfriend1.500637
85963The Threat of Biometrics380Discusses details of a biometric system used by the author's schoolNULLN531.0000
86063Gentner GSC3000 for Total Morons219Discusses details of the Gentner GSC 3000 Remote Facilities Management device used by many local radio stations.Gentner Technical Support 800-283-5936N541.6600
86164Paranoia vs. Sanity2Discusses the excessive fear of hackers created by the authorities, talks about the use of fear to control people and expresses hope for the future.N42.000706
86264Hacking the Genome351Discusses genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and gives enough information that anyone who could pass a high school biology lab could create a "transgenic organism".N63.330820
86364Whom Do You Trust?352Discusses the certificate authority system and how the lack of a secure process at some of these companies could affect your security.N92.6600
86464System Profiling Through RPC353Discusses the Sun RPC (Remote Procedure Call) Portmapper running on port 111 and how it can be used to gain information about a target system or potentially compromise it.N122.0000
86564Robots and Spiders234Discusses search engines and their use of the robots.txt file, it's structure and how it protects nothing because it can be ignored.A142.5000
86664Living Without an SSN354Discusses the use and history of the Social Security Number (SSN) and methods for not divulging it.N162.0000
86764More Fun With Wireless Hacking268Discusses several tools for finding and compromising WiFi access points.N181.0000
86864WEP: Not For Me355Discusses the prevalence of WiFi access points and provides a list of default ip address/user name/password for numerous manufacturers/models.N191.5000
86964War Driving with a Pocket PC356Discusses finding WiFi access points with a Pocket PC, mentioning what you'll need and the numerous tools available.N212.0000
87064Verizon's Call Intercept357Discusses the Call Intercept service offered by Verizon, which prevents callers that do not send any Caller ID information from directly ringing your line.N232.500669
87164Fun With Hping358Discusses the hping tool and some of it's useful features.N262.3300
87264Remote Computing Secured359Discusses some of the methods to secure VNC (Virtual Network Computing) using SSH and SSL.References "Optimum Online and You' in 22:2.N281.6600
87364DISA, Unix Security, and Reality360Discusses and reviews the Defense Information System Agency's Unix Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) Version 4, Release 3.N403.6600
87464Hacking the 'Captivate' Network361Discusses details of the network used by computer screens mounted in elevators in many office buildings.N430.660743
87564Unlocking GSM Handsets7Discusses methods of unlocking GSM mobile phones focusing on the Nokia DCT4 series.N441.6600
87664Unlocking WebLock Pro362Discusses a method of breaking Weblock Pro's website protection.A462.0000
87764Holes in Windows 2003 Server363Discusses an issue with the Microsoft Windows 2003 server Setup Manager.A532.0000
87864How to Mess with Citibank Collections364Discusses the Citibank oil card collection centers and advice about talking to them about your account.N551.0000
87965Twenty Years After2Discusses the 20th anniversary of 2600 and recalls some of the history of the magazine.N42.0000
88065Taking Advantage of Physical Access319Discusses a brief lesson on how to hack a computer in a secure organization under certain circumstances.N61.5000
88165Bypassing Minor Website Security320Discusses several tricks some websites use to protect their sites and describes methods of bypassing this limited security.A71.2500
88265Exploiting AIM Screen Name Loggers321Discusses a method using IMChaos loggers to gain admin access to the screen name logger.A101.5000
88365Using Perl to Defeat Provider Restrictions322Discusses a method of updating your hosted website with a link to your personal home web server when your ISP changes your broadband IP address on a regular basis.A112.5000
88465A Simple But Effective Spanner in Your AVS323Discusses a proof of concept program that deletes files and can be used to circumvent anti-virus programs by just removing them.A144.0000
88565Hacking the Hilton82Discusses a method of using the Hilton hotel's room Internet access for free.N181.500716
88665Cruise Cracking324Discusses the security of the "Sail and Sign Card" used on the Carnival cruise ship Spirit and it's Internet cafe.N191.5000
88765A Sprint PCS Trick140Discusses a method of accessing your Sprint PCS voicemail with free Sprint to Sprint minutes.N210.6600
88865Hacking a Mercedes Benz with a Universal Remote325Discusses how to make an archive key for one of the Mercedes Benz keyless entry system.N210.500772
88965The $40 Hardware War Dialer326Discusses a method of creating a cheap hardware war dialer.N221.3300
89065Serial Number Security327Discusses a method of obtaining free hardware using serial numbers obtained from retail stores.N231.3300
89165Barcode Tricks244Discusses a method of purchasing a product with the price of another after reviewing the meaning of the bard and number on the bar code.N252.0000
89265Installing Debian on your Unmodded Xbox328Discusses a method of installing GNU/Linux on an unmodified Xbox.N273.0000
89365Uncapper's Paradise329Discusses a method of uncapping a Surboard 2100 cable modem and how to add filters and change a HFC Mac address automatically so you can surf anonymously.A404.0000
89465Inside Adelphia330Discusses the interior of the typical apartment complex cable junction and provides rudimentary guidance on the enclosed hardware.N441.5000
89565Subverting Non-Secure Login Forms331Discusses the Secunia released Internet Explorer vulnerability that allows malicious web sites to spoof what appears in the address bar.A452.5000
89665Setting Your Music Free: iTunes Music Sans DRM332Discusses two methods of removing DRM from iTunes media files.N521.0000
89765Vonage Broadband Security Risk333Discusses security issues with the Vonage broadband phone service.N530.750686
89865Sharing Your Life on a Peer-to-Peer Network269Discusses peer to peer file sharing systems and how naive users often mistakenly share files they shouldn't.N530.7500
89965MSN Redirect Scan234Discusses url's found with the redirect and the proper URL parameters.N551.0000
90066Mirroring the Future2Discusses the explosion of technology since 2600 was founded 20 years ago and how hackers are uniquely positioned to warn people of the potential weaknesses and abuses and to influence the changes that will occur during the next 20 years.N41.5000
90166Scumware, Spyware, Adware, Sneakware307Discusses the 'GAIN/Gator' and 'Newton Knows Best' spyware programs, including how, what, removal and fighting back.N64.5000
90266ClearChannel's Dirty Little Secret308Discusses operational details of the Critical Mass Media telemarketing division of ClearChannel.N102.0000
90366Impromptu Lock Picks309Discusses how to create lock picking tools out of materials commonly found at home or the office.Recommends MIT Guide to Lockpicking (search web to find).N122.660777
90466Magstripe Interfacing - A Lost Art141Discusses magstripes in detail - a brief history, how to interface, bit stream explained, problems and source code.Recommends the Nov 1992 Phrack 37 'Card-O-Rama: Magnetic Stripe Technology and Beyond' article by Count Zero and the June 1998 'Interfacing a TTL Magcard Reader to the PC Game port' by Patrick Gueulle.A155.0000
90566Listening Via Linux310Discusses a simple C program that listens on a port you specify, designed as a basic starting point for network programming.Recommends 'TCP/IP Sockets in C' by Donahoo & Calvert and 'Linux Socket Programming by Example' by Warren W. Gay.A202.2500
90666Passwords on a Cue Cat311Discusses using a barcode with a Cue Cat to enter a password.N220.5000
90766The Global Date Format21Discusses the ISO-8601 International Date and Time format.N221.2500
90866Behind the Scenes of ITEC and the Milwaukee Bus System312Discusses some details of the Transit TV media/advertising computer systems.N241.0000
90966Omni Locks and Stupid Politics313Discusses some details of the Omni Lock, a popular brand of combination lock for securing doors.NULLN251.0000
91066A Guide to Internet Piracy314Discusses the various forms of Internet piracy including warez, site traders, fxp, irc and KaZaA kiddies.IRC: EFnet and Rizon
91166Consumer Spookware vs. Your Castle315Discusses wireless camera and audio devices and how easily they can be planted in various places in your home.N405.5000
91266A Lesson on Trust316Discusses and an computer security incident that took place at the author's school.N452.5000
91366Fun With Netcat317Discusses the Swiss Army knife of network utilities - netcat.A522.0000
91466The Lantronix SCS 1620: An Unpublicized Goldmine318Discusses the defaults and specifications of the Lantronix SCS 1620 (a secure console server).N541.0000
91567Learning Curve2Discusses learning, how hacking is all about learning and how it can be dangerous in a restrictive society but that learning is what makes it fun.N41.7500
91667In the Belly of the Beast292Discusses America OnLine (AOL) systems and procedures from a low-level workers perspective including a basic layout of their internal security.N62.5000
91767Anti-Forensics: Make Secrets Stay Secret293Discusses some additional steps to take to protect sensitive encrypted data from forensics analysis.N81.5000
91867Digital CDMA Cloning294Discusses the steps to clone a code division multiple access (CDMA) and/or time division multiple access (TDMA) mobile phone.N101.7500
91967Bit Torrent - The Future of the Internet?295Discusses the bit torrent protocol.N121.2500
92067The Insecurity of PHP Includes296Discusses a method of finding user name/passwords for databases on the Internet.A131.0000
92167Movies on a Phone297Discusses how to get a film viewable on a Nokia 3650 handset, a Microsoft Pocket PC and a Palm Pilot.N142.7500
92267Free Encrypted Backups298Discusses how to use a free email service to store your encrypted back up files.A171.0000
92367Laptop Security298Discusses a method of securing your laptop by being able to track and access it over the Internet should it be stolen.A183.0000
92467Introduction to IPv636Discusses IPv6 with a basic introduction and the technology behind it.Recommends IPv6 Essentials by Slyvia Hagen (O'Reilly ISBN: 0-596-00125-8).N212.3300
92567Hacking Soda Machines299Discusses a method of accessing a menu on a soda machine and info on the options available.N230.660721
92667Murphy Oil (Wal-Mart) Fueling Stations300Discusses the hardware, software and potential exploits for the Murphy Oil (gas stations at Wal-Mart and Sam's Club) POS (Point Of Sale) system.N241.5000
92767The Big Picture - Linux is Approved!301Discusses the STIG (Security Technical Implementation Guide) and since Linux is in it that means it is approved OS for Federal use.N251.2500
92867How to Hack the Lottery234Discusses the typical state lottery, the logistics, statistics, applications and myths and how they are all stacked against the player.N273.000780
92967The Leightronix TCD/IP302Discusses a vulnerability in the Leightronix TCD/IP software that controls equipment used for scheduling and running programming for television networks.N403.0000
93067Decoding Blockbuster303Discusses vulnerabilities in Blockbuster's use of printable barcode coupons.References article in issue 20:3.N431.0000
93167Warwalking in Times Square285Discusses a casual approach to wireless sniffing and access point identification using Ministumbler running on an iPaq 5455 PDA.N443.0000
93267Fight Spam with JavaScript304Discusses a method of preventing email address harvester programs/scripts from obtaining the email addresses on your website.A471.0000
93367fc.exe to the Rescue305Discusses using the Windows file compare program (fc.exe) and a freeware hex editor to remove password protection from an accounting program's files. N522.2500
93467A Simple Solution to Dynamic IP Tracking306Discusses using Lynx and PHP to track the dynamic IP assigned by your ISP.References TRM's 'Using Perl to Defeat Provider Restrictions' in Spring 2004. Recommends 'PHP and MySQL Web Development' by Luke Welling and Laura Thomson and O'Reily's 'Linux Server Hacks' by Rob Flickenger.A541.7500
93568Stick Around2Discusses the loss of freedom and privacy and the use of fear to control the public. Discourages apathy and reminds us that resisting these changes is a never ending process that can be won.N42.0000
93668Hacking CDMA PRLs7Discusses Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), the most popular digital technology used in wireless telecommunications, with extensive details of the Preferred Roaming List (PRL).N64.2500
93768An Old Trick for a New Dog - WiFi and MITM280Discusses a possible man in the middle attack (MITM) that could be applied to an 802.11 WiFi network.N101.750744
93868Vulnerabilities in Subscription Wireless281Discusses the use of a MAC address for controlling access to wireless networks and the lack of security this provides. Describes a method of compromising or attacking these networks. N121.7500
93968Best Buy's Uber Insecurity282Discusses a method of getting full access to computers in Best Buy stores, including possible Internet access.N130.7500
94068Hijacking Auto-Run Programs96Discusses the logic needed for a program to intercept an autorun executable so it gets run at startup. Details Windows OS though the method could be applied to other OS's.A14Hijacking Auto-Run Programs for Improved Stealth1.7500
94168Catching Credit Card Fraud through Steganography283Discusses a method to insure that tips charged to credit cards haven't been changed from what you authorized.A162.0000
94268Ad-Ware: The Art of Removal284Discusses tips, techniques and programs for keeping and/or cleaning your computer system of spyware.N192.2500
94368Tracking Wireless Neighbors285Discusses the author's experience with an uninvited visitor on his wireless access point and some of the tools/methods he used to track what the visitor was doing.References Shiv Polarity article in Fall 2003 issue.N204.0000
94468Backdooring the NAT'ed Network286Discusses a method of creating access to a network behind a NAT router. Details for Windows 2000/XP though concept works for other OS.A251.0000
94568Electronic Warfare287Discusses electronic warfare as practiced in the Army over the last 60 years.N262.0000
94668Grokking for Answers203Discusses information sources for beginners interested in learning more about computer systems.N281.3300
94768Hacking LaGard ComboGard Locks167Discusses details of the LaGard ComboGard Model 33E digital combination lock.N402.2500
94868AVS Spanner Addendum288Discusses rewriting the source code in article "A Simple But Effective Spanner In Your AVS" of issue 21:1 that deletes/renames files into C++.A421.5000
94968How to Own Star Search234Discusses a method of gaming the Star Search online voting system.A433.0000
95068Hacking Ticketmaster189Discusses the TicketFast system from TicketMaster which allows customers to print their tickets and a couple of methods to take advantage of it.N461.3300
95168Practical Paranoia289Discusses some aspects of encryption that leave it open to vulnerability.N511.0000
95268Building Cheap ID Cards290Discusses using the :CueCat to scan barcoded cards for use as passwords.N520.6600
95368Hotspot Tunneling291Discusses using an encrypted SSH tunnel to keep your network traffic private on open hotspots.Check out "Remote Computing Secured" by Xphile in 20:4 and "Traversing the Corporate Firewall" by superbeast in 20:2.N531.5000
95468Selfcheckout or ATM?263Discusses several inherent flaws in selfcheckout systems.N541.0000
95569Enemy of the People2Discusses the legislation and issues being pushed by government in the name of "security" and the constant vigilance required to resist it.N42.0000
95669New York City's MTA Exposed266Discusses the many of the inner workings of the New York City Transit Authority fare collection system and exposes the contents of MetroCards.Contribute to the data being collected at the link or: 2600 Metrocard Project, PO Box 752, Middle Island, NY 11953 USA.N76.500785
95769Electronic Application Insecurity267Discusses the vulnerabilities of the employment application computers used by JC Penney, Best Buy and Circuit City.N130.660720
95869Baking Cookies268Discusses a few ways that cookies can be exploited.A140.6600
95969Voice Over Internet Protocol269Discusses some details from the VoIP manual of a major cable company that owns AOL and CNN.N151.0000
96069Hacking Cisco IP Phones270Discusses information pertaining to the Cisco 7940 and 7960 IP phones and how they are highly hackable.N170.2500
96169Decrypting WS_FTP.ini Passwords271Discusses how to view a password saved in a WS_FTP.ini file using WSFTP.N180.5000
96269Hunting Wifi Leeches272Discusses a method of finding a Wifi leech and some interesting things you can find out about them thru the network.Reference: Richard Stevens TCP/IP Illustrated Vol 1 (O'Reilly), Eric Hall Internet Core Protocols (O'Reilly), RFC 791 and RFC 793.N191.0000
96369Unlocking the Power of WAP273Discusses Wireless Access Protocol and the WAP browser Openwave.N201.660747
96469Backdoor Exits from the US Military274Discusses several methods for getting out of the military using "entry level separation" within the first 180 days and clarifies the facts per personal experience.N211.000627
96569Blockbuster's Compass - Setting Sail for Port Bureaucracy275Discusses the Blockbuster corporate software for payroll management called Compass by BlueCube.NULLN221.0000
96669How to Get Out of Google276Discusses a method of keeping your site out of Google's listings.A231.2500
96769HP Printers: The Hidden Threat277Discusses network enabled HP printers and some of the vulnerabilities they create.N241.0000
96869Disposable Email Vulnerabilities234Discusses the spam epidemic and describes one solution using temporary email addresses.N252.2500
96969Magnetic Stripe Reading266Discusses the process of making an extremely cheap, simple, and reliable single-track reader for magnetic stripe cards.A288.0000
97069Complete Scumware Removal278Discusses spyware - how to know if you are infected and software programs available to remove it.References "Scumware, Spyware, Adware, Sneakware" in 21:2.N501.2500
97169More Fun with Netcat279Discusses several Netcat tricks - web server (banner) discovery, port scanning, ftp and remote command shell.References "Fun With Netcat" in 21:2 <a href='article.php?i=66&a=913'>(..)</a>N511.5000
97269Potential Vulnerabilities in Shared Systems238Discusses potential vulnerabilities with web-hosting services that provide shell access.N531.0000
97369Inside the Emergency Alert System171Discusses the Emergency Alert System, it's history, network topology, data format and security.N551.5000
97469IPv6 Redux36Discusses how to configure your network with the IPv6 protocol.References author's previous article 'Introduction to IPv6' in 21:3 <a href='article.php?i=67&a=924'>(..)</a>N561.5000
97570One Step Forward, Two Steps Back2Discusses privacy, how poorly it is protected and how the government and corporations are misusing personal information.N42.0000
97670Hacking Google AdWords234Discusses the Google AdWords program from setting up an account to creating a campaign, ad groups and keywords, to their lack of customer service and big brother attitude.N74.500795
97770Hacking Google Map's Satellite Imagery252Discusses and documents the Google Map's URL format.A111.5000
97870Googlejacking by Example253Discusses Googlejacking by walking thru some php code and detailing some tips and tricks.A131.5000
97970Home Depot's Lousy Security54Discusses Home Depot's gift cards and a method of taking advantage of the poor security.N140.500696
98070SYN-ful Experiment36Discusses the tcp handshake process and describes a program which leaves the port open after the handshake.A153.7500
98170The University of Insecurity254Discusses a security hole in the author's university's computer system called CatNet.N181.250612
98270Creating AIM Mayhem216Discusses the AOL Instant Messenger service and describes a method to spam a screen name.A201.0000
98370AIM Eavesdropping Hole255Discusses three methods of monitoring one side of an Instant Messenger conversation and the methods to protect against them.N211.0000
98470Network Vigilantism Using Port 113171Discusses the identd network service (which uses port 113) and describes how it has been hijacked by botnets/viruses for IRC communication.A221.5000
98570Hacking Encrypted HTML175Discusses a method to decrypt the html encrypted by three popular software programs.A231.5000
98670Passwords from Windows256Discusses details of the Protected Storage Manager in Windows and describes some utilities for accessing it.N251.5000
98770Data Mining with Perl257Discusses the LWP modules with Perl to acquire data from the web.Recommends Perl and LWP by Sean M. Burke.A262.0000
98870A Yahoo! Restriction Defeated223Discusses how to retrieve pictures in their original size from a user's Yahoo page. Similar methods often work with other sites.NULLA281.0000
98970Spying on the Library258Discusses the Los Angeles Public Library system and describes a method of viewing/altering reservations.A291.0000 Blackjack Cracked259Discusses a vulnerability in the blackjack system at that the author exploited and has since been closed.N301.330644
99170Where Have all the Implants Gone?82Discusses how the promises of future technology rarely live up to the reality and how entrenched power molds technology and the public for their own profit. Calls on hackers to deliver the promise of technology.N462.5000
99270Adding Sub-Domain Support to Your Free DotTK Domain260Discusses the use of a PHP script to add sub-domains to your website on DotTK.A481.5000
99370Getting More from T-Mobile261Discusses the T-Mobile computer system employees use called Watson, describes several vulnerabilities.N502.000675
99470Remote Unix Execution Via a Cell Phone262Discusses a method of executing Linux commands from a mobile phone using text messaging.A521.0000
99570NCR: Barcodes to Passwords263Discusses the creating of override barcodes knowing operator numbers and passwords and reversing an existing barcode to operator override number and password.See article "Selfcheckout or ATM?" in 21:4 <a href='article.php?i=68&a=954'>(..)</a>N530.6600
99670Defeating BitPim Restrictions264Discusses a method of circumventing the problem of retrieving more than 20 pictures from the BitPim handset.N540.6600
99770Fun with School ID Numbers112Discusses how simple it was to duplicate a barcode on a student ID card.N540.660614
99870Remote Secrets Revealed265Discusses how to program a Prestige/TDS/Audiovox (APS95BT3/ELVAT5G) remote.N552.660773
99971Questions2Discusses how hackers are inquisitive and how that often conflicts with authority - which doesn't like to be questioned.N41.7500
100071Data Destruction, Covering Your Tracks, and MBSA233Discusses a program that can remove the traces of Internet surfing. Special emphasis on it's ability to destroy not just delete these traces.References "Complete Scumware Removal" 22:1 <a href='article.php?i=69&a=970'>(..)</a>, "Ad-Ware: The Art of Removal" 21:4 <a href='article.php?i=68&a=942'>(..)</a> and "Scumware, Spyware, Adware, Sneakware" 22:2 <a href='article.php?i=66&a=901'>(..)</a> for additional info.N72.0000
100171Stupid Webstat Tricks234Discusses web site statistics and the vulnerabilities that exist when exposing these on the Internet.N92.0000
100271A Randomizing WiFi MAC Address AP Hopper235Discusses a simple method of masking your MAC using Perl and Linux (author runs Slackware).References "Hunting Wifi Leeches" in 22:1 <a href='article.php?i=69&a=962'>(..)</a>A112.5000
100371Fun with the PRO-83236Discusses hardware modifications that can be made to the Radio Shack PRO-83 scanner.N132.0000
100471Getting More out of SSH237Discusses using SSH for more than just telnet so that your network traffic can not be understood by sniffers.N151.5000
100571Using Tor and SSH Tunneling4Discusses the loss of privacy on the Internet and how to reclaim it with Tor.N172.0000
100671Reverse Remote Access238Discusses a method of getting a remote computer to connect to you instead of remoting into it.A191.7500
100771Securing a Drive184Discusses how to use the Sentry 2020 program to secure data.N211.5000
100871Javascript Injection239Discusses the author's use of Javascript to get a "discount" on a conference registration page.A221.5000
100971Climbing the SonicWall55Discusses the SonicWall security appliance and how the author broke into it during a pen test.N241.5000
101071Verizon Fios - Fiber to the Home240Discusses the new Verizon Fiber Optic Service (FiOS).N251.0000
101171Improving Stealth With Autoruns241Discusses how programs can be run on startup and several ways to find/hide them.References "Hijacking Auto-Run Programs" in 21:4 <a href='article.php?i=68&a=940'>(..)</a>N261.0000
101271SQL Exploits242Discusses SQL injection attacks and details several examples of potential issues.References Citron letter page 33/34 in 21:4.N271.5000
101371Hexing the Registry243Discusses a method of editing the system registry in Windows without the registry editor.A292.7500
101471Not Working at a Call Center244Discusses a method of not working a whole shift by using the phone system.N461.0000
101571Securing Your Wireless Network245Discusses the insecurity of many wireless networks and recommends using SSH tunneling to protect your data.N471.3300
101671The Continuing War on Spyware246Discusses several programs useful for spyware detection and removal.References "Ad-Ware: The Art of Removal" in 21:4 <a href='article.php?i=68&a=942'>(..)</a>N481.0000
101771Hacking Image Shack247Discusses the Image Shack url format and presents a script to download images from the site.A491.0000
101871I Am Not a Hacker200Discusses media portrayal of hackers and argues that the term hacker is obsolete. N500.5000
101971Security Pitfalls for Inexperienced Web Designers208Discusses common security holes introduced by inexperienced web designers.N511.2500
102071A Peek Inside a Simple ATM Machine248Discusses the Diebold CashSource+100 which is a smaller indoor ATM.N522.0000
102171How to Get Responses Through Deception249Discusses a method of getting people to respond to emails by making them perplexing.N541.0000
102271The Ancient Art of Tunneling, Rediscovered250Discusses a method of obtaining free use of many pay-per-use and/or content filtered networks.A552.0000
102371Forging an Identity251Discusses the two documents required to create a false identity.N570.6600
102472Preserving the Magic2Discusses the technological advances made in telecommunications and computers and argues that technology is a double edged sword which needs hackers to keep magical, fun and beneficial.N42.0000
102572Network Administrators: Why We Make Harsh Rules158Discusses the rational behind network rules from a network admin perspective and explains some of the trade offs involved.N72.2500
102672Practical Web Page Steganography54Discusses steganography, describing what it is and some history behind it along with some possible methods of implementing it with images.N9Practical Web Page Steganography: RGB, ISO 8859-1, and 1337sP33K1.3300
102772Hacking a JP1 Remote Control218Discusses how to hack a remote control thru the JP1 connector.N111.5000
102872The RedBox DVD Kiosk219Discusses the DVD rental kiosk seen at many McDonalds locations and some potential vulnerabilities.N121.3300
102972Punking the Watchers220Discusses the author's companies' use of Windows Messenger to track employees and includes a program to subvert the tracking software.A133.3300
103072How to Track Any UK GSM Mobile Phone221Discusses a method of tracking the location of a mobile phone using the T-Mobile, Orange, 02 and Vodaphone networks in the UK.N17How to Track Any UK GSM Mobile Phone (Without the User's Consent)1.000679
103172An Introduction to the Asterisk PBX8Discusses the capabilities of the Asterisk PBX software and how to setup up a server for VoIP (SIP protocol) with it.A182.0000
103272Spoofing Your Charge Number222Discusses Calling Party Number (CPN) and Automatic Number Identification (ANI) and how you can change the Charge number when spoofing.N201.3300
103372Phone System Loopholes Using VoIP223Discusses several tricks you can do with VoIP.N211.6600
103472Physically Accessing Your Apartment with Skype224Discusses a method of using a voicemail message to buzz the author into his entry controlled apartment building.N231.0000
103572Obfuscation and Encoding in PHP203Discusses a method of obscuring PHP code.A242.5000
103672APOP Email Protocol - MDS Challenge/Response225Discusses the Authenticated POP (APOP) protocol and how it is vulnerable to packet sniffing.A271.0000
103772PGP Key Signing Observations18Discusses the social aspects of key signing systems because the human is the weakest link.Suggested Further Reading: Bruce Schneier, Applied Cryptography and Secrets and Lies.N28PGP Key Signing Observations Overlooked Social and Technical Considerations4.0000
103872Persuasiveness and Social Engineering226Discusses Social Psychology, which deals with why and how humans are able to influence one another.N461.3300
103972The Real Electronic Brain Implantation Enhancement227Discusses the factual and idealistic concepts of electronic implants working for or alongside the biological nervous system and brain of man.N471.750824
104072Observing the Lottery228Discusses how the author's friend supplemented his regular income with money made from the lottery.N501.660646
104172Sears Portrait Insecurities229Discusses several vulnerabilities with the Sears Portrait Studio's POS (point of sale) system.N511.3300
104272Kodak Secrets and Wal-Mart Fun230Discusses vulnerabilities with the Kodak Picture Maker G3 software run on Kodak machines seen in stores like Walmart.N531.6600
104372The Workings of a Kodak Picture Maker231Discusses the hardware and software vulnerabilities of the Kodak Picture Maker machines.N541.0000
104472WiMax, AT&T Style163Discusses the new broadband communication called WiMax being introduced into beta environments by AT&T.N551.5000
104572Cheap Mobile Internet for Your PowerBook232Discusses how to get the same access your wireless phone has on your Mac laptop running OS X.N571.0000
1046732600... 2006... 20602Discusses the addition of two new columns and announces HOPE Number Six.N42.0000
104773Filesharing using TinyURL.com200Discusses and a method of using it to share data.A73.0000
104873XSS'ing MySpace.com201Discusses how to use JavaScript encoded directly in a hyperlink to exploit MySpace XSS vulnerabilities.A101.5000
104973United Kingdom: The State of Surveillance202Discusses the ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) system that has been rolled out in the United Kingdom.N112.0000
105073Making Rover Fart203Discusses how to turn the Microsoft Search Assistan dog into a flatulent beast.N131.0000
105173TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses how to add a second phone line to your house for less than $20 and with no monthly fee.First column article - described as a 'guide through the exciting, dynamic, and rapidly evolving world of telecommunications'.N143.6600
105273Hacking the HNAS1 Network Attached Storage Unit204Discusses how to modify the Hawking Technologies HNAS1 so it allows http access.A184.0000
105373Hacking 2600.com205Discusses gathering information about a web site and the fact-finding and planning involved in hacking.N221.6600
105473Direct Inward System Access and Caller ID Spoofing206Discusses Caller ID spoofing using the Asterisk open source PBX software.A241.5000
105573HACKER PERSPECTIVE: The Cheshire Catalyst21Discusses what a hacker is and what hacking is all about.N252.0000
105673Hacking PCReservation207Discusses PCReservation, a system used by public libraries that allows customers to make online reservations, and how easy it is to exploit.A271.0000
105773Hacking the Facebook208Discusses a method of gaining access to someone's Facebook profile.N281.0000
105873The Price of Convenience: Our Identities209Discusses identity theft, the lack of legislation protecting us and the many ways it can be accomplished.N291.2500
105973Highlighting the Holes210Discusses some of the holes in the two most typical security measures - security cameras and key card locks.N301.5000
106073The DRM Plan215Discusses how DRM (Digital Rights Management) will change the way we use music and why the music industry loves digital audio files.Suggested reading: Lawrence Lessig - Free Culture, Kembrew McLeod - Freedom of Expression (r), Siva Vaidhyanathan - Copyrights and Copywrongs and The Anarchist in the Library.N462.3300
106173The Secrets of Cingular Wireless211Discusses customer service at Cingular Wireless and several ways to take advantage of them.N481.2500
106273TECHNO-EXEGESIS168Discusses how radio content delivery is changing specifically addressing satellite radio, Digital Radio Mondiale and Hybrid Digital Radio.N492.3300
106373Not Quite Dead Yet212Discusses the current state of Pay Phones, ACTS and Red Boxing in the United States.N521.6600
106473School Connections213Discusses the author's method of obtaining free Internet service in his school's dorm room.N531.2500
106573iPod Sneakiness214Discusses a method of obtaining passwords and stored information with the use of an iPod.A541.0000
106673A Look at Jabber/XMPP216Discusses Google Talk and the vulnerability in Jabber client/servers using the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP).N551.0000
106773Spyware - The Ever Changing Threat217Discusses spyware by understanding the threat, threat assessment and defeating the threat.N561.3300
106874Whom Shall We Blame?2Discusses the some issues in the current political environment (NSA spying/Net Neutrality) and suggests people become involved if they want anything to change.N42.0000
106974More on Hacking Facebook188Discusses a method of reading anything you want from a user's Facebook profile regardless of their privacy settings.A75.0000
107074Getting Screwed by PayPal58Discusses the author's nightmare experience with using PayPal for an eBay sale.N121.0000
107174TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses the surveillance built into the telecommunications system since CALEA (Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act) in 1994.Reference: RFC 3924 Listserv archive: CALEA-HE@LISTSERV.SYRACUSE.EDUN133.0000
107274Hacking the System183Discusses the author's views on hacking society and includes a detailed example.N163.2500
107374Easy Access to T-Mobile and Cingular Accounts189Discusses a method of getting someone's personal information by simply borrowing their phone for a brief period.N191.7500
107474Ego Surfing190Discusses a method of finding out how often a name is searched for on Google.N210.6600
107574Public Access191Discusses a method of gaining access to a regular Internet Explorer windows on computers where that access is normally prevented.N210.7500
107674Breaking Mac OS X Program Security192Discusses the weaknesses in the MCX and XML files that Mac OS X uses to limit what programs users are allowed to run.N221.5000
107774GPOs and Group Policy: Just Say No!193Discusses a method of disabling Group Policy propagation to a Windows NT4/2000/XP workstation.A242.0000
107874HACKER PERSPECTIVE: Bruce Schneier194Discusses what a hacker is, what they do and the useful function they perform in computer security.Author of Applied Cryptography, Secrets and Lies, and Beyond Fear.N261.7500
107974Music Today173Discusses how to hijack the chat program to access any site for free and/or use someone else's screen name.A282.0000
108074Hacking Warner Brothers Records195Discusses a method of downloading songs from artists signed with Warner Brothers.A302.0000
108174Network Administrators: Why We BREAK Harsh Rules196Discusses the authors perspective on the policies and justifications laid out in article 'Network Administrators: Why We Make Harsh Rules' in 22:4.N462.0000
108274Having Fun with Cookies197Discusses uses and abuses of cookies in web applications.A481.0000
108374TECHNO-EXEGESIS168Discusses the privacy practices and intrusive policies of government and corporations using Facebook as an example.N492.6600
108474Roll Your Own StealthSurfer II Privacy Stick198Discusses how to create your own portable, private surfing environment on a USB flash drive (similar to the Privacy Stick).N522.5000
108574Using Loopback-Encrypted Filesystems on JumpDrives4Discusses a method of creating an encrypted file system in chunks that can be safely hidden in places out on the web.A542.5000
108674An Argument Against MD5 Authentication199Discusses the use of MD5 to hash user passwords for login and the vulnerabilities with doing this.N570.7500
108775Hope and Fear2Discusses the increasing prevalence of the surveillance/police state in the U.S. and comments on some current events. Expresses some optimism about the eventual outcome.N41.7500
108875Identity Theft: Misinformation Can Be Your Friend174Discusses a method of protecting yourself from identity theft by purposely obfuscating your name and address whenever you can get away with it.N72.6600
108975Where Have The Philes Gone?54Discusses how the sharing of hacking and phreaking files and information has changed over time.N91.6600
109075A Back Door to Your Oracle Database175Discusses a method of gaining dba rights to an Oracle database and keeping them with a back door.A111.6600
109175TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses the phone systems in rural Alaska.N132.5000
109275Hacking Flickr176Discusses a method of grabbing the original uploaded pictures from Flickr even when the 'view all sizes' option isn't enabled.A151.5000
109375Fun with the Sears POS177Discusses several vulnerabilities in the POS (point of sale) systems used by all Sears stores.N171.5000
109475Never Pay for WiFi Again!178Discusses a method of obtaining wifi access by assuming the mac address of another computer (notes potential problems involved with doing this).A182.5000
109575Hacking MySpace Using Common Sense179Discusses a method of taking over a MySpace account.N211.7500
109675Ringtone Download Folliez180Discusses a method of downloading ring tones from sites where they cost money for free.A233.0000
109775HACKER PERSPECTIVE: Mark Abene aka Phiber Optik181The author discusses how he became involved with computers and hacking.N262.0000
109875Insecurity at Pep Boys182Discusses a bit about the Pep Boys POS (point of sale) system and some details of the network setup at the retail stores.A282.5000
109975Mobile Devices - Current and Future Security Threats156Discusses the potential vulnerabilities (ie. OS and Internet) and existing threats (ie. viruses) in smart phones and PDAs as a prime target for attack.N301.5000
110075Hacking the System: Useful Connections183Discusses the cultivation, nurturing and maintenance of useful connections, assets and information.N463.0000
110175TECHNO-EXEGESIS168Discusses how computer security is improving and outsmarting technology is becoming more difficult, but that as long as authorized employees need access to data the weakest link will be the human being.N491.7500
110275Ownage by AdSense149Discusses Google's AdSense and a method to potentially "own" a website's owner/webmaster.A511.5000
110375Information's Imprisonment184Discusses the lack of competition in the communications, entertainment and technology industries and how that adversely affects our access to information and freedom of speech.and Matt FillhartN521.5000
110475Singapore Library Mischief185Discusses a method of taking advantage of the Singapore library's book borrowing system.N541.0000
110575Monitoring Motorola Canopy with Windows XP and MRTG186Discusses a method of monitoring the Motorola Canopy equipment using XP instead of Linux.A551.2500
110675Attacking Third Party Tracking187Discusses a method of significantly reducing your exposure to third party tracking without adversely affecting your browsing experience.A561.0000
110776Transition2Discusses the current state of the publishing industry, how it is adversely affecting 2600 and what they are doing about it.N52.0000
110876Mobile Devices - Current and Future Security Threats156Discusses mobile devices and smart phones and their potential security issues. Operating systems used, bluetooth, future/current threats and defenses are covered.N71.3300
110976FirstClass Hacking157Discusses vulnerabilities in the FirstClass system used by the author's school for class related tasks.N81.500615
111076Network Administrators: Rules Rationale158Discusses the reaction to the author's previous article and a response to that reaction.References "Network Administrators: Why We Make Harsh Rules" (22:4)N91.5000
111176Wi-Fi Hunting: Basic Tools and Techniques159Discusses some of the best methods for finding available wireless connections.N111.3300
111276TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses the wireless services and mobile phone technologies used in Japan.N131.5000
111376Circumventing the DoD's SmartFilter160Discusses the Department of Defense's use of SmartFilter and a method to circumvent it.N151.000628
111476Algorithmic Encryption Without Math161Discusses the author's program for encrypting plaintext or binary files.A167.3300
111576Red Boxing Revealed for the New Age162Discusses red boxing - what it is, how it's changed and how you can still accomplish it today.Accurate for Verizon payphones.N204.5000
111676How to Get Around Cable/DSL Lockdowns163Discusses how to bypass ISP restrictions on SMTP port 25 access by creating an SMTP forwarding server using a different port.N241.5000
111776HACKER PERSPECTIVE: Phillip Torrone164Discusses hacking hardware - open source hardware or open design. Includes a circuit diagram for the jammer in the links section.N263.0000
111876Library Self-Checkout Machine Exploit165Discusses a method of taking advantage of the self check out system a the author's city library.N291.0000
111976Fun with Novell81Discusses a method of obtaining passwords for a Novell Netware network.Follow-up article in Winter 2007 - (More) Fun With Novell.N301.0000
112076How to Build a Book Safe166Contains instructions for building a book safe.N311.0000
112176Network Programming and Distributed Scripting with newLISP167Discusses newLISP, an updated version of the interpreted language LISP.A322.0000
112276TECHNO-EXEGESIS168Discusses the overuse of new technology and argues that old technology is often times more appropriate (with specific examples of RFID passports, red light cameras, voting machines, slide rules).N521.6600
112376GasJack - Hijacking Free Gasoline169Discusses a method of taking advantage of Giant food store's gas station GasRewards promotion.A543.5000
112476Motorola IMfree as a Wireless iTunes Remote170Discusses how to turn the Motorola IMfree wireless instant messenger device into an iTunes remote.N571.0000
112576The Not-So-Great Firewall of China171Discusses China's Internet censorship, how the firewall works and how to get around it.A592.000801
112676Hactivism in the Land Without a Server172Discusses a method of taking advantage of the Korean Friendship Association's online store.References "Having Fun with Cookies" in 23:3.A601.0000
112776K7: Free [for the taking] Voicemail173Discusses a method of seeing user information/accessing voicemail for other phone numbers on this free voicemail/fax service web site.N610.6600
112877Challenges2Discusses some hacker history and 2600's place in it. Talks about the current effort to protect the Hotel Pennsylvania.N42.000751
112977Understanding Web Application Security141Discusses common attack methods (with brief examples) against web applications and how to secure them.A63.5000
113077RFID: Radio Freak-me-out Identification55Discusses what RFID is potentially capable of and where the technology is heading.N91.500749
113177Exploiting with Clickless SWF XSS142Discusses the clickless SWF XSS exploit (subsequently fixed) on
113277TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses the author's short lived long distance service working with a company in Spencer, Iowa and some information on Telecom New Zealand.N132.0000
113377Avoiding Internet Filtering143Discusses bypassing the Websense web filtering software by using an https connection to a proxy.N151.2500
113477Hacking Your Own Front Door98Discusses how to make a skeleton key, the implications and how to improve your security.N161.7500
113577Dorking the DoorKing144Discusses the DoorKing telephone entry system.N181.3300
113677Security Holes at Time Warner Cable145Discusses a vulnerability at Time Warner Cable due to lax security.N191.3300
113777Hacking My Ambulance62Discusses the American Medical Response field computers including hardware, software and technical details.N203.0000
113877SSL MITM Attacks on Online Poker Software146Discusses how if SSL/TLS is not implemented correctly it is left open to man-in-the-middle attacks and applies this to Virgin Poker and City Poker.A241.6600
113977HACKER PERSPECTIVE: Bill Squire147Discusses the author's life and details a personal view of hacking.N263.3300
114077Ripping MMS Streams148Discusses a method of ripping MMS (Microsoft Media Server) streams.N291.0000
114177Backspoofing 101149Discusses what backspoofing is (calling yourself with spoofed Caller ID to get the Caller ID Name), how it works and what it can be used for.N301.750672
114277Can I Read Your Email?150Discusses the legalities of reading other people's emails per U.S. Federal Law.This is not legal advice.N322.0000
114377Stalking the Signals151Discusses RF (radio frequency) hacking, including the Signal Stalker police scanners.N481.7500 Insecurity152Discusses several potential vulnerabilities with accounts.N501.0000
114577Hubots: New Ways of Attacking Old Systems89Discusses a method of PIN brute forcing and ATM machine.N510.7500
114677Network Ninjitsu: Bypassing Firewalls and Web Filters153Discusses using and SSH tunnel to bypass web filtering software.A522.0000
114777Hacking a Major Technical School's Website154Discusses a simple hack which allows access to student data at a technical schools library web site.N540.7500
114877Covert Communications Channels4Discusses how various types of communication channels can be rendered in unusual ways.N555.0000
114977How to Cripple the FBI155Discusses the importance of passwords when encrypting data.N601.0000
115078Remaining Relevant2Discusses hacking history, how hacking fits in today and the hacker mentality.N42.0000
115178Discovering Vulns98Discusses some general methodologies used to discover computer vulnerabilities and turn them into exploits.N62.5000
115278The Shifty Person's Guide to 0wning Tire Kingdom124Discusses the Tire Kingdom's main computer system and potential weaknesses.N81.5000
115378Enhancing Nortel IP Phones with Open Source Software125Discusses a method of connecting remote Nortel IP phones thru a broadband connection and VPN tunnel.A103.0000
115478TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses the scams perpetuated by the telecommunications industry to bilk unsuspecting subscribers.N132.0000
115578Deobfuscation126Discusses SourceCop (used to obfuscate php) and a method of getting the underlying source code it was designed to protect.A155.0000
115678Getting 2600 the Safe Way127Discusses some ASP code that grabs the cover image of the latest issue from the 2600 web site. Used so the author would know when the latest issue was out.A202.0000
115778Fun at the Airport128Discusses the TSA and airport security witnessed at a major U.S. city.N223.0000
115878Hacking Xfire129Discusses a method of altering the items Xfire (a gamer tool) records time for.N250.6600
115978HACKER PERSPECTIVE: Mitch Altman130Discusses some of the author's life experiences, technology, hacking and community.Inventor of TV-B-Gone.N262.6600
116078Valuepoint131Discusses a method of obtaining complete control of a motel's wireless Valuepoint network.N293.0000
116178Internet Archaeology14Discusses the use of to find content no longer available on the Internet.N321.2500
116278Hacking Answers by Gateway132Discusses how to get real help from Gateway, with words to avoid and scenarios to use.N330.750729
116378VoIP Cellphones: The Call of the Future133Discusses VoIP cellular service - what it is, the state of the technology and uses and abuses.N481.500687
116478Pandora Hack - Get Free MP3s134Discusses how to get music free from online radio station Pandora.N491.0000
116578Adventures in Behavioral Linguistics135Discusses NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) - describes what it is, some of the theory/techniques and hype.Author recommends: Teach Yourself NLP by Steve Bavister and Tricks of the Mind by Darren Brown.N501.6600
116678TRANSMISSIONS23Discusses some guidelines for securing systems and maintaining a balance between security and usability.N521.6600
116778An ISP Story136Discusses technical support (or what passes for it) at an ISP and the author's attempt to help a customer who had been hacked.N541.250648
116878Hacking Whipple Hill with XSS137Discusses an XSS vulnerability in the Whipple Hill web software user interface used by schools.A550.7500
116978Haunting the MS Mansion138Discusses using Norton Ghost 9 to copy off or change files from a Windows disk and have access to system files (for support technicians).N561.0000
117078Reading ebooks on an iPod139Discusses a method or reading "plain text" format ebooks on an iPod.N571.5000
117178Java Reverse Engineering140Discusses a method of removing the 30 day trial from Zend Studio.A582.0000
117279Politics2Discusses the pol results indicating 20-30% of the readers believe 2600 should leave the "politics" out of the magazine.N41.5000
117379VoIP Security: Shit or Get Off the POTS65Discusses some of the security risks and available security tools for VoIP networks.N63.6600
117479Getting More Out of Your College Linux System92Discusses some tips/methods to get more out of the author's college linux/unix systems.A91.3300
117579Social Engineering and Pretexts93Discusses social engineering and the golden rules of using a pretext.N112.000828
117679TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses Private Branch Exchanges or PBXs.N132.0000
117779Language Nonspecific: Back to Fundamentals55Discusses programming/coding as a skill that is not computer language specific.A152.5000
117879Front Door Hacking: Redux94Discusses creating and using bump keys.References 'Hacking Your Own Front Door' in 24:1 <a href='article.php?i=77&a=1134'>(..)</a>N171.5000
117979A Penny For Your Laptop18Discusses how to pick the MicroSaver Combination Notebook Lock. This technique may be applicable to similiar locks.N191.0000
118079The RIAA's War on Terror24Discusses file sharing, fair use and the RIAA. Argues the RIAA needs to rethink it's current policies and strategies.N202.0000
118179Free Files from Flash100Discusses methods to obtain the underlying media file (ie. .mp3/.flv/.wmv etc) from web pages with an embedded Flash player.N221.3300
118279Target: For Credit Card Fraud62Discusses the lack of network security at Target stores and details a method of obtaining register transaction logs.A231.000708
118379How to Get More from Your Sugar Mama112Discusses a method of taking advantage of Virgin Mobiles Sugar Mama kickback program.N241.0000
118479Owning UTStarcom F1000113Discusses the UTStarcom F1000 (a WiFi VoIP device) and how to unlock it.N250.7500
118579HACKER PERSPECTIVE: YOU114Discusses the subscriber survey results.N263.0000
118679Hacking 2600 Magazine Authors115Discusses how the author found the identity of another 2600 author and got him fired.N291.3300
118779Designing a Hacker Challenge54Discusses a hacker contest with suggested rules, objectives and scoring.N301.3300
118879Hacking an Election116Discusses a potential method of rigging an election in Manitoba Canada.N311.000805
118979How to Cheat Goog411117Discusses how to use the Google 411 service for free phone calls.N321.3300
119079Hacking the Buffalo Air Station Wireless Router118Discusses some vulnerabilities in a WiFi network the author worked on.N481.0000
119179The Thrill of Custom Caller ID Capabilities119Discusses using caller ID for call routing to lower costs, simplify voice mail access and maintain a single number presence.N491.6600
119279Securing Your Traffic120Discusses using SSH to set up secure tunnels thru a corporate firewall.N501.3300
119379TRANSMISSIONS23Discusses the legality of accessing a wireless network without the permission of the owner, some applicable laws and some case history.N522.3300
119479Hacking the Nintendo WiFi USB Connector121Discusses hacking the Nintendo WiFi USB Connector so it works with other WiFi devices and can be used under Linux.A544.3300
119579Fun with International Internet Cafes122Discusses how the author circumvented security at an Internet cafe in Bangkok.N581.3300
119679The Trouble with Library Records5Discusses information about and some of the security issues with the INNOPAC library management system.N601.0000
119779The Life and Death of an American Help Desk Agent123Discusses the help desk industry and the author's experiences of working in it for many years.N611.0000
119880The More Things Change...2Looks at the things that have changed and those that have stayed the same as 2600 approaches it's 25th year.N42.000831
119980Power Trip4Discusses setting up a video camera to monitor private areas as a means of exposing secret warrantless searches.A62.7500
120080Building Your Own Networks69Discusses how to build a network modeled after FidoNet.C92.0000
120180Pirates of the Internet70Discusses the types of piracy (music, movies, software, games and other) an how it works.N112.0000
120280TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses the operation of the 911 emergency response system.N132.0000
120380Darknets73Discusses the evolution of file sharing technologies and introduces the latest called a darknet.N151.0000
120480Scanning the Skies75Discusses building a low cost system to explore television broadcasts from around the globe.N162.000761
120580Essential Security Tools36Discusses network security tools and details the where, what, when and how of each program.N182.3300
120680Decoding Experts-Exchange.com76Discusses a Perl script to decode the rot13 encoded solutions in Experts-Exchange.Editor Note: Experts-Exchange has since changed the encoding algorithm.A200.6600
120780An Introduction to Beige Boxing77Discusses beige boxing - which allows you to connect a phone, laptop or Palm Pilot to a landline. Includes a glossary.N211.5000
120880Hacking the SanDisk U378Discusses the U3 smart drive system - specifically on the Sandisk Cruzer Micro 2GB usb flash drive.C221.5000
120980Exploring AT&T's Wireless Account Security79Discusses the potential insecurities of AT&T's wireless phone service accounts.N242.0000
121080HACKER PERSPECTIVE: Rop Gonggrijp80Discusses the author's involvement in the hacker culture in Amsterdam and his political activism against computer voting machines there.N26Using Hacker Skills to Change History3.000807
121180(More) Fun with Novell81Discusses some work-arounds for issues from the initial article along with some additional tools.References previous article "Fun with Novell" in 23:4 <a href='article.php?i=76&a=1119'>(..)</a>N291.0000
121280PayPal Hurts82Discusses how PayPal transaction reversals work and that they can cost a lot of money to the recipient.N302.000725
121380Facebook Applications Revealed83Discusses the Facebook development platform and looks at the security and privacy issues of three third-party applications (Moods, Free Gifts and Super Wall).N322.0000
121480Hacking Windows Media DRM84Discusses how Windows Media DRM works and describes one method of unlocking a DRM protected file.N481.5000
121580The Noo World85Discusses Nootropics - which are drugs that are purported to improve human cognitive abilities. Drug information and side effects for Deprenyl, Modafinil, Piracetam and Neurogenex are described.Self medication is dangerous, especially with powerful cerebral drugs such as these.N491.5000
121680Forensics Fear86Discusses a forensics company tool that allows Big Brother to search our computers without us knowing. List some security measures that could be taken to prevent this.N511.0000
121780TRANSMISSIONS23Discusses Internet privacy - past, present and future. Lists some methods to try and protect your Internet privacy.N522.0000
121880Cracked Security at the Clarion Hotel87Discusses the lack of security of a WiFi network at a Clarion hotel.N541.500718
121980Building Your Own Safe, Secure SMTP Proxy88Discusses a method of using ssh and scp to proxy email thru a personal shell account - useful if your workplace has SMTP restrictions.C551.2500
122080Zero-Knowledge Intrusion89Discusses the evasion of intrusion detection systems. The two main principles are to perform only passive reconnaissance and never generate traffic that is not generated by legitimate clients.N571.3300
122180Booting Many Compressed Environments on a Laptop90Discusses setting up a multiboot computer with the multiple operating systems in a compressed format.A582.2500
122280Avoid Web Filtering with SSH Tunneling91Discusses a method of circumventing web filtering systems by disguising your SSH tunnel as an HTTPS connection.N61Avoid Web Filtering with SSH Tunneling : Encrypted Circumvention1.0000
122381The Whole World's Watching2Discusses the increasing use of surveillance, the lack of adequate security protecting private information, the voluntary and involuntary loss of privacy and the FISA and PATRIOT acts.N42.0000
122481Vhreaking with VoxALot50Defines common VOIP terms and describes how to set up a nearly free telephone system to make calls around the globe.N63.5000
122581Dirt-Cheap Phone Calls - The VoIP Way51Describes the author's VoIP setup and what he's learned from setting it up. Author was unable to discover a truly free setup.N91.5000
122681Gaming AT&T Mobility52Discusses a number of methods and strategies for obtaining freebies/extras on your mobile phone bill from AT&T customer service.N112.0000
122781TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses the telephone systems in prison and how its a profit center for prisons and a ripoff for prisoners. Also details a bit about the systems used and some of the rules imposed.N132.0000
122881Password Memorization Mnemonic53Discusses a method of generating passwords that are easy to remember.N151.3300
122981Hacking Two-Dimensional Barcodes54Discusses 2D or matrix bar codes. Details what they are, how they work and the types.N161.6600
123081Dissecting the EPC: RFID for the Commercial Sector55Discusses the EPC and Gen2 standards for RFID.Emailed author about links 12/26/2008.N182.0000
123181Eavesdropping with LD_PRELOAD56Discusses a method of overloading shared libraries in user space to hijack function calls.C201.6600
123281April Fools' Day, the Hacker Way57Discusses an April Fools Day joke done by the author.N221.0000
123381Remember CompUSA58Details a method of obtaining CompUSA sales information (including credit card number, expiration date, etc) from an IMS terminal within the store.N230.7500
123481Downloading MP3s for Free59Discusses a method of getting free MP3's by using the sign-up credit of the site.Other .com domains the Russian company owns: mp3Sparks, mp3sugar, mp3stor, mp3fiesta, mp3ninja, mp3skyline, mp3sale, lavamus. Also:,, isound.beN24Downloading MP3s From For Free0.7500
123581Swindling From SearchFeed60Discusses a method of simulating user clicks on SearchFeed ads.A250.7500
123681HACKER PERSPECTIVE: Martin Eberhard61Discusses the current trend of governments to subvert people's privacy and some existing legislation to protect it. Details methods and strategies to protect your privacy.N263.0000
123781Bypassing a Restrictive Internet Proxy62Explains how a proxy works, how to tunnel past it and shows how to configure your applications.N291.3300
123881Shadow Life63Outlines the basic techniques of creating an alias.N300.6600
123981Walk with Me, Talk with Me64Discusses gang signs and suggests using for field phreaking or urban explorations.N312.6600
124081Fun With the Snom Outlook Add-on65Discusses a method of VoIP remote call initiation using the Snom Outlook add-in.N481.5000
124181The EU Directive on Data Retention: Surveillance 2.066Discusses the European Unions retention policy for communication data. Details the pros and cons (ie. privacy vs and mentions direction U.S. is heading.N492.5000
124281TRANSMISSIONS23Discusses broadband service providers efforts to control the Internet and the 'net neutrality' debate.N521.3300
124381Information Flow on Campus: A Closer Look at Wikipedia5Discusses Wikipedia and how the editing process works. Notes the process lends itself to bias and manipulation of information.Includes a glossary.N543.5000
124481Story: To Kill an Atomic Subwoofer67Tells the story of how the author silenced a neighbors loud car stereo system.N573.5000
124581Uses for Knoppix68Discusses the use of Knoppix to retrieve files from a Windows machine without having to login to it.N611.0000
124682The Best of Times2Announces and discusses the upcoming publication of 'The Best of 2600: A Hacker Odyssey' book.N42.0000
124782Don't 'Locate Me'29Discusses a method of locating people with the Skyhook Wireless system if you know their MAC address.C62.0000
124882Exploring Road Runner's Internal Network30Discusses how the Roadrunner ISP internal network for static ip addresses is wide open.N82.6600
124982Hacking Wireless Networks with Windows31Discusses how to access a wireless network that limits connectivity by using an existing computer's MAC address.N101.3300
125082The HughesNet FAP34Discusses a method of circumventing the download limits of the HughesNet satellite Internet service.N121.0000
125182TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses the technology and standards of text messaging.N132.0000
125282Hacking Society5Discusses how companies use holding actions (ie. placing barriers and wasting your time) to manipulate customers and how to turn the tables on them.N151.7500
125382Thirteen Years of Starting a Hacker Scene35Discusses the history of the Brazilian hacker scene and the ezine Barata Eletrica.N173.0000
125482HPing (The Part I Forgot)36Discusses the HPing tool from the basics of crafting tcp/udp packets to advanced abilities like file transfer over icmp.References "Essential Security Tools' in 24:4 <a href='article.php?i=80&a=1205'>(..)</a>N202.0000
125582Meditation for Hackers: All-Point Techniques37Discusses meditation and several techniques for practicing the author's all-point method.Working on a book: A Hacker's Guid to Meditaion: Practical Receipts Without the Dogma.N222.0000
125682Fun with Network Friends39Discusses a method of being able to view (in Firefox) the web sites someone on your network is viewing.N241.0000
125782Hacking: A Graffiti Writer's Perspective40Discusses the similarities between computer hacking and graffiti art.N251.0000
125882HACKER PERSPECTIVE: Barry Wels41Discusses the author's fascination with locks and some story's from his past.The author is president and founder of Toool, The Open Organization of Lockpickers.N263.0000
125982A Portable Encrypted Linux System for Windows42Discusses how to create a portable Linux work environment using TrueCrypt and Damn Small Linux.N29A Portable Encrypted Linux System That Runs Under Microsoft Windows1.5000
126082Mac Address Changer43Discusses changing your MAC address to maintain your privacy on a network, provides a bash script to accomplish this easily.C300.5000
126182Capturing Botnet Malware Using a Honeypot44Discusses how to set up a Honeypot, and analyzes a botnet that infected the author's Honeypot system.N313.0000
126282Cracking with the Webtionary45Discusses using pre-computed hashes to crack encrypted passwords and a method of using google/yahoo to get them.C48Cracking with the Webtionary: Using Google and Yahoo! To Light-force an (almost) Infinite Dictionary1.5000
126382JavaScript Password DOMination46Discusses a method of using Javascript in a browser's address bar to display a password from a login form.A49JavaScript Password Domination: Easy Password Retrieval Using Javascript and the HTML1.5000
126482Spirits 2000 Insecurity47Discusses the Spirits 2000 retail liquor store software suite including where employee and credit card information is stored.N511.0000
126582TRANSMISSIONS23Discusses the history, circumstances and technical details of the OpenSSL flaw affecting many Debian-based Linux distributions.N522.0000
126682The Geek Squad48Discusses using a keylogger to obtain access to the Geek Squad's customer database.N541.0000
126782Bank of America Website Flaw28Describes a security flaw in BofA's website which allows customer credit card statements to be viewed in some circumstances.A55Bank of America Website Flaw Allows Reading of Other Customers' Statements0.6600
126882Why is This Computer Connected to the Internet?49Discusses the flawed rational for connecting many computers to the Internet unnecessarily and the potential catastrophic ramifications.N562.0000
126982Story: Message of the Day27Tells the story of how the author almost got arrested for hacking and ended up working as a security consultant.N584.0000
127083The Last Shall Be First2About the Last Hope.N41.7500
127183Bell's Mind Markup Language3Discusses Bell's Mind Markup Language for the creation and dissemination of scan information.C62.0000
127283The TORminator4Analyze Tor routers (by ip) to determine who they belong to and where they're located.C82.6600
127383The State of Cyberspace and Cyberwar5Discusses the changing relationship of cyberspace and hackers over the past three decades including the fairly recent phenomenon of cyberwar.N101.3300
127483Watching the Watchers6Discusses methods for disabling Google Analytics.NULLA121.0000
127583TELECOM INFORMER7History of toll-free 800 number service.N132.0000
127683Apple Dashboard Widget Insecurity8Description of Mac OS X 10.4 dashboard widget exploit.S153.0000
127783Penetration Testing: The Red Team Way9Defines penetration testing and the Red Team. Discusses the benefits of the Red Team method.N181.6600
127883FaxCore AUID Exploit10Describes a security exploit of the FaxCore (web based faxing system) which allows someone to view any user's domain password.N201.5000
127983ResHacking Windows Vista Games11Describes the ResHacker freeware Windows program and explains a method to use it to alter the Minesweeper game.NULLN211.0000
128083Ripping MP3s from Bleep12Describes a method of downloading the full mp3s from the Bleep online MP3/FLAC store.C220.5000
128183Imation Insecurities13Describes a method of circumventing the security features of the Imation 18405 2 gigabyte usb drive.NULLN231.0000
128283Blackhat SEO: Exploring the Dumb Masses to Make a Profit14Describes blackhat search engine optimization and the practice of putting up content-rich websites in an automated way.S242.0000
128383HACKER PERSPECTIVE: Nick Farr16Describes the hacker space concept, the creation of The Hacker Foundation and hackerspaces around the globe.N263.0000
128483Spoofing Banners with Open Source Servers17Discusses port scanning/OS fingerprinting and modifying open source servers banner code.A292.0000
128583A Different Kind of Remote Scripting18Discusses remote scripting with SSH and command shells.Don't trust anyone who smokes marijuana and votes for Bush.C313.0000
128683Six Quick Points of Disguise19Discusses methods to change your appearance.Suggested reading: The Spy's Guide: Office Espionage, Mind Manipulation by Dr. Haha Lung.N481.2500
128783AT&T Wireless Customer Information20Discusses a method of obtaining access to an AT&T customer's information thru their website.N490.7500
128883Setting Up Your Mobile Phone for International Dialing21Discusses international phone numbers and the use of the plus ('+') sign.NULLN501.0000
128983USB Antiforensics22Discusses methods to remove forensic evidence of USB activity.NULLN511.0000
129083TRANSMISSIONS23Discusses wireless networks weakness and vulnerability of WEP.N521.6600
129183Be Your Own DDNS Service Using PHP24Describes a method of creating your own personal Dynamic DSN service using script and PHP.A541.6600
129283Discovering Firewalls25Discusses methods to discover and fingerprint firewalls.A551.3300
129383Hacking Music26Applying the hacker mentality to music.NULLN571.0000
129483Story: Sleeper27Fictional hacking account.N584.0000
129583Communications15Dear 2600:Information, Meeting Issues, General Questions, Proclamations, Help Needed, Experiences, The Best of 2600, Problems, Requests, Contributions, Observations, Gratitude.N3414.0000
129682dialogue15Dear 2600:Suggestions, Inquiries, Observations, Critique, Projects, Responses, Problems, Good Things.N3414.0000
129781DISPATCHES15Dear 2600:Random Bits, Suggestions, Analysis, Queries, "Surprised?", Statements, Article Feedback, Scams, Opportunity, Observations, Letter Feedback, Sad News.N3414.0000
129880DECLARATIONS15Dear 2600:Mischief, Binding Woes, Discoveries, Theories, Responses, Ideas, Problems, Questions, Surprised?, Opportunity, Observations.N3414.0000
129984Beginnings2Discusses the recent historic presidential election and the implications for technology (ie. net neutrality). Though optimistic, reminds readers of Clinton's poor track record (Clipper Chip, CALEA, DMCA, etc). Notes the past eights years have been worse and power changes people, but expresses hope.N42.0000
130084Introduction to Forensic Data Recovery95Discusses the method the author used to recover photos inadvertently deleted from a digital camera's memory card. Using Linux, describes some theory and the commands used to accomplish this and notes the process is generally applicable to any deleted files.N62.0000
130184Hacking Dubai and More Internet Proxy Loopholes96Discusses getting free wifi access at the Jumeirah hotel in Dubai (this would also be something to try elsewere). And circumventing the Internet filter proxy there by using a low cost hosting service to run an Internet-facing server running a PHP or ASP web proxy (ie. PHProxy).N83.0000
130284Calling Comdial97Discusses Comdial phones which are SIP phones connected to a local network with CAT5. Describes how to use nmap to find these phones and to use netcat to play with them (ie. see/change settings and see numbers being dialed). Phone model used is a CONVERSip EP300 (similar techniques will probably work for other models).N112.0000
130384TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses the physical wiring system of the telephone network, describing how damage (storm/man made) to telephone cables happen and some of the methods used to prevent damage. Also, describes how they get repaired and a bit about who (ie. splicers/lineman).N132.0000
130484De-obfuscating Scripting Languages98Discusses script obfuscation - which is the encoding of clear text to make the script difficult to decipher. Describes the general logic used to obfuscate code (string replacements, offsets, loops, obscure constructs) and the general process to decode it (which is always possible as it has to for the code to work - though not saying it will be easy).A152.7500
130584Social Engineering the Stock Market99Discusses a stock market scam that inflated the price of a stock for an illegal profit and how it could be used in reverse to lower the price of oil stocks as a method of lowering the price of gas.N18Social Engineering the Stock Market and Circumventing the Price of Gas1.6600
130684Making Your Windows Box A Little More Secure100Discusses Windows security for a typical home user. Takes a hypothetical case and gives detailed instructions for securing the computer. Advice is targeted for general users in a tutorial format and includes a best practices summary. OS used is Windows XP but should work with Vista etc. and the concepts used are generic.N204.7500
130784Hack Thyself101Discusses cognitive science including the Information Processing Model and Transactional Analysis. Argues people are programmed by society/culture and controlled by commercial enterprises. Recommends 'The Anger Habit Workbook' and 'Breaking Free from the Matrix' to take control of your mind/emotions yourself.N241.2500
130884HACKER PERSPECTIVE: Bre Pettis102Discusses combing imagination and creativity with technology and prototyping. Rapid prototyping can be implemented with Blender/Pepakura, Craft ROBO, DIY solutions or commercial tools. Suggests creating a hackerspace with other like minded people to begin bringing virtual objects to the real world.N262.6600
130984Beating the System to Get Beats103Discusses how to circumvent RocBattle's audio watermarking.N290.7500
131084Anonymous SSH at the Library31Discusses using publicly available computers for anonymous Internet access by using a free ssh account and a free ssh applet.N290.7500
131184Trashing Gone Wrong in Switzerland13Discusses a situation where the author was perusing documents in plastic trash containers with details of a company's secure banking software and was apprehended by private security. The police were called but fortunately they hadn't seen the papers collected and believed his cover story.N301.5000
131284This Posting Has Been Flagged For Removal104Discusses the Craigs List Flagging System which lets users flag ads but limits the flagging by ip address. Ads surpassing a Flag Threshold (which is variable) will be removed. Describes a method of defeating this limitation by using proxy servers - which can be found using Google.N321.0000
131384Improved Mnemonic Password Policy105Discusses another method of generating and remembering complex passwords.References 'Password Memorization Mnemonic' in 25:1 <a href='article.php?i=81&a=1228'>(..)</a>N331.0000
131484Pappy's Cheese Box106Discusses what a Cheese Box is (a device connected between two telephones to prevent tracing), what it was used for and some of the history behind it. Describes a method of creating a Cheese Box to use with two VoIP accounts that accomplishes the same purpose. (Parts not included).NULLN481.0000
131584Hacking for Beer107Discusses a method of using a store membership/club card and the self-check-out machine available in many grocery stores to purchase beer, even if you are underage.N491.0000
131684Gaming Gamestop108Discusses a method of trading in your old games/hardware at Gamestop that saves you the twenty percent trade-in charge for getting cash back and also gets an additional twenty percent.N501.0000
131784Vulnerabilities in the Corporate Sector109Discusses recovering data from a hard disk that has been reformatted and describes the methods/tools used. The author purchased a corporate lease laptop from an auction site and was able to recover all of the data on it including email, VPN/PGP keys, etc.N511.0000
131884TRANSMISSIONS23Discusses the year 2008 in review. The WPA-TKIP wireless network attack, U.S. Customs border search and seizure policy and the FCC judgment against Comcast and metered bandwidth are all covered.N521.6600
131984Business Intelligence110Discusses Business Intelligence and how it is used for data analysis. Covers the data warehouse, star schema, fact tables, dimensions and ETL. Lists the major players involved and some open source projects.N542.0000
132084Hacking WebCT111Discusses WebCT (owned by Blackboard), an online proprietary virtual learning environment system. Details the user name and password logic used and describes several approaches to cheat the system.N562.0000
132184Story: Conspiracy27Tells a story about the author being a trustee of the high school computer lab and his attempt to hack a computer dating program for a school dance.N584.0000
132284Messages15Dear 2600:2600 blessing granted to this site, p. 40. Revelations, Alerts, Assorted Meeting Bits, Inquiries, Rants, Praise, From the Inside, The Future.N3414.0000
132379YAMMERING15Dear 2600:Privacy, Safeguards, Submissions, Meetings, Critique, Retail, Encryption, Questions, Injustice, Gratitude, Observations.N3414.0000
132478Opinions15Dear 2600:Suggestions, Complaints, Response to Articles, Response to Letters, Injustice, Observations, Taking Action, Security Issues, Store Issues, Questions.N3414.0000
132577Snippets15Dear 2600:Queries, Info, Stories, Danger, Weirdness, Advice Sought, Following Up, Gratitude, Thoughts, The Format, Sales.N3414.0000
132676Conversations15Dear 2600:Suggestion, Reaction, Oppression, Submission, Question, Prosecution, Revolution, Clarification, Proclamation, Information, Observation, Provocation, Appreciation.N3414.0000
132775Written Expressions15Dear 2600:On Privacy, Foreign Payphones, Interesting Facts, Questions, Fighting Back, From the Military, Followups, Blowing the Whistle, Exploration, HOPE Stuff.N3214.0000
132874Jibber-Jabber15Dear 2600:Experiences, Input, Suggestions, Another View, Responses, More Info, Advice Sought, Disturbing Stuff, Inquiries, Security Holes, The Retail World.N3214.0000
132973Sounding Board15Dear 2600:Of Concern, Requests, An Idea, Looking for Advice, Inquiries, Accolades, Adventure, Stupid Stuff, Observations, Critique, Responses, Security, Further Info.N3214.0000
133072Writewords15Dear 2600:Questions, New Ideas, General Feedback, Advice, Guidelines, Responses, Responses to Responses, The Corporate World, Evil Doings, Homeland Security, Permissions, Insecurity, Offenses, On The Inside, Discovery.N3214.0000
133171Words from You15Dear 2600:Devious Plots, Random Questions, Security Holes, Observations, Responses, Advice, Help Needed, Dept. of Injustice, Memories, Reestablishing Contact.N3214.0000
133270Artillery15Dear 2600:In Search Of, Questions, Feedback, Meeting Issues, Suggestions, Electronic Voting, Contribution, Witnessed, Letters From Prison, Further Info, Curiosity, Corporate Secrets, Security Issues.N3214.0000
133369Exchanges15Dear 2600:Research Results, Further info, Questions, Appeals, Utter Stupidity, Appreciations, Security Issue, Experiences, Observations, Responses, Cover Letters, Critiques, Problems, Ideas, Fighting Back.N3214.0000
133468Back and Forth15Dear 2600:Questions, Life's Little Experiences, Discoveries, Injustices, Observations, Visibility, Additional Info, Responses, Gratitude, Info Needed.N3013.2500
133567Troublemakers15Dear 2600:Clearing Things Up, Expanding on Thoughts, Discoveries, Idiocy, Security Holes, Randomness, Red Flags, Interpreting Covers, Scams, Making Change, Observations, General Queries.N3014.0000
133666Verbal Constructs15Dear 2600:Reference Material, Gratitude, Questions, Meetings, Tricks, Complaints, More Info, Satellite Radio, Call For Info, More From The Military, Positive Stuff, Submissions, Warnings, Stupid Stuff, Homeland Security, Redirecting, Observations.N3014.0000
133765Mind Exercises15Dear 2600:Assorted Questions, Con Game, Random Feedback, Help Offered, Observations, Military Readership, A Problem, The Power of Ignorance, Tips, Meeting Trouble, From The Other Side, The Music Industry, More Bookstore Hijinks, Thoughts on Terrorism, To Clarify, Mentoring, Working Around the System.N3014.0000
133885Year 262Discusses some of the changes occurring in the publishing industry and how it's affected 2600 along with other alternative noncommercial publications over the past 25 years.N42.0000
133985ATA Security Exposed334Discusses DriveLock and the ATA Security Mode feature set, including DOS and Linux utilities and how it won't protect you from the police and/or FBI.N62.0000
134085Outsourced136Discusses working in an outsourced call center for 5 1/2 years and how though hired to provide technical support the real objective is to get the customer off the phone.N82.0000
134185Annoying Dormitory Phones335Discusses how the author decoded the touch tones from his dorm phone to make calls without using his phone card.N101.5000
134285robots.txt Mining Script for the Lazy336Discusses what robots.txt is used for and presents a bash script that creates a web clickable page from a url's robot.txt file.Code is also in article.C111.5000
134385TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses the state public utility commission and the regulated and deregulation of telephone companies.N132.0000
134485Surfing Without a Board244Discusses how the author was able to log into his physics class profile from a computer without a keyboard.N151.0000
134585MP3s: A Covert Means of Distributing Information337Discusses hiding and transmitting information within an MP3 file and the use of the mp3nema tool.N16MP3 Data Stream as a Covert Means of Distributing Information2.0000
134685Catching an iPod Thief Using Forensic Evidence338Discusses the author's iPod being stolen and how the Linux log files helped nail the culprit. Describes a method that may work on Windows machines.N18Don't Steal Music! (or Catching an iPod Thief Using Forensic Evidence.)1.6600
134785Inside Google Radio339Discusses the SS32 radio automation system (acquired by Google), including some history and the typical configuration.N201.3300
134885Scour: Paid to Search, Again?340Discusses the author's attempt to beat the system of a new web site called Scour.A211.2500
134985Battling the Fanuc Data Panel341Discusses the author's task of replacing a database on a GE Fanuc 1062 DataPanel using GE's proprietary WinCFG software.N221.5000
135085Network Neutrality Simplified342Discusses a quick, very basic primer on net neutrality, where we currently stand and where we go from here.Support the Internet Freedom Preservation Act (H.R. 5353).N242.0000
135185HACKER PERSPECTIVE: Virgil Griffith343Discusses the creative, artistic enterprise called hacking - the author's experiences, what it means to him and a little about the community.N263.0000
135285Second Life Hacking344Discusses a case study of the insecurity of "Forgot your password?" type systems.N292.3300
135385Exploiting Price Matching Through Javascript Injection345Discusses a method of modifying web pages with Javascript so the page can be printed for price-matching discounts.A311.6600
135485HACKER SPACES - NORTH AMERICA346Lists addresses of Hacker Spaces in North America.N331.0000
135585DNS Spoofing on a LAN347Discusses DNS spoofing and describes the steps necessary to accomplish it on your own network.Inspired by "Fun With Network Friends" in 25:2 <a href='article.php?i=82&a=1256'>(..)</a>A481.0000
135685An Astronomer's Perspective on Hacking348Discusses some of the author's phreaking experiences and how being curious about things can lead you to unexpected results.N49Hacking: An Astronomer's Perspective3.0000
135785TRANSMISSIONS23Discusses how simple it is to spoof wireless network access points to gain access to client machines using various tools and procedures and the lack of adequate defenses to protect against this attack.N521.6600
135885Social Engineering HP for Fun and Profit349Discusses some weaknesses in the HP customer support system that could be taken advantage of.N540.7500
135985The Last 1000 Feet120Discusses the author's experience with getting Internet access to his newly built house after he found out the corporate ISP's didn't provide service in his area.N541.2500
136085Story: The Particle350Tells the story of a couple of days in the life of a network support engineer and the strange occurrences that took place.N565.0000
136185HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events.N611.0000
136285Social Discourse15Dear 2600:Random Advice, Random Observation, Random Remarks, Random Questions, Random Problems, Random Info, Random Feedback, Random Offer.N3414.0000
136364Speech15Dear 2600:Getting Around the System, Miscellaneous Fact, New Ideas, The State of Education, Military Readers, Miscommunication, Further Info, Misdeed, Pointed Questions, Call For Help, The Issue of Piracy, Some Clarification, Spreading Knowledge, Food For Thought, Info Needed, Ominous Developments, Annoying Problems, Appreciation, Reader Advice, Stories of Insecurity.N3015.0000
136463Articulated Gibberish15Dear 2600:Article Feedback, Confusion, Newbies, Have You Heard?, Taking Action, Observations, Keep The Faith, The Past, Destructiveness, The Quest For Knowledge, Piracy Prevention, Insecurity, Suggestions, The Authorities, Concerns, Chastising the Ignorant, A Sign of Hope.N3015.0000
136562Voices15Dear 2600:Sensitive Info, Handy Tips, Policy, Dealing With Opposition, Defining Terms, The Law, Letter Responses, Web Feedback Unlearn, Random Observations, Economics, Misconceptions, Article Clarifications, Clearing Blockages.N3015.0000
136660Blather15Dear 2600:Spreading News, Terrorism Related Issues, Dumpster Diving, Feedback, Injustice Department, Thoughts On Piracy, Observations, Tale From The Past, Retail World, Parallels, A New Project, Significant Developments, Defining Hacker, Reaching Out.N3015.0000
136759Missives15Dear 2600:Discoveries, Meeting Issues, Ideas, Unease, Getting Around the System, Words of Thanks, The Hacker Ethic, Questions, Problems, The School System, Something Positive, Further Info.N3014.0000
136858input15Dear 2600:Darwin Awards, Questions, Privacy Issues, Feedback, Trash, Revenge, Help, 4/1/2, Education, Weird Stuff, Fun Stuff, More Info, Issues, Retail, More Corporate Abuse, Observations.N3015.0000
136957The Security of the Inferno OS438Source code listing left out from this article in 18:4 <a href='article.php?i=56&a=708'>(..)</a>A282.0000
137057BACKTALK15Dear 2600:Signs of Hope, Higher Education, Help Wanted, Corrupting Youth, Miscellaneous Info, Answers Needed, Complaints, Worries, Ideas, More Politics, Observations, The World of Retail, Injustice, Corporate Corruption, Article Feedback, Tracking Terrorists.N3015.0000
137156still legal thoughts15Dear 2600:Ideas, Prison Life, School Life, Corporate Life, Observations, Politics, Con Jobs, Morale Boosts, More Info, Quest For Knowledge, Old School Perspective, Film Update, Hacker Pedestals, Questions, Signs of Hope, Thoughts on 9/11, Response To Criticism, Legal Nonsense, Suggestions For Newbies, More on Telemarketing, Camera Crap, Labels.N3015.0000
137255fine print15Dear 2600:People Power, The Mass Culture, Scams, Polities, Guns, Questions, Concerns, More Info, Injustices, Data, Appreciation, Article Feedback, Surprises, Quest For Knowledge, Satellite Watch, A Handy Tip, The Evils of Microsoft, Just Plain Evil, Just Plain Stupid, An Idea.N3015.0000
137354THE INBOX15Dear 2600:DeCSS Fallout, Bypassing Restrictions, Spying, School Stupidity, Real World Stupidity, Appreciation, Individual Perspectives, Clarification, Questions, Corporate Stupidity, Discoveries, Issue Problems, Napster Alternatives, Counterpoint, An Idea, Voter Education, A Call To Arms.N3015.0000
137453Ss Mm Ss15Dear 2600:Politics, Random Questions, Ideas, Info Hungry, Random Fear, Harassment, Cluelessness, Observations, Discoveries, Memories, Fighting Back, Voting Ideas, Article Feedback, Fun in the Stores, Legal Questions, Advice, Technological Nightmares, Offerings, From The Inside.N3015.0000
137561Babble15Dear 2600:The War on Stupidity, Random Observations, Meetings, Security, New Projects, Inquiries, New Feedback, Responses to Old Feedback, Bypassing Security, Problem Solving, Cover Comments, An Accomplishment, More on Telemarketing, Discoveries, Suggestions, Dangerous Info.N3015.0000
137686Not The Enemy2Discusses the Obama administration's initiative on cybersecurity, how misguided the Clinton and Bush administration policies were and how Obama's policy has potential if the actions taken match the words.N42.0000
137786Regaining Privacy in a Digital World500Discusses methods to not only help you cut down on the amount of junk mail you receive, but it will also make it harder for the average person to track you down.N64.0000
137886The Security-Conscious Uncle501Discusses the author's story of a family dinner at which he figured out his uncle Bob's ATM card's pin number.N102.0000
137986Why the 'No-Fly List' is a Fraud502Discusses the US governments "No-Fly List" including a practical example of how to circumvent it and an MIT published analysis indicating it decreases security.N121.0000
138086TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses details of the "ugliest gutter trash bastard child of telephony" - the Motorola iDEN system. Mentions ToorCampN132.0000
138186Finding Information in the Library of Congress503Discusses the Library of Congress web site including several useful features.N151.0000
138286Hacking the DI-524 Interface504Discusses the D-Link DI-524 wireless router and how to bypass the bug in the web interface to configure it with encryption.A161.0000
138386Simple How-to on Wireless and Windows Cracking505Discusses the Backtrack distro (Linux Live CD distribution generally used for Penetration testing) including setting up a USB boot disk, WEP/WPA cracking and several tools/utilities.N172.5000
138486If You Can't Stand the Heat, Hack the Computers!506Discusses details of the OAS Heat Computer (version 6310) used to monitor and control building heating and/or hot water systems.Part two of the article is in the Autumn 2009 issue [26:3]. <a href='article.php?i=87&a=1431'>(..)</a>N19If You Can't Stand the Heat, Hack the Computers! Understanding OAS Heat Computers2.2500
138586Security: Truth Versus Fiction507Discusses the author's ability to gain access to a resident's room and other unauthorized areas of a university residence building.N231.5000
138686Hacking the Beamz508Discusses a method to modify/edit the sounds which the Beamz (a MIDI-controlled musical instrument called a laser harp) can play.A241.5000
138786HACKER PERSPECTIVE: Jason Scott509Discusses the author's life-long interest in computers, how came to be and his opinion on what hacking is about.N262.0000
138886iTunes Stored Credit Card Vulnerability510Discusses the author's discovery of an iTunes security issue with the one-click purchase option after his laptop was stolen.N280.6600
138986Zipcar's Information Infrastructure511Discusses some of the inner workings of Zipcar (the largest car-sharing company in the country) via the author's membership and use.N291.0000
139086The How and Why of Hacking the U.N.512Discusses how the United Nations (UN) doesn't allow links to transcripts of official meetings in pdf format and presents a script to defeat this restriction.A302.3300
139186Listen to Radio Hackers!513Lists hacker radio frequencies in the US and abroad, links to Larsen (Vincent Plousey) bust by French secret service.N320.6600
139286HACKER SPACES - EUROPE346Lists addresses of Hacker Spaces in Europe.N331.0000
139386Abusing Metadata514Discusses metadata, what it is, examples of what information is available and how it can be used to your advantage.A482.3300
139486Verizon FIOS Wireless Insecurities515Discusses the default wireless router (Actiontec) setup for Verizon's FIOS service and how unsecure and easy to crack it is.N501.6600
139586TRANSMISSIONS23Discusses the first release of the rewritten Kismet software (used to analyze wireless networks) and some of the changes/enhancements made including plugins and useful scripts.A522.0000
139686Using Network Recon to Solve a Problem516Discusses the author's problems with a Cisco GSS/CSS device and a primary/secondary server shared IP range network and how he used nmap to solve the issue.N542.0000
139786Suing Telemarketers for Fun and Profit37Discusses detailed information and suggestions about how to cash in on the illegal actions of your telemarketers.N565.0000
139886HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events.N611.0000
139986reader reflections15Dear 2600:Stories, Remarks, Submissions, Responses, Ideas, Appeals.N3414.0000
140052POSTAL PROSE15Dear 2600:Clarifications, Exciting News, The DeCSS Case, Hacker Ethics, Newbies, Hacker Fashion, Scary News, New Projects, Discoveries, Questions, Parallels of Oppression, Takedown Spotting, More Corporate Evil, Annoying News, Further Info, Suggestions, General Feedback, The Politics of Change, Microsoftheadedness, Spreading the Word, Not News At All.N3015.0000
140151READER DROPPINGS15Dear 2600:How Verizon Sucks, More Corporate Intimidation, Answers, IRC Bitching, H2K Videos, Questions, DeCSS/MPAA/DMCA, Misconceptions, More Info, Bypassing Napster, Mitnick, Reprinting Stuff, The Old Days, More Government Stupidity, Bookstores, Observations, Lotto Fever, The Dangers of Info, Phone Problems, Schools, Fast Food Facts, Credit Files.N3014.3300
140250DANGEROUS THOUGHT SECTION15Dear 2600:Clarification, Getting Around Stupidity, Discoveries, Car Talk, Annoyances, Retail Tips, Additional Info, Dealing With The MPAA, The Mitnick Case, Fun With Cable Companies, Info Needed, School Update, Criticisms, Helping New People, Ideas, Injustices, Starting a New Meeting, ANAC Numbers, Media Misrepresentation, The Staples Threat, Y2K, True Security, Listening In, Female Hackers, Desperate, The Verizon Threat.N3015.0000
140349SECURID560Discusses additional details of the SecurID technology developed by Security Dynamics.Not in index, see All About SecurID page 20.N222.0000
140449WE'RE LISTENING15Dear 2600:Alien Intelligence, Bookstores, Adventures in School, Discoveries, Kevin Free, More on SecurID, More Fun in Retail, Anti-Venom, Additional Details, Defeating Corporate Advertising, Help Needed, State of the Hacker World, Positive Developments, Idiocy, Humor, Forbidden Exchanges, The MPAA Lawsuit, Y2K Issues, Facts on NT, Irony, Free Stuff, Question, 2/6/00, DoS Cluebags.N3015.0000
140548PEOPLE WHO CAN'T KEEP QUIET15Dear 2600:Inequities, The Politics of Hacking, Difference of Opinion, Mitnick, Stupidity, Handy Stuff To Know, The High Cost of Learning, Mysteries, Hotmail Hijinx, Retail Tips, Ripoff, Observations, Questions, MTV, Barnes & Noble Memo Found?, Fun Stuff, Stories of the Past.N3015.0000
140647More Disney Fun598Discusses the complete story of what the Magic Kingdom tunnels are all about including a map, written by an ex-Disney cast member.Index has 'Unauthorized Disney Fun', page 28 has another article 'Assorted Disney Fun' on it. <a href='article.php?i=47&a=562'>(..)</a>N281.3300
140747ENUNCIATIONS15Dear 2600:Clarifications, Venom, Guilt By Association, Retail Hacking, Phone Trickery, Dissatisfaction, Free Kevin, Foreign Phones, Conspiracies, Discoveries, Hunting For 2600, Y2K, Game Playing, Corporate Expansion, Hiding Things, Info Wated, Stealing, Ad Policy, Secrets.N3015.0000
140846Chatter15Dear 2600:Offerings, Revelations, Responses, Fun Numbers, Secrets, Gripes, Tales of Injustice, Retail Tips, Cries for Help, Flush Out Religion, Mischief, Clarification, Supplemental Info, Military Mentality, Education, Miscellaneous Mitnick, Mysteries, Foreboding, Feedback, Advice, Pure Stupidity, Reassurance, General Weirdness, Chutzpah.N3014.0000
140945EXPRESS YOURSELF15Dear 2600:Fun At The Retailers, Tracking Clive, Blockbuster Facts, Concerns, Bookstores, Phone Exploration, Praise, Mitnick Reactions, Foreign Interests, ADSL Report, Questions, Hacking Moviefone, Federal Interest, Color Coding, The Newbie Threat, SSN Corrections, Netscape Issues, Hackers At War, Y2K, Observations, Cable Modems, Netware Feedback.N3014.0000
141044NON SPAM15Dear 2600:More on "Free" Software, Data, Questions, Radio Shack Antics, Fun on the Phone, Religious Advice, Scary Stuff, Injustices, Olympic Fun, Miscellaneous Mitnick, Fingerprinting, Barnes & Noble Feedback, Between The Lines, Help Needed, Hotmail Fun, Non-Subscriber, 2600 To The Rescue, In Defense of Microsoft, Clarifications, An Offer, Military Madness, Thoughts and Reflections.N3014.5000
141143LETTERS15Dear 2600:Warning, Store Section, Help Needed, Identity Problems, Mitnick Feedback, Church People, Generic Feedback, Clarifications, Curious, Numbers, Career Move, Surprised?, Questions, Incidents, Facts, Metrocard Fun, Fun Sites, Still More FYROM Fun.N3015.0000
141242LETTERS15Dear 2600:Questions, Newsstand Updates, Meetings, Disturbing News, Online Idiots, Software Concerns, Random Info, More Fun In Stores, 2600 Problems, Comments, Pleasantries?, Mitnick, Head Hacking Advice, Clarification, Bookstore Monopolies, Credit Due, Phone Exchange History, A Suggestion, The Generation Gap, More on FYROM, A Nagging Question.N3014.0000
141341Letters15Dear 2600:Plea For Help, Infos, Finances, Arcade Memories, Random Questions, A Big Misprint, More Newbie Bitching, Clarifications, Criticism, More on Anarchists, AOL People, Facts, Independent Browsing, Bookstore Computers, Clampdown, More IRC Abuse, On Mitnick, Posers, 800 Fun, Military Insight, Encryption and the US, Hassles, More Privacy Lost, Wow, Suggestion, Weirdness, New Meetings, Drugs, Cable Modem Facts.N3014.0000
141441Even Better Still673Discusses how Best Buy store utilities are controlled and tips for gaining access and possible uses.Not in index, see 'How to Get the Better of Best Buy' page 44.N451.0000
141540Letters to Captivate You15Dear 2600:Criminal Advice, Newbie Advice, Defining Our Purpose, Getting Caught, Equal Access, Questions, New Facts, Help Needed, Next Letter, Reactions, Croatian Hacking, Critique, Meetings, Boston Transit, Norwegian Payphones, Information, Criminal Actions, Canadian Stuff, Access Problems, Words on Cable Modems, Suggestion, Military Recruits, The Anarchy Debate, Miscellaneous Feedback, Apology.N3011.0000
141639WE PRINTED YOUR LETTER!15Dear 2600:True Hacking, Fun At Barnes & Noble, Righteous Hacking, Replies, A Challenge, Questions, The End?, Critics' Corner, Mitnick Fallout, Circuitry, Suggestions, Problems, Improvements, Numbers, Uh Oh, Fixing Juno, Offended, Notes From The Military, For The Record, Meeting Problems, Beyond Hope Aftermath, IRC Woe, USA Still #1, Gee Whiz, Singapore Connection, Free Video Games, Clarification, PCS Mystery.N3014.0000
141738Lucky Letters15Dear 2600:Injustices, Numbers, Off The Hook, Commentary, Social Engineering, Defaming Our Good Name, Info, Meetings, Hacked Web Sites, Mystery, The AOL People, The AOL Rules, How Dare You, More School Stupidity, The Decline of 2600, An Australian Nightmare, Corrections, LED Sign Update, Spy Hacking, Clueless, Hopeless, Pointless, COCOT Mysteries, Phone Tapping, Condoning Fraud, Thanks for the Virus, Dangerous Info, Arcade Facts, Don't Steal Us, Supervised Release Hell, Cellular Call Trace, The Mitnick Case.N3014.0000
141837Letters That Don't Suck15Dear 2600:Dealing With Parents, Subscribing vs. Newsstands, A Real Clever Trick, Tale of Woe, Number Fund, Technological Marvels, Big Brother, Frequencies, School Terror Exciting Updates, Bernie S. Feedback, Video Boxing, Exorcising AOL, Newbies, PHF Findings, Web Reaction, Submitting Stuff, 2600 Name Dispute, 2600 Sells Out, Cable/Web Thoughts, Praise, More on Disney, Cellular Spoofing, Implants, More on the Mystery Computer, Credit Fraud, Bookstore News, On Stealing Things, Mischief in the Subway, Psychic Rip-off, Radio Show Online, One For Kevin, Inspiration, Phone Weirdness, 2600 Meeting Mishaps, Military Hacker, Punctuation Problems, Mac Hiding, The Other Side, Evil Ex Strikes Hacker, Serious Concerns.N3014.0000
141936YOUR LETTER WOULD BE HERE15Dear 2600:The Ruling Class, Folklore, Finding People, Info Needed, Encryption, Questions, Holes, On Cluelessness, Observations, New Stuff, Numbers, Corporate Hacking, A World of SYN, Oops, More Flightlink Facts, Bernie S. Thoughts, Our Hypocrisy, Upgrade, A Freer JUNO, Cable Notes, Gambling Hack, PHF Exploit, Monopolistic Motion, A Fun Federal Story, Disturbing News, Porn Sting Update, NYNEX Neighbor Problems.N3013.0000
142087Hacking In Tents2Discusses the concept of a hacker camp, it's long history in Europe and the first one in the US this July called ToorCamp in Washington state.N41.6600
142187Exploiting University Students using Rogue Access Points62Discusses creating an access point in a university environment to exploit students and faculty workstations with different attack vectors to collect sensitive data.N62.0000
142287Catching a Laptop Thief/WiFi Hacker725Discusses a method of finding a computer via it's MAC address by listening to WiFi transmitted data and processing it with a Perl script.N81.5000
142387Attacking a Blind Spot726Discusses vulnerabilities with modern network printers and how you can own and disrupt this network resource that is critical for most businesses.N91.5000
142487How to Almost Hide Your Digital Identity While Port Scanning727Discusses how to use the IP spoofing and decoying options of nmap when doing port scans so as to try and hide their source.N111.7500
142587TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses the types of operator handled calls still available from AT&T long distance operators and from local ILEC (incumbent local exchange carrier) phone company operators.N132.0000
142687Hello! Google Calling728Discusses details of the beta Google Voice service and lists some of the abuses available using it.N151.0000
142787Post-Apocalyptic Communications729Discusses using amateur radio so you can communicate after doomsday should it occur in 2012, including types of licenses, exams and the annual Field Day.N161.0000
142887Roll Your Own Hive Mind167Discusses using social networking sites to create a collective that will give input on ideas from within and refine, disprove or validate answers given to questions within itself.N171.0000
142987Free DirecTV on Frontier620Discusses a method the author used to get free DirecTV service while on a Frontier Airlines flight.N181.0000
143087Free Trials - Avoid Giving Out Your Credit Card Number730Discusses how to generate and/or validate a credit card number with the Luhn check algorithm and the major credit card companies starting digit.N191.0000
143187If You Can't Stand the Heat, Hack the Computers! (Part 2)506Discusses details of the OAS Heat Computer (version 6310) used to monitor and control building heating and/or hot water systems.Part one of the article is in the Summer 2009 issue [26:2]. <a href='article.php?i=86&a=1384'>(..)</a>N20If You Can't Stand the Heat, Hack the Computers! Understanding OAS Heat Computers Part Two6.0000
143287HACKER PERSPECTIVE: Johannes Grenzfurthner731Discusses how the Media is the strongest political, economic, and heuristic power in the modern world and how hacking this system can be done with guerrilla communication.N263.2500
143387Granny Loves Linux!732Discusses interesting insight into two people who have chosen to live with Linux and are doing very well in their life after Windows.N290.7500
143487Cracking WPA - PSK733Discusses a method of cracking a Wifi Protected Access Pre-Shared Key (WPA-PSK) password on a wireless network.N303.0000
143587HACKER SPACES - THE REST OF THE WORLD346Lists addresses of Hacker Spaces for the rest of the world.N331.0000
143687Hard Disk Encryption, No Excuses734Discusses hard disk encryption for laptop computers and provides information on the opensource Truecrypt software.N481.3300
143787Microsoft, Please Salt My Hash!735Discusses how Microsoft Windows hashes suffer from the weakness of no salt and provides the evidence to prove it.N491.6600
143887How to Get Free Loans From American Express736Discusses a way to exploit the American Express grace period, to help keep your account in good standing and avoid accruing interest charges.N51Amazing Grace Period: How to Get Free Loans From American Express0.6600
143987TRANSMISSIONS23Discusses how WiFi is a throwback to the days of media shared networks and many vulnerabilities like session hijacking.A521.6600
144087SSL DNSSEC737Discusses Domain Name System Security Extension (DNSSEC) which is an extension that adds security to DNS domain name lookups and compares it to SSL (TLS).N543.5000
144187Tethering the Samsung SCH-R450 on MetroPCS738Discusses MetroPCS and some interesting things you can do with the Samsung SCH-R450 mobile phone.N571.5000
144287'Borrowing' the Vector Library739Discusses CustomInk, an online custom shirt design site and provides a method of downloading all of the custom art images files.N591.0000
144387Hacking Your Hospital Bed158Discusses the Stryker Secure II hospital bed that the author became familiar with when a multi-day guest of a local hospital.N601.0000
144487HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events.N611.0000
144587Vowels & Consonants15Dear 2600:Building the Community, Ideas on Spreading Knowledge, New Information, All Sorts of Questions, Cries for Help, General Feedback.N3414.0000
144635GOING TOTALLY POSTAL15Dear 2600:The Cincinnati Nightmare, 2600 Groups, Airplanes, That Question Again, Phone Shutdown, Corrections, Bloat News, Mac Hiding Submission, Numbers, Mystery Computer, Novell Hacking, Security Concern, Canceling AOL, NSA Tracking, The Red Box Issue, Malfunction, Off The Hook, Free Communication, Words of Thanks, Applying Knowledge, Coin Collection, Trouble, On The Inside, Retail Madness, Update, Suspicion, Videotext, Chip Implants, Hacker Defense, Battling *69, Cash Registers, Disney Facts, Crazy Phone, Paranoia, Immortalize Yourself.N3010.0000
144734The Search for Extraterrestrial Letters15Dear 2600:Clueless Mac Users, Clueless IBM People, Clueless Idiots, Finding 2600, And very very Grateful, Inspirational Speech, Secret Service Reactions, Fun Numbers, Hiding Files, Phone Card Hacking, Stupid Question, Pirate Radio, Privacy Invasion, Hidden TV Worlds, The Truth Revealed, Eyes in the Sky, AOL Purgatory, Warnings, PSI Horrors, Info Wanted, The Marketplace, People Tagging, Danger on the Highway, Prisoners, Immortalize Yourself.N3010.0000
144833WHERE THE LETTERS ARE15Dear 2600:Opening More Doors, Eastern Europeans, ANAC Change, Points on Interrogation, Bernie S. Fallout, Military Miscellany, Spanish ANI, Cellular Prisoner, Highway Weirdness, Meeting Questions, Info, Corrections, Reality?, Radio Shack Fun, Unfriendly Payphones, Questions, The Winter Cover, Fun On Planes, Repression and Hackers, AOL Hell, Credentials on Credentials, Crippled 911, Disney Critique, An Edward A. Smith Theory, Cincinnati Bell Nightmare, Understanding the Hacker, 56K ISDN Link, Netware Nonsense, Words of Praise, Words of Shame, Immortalize Yourself.N2813.0000
144932THOUGHTS OF THE READER15Dear 2600:Fraid Not, Questions, Clarification, The Master Plan, Words of Thanks, Mac Trix, Privacy Regained, Of ANACs and ANIs, Viral Stuff, Brazilian Hackers, The Truth About Mitnick, On Bernie S., Possible Warning, AOL Hell, Destruction and Theft, Hacker Perceptions, Answers, Speech Confinement, Bookstore Stories, Standing Up, Pet Peeves, Shocking News, Back Pack Hack, Problem Stealing Money, Contacts Wanted, Info, Opening Doors, Immortalize Yourself.N2811.0000
145031LANGUAGE IS A VIRUS FROM OUTER SPACE15Dear 2600:Harassment, Information, Telco Brains, Article Feedback, Numbers and Addresses, Censorship, Discovery, Wanted, Mac Infiltration, On Diverters, ATM Fun, Advice, Causing Confusion, Fear of Subscribing, Yet More Bookstore Fun, German Payphones, HOPE Repercussions.N288.0000
145130Letters are the cornerstone of any civilized society15Dear 2600:Privacy Concern, Hacker Techniques, War Dialing, Numbers, Data, Questions, Pirate Alert, Answers, Bookstore Stories, Caller ID Questions, Lack of Security, NYNEX Outrage, Advice, On ATM's, Spin Control, Handy Tip.N288.0000
145229THE BETTER LETTERS15Dear 2600:More Bookstore Fun, Piracy Proposal, Easter Europe Scene, Locked Up, Bits of Info, Digital Correction, Intercept Tones, Monitoring Mail, Red Box Problem, ATM Fun, True Hackers, Mystery Computer, Source of Income, Strange Numbers, New Technology, Conscientious Trashers, Satellite Theory, A Fun Project, Mystery Number, TV Garbage, Hacking Airphones, Mac Attack, Computer Numbers, Fun With Cordless Phones.N288.0000
145329Hacking the Tandy Zoomer/Casio Z-7000 ZPDA797Discusses the author's personal digital assistant (PDA) and making modifications to the configuration files of the GEOS operating system it uses.One listing in index, actually two articles, "Hacking the Tandy/Casio Pocket Computer" <a href='article.php?i=29&a=294'>(..)</a>N392.0000
145428RIGHT LETTERS15Dear 2600:Missing The Point, Handy Tip, Problem, HOPE Memories, Scantron Tricks, Fun With Sound, A Little History, Ottawa Fun Phone Facts, Wanted, Info, Mystery Number, Questions, Metrocard Update, Highway Strangeness, More Hacker Persecution, 800-433-3210 Update, Payphone Tribulation, More Window Tricks, More Mac Tricks, Followup, True Hacker Spirit, More On Honesty, Help Needed, Hacker Graffiti, Take Responsibility, Phone Boxes, Inexcusable, International Tale of Woe, Cable Affirmation.N249.0000
145527vocals15Dear 2600:Worrisome Questions, Defeating Call Return, Info, More Questions, Privacy Violation, Meetings, Reader Reunion, A Strange Number, Inside Info, Strange Situation, Replies to Readers, Cordless Clarification, Mac Hacks, Sick ATM's, Lowdown on LoJack, Still More Questions, On Piracy, On Honesty, Northern hacking, Satellite Mystery, Red Light Cameras, Security Concerns, Security Lapses, Contradictions, Hacker Sites?, Help Needed.N249.0000
145626playing with your fingers817Discusses the different options available to you for backfingering people over the Internet."Finger Follies" in the index for two articles, see <a href='article.php?i=26&a=254'>(..)</a>N152.3300
145726LETTERS TO READ BY15Dear 2600:A Busy Connection, Touch Tone Tall Tales, Improving Grades, Regression, Car Tracking, How To Be Honest, High School Notes, Fighting Traffic, Become Your Own Admin, Passing Numbers, Red Box Rumors, Those Three Tones, Cellular Mystery, Thoughts On Congress, Defending the 64, Tyranny in Church, Availability, Secrecy, Seen the Light, IBM Hacking, Long Arm of the Secret Service, Call Forwarding Tricks, Prodigy Savings, Hungry For Knowledge, Fighting The Slime, Secrets of a Super Hacker, Thoughts.N248.7500
145825LETTERBOX15Dear 2600:Comments, Hacker Understanding, Novell Nosing, Nynex Negativity, Reader Abuse, Questions, The Dark Side, The Far Side, Payphone Fun, Quarter Variations, Prison Phone Report, Government Data, Cellular Chatter, More Corporate Outrage, Individual Outrage, Exiled Hacker, Pointers, Fighting Back, Governmental Suggestions, Phiber Parallel, Correction, Phone Company Charges.N249.0000
145925hacker reviews831Discusses the book "UNIX Security: A Practical Tutorial" by N. Derek Arnold, ITCC published by McGraw-Hill, Inc.Shares index entry with "Book Reviews" <a href='article.php?i=25&a=248'>(..)</a>N430.5000
146024KNOW YOUR SWITCH759Discusses how to listen for particular sounds to find out what type of switch is serving your exchange.Not in index, see "Elementary Switching" <a href='article.php?i=24&a=224'>(..)</a>N100.5000
146124LETTERS TO REMEMBER15Dear 2600:Fun Telco Numbers, Hacking Traffic Lights, Past Hacker Prime?, Info and Questions, Potential Discovery, Security Concerns, Starting a Meeting, Questions, Why Hack Cable? How to Learn About Your CO, Observations, New Technology, Modem Back Door, Foreign Pay Phone Flash, How to Really Abuse a Payphone, Technology Moves Backwards, Corrections, Red Box Concerns, How Easy It Is, Bypassing Restrictions, A Way Around Caller ID?, School Phone Systems, 2600 Wins Over Class, The Honesty Test.N248.0000
146223meeting mania346Discusses the latest in the ongoing Pentagon City Mall/Secret Service scandal involving attendees of the Washington DC 2600 meeting in November 1992.Not in index.N181.000518
146323never erase the past2Discusses the "LOD Communications Underground Hack/Phreak BBS Message Base Project" written and published by LOD Communications.Not in index.N191.0000
146423NEVER BEFORE PRINTED LETTERS15Dear 2600:Foreign Charge Phones, Hacker Info, Reading List, Telco Ripoffs, Seen the Light, Hacking An Intercom, AT&T Irony, Locked Out, New Long Distance Services, Evil Engineers, Los Angeles Numbers, Governmental Mystery, Numbers, Cellular Mystery, Disney Details, Are We Neglecting IBM?, Lack of Understanding, Review Update, High School Hacking, Telco UNIX Trap, Bookstore Trouble, Rumor Quelling, Problem Solving, Cellular Criticism.N248.5000
146522Printable Letters15Dear 2600:Mall Fallout, Beginner Questions, Defeating Hardware Locks, Telco Fascists, Freedom of the Press, Equal Access?, Help Needed, Cable Potential, On Beige Boxing, Unlisted Directories, Callback Defeat, Another Way to Fix Credit, Another Simplex Story, Red Box Tones, Female Hackers, COCOT Question, New York's 890 Exchange, The Best ANAC, A Special Request.N248.0000
146622government bulletin boards346Lists telephone numbers for government bulletin boards.Not in index.N391.0000
146722ANSI BOMB755Discusses how to use ANSI codes to redefine the keys of a keyboard (requires a DOS computer using ANSI.SYS).Not in index.N441.5000
146822News Update346Discusses several current news items.Not in index.N450.500511
146922Meeting Advice 2854Discusses suggestions and strategies for preventing problems like the disruption of the November 2600 meeting in Washington DC.Listed under 'Meeting Advice' in Index with another article <a href='article.php?i=22&a=203'>(..)</a>N171.5000
147021One Angry Judge722Discusses the Steve Jackson Games civil suit against the SS (U.S. Secret Service) and some of Judge Sparks' findings and comments about the inept raid.Not in index, see <a href='article.php?i=21&a=194'>(..)</a>N23One Angry Judge - SJG Trial: 2600 Perspective1.0000
147121LETTERS OF MERIT15Dear 2600:Cordless Questions, Bypassing Restrictions, More Simplex Stories, Mysteries, Hacking Passwords, That Bell Computer, Correction, Info, Red Box Questions, Data in the Air, Questions, Fixing Your Credit, Surprising Facts, Spanish Connection, BBS Info, Evil Payphones, Access to 2600, Rolling Stone Corrections, Special Phone, Seeking Virus BBS's.N248.0000
147221Lawsuit Filed Against Secret Service346Discusses the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests and legal actions taken since the Washington DC 2600 meeting SS (U.S. Secret Service) incident.Not in index.N43 Lawsuit Filed Against Secret Service: Action is Taken on Behalf of D.C. 2600 Meeting0.750517
1473212600 ROBBED OF TOUCH TONES346Discusses the ridiculous amount New York Telephone wants to charge 2600 magazine for touch tone dialing.Not in index.N430.2500
147420feedback15Dear 2600:Federal Issues, Credit Problems, What a Surprise, More Simplex Shenanigans, In Defense of the Demon Dialer, Slow Learners, Data, Scanner Observations, Where is TAP?, Book References, VMS Fun, Answering Machine Hacking, A Request, Bellcore Threats, Caller ID Hoodwinking, Hardware Lock Info Needed, Japanese Phone Tricks, Assorted Info, 2600 Meeting Adventures, Answers.N267.0000
147519i/o15Dear 2600:Blue Box Questions, Assorted Comments, Sheer Frustration, Mild Encryption, Cable Hacking, A Phone Mystery, Manny Questions, An Opinion, The Facts on ACD, Cellular Mystery, Call For Data, Call For Info, Call For Help, A Choke Tip, Mail Problems, Comments From Abroad, BBS Update, Voice Mail Question.N248.0000
147618Fun Things To Know346Discusses various news items from different telephone companies around the U.S.Index entry "Revelations", also index entry for "bellcore's plans for caller id" <a href='article.php?i=18&a=163'>(..)</a> and "Here We Go Again" <a href='article.php?i=18&a=1477'>(..)</a>N193.0000
147718Here We Go Again346Discusses newly announced hacker indictments in New York City on July 8 involving the USDJ (United States Department of Justice), FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and SS (Secret Service).Index entry "Revelations", also index entry for "bellcore's plans for caller id" <a href='article.php?i=18&a=163'>(..)</a> and "Fun Things To Know" <a href='article.php?i=18&a=1476'>(..)</a>N222.000524
147818here they are15Dear 2600:Trouble To Come, Enhanced Exaggerations, Mag Strip Update, Scanning Results, At Wit's End, crypt() Corrections, Simplex Sightings, Wanted, Monitoring Problems, Cellular Frequencies, What the NSA Does, Prisoner News, Mystery Calls, The Prodigy Side.N247.0000
147917the letters15Dear 2600:Caller ID Info, POSTNET Questions, Info, Searching For Answers, COCOT Update, A Mag Strip Future,Technological Marvels, Transmitter Bits, Clarifications, Why They're Watching, Breaking Into The Scene, Questions, Outrage.N248.0000
148016The Letter Bag15Dear 2600:Governmental Nonsense, Various Bits of Info, Hacking School, Modem Voyage, Questions, Abuse of SSN's, Private Eye View, Call For Info, On Virus Books, Long Distance Trouble, Dutch COCOT's, Cellular Eavesdropping, COCOT Experimentation, Credit Wated, POSTNET Correction, On Prodigy, Reading ANI, Red Box Warning, Reading Stripes, Lock Your Terminal, Russian Technology.N248.0000
148115Pages of Letters15Dear 2600:Where One Hacker Went, Technical Questions, Raw Data, FAXers Beware, Prodigy Far From Gifted, General Questions, Red Box News, Suggestions/Questions, Caller ID Decoders, Hacking UNIX Passwords, Voice Mail Fun.N247.0000
148214The Letters Section15Dear 2600:UNIX Password Hacker, Another 2600 Meeting, Access From Korea, Red Box Notes, UNIX BBS's, Interfacing With Mainframe, Send A Message, Caller ID Questions, C&P Info Needed, More Hackerphobia, Information Sources, On "Breaking In", Very Concerned, Interesting Numbers, COCOT Theories, Valuable Lessons, Hacking Water, Numbers, Another MCI Ripoff, The Value of 2600, Disturbing Observations.N248.0000
148313Reader Feedback Time15Dear 2600:Some Suggestions, What Could It Be?, Info Needed, Compliments, Mysteries, Observations, General Complaints, Payphone Question, Frustration, AT&T Special Deal, Telco Rip-off, Information, Hacking 101, A Technical Explanation, COCOT Observations, A Disagreement.N246.0000
148411write us a letter15Dear 2600:Questions, Information, Information Needed, Complaint/Response, The COCOT Article, Prison Phones, Privacy Preservation, Wiretap Clarification, A Modern Proposal, Neidorf Defense Fund, Which Decoder Chip?, General Observations.N248.5000
148510letters from our readers15Dear 2600:Hunting for Wiretaps, Comments, On Government Raids, For the Record, Protection From Eavesdroppers, 2600 Compromising Ideals?, An Unusual Request, Free Phone Calls.N248.0000
14869SILVER BOX BORN IN U.K.912Discusses converting a tone generator to a silver box and how the U.K. and Europe are behind the U.S. in the transition to tone controlled services.Not in index. References article in Winter 1989.N190.6600
14879you've found the official 2600 letters column15Dear 2600:Clarifying REMOBS, Who's Listening, Blue Box Chip, Bugs Wanted, Questions and Info, Yet Another Threat, Red Box Woes, Suggestions and Questions, Hotel Phones, The Facts on 10698, More Network 2000 Ripoffs, Sensitive Material.N249.6600
14888words and characters15Dear 2600:Help Needed, Interesting Facts, More Frequencies, Numbers Needed, GTE Mysteries, On Being Traced, Information, Words of Thanks, Hacker Clubs, Another Rip-Off Story.N2410.5000
14897words from our readers15Dear 2600:Mobile Telephone Info, A Southern ANI, ROLM Horrors, A Nagging Question, A Request, Another Request, The Call-Waiting Phone Tap, Interesting Numbers, UNIX Hacking, Intelligent Payphones, Retarded Payphones.N246.5000
14906REMEMBER....346A tribute to and remembrance of the lives of Abbie Hoffman and David Flory (aka The Shadow/Dan Foley).Not in the index.N31.660229
14916The Voice of Our Readers15Dear 2600:The South African Phreak Crisis, Payphone Query, UNIX Made Easy, Did You Know?, Notes and Info, Crossbar Trick, Stories Wanted, Tuning In Calls, Austrian Phreaking, Just Say No, A Myriad of Questions,N248.7500
14926Reviews: The New 'Tap'2Discusses the new TAP newsletter recently published by people not involved in the original.Original index entry shared with this article <a href='article.php?i=6&a=42'>..</a>N431.0000
14935THE FIRST LETTERS OF 198915Dear 2600:Wargames Dialer, More ANI's, Blue Box Questions, A Scary Tale, N246.5000
14944Letters For Winter Reading15Dear 2600:Some Ideas, Need Info, AT&T Nightmare, Call Forwarding, Observations.N246.0000
14953Letters And A Few Numbers15Dear 2600:The Schematic, The Virus, The Chip, Another Ani, BLV Tidbits, What's the Point?, Questions, Another Scam, Anti-Gay Offensive.N248.0000
149689Smart Regression 2Discusses the fact that all of the devices (computers/phones/cars) around us are getting smarter and with us always and the need for a balance of real life with technology and our virtual/on-line life.N42.0000
149789Pwning Past Whole Disk Encryption 17Discusses bypassing whole disk encryption on a Linux Ubuntu distribution that uses dm-crypt, includes commands and c source code modifications for what basically is a root kit.N63.5000
149889L33ching the L33chers: Using a Portable Wireless Network 100Discusses setting up a portable wireless access point as a means of intercepting people's network traffic and suggests a number of possible uses.N93.5000
149989TELECOM INFORMER 7Discusses information and details of the MagicJack VoIP serice by YMAX Communications Inc., including it cannot be uninstalled and will track your activity and display ads forever (unless you track down and eradicate every piece of it).The only PC Magazine Product of the Year (2008) endorsement ever to be rescinded.N132.0000
150089Hacking Tor's Control Protocol 932Discusses how to control Tor's operations by delving into it's embedded control protocol to create custom circuits, monitor activity and other really cool hacks.S155.0000
150189Hack T-Mobile Prepaid Messaging and T-Zones 933Discusses a method that allows you to work outside the margins that T-Mobile has established for its prepaid customers.web-by-email service: or ww4mail@wm.ictp.trieseN201.0000
150289Calling Comdial Part 2 97Discusses additional information about Comdial (now owned by Vertical Communications) VoIP telephones, including how to record and play back telephone conversations using packet captures.Part #1 in Winter 2008 <a href='article.php?i=84&a=1302'>..</a>N212.5000
150389Underground Physical Network 19Discusses setting up an underground network of physical caches, hideouts, or just secret meeting areas and advice for staying off the grid.Refers to author's article in Autumn 2008 <a href='article.php?i=83&a=1286'>..</a>N231.5000
150489Understanding Hacking Tools with Socket Programming 39Discusses a short Java program for port scanning an ip address.A251.0000
150589HACKER PERSPECTIVE: Annalee Newitz 934Discusses the author's early experiences with hacking and hackers in high school and how she's learned to hack, subvert and reconfigure her life and hopes to inspire others to do the same.Editor of, contributer to "Wired", "New Scientist" and the "Washington Post", co-editor of "She's Such a Geek".N263.0000
150689Hey Adobe! Leave My Boot Loader Alone! 935Discusses how a valid/licensed copy of Adobe's Creative Suite 3 (CS3) trashes your multi-boot GRUB system and provides a means of recovering from Adobe's malicious copy protection scheme.N293.0000
150789Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold 154Discusses the author's method of taking revenge on a class bully in high school.N321.0000
150889HACKER SPACES - NEW FOREIGN 346Lists addresses of New Foreign Hacker Spaces.N331.0000
150989Social Engineering from a New Perspective 936Discusses the advantage women have over men in social engineering, recommends a toolkit and provides some great examples and real life experiences.N461.5000
151089A Simple Technique for Drum 'n' Bass 937Discusses a c program that lets you create a techno music background from a repeating loop and the ability to modify it by pressing keys on the computer keyboard.A471.5000
151189Retail Automation - ABS 938Discusses the ABS Point of Sale (POS) system by Retail Automation and the lack of security of it's database and user name/passwords.N491.2500
151289Connecting to streamtheworld Audio Stream Directly 939Discusses how to connect directly to a streamtheworld audio stream without using the provided web client by describing the steps necessary to find the appropriate url.N501.0000
151389TRANSMISSIONS 23Discusses the latest must-have gadget, the new Android phone and how it is basically a netbook with a smaller screen, but warns with added complexity comes added security risks and advises people to become aware of what's at risk.N521.0000
151489The Importance of Hacking Your School's Network 940Discusses the author's use of a RPC DCOM remote exploit on Windows machines with port 135 open to gain access to the grading system and personal information for all of the students.No details on the exploit except for a screen shot and a mention of Google.N542.0000
151589Fiction: Shakedown 27Tells the story of a help desk technician who has to fly to a customer site because they believe they have a hacker and how he stumbles upon the true problem.N565.0000
151689HACKER HAPPENINGS 346List of upcoming events.N611.0000
151789VOLLEYS15Dear 2600:Meeting Stuff, Inquiries, Observations, Requests, Grammer and Spelling, Feedback.N3413.0000
15182These Are The Letters15Dear 2600:Reactions to Zap, Gripes and Feedback, A Useful Trick, "Deluxe" Call Waiting, New Falwell Numbers, What is Sprint Up To?N246.0000
15201Letters15Dear 2600:More Secrets, Encouraging Words, Still More Secrets, A Very Special Number, Tales of Hackers, Advice Wanted, Of Phones and Politics, More on the 8038, REMOB Hunting, The Global Village.N24Springtime Letters5.0000
153792Important News 346Discusses the circumstances that led to 2600 becoming a quarterly publication instead of a monthly publication and how it changes subscriptions, etc.N31.000200
153892IBM's VM/CMS System 947Discusses IBM's VM/CMS operating systems and everything you need to become familiar with the operating system and its security/insecurity.Part one in November 1987 <a href='article.php?i=93&a=1546'>..</a> Referenced by article in Spring 1988 <a href='article.php?i=1&a=2'>..</a>N4Hacking IBM's VM/CMS - Part Two6.7500
153992Telecom Informer 346Discusses telecomunications industry related news items.N82.0000
154092BLV 346Discusses Busy Line Verification (BLV) which is an operator assisted emergency interrupt on a busy telephone line and explains how it all really works.Article written solely on the AT&T TSPS process of verification.N10All About BLV3.5000
154192Letters 15Dear 2600:Switch-Hook Dialing, Pen Registers, Evil Happenings, Canadian Questions, The Truth Revealed, Ingenious Solution, How Do Inmates Do It, BBS Thoughts, The Missing Chip, Yet Another Telco Ripoff.N123.2500
154292Social Interaction 948Discusses how the telephone has been extended to be the ultimate in safe social interaction systems - including 976, 900 and phone conferencing.N17Social Interaction With Phones1.0000
154392Roman Hacking 949Discusses hacking and phreaking in Italy.N18Roman Hackers1.0000
154492L.D. Horror Tales346Discusses the author's experience with selecting a long distance carrier and his communication with US Sprint, MCI and Allnet/ALC Communications.N20More Long Distance Unpleasantries1.5000
1545932600 Bulletin Boards 346Discusses the first official bulletin boards of 2600 Magazine.N31.0000
154693IBM'S VM/CMS System 947Discusses IBM's VM/CMS operating system used by over 50 percent of the mainframes in the US today.Part two in December 1987 <a href='article.php?i=92&a=1538'>..</a> Referenced by article in Spring 1988 <a href='article.php?i=1&a=2'>..</a>N4Hacking IBM's VM/CMS6.7500
154793S.S. Prefixes 950Discusses and lists the United States social security number's first three digits and which state they are issued from.N6US Social Security Prefixes1.0000
154893Listening In 951Discusses how to use your satellite dish to listen into phone conversations.N7Listening In: Catch Me If You Can0.7500
154993Telecom Informer 953Discusses telecomunications industry related news items.N8The Telcom Informer2.5000
155093Letters15Dear 2600:Double Beepers, Why No Boxing?, Apple Hacking, More How-To Articles, A New Source, Pen Registers, Unique Projects, TAP is Dead!N12Why Not Write Us A Letter?2.3300
155194BBS Update 346Discusses the planned 2600 computer bulletin board system (BBS).N30.3300
155294New York's IMAS 954Discusses New York Telephones new Integrated Mass Announcement System (IMAS), which will allow many more 976/970 numbers.N43.5000
155394Telco's Response 346Discusses New York Telephone's response to 2600's criticism of the fee for touch tone service.N6Telco Response2.000176
155494Telecom Informer 2Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.N82.500113
155594NUA List 955Lists International Network User Addresses (NUA) accessible from Tymnet and Telenet.N10International NUA's1.0000
155694South African BBS's 955Lists BBS telephone numbers in South Africa.N1124 Hr. BBS's in the Republic of South Africa1.0000
155794Letters 15Dear 2600:Verification and Tracing, Missing Blue Box Chip, BBS Number, Getting Started, Private Sector Style, More on Disclaimers, And More, British Payphones.N12Reader Response4.0000
155894Those Silly Codes 346Discusses Common Language Location Identification (CLLI, pronounced "silly") codes.N141.0000
155994Contest Results 346Discusses the results of the funny and interesting ways of answering the phone 2600 Contest.N221.0000
1606103Worldnet is Coming 956Discusses how international computer networks work and how they are spawning off of Arpanet and has grown so large it is known as The InternetFurther reading: Communications of the ACM, October 1986.N4Worldnet: Getting Closer Every Day3.000151
1607103Operating With Difficulty 957Discusses New York Telephone's operator service, including the equipment used and routing/hardware problems.N62.5000
1608103Telecom Informer 958Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Reprints an ad for Minitel from a French phone book.N82.0000
1609103English Dial-it Service 924Discusses how British Telecom has created an industry out of the pre-recorded message, lists a bunch of them.N10England's Mass Announcements1.5000
1610103Letters 15Dear 2600:Notes and Replies, An Explanation, Newsstand Update, Misinformation? Us?N12The Readers Speak Out2.5000
1611103Review: CO Magazine959Discusses CO Magazine published monthly by Telecom Library Inc.N22Review: CO Magazine Enlightening1.0000
1612104Summer Games of 87 346Discusses the Nationwide raids of computer equipment at teenager's houses in mid-July by the Secret Service (SS).N3The Summer Games of 872.000198
1613104TRW Credentials 961Discusses the new TRW Credentials service offered by TRW credit service that allows American consumers the ability to look at their own credit reports and is of dubious value.N4TRW Credentials Lack Credibility1.0000
1614104Phone Numbers 962Lists numerous interesting telephone numbers.N6Numbers of Interest2.5000
1615104Telecom Informer 2Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.N82.0000
1616104FBI Revealed 2Discusses "The FBI Project Newsletter" (quarterly) and "The FBI and Your BBS" published by Glen L. Roberts.N91.0000
1617104Capturing Passwords 964Discusses a method for obtaining user names/passwords on VAX VMS systems and a method to capture all activity occurring at a terminal.A101.0000
1618104AT&T Submarine Map 701Discusses the "Submarine Cable Systems Chart of the World" obtained from the International Cable Engineering Department of AT&T's Long Lines Division.N11AT&T Sub Maps0.5000
1619104Letters 15Dear 2600:CNA/CPA Questions, ITT Switching, Hotline Numbers, Monitoring Cellular, An Experience, Phone Literacy.N12Hear Are The Letters3.5000
1620104A Hacker Survey346Discusses philosophical questions about what is right and what isn't for the hackers of the world to ponder.N151.250218
1621105Cellular Fraud 701Discusses cellular phreaking in detail, including safety, equipment, antennas, interfacing, access codes, programming the CMT and roaming.N4Cellular Phone Fraud and Where It's Headed4.250102
1622105How Phreaks Are Caught 965Discusses details from the author's experience working in a long distance company switchroom and by educating phreaks hopes they don't get caught.N6How Phone Phreaks Are Caught3.250109
1623105Telecom Informer 2Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.N82.0000
1624105N.Y. Telephone Exposed 346Discusses New York Telephones touch tone "service" (which is a scam) and how 2600 has been raising public awareness of it.Index has incorrect page 9.N152600 Exposes New York Tel1.000175
1625105Letters 15Dear 2600:On Disclaimers, Texas Toll Fraud, Suggestions, Comments, A Horrible Problem.N12The Letters Never Stop4.0000
1626105Saudi Arabian BBS's966Lists BSS telephone numbers (with notes) from Saudi Arabia.N21Saudi Arabian BBS List1.0000
1627106Allnet Horrors 967Discusses the author's horrendous customer service experience with Allnet after being mislead by them.N4Allnet: A Horror Story1.660171
1628106Pager Tricks 701Discusses how in many areas the local voice-paging system can be used without charge.N5Paging for Free1.330101
1629106TSPS Guide 968Discuss the basic layout, description, and use of the keys found on the standard AT&T 100-B TSPS Console (used by operators).N6A Hacker's Guide to the TSPS Console5.2500
1630106Telecom Informer 969Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.N8The Telcom Informer1.5000
1631106Telenet Guide346Lists details of Telenet addresses.NULLN9More Telenet Addresses4.0000
1632106Letters15Dear 2600:A Mystery, In Reply, Military Madness, More Publications, Additional Facts, Autovon Info, Visions of Doom, Words of Praise.N12Letters, PO Box 99, Middle Island, NY 11953-00994.0000
1633107More VAX Tricks 970Discusses a weakness of VAX/VMS clustered environment systems that allows non-privileged users unlimited guesses at any account, includes password generating program.A42.0000
1634107The Meaning of Class 971Discusses the newly developed Custom Local Area Signaling Services (CLASS) system by AT&T Bell Labs and how it may affect us in the near future.Very similar to second article in LOD/H link.N6CLASS: What It Means To Us3.2500
1635107Telecom Informer 972Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.N8The Telecom Informer1.0000
1636107Phoning From Europe 973Discusses information about overseas telephone systems including England, Switzerland and Italy.N9Phoning Home From Europe1.5000
1637107Telenet Guide 974Lists telenet directory last update 1/1/87.N10Telenet Addresses2.3300
1638107Letters 15Dear 2600:New Toys, Explain Yourselves, Need Blue Box Program, Access Still Unequal, Reaching Out, More on VAX.N12Put Letters Headline Here3.2300
1639107Fax Machines 701Discusses the facsimile (FAX) machine - what they are, how they work and ideas for getting one cheap, uses, etc.N14FAX : A New Hobby1.000144
1640107Pen Register Review2Discusses the Duophone CPA-1000 Dialed Number Recorder available at Radio Shack.N22A Pen Register For Phreaks?1.0000
1641108Computel Put to Sleep 346Discusses an investigation of Computel (in Van Nuys, California) and the events and details surrounding their going out of business.Thanks to John Williams for his help on this story.N42.0000
1642108Hacking PC Pursuit 21Discusses PC Pursuit (PCP) a service provided by Telenet (a division of US Sprint) and some interesting ways to abuse it.N62.000141
1643108Telecom Informer 969Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.N8The Telecom Informer3.00097
1644108CNA List 346Lists Customer Name Address (CNA) Numbers (used to find out who belongs to a phone number) with notes.N10Customer Name Address (CNA) Numbers4.0000
1645108Letters 15Dear 2600:Communication, Comments, French Loophole, Stuck on Busy, Praise, Criticism, Advice, A Warning, Coin Test, More Resources, In Reply.N123.7500
1646108Goings On346Discusses several current news items.N164.0000
1647109The Ballad of Captain Crunch 976A fictitious story about an imaginary person to whom the author has attributed a real person's name, written in a poetic format.N43.7500
1648109A Guide to Equal Access 977Discusses how to place long distance calls with the carrier of your choice in areas that are now equal access.N6Getting the Most Out of Equal Access3.00093
1649109Telecom Informer 969Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.N8The Telecom Informer1.0000
1650109The Wonderful World of COSMOS 978Discusses COSMOS, a database program used by various telephone companies to keep track of central office facilities.N10Still More on the World of COSMOS6.2500
1651109Letters15Dear 2600:An Envelope Please, Comments..., And More Comments..., An Experience to Share, Words of Agreement, Words of Caution, A Response, More on ICN.N12Printable Letters4.0000
1652110Hugo Cornwall Interview 924An interview with Hugo Cornwall, a British hacker/author.N4An Interview with Hugo Cornwall3.6600
1653110COSMOS Guide 979Discusses the operation and use of the COmputer System for Mainframe Operations (COSMOS) system (used by some telephone companies) and is meant as an introduction.N6Some COSMOS Documentation That May be Useful4.0000
1654110Telecom Informer 969Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.N8The Telecom Informer2.00091
1655110Nasty Business 346Reprints various letters received from telephone and long distance carrier companies.More Nasty Business on page 17.N102.0000
1656110Letters 15Dear 2600:Some Suggestions, Some Numbers, On Cellular Phones, ANI Trouble.N122.0000
1657110New Developments 346Discusses several ways (touch tone access, gold numbers, Personal Response System) the phone company is riping off customers.N181.0000
1658110Phone News346Article not in this issue, page 20 is part of the COSMOS article.N201.0000
1659111TAP: The Legend is Dead 21Discusses the history of the Technological American Party/Technological Assistance Program (TAP) and why the author let TAP die.N44.5000
1660111VMS Hacking 982Discusses some tips on taking over a VMS system, including two routes to take and tips for breaking onto a VAX.N6Stumbling Into Control on a VMS2.000129
1661111Telecom Informer 969Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.N8The Telecom Informer1.0000
1662111Illegal Megahertz 346Lists cell site output frequencies.N103.0000
1663111Letters 15Dear 2600:Beepers, GTE Telcos, Preacher Hams, Student Restrictions, An Acronym Maker, More TAP Woes.N122.0000
1664111Phone News346Discusses how few of us see the possibilities when we look at our telephones and talks about what is really there and available today.N20Phones2.00089
1665112A Look at the Future Phreaking World 984Discusses a non-technical explanation of the newest in mobile telephone communications, the cellular telephone.N1Cellular Telephones - How They Work1.00085
1666112How Cellular Phones Came About and What You Can Expect 346Discusses a bit of the history of cellular communications, how the cellular system works and cost.N20.5000
1667112things we're not supposed to know about 979Discusses the Captain Midnight episode and how law enforcement has access/purchase surveillance equipment that is actually illegal to use.N20.5000
16681122600 "LAST"..... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various sources.N31.0000
1669112LetterPile 15Dear 2600:N11.2500
1670112The 2600 Information Bureau 346Contains a list of all the remote mail sites known to the message system.N52.2500
1671112Systematically Spoken346Discusses several current news items.Various Sources.N71.0000
1672113ICN - more than a bargain972Discusses Independent Communications Network (ICN) and details of its service which supposedly allows you to make all the call you want for $100 a month.And Emmanuel Goldstein.N11.330173
1673113Mastering the Networks 985Discusses the diverse networks including ARPAnet, BITNET, CSnet, Mailnet, UUCP network and their gateways.N21.330148
16741132600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various sources.N11.0000
1675113Letters You Wrote 15Dear 2600:N41.5000
1676113The 2600 Information Bureau 346List British BBS numbers and prints a cartoon.N51.0000
1677113Wrath of God Strikes 2600 346Discusses the effects of a lightening strike on the 2600 offices and it's aftermath.N60.500161
1678113Systematically Speaking346Discusses several current news items.Various Sources.N71.0000
1679114Death of a Pay Phone 986Discusses various methods of taking advantage of and screwing up pay phones (AT&T and GTE between 1982-1985).MAD! members: Mr. COSMOS, The Commodore Kid, Death-Stalker and The Gremlin.N11.5000
1680114Trashing: America's Source for Information 987Discusses some of the items found in the local telephone companies' garbage bins.N10.5000
16811142600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various sources.N31.0000
1682114October letter department 15Dear 2600:N42.0000
1683114The 2600 Information Bureau 346List various telephone numbers.N50.5000
1684114Playing a tune for a telephone number 346Reprint of a Bell Telephone Laboratories add announcing touch tone dialing.N61.0000
1685114Systematically Speaking346Discusses several current news items.Various Sources.N71.0000
1686115Some Facts on Supervision 988Discusses answer supervision - the telco term for the signal sent back to indicate the call has been answered and billing should commence.References November 1985 "Equal Access May Not be "Equal" to Modems" <a href='article.php?i=125&a=1755'>..</a>N10.5000
1687115RCI & DMS-100 Bugs 346Discusses the infamous 202 bug and how RCI is the only long distance company it still works on.N10.7500
1688115Another Stinger Is Stung 346Discusses a "sting" bulletin board system run by Mike Wendland of WDIV-TV in Detroit.N21.0000
16891152600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various sources.N31.0000
1690115Letters & Numbers 15Dear 2600:N41.5000
1691115The 2600 Information Bureau 346Interesting telephone number of Winnipeg.N51.5000
1692115Systematically Speaking 346Discusses several current news items.Various Sources.N71.0000
1693116Knowing UNIX 988Discusses how to hack and use UNIX, includes a C program to send email with a fake From account.A11.2500
1694116A Trip to England 924Discusses details about the telephone system in the United Kingdom based on the author's spending time there.N21.0000
16951162600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various sources.N31.0000
1696116Letters of the Month 15Dear 2600:N41.2500
1697116The 2600 Information Bureau 346Lists interesting phone numbers, displays phone card instructions and lists area codes and the number of exchanges being used in each one.N52.0000
1698116Systematically Speaking 346Discusses several current news items.Various Sources.N71.0000
1699117Violating a VAX 989Discusses DEC VAX/VMS systems and some methods, including scripts and programs to take advantage of them.A11.5000
1700117The Free Phones of Philly 990Discusses a method of obtaining free long distance calls courtesy of Bell of Pennsylvania.N20.5000
17011172600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various sources.N31.0000
1702117Dear 2600.... 15Dear 2600:N41.2500
1703117The 2600 Information Bureau 346List all country codes in numerical order, info from Telcom Digest via Private Sector.N51.5000
1704117Systematically Speaking 346Discusses several current news items.Various Sources.N71.0000
1705118Computer Crime Review 346Discusses the National Center for Computer Crime Data's (NCCCD) first statistical report entitled "Computer Crime, Computer Security, and Computer Ethics".N11.0000
1706118How to Hack a Pick 346Discusses the Pick operating system, some suggestions for gaining access, some useful commands including ones to crash and disable the system.References the September/October 1984 issues of Byte magazine.N20.7500
1707118Nothing New in Computer Underground 924Discusses "The Computer Underground" by M. Harry published by Loompanics Unlimited.N10.2500
17081182600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various sources.N31.0000
1709118Letters of the Month 15Dear 2600:N41.5000
1710118The 2600 Information Bureau 346List interesting phone numbers, a cartoon and resources from the "Computer Crime, Computer Security, Computer Ethics" report.N51.7500
1711118Systematically Speaking 346Discusses several current news items.Various Sources.N71.0000
1712119Exploits in Operator Hell 991Discusses some telephone calls made by the author and fellow phone enthusiasts and their conversations with long distance operators.N11.0000
1713119The Computel Scoop 346Discusses 2600's investigation into Computel (a "hacker" magazine) after receiving numerous complaints about them.N21.0000
17141192600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various sources.N31.0000
1715119Letters, Communications, Correspondence 15Dear 2600:N41.2500
1716119The 2600 Information Bureau 346Lists local exchanges and their Autovon equivalents and a cartoon.N51.5000
1717119Systematically Speaking 346Discusses several current news items.Various Sources.N71.0000
1718120RSTS For Beginners 968Discusses the Resource System Time Sharing Environment (RSTS/E) operating system on DEC PDP series computers including the basics of identifying, obtaining entry, and things to do once you have access.N11.000127
1719120Mobile Phones - Theory and Construction 992Discusses the operation and construction of a mobile phone, including signaling used in Improved Mobile Telephone Service (IMTS), building, the transmitter, placing a call and security.N21.3300
17201202600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various sources.N31.0000
1721120Letters...More Mail From You... 15Dear 2600:N40.7500
1722120A Story of Eavesdropping 346Discusses the monitoring of international radio-telephone channels and telephone security during World War II.N50.7500
1723120This Month at 2600 346Discusses the Private Sector BBS and two transcripts of proceedings to obtain search warrants for computers related to that case.N61.2500
1724120Systematically Speaking 346Discusses several current news items.Various Sources.N71.0000
1725121An Overview of AUTOVON and Silver Boxes 346Discusses the AUTOmatic VOice Network (AUTOVON) used for unsecure voice communications by the Department of Defense (DOD) and how to access it.N11.00030
1726121An American Express Phone Story 990Discusses the story of hacking American Express's toll-free charge card authorization computer.N10.50018
1727121Final Words on VMS 947Discusses details of Digital Equipment Corporation's (DEC) Virtual Memory System (VMS) operating system.Last of the current series, see February 1986 <a href='article.php?i=122&a=1733'>..</a>N11.0000
17281212600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various sources.N31.0000
1729121Mail We Get 15Dear 2600:N41.2500
1730121This Month At 2600 346Discusses events of interest at the 2600 office.N60.6600
17311212013664431 - Call It! 346Discusses the Private Sector BBS being back online and details of what has happened since the July seizure.N60.3300
1732121Systematically Speaking 346Discusses several current news items.Various Sources.N71.0000
1733122VMS - The Series Continues 947Discusses details of Digital Equipment Corporation's (DEC) Virtual Memory System (VMS) operating system including the VAX-11 series computers.Follow-up article in March 1986 <a href='article.php?i=121&a=1727'>..</a>N11.0000
1734122It Could Happen to You! 346Discusses a bizarre story unfolding in New York City of one hacker tormenting another with the phone system.N20.5000
1735122Dial Back Security 346Discusses a computer security device often referred to as being foolproof - the dial back system - and some suggestions on how to circumvent it.N20.7500
17361222600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various sources.N31.0000
1737122This Month's Mail 15Dear 2600:N41.2500
1738122The 2600 Information Bureau 346List of interesting phone number (available on the 2600 subscriber bulletin board) and a cartoon.N52.0000
1739122Systematically Speaking 346Discusses several current news items.Various Sources.N71.0000
1740123Private Sector Returning 346Discusses the Private Sector bulletin board system (the official BBS of 2600 Magazine) that was seized by New Jersey authorities on July 12, 1985, gives details of the case and promises it's return.N11.500194
1741123The Basics: Divestiture: What Happened? 346Discusses how the break up of the telephone company has given phreaks new toys to play with and new ways of doing things.N2Divestiture: What Happened? 1.50082
17421232600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various sources.N31.0000
1743123Notes From You 15Dear 2600:N41.0000
1744123The 2600 Information Bureau 993Lists blue box programs for the Texas Instrument 99/4(a), Commodore 64 and Atari.A52.0000
1745123Systematically Speaking 346Discusses several current news items.Various Sources.N71.0000
1746124Our Wishes for '86 and Beyond 346Discusses how the things around us can improve, assembles a few 2600 writers who suggest how technology can better serve everyone.N11.250139
1747124Fun With COSMOS 947Discusses the COmputerized System for Mainframe OperationS (COSMOS), which is a telephone company computer system for wire center administration for subscriber services.N21.0000
17481242600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various sources.N31.0000
1749124Survey Results 346Discusses the results of the 2600 survey and prints a bunch of user comments.N41.3300
1750124The 2600 Information Bureau 346Prints an extensive list of over 1500 bulletin board numbers.N52.0000
1751124Systematically Speaking 346Discusses several current news items.Various Sources.N71.0000
1752125RSTS: A Trick or Two 968Discusses some aspects of the Resource System Time Sharing (RSTS) operating system on DEC PDP-11 series computers that are quite popular.See more in April 1986 article <a href='article.php?i=120&a=1718'>..</a>A10.7500
1753125Here's the Secret! 994Discusses the GTD#5 switch made by Automatic Electric and the ability to make free calls thru it's toll-free loops.N10.2500
1754125The History of ESS 947Discusses the greatest development effort in Bell System's history - the Electronic Switching System (ESS).References February 1984 article <a href='article.php?i=146&a=1882'>..</a>N20.5000
1755125Equal Access May Not be "Equal" to Modems 995Discusses how some long distance carriers start charging after 30 seconds whether the call is completed or not and how that could affect modem owners.N20.2500
17561252600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various sources.N31.0000
1757125Letters 15Dear 2600:N41.0000
1758125The 2600 Information Bureau 995Lists test phone numbers.N52.0000
1759125Systematically Speaking 346Discusses several current news items.Various Sources.N71.0000
1760125The Early Phreak Days996Discusses the author's job at the phone company and his idea on "deadheading" calls (sounds like red boxing) which his boss told him to keep quiet about.N80.50044
1761126And They Call Us Crooks? 994Discusses how phone companies can't be trusted, from the author's experience of people contacting them with flaws that were costing them thousands of dollars and getting nothing in return.N10.6600
1762126An Interesting Diversion 980Discusses diverters (a form of call forwarding), how they're used, how to find them, other forms of diverters and the dangers of diverting.N10.75060
1763126More Info on VMS 947Discusses the Virtual Memory operating System (VMS) by Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC) including user authorization, accounting, logging off and shutting the system down.Second installment, see first in September 1985 <a href='article.php?i=127&a=1769'>..</a>N21.2500
17641262600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various Sources.N31.0000
1765126Dear 2600 15Dear 2600:N41.0000
1766126The 2600 Information Bureau 993Discusses plans for a blue box, including schematic and parts list.N41.0000
1767126The New AT&T HOSTAGEPHONE System 346Displays an AT&T add for the Hostagephone telephone - only $1850.N51.0000
1768126Systematically Speaking 346Discusses several current news items.Various Sources.N71.0000
1769127A Guide to VMS 947Discusses the Virtual Memory operating System (VMS) by Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC) including Entrance, default passwords and directories.See second installment in October 1985 <a href='article.php?i=126&a=1763'>..</a>N11.0000
1770127The Infinity Transmitter - An Old Bug That Had Its Time 997Discusses the infinity transmitter - a bugging device that allows you to call the phone it is in and listen to what is going on around that phone.N20.5000
1771127Reaching Out On Your Own 998Discusses verification - a telco secret that allows you to listen in on a telephone number for thirty seconds if you have a simple descrambler from Radio Shack.N20.2500
1772127Pursuit For People 346Discuss a GTE Telnet service call PC Pursuit that allows you to connect your computer to any other computer (eg BBS) without paying long distance phone charges.N21.250164
17731272600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various Sources.N31.0000
1774127Dear 2600 15Dear 2600:N41.0000
1775127The 2600 Information Bureau 947Lists the Telnet Directory revision #2, last update 08/20/85.N52.0000
1776127Systematically Speaking 346Discusses several current news items.Various Sources.N71.0000
1777128Seized! 2600 Bulletin Board is Implicated in Raid on Jersey Hackers 346Discuss the July 12, 1985 seizure by law enforcement officials of the Private Sector BBS - the official bulletin board of 2600 magazine.N1Seized2.500184
1778128Commentary: The Threat To Us All 346Discusses the Private Sector bulletin board system, the misconceptions about it's use and the issues like freedom of speech and public assembly it represents.N2The Threat To Us All 1.000187
17791282600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.2600 News ServiceN32600 A Hacking Victim0.500170
1780128Moving Satellites Right Up in the Blue......What Was Really Going On? 346Discusses the ridiculous charges and misinterpretations coming out of the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office press conference concerning the Private Sector BBS seizure.With the aid of The Shadow.N4What Was Really Going On? 2.000189
1781128Why Computers Get Snatched 346Discusses how hacker and BBS computer systems are confiscated as a punishment and warning to others and a method of inducing confessions, rather than dragging kids through court with the difficulty of obtaining convictions.N60.5000
1782128Some Important Questions To Ask 346Discusses some of the legal issues surrounding a BBS and computer communications and some of the legislation being proposed to regulate them.N60.5000
1783128How Can Sysops Protect Themselves?346Discusses a few suggestions to Bulletin Board System (BBS) operators to lessen the odds of a raid and to thwart the investigators before they get into confidential material.N71.000192
1784129Interesting Things To Do On A DEC-20 999Discusses the Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) model 20 computer system and gives tips on logging in, terminal setup and useful commands.N11.250125
1785129Banking From Your Terminal - A Look At PRONTO 1000Discusses Chemical Bank's PRONTO, one of the older and more varied electronic banking services used via personal computer and modem available in the New York City area.N21.000162
17861292600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various Sources.N31.0000
1787129Letters 15Dear 2600:N41.0000
1788129The 2600 Information Bureau 346List MILNET TAC dialups sorted by location as of 22-Jan-85.N52.0000
1789129Systematically Speaking 346Discusses several current news items.Various Sources.N71.0000
1790130A Guide to the Israeli Phone System 346Discusses details and information about the telephones and phone system used in Israel.N11.2500
1791130Sherwood Forest Shut Down by Secret Service 346Discusses the shutdown of the Sherwood Forest bulletin board system (BBS) by the Secret Service (SS).Subtitled "An All Too Familiar Story".N20.330197
1792130Some Words on Hacker Morality 346Discusses the authors view that hacking and phreaking have turned towards criminality rather than for the challenge and having fun.N20.5000
1793130Out of the Inner Circle - A Review 346Discusses the book "Out of the Inner Circle, A Hacker's Guide to Computer Security" by "The Cracker" Bill Landreth published by Microsoft Press.N21.0000
17941302600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various Sources.N31.0000
1795130The 2600 Information Bureau 1001List of 800 prefixes in order by state.Posted on The Private Sector.N51.0000
1796130Systematically Speaking 346Discusses several current news items.Various Sources.N71.0000
1797131People Express to be Hacked to Pieces 1002Discusses the Tone Activated Service (TAS) offered by People Express for booking airline tickets and how it can be abused.N11.125166
1798131How to Run a Successful Teleconference 995Discusses the teleconferencing service run by Alliance (owned by AT&T Communications) including telephone numbers, controls, dangers, stunts, other conferences and conclusion.N22.12576
17991312600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various Sources.N31.0000
1800131Letters 15Dear 2600:N41.2500
1801131The 2600 Information Bureau 346Displays computer posture info, ALLIANCE Teleconferencing Services info, phone number and an ad for inmate collect only service.N51.7500
1802132What a White Box Can Do 346Discusses how to take a standard touch tone keypad and convert it to a portable unit.N10.6600
1803132A Phone Phreak Scores 346Discusses another story to add to the annals of social engineering, a method of obtaining the telephone billing address of a company.N10.33016
1804132Hacking Packard 1003Discusses details about Hewlett-Packard's HP2000 systems including login procedure, users, library organization, group/system masters, commands and programs.N21.0000
18051322600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various Sources.N31.0000
1806132The 2600 Information Bureau 346Lists ARPANET addresses including host name, host address and site address.References June 1984 "ARPANET Hopping: America's Newest Pastime" <a href='article.php?i=142&a=1860'>..</a>N52.0000
1807133Nazi BBS a Challenge to Hackers 346Discusses a Bulletin Board System (BBS) run by the American Nazis.N10.5000
1808133Are You a Phreak? 1004Discusses the "various levels of the phone kingdom" by giving names to types of phreaks based on their activities.N10.5000
1809133How to Get Into a C.O. 988Discusses how the author arranged a tour of a local Central Office (CO), some facts learned from it and suggestions for setting up your own.N21.00052
18101332600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various Sources.N31.0000
1811133This Month's Letters 15Dear 2600:N41.0000
1812133The 2600 Information Bureau 346Lists interesting phone numbers, How to Use the Dial Telephone, lists CN/A Bureaus and info about the Cipher Disk.N52.0000
1813134The Theory of 'Blue Boxing' 1003Discusses and explains the fundamental principles of the fine art of blue boxing.Subtitled "their history, how they're used, their future". Taken from Basic Telecommunications Part VII.N11.00027
1814134Trashing Alaska Style 1005Discusses the author and his buddies adventures while going thru the local Central Office's (CO) dumpster.N20.33017
1815134Surveying the COSMOS 1006Discusses Bell's Computerized System for Mainframe Operations (COSMOS) including the basic, pertinent info on how users get in, account format, and a few other goodies.N20.66058
18161342600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various Sources.N31.0000
1817134Letters From You 15Dear 2600:N41.0000
1818134The 2600 Information Bureau 995List of acronyms mostly from Bell and AT&T documents collected from trashing.N52.0000
1819135Those Horrible Hackers Strike Again 346Discusses how a Newsweek reporter, Richard Sanzda, was harassed with a flury of hacking and phreaking after he wrote a semi-revealing article.N10.3300
1820135Wiretapping and Divestiture 995Discusses the amount of information that can be learned from speaking with the local telephone company worker.Subtitled "A Lineman Speaks Out".N10.6600
1821135Getting in the Back Door 1007Discusses information about the four popular operating systems on Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) machines: TOPS-10, TOPS-20, UNIX and VMS.Subtitled "A Guide to Some Popular Operating Systems".N21.0000
18221352600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various Sources.N31.0000
1823135Letters to Us 15Dear 2600:N41.0000
1824135The 2600 Information Bureau 346Display a New York Telephone bill, pay phone card, Zippy, The Happy Hacker and BITnet topology Summer 1984. N52.0000
1825136A Time For Reflection 346Discusses 1984, and though it won't go down in history as the year of the phone phreak and hacker the author feels it should.N10.500215
1826136MCI Mail EasyLink 346Discusses the problems many people have been having with E-Mail using MCI Mail and Western Union Easylink.N11.0000
1828136The Scariest Number in the World 346Discusses the author's discovery of a phone number beginning with 804-840 that turns out to be the President's bomb shelter.N20.5008
18291362600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various Sources.N31.0000
1830136Letters 15Dear 2600:N41.0000
18311362600 page 5346Lists electronic mail systems and voice messaging systems.N51.0000
1832136Reach Out and Goose Someone 1008Lists sources of entertainment from your phone culled from telephone directories in the English-speaking world.Subtitled "Hours of pleasure from your Telephone".N61.0000
1833137Exploring Caves in Travelnet 346Discusses the author's discovery of an interesting phone number and his exploration of the Travelnet system at General Motors.N11.00073
1834137Fun With Fortress Fones 1003Discusses the standard Western Electric single-shot coin telephone (aka fortress fone) including depositing coins, TSPS and ACTS, Green Boxes, Physical Attack, Miscellaneous and Security.Excerpted from Basic Telecommunications Part VI.N21.0000
18351372600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various Sources.N31.0000
1836137Letters From All Over 15Dear 2600:N41.0000
18371372600 page 5346Alphabetical listing of ICs and Carrier Identification Codes (CICs) and a information about letter 2600 received from MCI.N52.0000
1838138Getting Caught: Hacker's View 346Discusses the author's experience after being arrested by the FBI for hacking and how he found out who his real friends were and the ways it changed his life.N11.000213
1839138Vital Ingredients Switching Centers and Operators 1003Discusses the different classes of Central Offices and the different kinds of telephone operators with a discussion of some of the more common ones.Taken from Basic Telecommunications Part IV.N21.00045
18401382600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various Sources.N31.0000
1841138Letters From The Outside World 15Dear 2600:N41.0000
18421382600 page 5 1003Contains an MCI news item, lists various security telephone numbers and miscellaneous telephone slogans and ads.N52.0000
1843139History of British Phreaking 947Discusses some of the history and details of phreaking in Britain including the frequencies for blue boxing.N11.0000
1844139More on Trashing 988Discusses how inspection of your local Telco offices trash can reveal a wealth of documents of interest to a telecommunications hobbyist, includes tips to get the most out of your effort.and The Shadow.N21.0000
18451392600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various Sources.N31.0000
1846139A Friend in High Places 346Discusses the story of Joanne, the telephone operator in a small, rural, Midwestern community who was also a phone phreak.N40.50055
1847139Letters From The Outside 15Dear 2600:N40.5000
18481392600 page 5346Lists IBM 'ADS DIRECTORY', DOD hot line info and a New York Telephone letter concerning use of Touch Tone Service without paying for it.N52.0000
1849140But How Does It Work?346Discusses how a telephone works, including wiring, voltages, how they're built, how they work and ringing.N11.00024
1850140Privacy Lost 346Discusses the book "The Rise of the Computer State" by David Burnham with foreword by Walter Cronkite published by Vantage Books.N21.0000
18511402600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various Sources.N31.0000
1852140Reader Feedback 15Dear 2600:N40.6600
18531402600 page 5346Lists telephone numbers (with area code), lists area codes and space for coding them according to the specified legend.N52.0000
1854141"Look Out, He's Got a Computer!" 346Discusses the ignorance of people concerning computers and the irony of the fact that the most idiotic people are the ones with the power to regulate them, includes details of some of the legislation proposed.N11.000211
1855141MCI Mail: The Adventure Continues 346Discusses MCI Mail, compares it to the US Postal Service and details some of the problems encountered using it.N21.000159
18561412600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various Sources.N31.0000
1857141Introducing the Clear Box 346Discusses a new device called the "clear box" that can be used on "post-pay" (eg where you pay after the call is connected) pay phones and allows you to bypass the cut off mouthpiece.N30.25032
1858141Letters From Our Readers 15Dear 2600:N40.7500
18591412600 page 5346Discusses TRW Information Services America's largest credit reporting company and gives detailed information about using their online system including an example listing.N52.0000
1860142ARPANET Hopping: America's Newest Pastime 346Discuss the Advanced Research projects Agency Network (ARPANET) including what it is, how it works and safety tips and interesting programs.Precursor to the Internet.N11.000145
1861142Electronic Switching Advances 346Discusses Electronic Switching Systems (ESS) and some of the advantages and interesting things it can do along with some of it's problems.Subtitle "Despite Obvious Drawbacks, ESS Has Quite a Few Nice Features".N21.0000
18621422600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various Sources. Only the section titled "2600 Writer Indicted" is included in the 2600 book.N31.00073
1863142The Dark and Tragic Side of the Great Break-up 346Discusses the "Ma Bell" divestiture and the current confusion and lack of service from the local and long distance telephone companies.N40.50071
1864142Letters From Our Readers 15Dear 2600:N40.5000
18651422600 page 5346Lists E-COM (a USPS service) subscriber phone numbers and a copy of a letter from New York Telephone (with specifics obfuscated) you'll receive if law enforcement is monitoring your phone line.N52.0000
1866143The Simple Pleasures of a Step Office 346Discusses the few step offices left in the United States today, including ease and safety of phreaking, more tricks and different varieties.N11.00049
1867143IBM's Audio Distribution Systems Sure Can Be Fun! 346Discusses the IBM Audio Distribution System (ADS), a voice mail system that has been very useful to phreakers, includes details of operation and how IBM has tried to secure it.N21.00069
18681432600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various Sources.N31.0000
1869143The Woes of Having a Small-Time Rural Phone Company 346Discusses the author's experiences with his rural telephone company and how it makes Ma Bell actually look good.N41.00056
18701432600 page 5346List of networks currently available on the Defense Data Network including base address and list of Easylink modem numbers.N52.0000
1871144Whose Strike Was That Anyway? 346Discusses the American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T) strike by the Communications Workers of America in August 1983 with an interesting analysis of the results.N11.0000
1872144The Trouble With Telemail 346Discusses Telemail, the electronic email service of GTE Telenet, and how easy it still is to access as it was last year, prior to the October raids on computer owners who had allegedly broken into the system.Subtitled "GTE is practically inviting intrusions, and odds are they'll get plenty'.N21.000122
18731442600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various Sources.N31.0000
1874144A True Saga of Teleconferencing 1009Discusses some of what was said on various teleconferences, some mischief that ensued and the resulting FBI and Bell Security visits.N41.00011
18751442600 page 5346Lists MCI access numbers, various telephone company cartoons, ads and public service announcements.N52.0000
1876145The Constitution of a Hacker 346Discusses some of the common traits and characteristics of a hacker and the rationale and philosophy behind it.N11.000209
1877145Alternate Long Distance 346Discusses how some of the long distance telephone companies work in general with a specific look at Microwave Communications Inc. (MCI).Subtitled "First of a persistent series - how the companies work and a guide to MCI.N21.25066
18781452600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various Sources.N31.0000
1879145The First Atomic Bomb 346Discusses the first test of an atomic bomb in Alamogordo, New Mexico in July, 1945 as related by Laura Fermi, wife of Enrico Fermi, who were both there.Subtitled "A True Tale".N40.7505
18801452600 page 5346Lists host, address, computer type and operating system of computers on the MILNET (Military Network) which is a subnet of ARPANet.N52.0000
1881146Hacking On Telenet 346Discusses GTE's Telenet data network and details how the connection works so you could write a program to scan for computers on the network.Subtitled "It's as easy as 123456".N11.000121
1882146ESS: Orwell's Prophecy 346Discusses Electronic Switching System (ESS), a new Bell technology in the central office, and why phreakers need to be careful.N21.0000
18831462600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various Sources.N31.0000
1884146Some Thoughts on "Garbage Picking" 346Discusses the art of finding things that someone else has thrown away from computers to real life.N30.7500
1885146Q&A 346Answers the following question: How does the operator find out if you ar calling from a fone booth or house fone? Is there any way to defeat this?N40.2500
18861462600 page 5346Lists country telephone codes.N52.0000
1887147Ahoy! 346Discusses the motives and goals that the publication of 2600 hopes to achieve.Subtitled "(That's how Alexander Graham Bell used to answer his phone. For some reason, it never caught on...)".N11.00022
1888147FBI Goes After ADS Hackers 346Discusses details about a group of hackers using IBM's Audio Distribution System (ADS) who found out one of them was an informant for the FBI.Subtitled "IBM must press charges before action can be taken - Feds reveal their tactics, blow source".N42.000181
18891472600 "FLASH"...... 346Discusses telecommunications industry related news items.Various Sources.N31.0000
1890147The Truth Behind Those 9999 Numbers 1010Discusses the series of 800 numbers starting with 9 and followed by the suffix 9999 with details on some of the more interesting ones.N41.0009
18911472600 page 5346Lists telephone numbers for the Offices of the President, Counselor to the President, Chief of Staff, Deputy Chief of Staff and Offices of the Vice President.N51.0000
189293A Review of "The 'Top Secret' Registry of U.S. Government Radio Frequencies"952Discusses "The 'Top Secret' Registry of U.S. Government Radio Frequencies" published by CRB Research, lists a couple of interesting frequencies.Not in index.N71.0000
1894103CT36 TechNote Ge006 Decrypting password security960Discusses how to locate and decrypt the user-ID and password of the master security officer on an IBM System/36.Not in the index.N142.0000
189531Movie Reviews : The Net, Hackers963Discusses a review of the United Artists movie 'Hackers' starring Jonny Lee Miller, Angelina Jolie and Fisher Stevens.Shared index entry with The Net <a href='article.php?i=31&a=325'>..</a>N52"Baby... You're Elite"2.000243
1896104The Cold Truth346A Poem.Not in the index.N201.0000
1897108Who, What, and Where in Communications Security975Discusses Who, What, and Where in Communications Security, 1986 Product Profiles published by Marketing Consultants International, Inc.Not in index.N210.2500
1898110Book Review 1975Discusses "The Hacker's Handbook" by Hugo Cornwall published by the E. Arthur Brown Company.Not in index.N150.5000
1899110Book Review 2980Discusses "Automatic Teller Machines III" by John J. Williams, MSEE published by Consumertronics Co.Not in index.N211.2500
1900111Evolution of the Telephone346Comics of different periods in the history of the telephone.Not in the index.N91.0000
1901119We've Dug Up Some Alternate Ways to Phreak on Alternate Long Distance346Discusses details and step by step instructions for boxing on ITT, Sprint and SBS/Skyline.N61.0000
1902130Letters and Questions15Dear 2600:N41.0000
1903132All Kinds of Letters15Dear 2600:N41.0000
1904140Be Nice to Your Telco346Discusses things to do to your telephone bill that will force the telephone company to have to process it manually.N40.3300
1905148Cloudy Skies2Discusses cloud computing and how any new technology has advantages and disadvantages, details a few of them and reminds readers to always take them into account before implementing.N42.0000
1906148Insecurities in Emergency Rescue97Discusses medical records security at fire departments, focusing on the EMS 2000 application used by many firefighters/emergency personnel and a number of potential methods for gaining access to it's data.N62.0000
1907148AJAX Hacking for the Discerning Pro Wrestling Fanatic1011Discusses a pro wrestling web site at PWInsider and how the author's script to circumvent the sites Adblock detection allows free access to the Elite content.A81.5000
1908148A Little Fish in a Big Pond1012Discusses the author's new 3G router and how it was configured from the provider with the the last four digits of the SSID matching the WPA key and details the ease with which it was cracked.A92.5000
1909148The Grey Hat Manifesto1013Discusses some of the author's experiences with a bully from school and some of the methods he's used to get back at that person.N121.0000
1910148TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses information about the Tracfone mobile service (marketed under four brands), including a method of checking voicemail for free and making virtually unlimited long distance calls to over 60 countries.N132.0000
1911148No Sale for You!1014Discusses the "shopper's card" issued by numerous grocery chain stores (eg. Kroger, Ralphs, Tom Thumb, CVS etc) and some of the issues these cards present.N151.6600
1912148CrazyGeorge - Security Through Obscurity1015Discusses a simple method of password protecting web site pages by using the password in the path part of the URL.A162.3300
1913148BartPE: A Portable Microsoft Windows27Discusses BartPE, a portable version of Windows that can be booted and run from a memory stick, including installation, plugins, building, installing to USB drive and troubleshooting.N192.0000
1914148Influential Angles1016Discusses when the author worked for a debt collection/investigation company and describes several incidents that happened over six years ago with names/addresses etc changed to protect the guilty.N215.0000
1915148HACKER PERSPECTIVE: Bill From RNOC978Discusses how the author became involved in phreaking, hacking and social engineering and relating some of the handles and incidents that occurred.N263.0000
1916148The Hacker Enigma: Positives, Negatives and Who Knows?1017Discusses some of the positive and negative effects of "being found out", eg. three real world examples of doing something hack worthy and how different types of people reacted to them.N291.5000
1917148An Introduction to CSRF Attacks95Discusses cross site request forgery (CSRF) attacks with an actual vulnerability in a real website (now patched) and a working proof of concept that steals account credentials.Where is the source? news.php?N301.5000
1918148The Voyager Library Information System1018Discusses the Voyager Library Information System by Endeavor corporation of Chicago, Illinois. Details some of the data stored in the database including info about any searches made.N32Voyager Library Information System1.0000
1919148'Print Me?' Why, Thank You!234Discusses the PrintMe service by Electronics for Imaging (EFI) and notes some interesting uses and abuses when using this software.N331.0000
1920148My First Hack1019Discusses the author's first phreaking/hacking experiences back in 1972 at Gunn High in Palo Alto.N461.5000
1921148Dr. Jekyll and Mr. PayPass1020Discusses the new Citizens Bank PayPass debit card and the author's attempt to disable the RFID technology it uses (without success though it ends well).N472.5000
1922148Writing a Small Port Checker in C in 40 Lines (or Less)1017Discusses the c source code for a small single port single host port check program with a Perl wrapper to scan many ports.A501.5000
1923148Procurve Switch Hacking1021Discusses Hewlett Packard Procurve switches and gives details of the commands to get at it's true OS/Diagnostic level and some suggestions for what to do there.N510.5000
1924148TRANSMISSIONS23Discusses some of the downsides of DRM e-books including no loaning, no resell, no anonymity, hardware lock-in, format decay, remote and invisible censorship.Subtitled 'Why I Like Print (or "E-books Can Go to Hell")'.N521.6250
1925148Bluetooth Hacking Primer121Discusses Bluetooth, originally conceived by Ericsson in 1994, and gives the reader information on how it works, what you can do with it and the risks associated with it.N545.0000
1926148Simple How-to on Wireless and Windows Cracking, Part 2505Discusses some incomplete descriptions and updates to the information in the previous article along with responses to comments. Includes a bash script to create a wordlist for aircrack.Subtitled '(or Simple How-to on Wireless and Windows Cracking' Part 2). References part one in Summer 2009 <a href='article.php?i=86&a=1383'>..</a>A592.0000
1927148HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events.N611.0000
1928148Speak15Dear 2600:Inquiries, Meetings, A Way Out, Suggestions, Gratitude, Observations, Telephone Tidbits, Help Needed, More Info.N3412.0000
1929149The Hacker Dialogue2Discusses the latest 2600 book (Dear Hacker) and the letters section has typically been the largest and most popular section of 2600. Discusses the importance of dialogue and how the magazine, the Internet, the Hope conference has facilitated it between hackers and between people in the "real world".N42.0000
1930149Hacking Google Analytics1023Discusses Google Analytics, how it tracks users using Javascript and cookies and how to prevent tracking and/or send bogus information. Questions whether Google should be trusted with your analytics data.A62.0000
1931149My Second Implant82A story about getting a vocal and hearing implant so the author could communicate thru bluetooth devices without a headset or microphone, though it turns out the implants had a transmitter that was used for spying on him.N82.5000
1932149Free Encrypted 3G Web Access on T-Mobile Smartphones1024Discusses a couple of methods for obtaining free data usage on T-Mobile's 3G network. Author used a pre-paid plain with no data subscription on a G1 Android phone.References T-Mobile article in 26:4 <a href='article.php?i=89&a=1501'>(..)</a>N111.0000
1933149Why Cell May Die in a Modern Hacker's World1025Discusses a method of using wifi networks to make calls with your cell phone to avoid expensive service fees.N121.0000
1934149TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses the author's temporary work assignment in Bejing, China and details some of the issues he had setting up cell/voip phone service.N132.0000
1935149Call the World for Free1026Discusses Universal International Freefone Numbers (UIFNs), including behind the scenes, billing, where to use and what you can do with them.N15Call the World for Free (on someone else's nickel) with Universal International Freefone Service2.2500
1936149How to Create Mass Hysteria on a College Campus Using Facebook1027Discusses how the author abused Facebook to obtain thousands of students info from UCSD (University of San Diego), created fake profiles, got hundreds of friends and used bots to affect opinions when a racial incident occurred.N181.0000
1937149Educational Wireless Honeypots1028Discusses detailed steps, configuration files and information for creating your own honeypot and introduces a new use for them in the public sphere.A195.0000
1938149I'm Not a Number93Discusses how the convergence of three systems in the modern supermarket produces the conditions for two exploits (which are both dishonest and crimes).N241.3300
1939149How I Scored the Avaya PBX Init Password1029Discusses how the author stumbled upon the init level (ie. deepest level) password during training for the Avaya Interaction Center PBX software.N250.6600
1940149Why You Need a Grimoire350Discusses maintaining a notebook containing all of the important IT information you've accumulated over the years and why you would want to do this.N271.0000
1941149(Potential) Laptop Recovery1030Discusses the author's laptop security/recovery solution so if his laptop is stolen he can view the on board video cam and remote control the computer.N281.0000
1942149Hacking Boingo Wireless1031Discusses how the author stumbled across a hack of Boingo Wireless (a service provider for many hotels/airports/shops/etc) hotspots to gain free Internet access.N29Access on Boingo Wireless2.0000
1943149How AT&T Data Plans Work (and How to Make Them Stop Working)1032Discusses how to not get charged by AT&T Wireless for a data package you don't want and other Service Order Codes (SOCs) that might be of interest.N311.0000
1944149Casual Encounters of the Third Kind: A Bayesian Classifier for Craigslist1033Discusses a scientific examination of the Craigslist Casual Encounters w4m section in the Omaha, Nebraska location using Bayesian classification to determine the spam.N322.0000
1945149Outline for a Simple Darkserver and/or Darknet1034Discusses how government/employer monitoring invades our privacy and covers a few methods for setting up a darknet, not set by step instructions but the general outline.N462.3300
1946149Goog411 Skype Hack1035Discusses how to make phone calls thru Skype using Goog411 without purchasing/using SkypeOut minutes.N480.6600
1947149Hacking Autodialer Telephone Access Systems319Discusses a method of making free telephone calls using a Mircom intercom system which is commonly used in apartment and office buildings for access control. Suggests other possibilities.N491.0000
1948149TRANSMISSIONS23Discusses the controversy surrounding Google's collecting wireless network data alongside Street View.N521.5000
1949149Written in Spam1036Discusses the spam the author received after disabling his spam filter and presents nine poems "Written In Spam" using words included at the bottom of those spam emails.N541.2500
1950149Roll-your-own Automated System Restore Discs1037Discusses a method of creating a system restore disk using PING (Partimage Is Not Ghost) which is a bootable Linux system to backup and restore disk partitions.A551.7500
1951149Grazing Voicemail Passwords1038Discusses password security for PBX systems and presents an analysis of actual voice mail passwords gathered from several thousand live phone systems which happen to store the password in plain text.N572.0000
1952149Private Key Exchange Using Quantum Physics1039Discusses how the BB84 protocol functions - this is a quantum key distribution scheme developed by Charles Bennett and Gilles Brassard in 1984.N591.0000
1953149How to Overwrite JUNOS Proprietary Code62Discusses Juniper devices that run JUNOS and teaches you how to break into that code in order to insert your own algorithms.Examples performed on a Juniper M120 device.A601.0000
1954149HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events.N611.0000
1955149Letters15Dear 2600:Discoveries, Beating the System, Inquiring Minds, On Grammar, Contributions, Ignorance, Random Meeting Notes, Further Comments, The Publishing World.N34Textual Feedback12.0000
1956150Conflict in the Hacker World2Discusses the Wikileaks/Julian Assange - Bradley Manning - Adrian Lamo controversy, how it affected the Next HOPE conference and some lessons to be learned from it.N42.0000
1957150Read All About It! Online Security and Paid Newspaper Content1040Discusses on-line newspaper content and how companies are starting to charge for access to it, details the steps the author took to gain free access to the London Times archive after the free trial period was over.N62.5000
1958150Old School Hacking1041Discusses the author's early programming and hacking experiences, names and places have been changed to protect the innocent (guilty?).N83.0000
1959150How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Spam the Scammers1042Discusses how a friend was scammed out of his Steam account username/password via an IM phish and describes how he responded by writing a program to flood the phishing web site with bogus data.N11Step 1. Steal Accounts, Step 2. ?, Step 3. Profit! (or how I learned to stop worring and spam the scammers)1.5000
1960150TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses the mobile phone carriers, market and plans available in Beijing, China (where the author is helping to install a new central office).N132.0000
1961150Forgeries, Branding, and Network Theory in the Digital Playground62Discusses a method and campaign checklist to devalue a targeted brand, includes examples in three different categories - content, technical and social.N15Editing the Brand Images: Forgeries, Branding, and Network Theory in the Digital Playground Page Title 8.0000
1962150SPAM Simplified297Discusses the mysterious and hidden world of SPAM, including botnets, irc, spoofing, methods of connecting to the Internet, bulk e-mail tools and the spam signature.N193.5000
1963150Hacking Out1043Discusses Internet content filtering and web site blocking and various techniques used by the author to get around these restrictions.N221.5000
1964150Man in the Middle Attack1044Discusses one method of performing a man in the middle attack using the Backtrack operating system, test example performed on an SSL connection.N241.6600
1965150HACKER PERSPECTIVE5Discusses the author's life experiences and journey, his youthful wish to be a hacker and his realization that he has always been one.N264.0000
1966150IPv6 Connection Hijacking and Scanning1045Discusses background information about IPv6 and details of how to redirect a user's connection to an arbitrary location and perform a practical network scan with it.N292.0000
1967150Gmail and SMS Gateway Fun1046Discusses the SMS gateway and gives detailed instructions and a bash script for using it to perform an SMS denial of service.A311.0000
1968150Moving from Robotics to Artificial Intelligence1047Discusses the history of robotics and the dream of incorporating artificial intelligence with it.Recommended reading: Robotics A Reference Guide to the New Technology; The Emotion Machine Commonsense Thinking, Artificial Intelligence, and the Future of the Human Mind; Robots The Quest for Living Machines.N322.0000
1969150Seven Things 'Hackers' Did Right54Discusses what the 1995 movie Hackers got right as we approach it's 15th anniversary.N501.0000
1970150Life Without Walls: Circumventing Your Home Security System1048Discusses how the author's parents installed a home security alarm system so he wouldn't sneak out to see his girlfriend and the process it used to circumvent it.N511.0000
1971150TRANSMISSIONS23Discusses the jailbreak vulnerability on the iPhone and how smart phones in general are ripe for these types of attacks.N521.6600
1972150How to Turn Local Admin into Domain Admin286Discusses a simple method of using the provided batch file to potentially obtain domain access to a Windows network.N542.0000
1973150Panasonic Phreaking in the New Age1049Discusses the Panasonic VMbox PBX and details a method of abusing it to make phone calls.N561.2500
1974150Hacking and Securing the Tandberg C201050Discusses the Tandberg C20, a hi-def video conferencing solution, and it's utter lack of security, details how you could remotely eavesdrop on it and makes recommendations for securing it.N583.0000
1975150HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events.N611.0000
1976150LETTERS15Dear 2600:Ideas, Feedback, Continuation, Observations, Concerns, Inquiries, 2600 to the Rescue.N34Material for the Next Book1.0000
1977151Changing Landscapes2Discusses 2600's first steps into the world of electronic publishing, some of the hurdles and circumstances unique to 2600 and the hope that people will respect what 2600 is doing and not take advantage of it.N42.0000
1978151Bash Bash Bash!725Discusses the author's love for the bash shell, includes example uses and scripts with line by line descriptions.Author recommends the following O'Reilly books: "Unix Shell Programming (In a Nutshell)", "Bash Cookbook: Solutions and Examples for Bash Users" and "Classic Shell Scripting".N6you@host:~$ # Bash Bash Bash!2.5000
1979151How to Cheat at Foursquare1051Discusses how to abuse the Foursquare application by modifying the Foursquarefox Firefox extension to prompt you for latitude and longitude so you can spoof your location.A91.5000
1980151The (Obvious?) Dangers of Free WiFi1052Discusses free public WiFi hotspots and how they can be used for man in the middle attacks, gives Linux commands and instructions for implementing an attack and provides some suggestions for protecting yourself.N101.5000
1981151The Buck Stops Here: Inside AT&T's Tier 2 Tech Support1053Discusses the author's experience as a Tier 2 Tech Rep for AT&T Mobility, including the lack of technical knowledge needed and the pressure to sell new features to customers.References article "How AT&T Data Plans Work" <a href='article.php?i=149&a=1943'>(..)N121.0000
1982151TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses the mobile phone carriers, market and network in Japan and how once a leader in high-tech telecommunications the system is aging and no longer leading edge.N132.0000
1983151Various Vulnerabilities in the UPS Shipping System423Discusses several methods of taking advantage of United Parcel Service (UPS) shipping services.N154.0000
1984151Ode to the United States Postal Service5Discusses the author's use of the United States Postal Service (USPS) "General Delivery" service which can be used to protect your real address or if you are homeless, and some of the issues and problems he had with it.N20Ode to the United States Postal Service, Privacy, and Bureaucracy2.0000
1985151Android, You Broke My Heart1054Discusses the author's new Android cell phone and how he stumbled upon a huge gaping security hole in the 1.6 version OS that could leak phone data to anyone with access to the phone.N222.3300
1986151Corporate Reconnaisance for the Anti-Social1052Discusses various methods of gathering as much contact information and personal data about as many employees of a company/business as possible.N241.6600
1987151HACKER PERSPECTIVE1055Discusses a "pushing 70" year old hacker's recollection of some the memorable experiences in his life.N26The Hacker Perspective3.0000
1988151Anti-Satellite (ASAT) System for Dumbasses1056Discusses how to set up a telescope with lasers and/or microwave to interfere with spy satellites, includes references.See 'Detecting and Tracking Stealth Satellites' <a href='article.php?i=153&a=2032'>(..)</a>N291.0000
1989151The Trouble with the 'Digital' Music Industry1057Discusses some of the author's problems with downloadable music and how he got some MP3s from Amazon for free.N30The Trouble with the "Digital" Music Industry (And How to Beat Ity At Its Own Game)2.0000
1990151Invisible ASCII: A Poor Person's Steganography1058Discusses the author's discovery of a simple steganography and cipher that uses ASCII art in MS-DOS.N32Invisible ASCII: Using An ASCII Glitch To Create A Poor Person's Steganography2.0000
1991151EMR Interception and the Future of Computer Hacking1059Discusses Electromagnetic Radiation Interception (EMR), what it is, advice on how to stop it and how to get involved in EMR hacking.N46Tuning In: EMR Interception: What is is, how it works, and what it means for the future of computer use and hacking1.3300
1992151The Joy of IPv6735Discusses IPv6 including why you need it, how to get started with it quickly and easily and a few tips on hacking it.The book "IPv6 Security" by Scott Hogg and Eric Vyncke is recommended by experts.N482.5000
1993151Dormitory Phishing346Discusses a Facebook incident and the author's plan to phish the instigator out.N500.5000
1994151How to Find Information on People Using the Internet1060Discusses several methods for finding information on someone through the Internet.N511.0000
1995151TRANSMISSIONS23Discusses how the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency in the Department of Homeland Security of the United States has the ability to seize domain names of sites it believes are copyright infringing and how this is a slippery slope to censorship.N522.0000
1996151Phun with FOIA1061Discusses the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), including it's history, how it works, links containing successful requests and a sample FOIA letter.N542.0000
1997151iBahn Hotel Site Kiosks and How to Pwn One1062Discusses how to circumvent the restrictions on the iBAHN hotel computer kiosk which the author found at a Best Western in the UK.N561.3300
1998151RAM Dumping97Discusses the steps and tools useful for acquiring memory dumps from your Windows computer.N571.6600
1999151Who's Got Your Vote?1063Discusses how signing a petition with a second address can change your voter registration in Maryland and the potential for abuse in this system.N591.0000
2000151Vulnerabilities in Quantum Computers1064Discusses quantum computers including qubits operation, what they're useful for and a proposed architecture called quantum random access machine (QRAM).N601.0000
2001151HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events.N611.0000
2002144Letters15Dear 2600:Query, Spreading the Word, Coincidences?, Exciting Offers, Another Query or Two, Policy, Critique, Still More Grammar, Infiltration, Fighting the Power, Yet Another Couple of Queries, Addendum, Advice Sought, Challenges, The Last of the Queries.N34Discussion Time12.6600
2003152A World Spinning2Discusses recent world events in the middle east and how WikiLeaks and the truth are playing a role in them. Argues that exposing authoritarian abuses can bring about positive change and notes the parallels to hackers exposing security flaws.N42.0000
2004152Password (In)security?1066Discusses the author's analysis of user passwords obtained from multiple websites and presents some statistics regarding the quality of passwords used.N62.5000
2005152Password Bypassing and Clearing97Discusses several methods of gaining control of a Windows and/or Linux computer that you have physical access to.N81.5000
2006152How Good is Geolocation?1067Discusses what geolocation is, how it typically works, how the accuracy can be pretty poor and that it can be spoofed.N103.0000
2007152TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses how the author is helping to implement number portability in the Bejing Central Office being constructed and gives details of how it functions in the United States.N132.0000
2008152Why I Like E-Books1068Discusses six disadvantages (with counter arguments) regarding e-books and then some additional advantages.References "Transmissions" article in 27:1 <a href='article.php?i=148&a=1924'>(..)</a>N161.3300
2009152What is a Hacker?1069Discusses what the author believes a hacker is and recounts some stories from his past to illustrate it.N160.6600
2010152Who is Anonymous or How to Troll the Media for Fun and Profit62Discusses the media hype surrounding Anonymous and details what is actually happening.N171.0000
2011152How to Accept Payments Anonymously - A Digital Currency Guide1070Discusses the options available to conceal your identity and buy or sell something without anyone knowing who you are. Details valid reasons for this and makes recommendations for the best anonymous payment choices.N182.3300
2012152How to Find Out What the Government Knows About You68Discusses and gives advice about writing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) letters and lists addresses of some U.S. agencies you may want to send your request to.N201.6600
2013152Bypassing Javascript Timers or How I Learned to Stop Waiting and Love the Variable1071Discusses how Rapidshare (and similar sites like Megaupload/Deposit Files) typically program the wait before download function on their web sites and how to circumvent this.A221.2500
2014152Remote Login Made Easy739Discusses a method of using free versions of software to get remote access to your machines behind a NAT router/firewall.N230.7500
2015152Two Party Covert Communication Over MSN Messenger System Using Emoticons1072Discusses a method of covert channel communications using the emoticons used in MSN Messenger instant messaging.N241.0000
2016152Virtual Anti-Forensics1073Discusses a method of having a file temporarily on you computer without leaving a forensic trace.References "USB Antiforensics" in 25:3 <a href='article.php?i=83&a=1289'>(..)</a>N251.0000
2017152HACKER PERSPECTIVE1074Discusses some hacker stereotypes, how her computer experience evolved over the years and her definition of a hacker.N262.0000
2018152Secrets of the Spider1075Discusses the author's Perl program that reads a file of urls and crawls them looking for links. It isn't clear what the author intended to do with these as he has removed the "weapon code".A293.0000
2019152The Lessons Learned on a Training Site97Discusses the methods the author used to find vulnerabilities in his companies new training web site.N321.0000
2020152Writing Bots for Modern Websites1076Discusses how writing web crawling/spider/manipulating code is difficult with modern web sites using so much Javascript and presents a tool to circumvent these issues.A331.0000
2021152Where Have All Our Secrets Gone?1077Discusses privacy in the present day technological world.N471.6600
2022152LDAP Directory Servers: TMI!350Discusses a method of obtaining passwords from LDAP directory servers by dumping the change log.N491.0000
2023152Computers: With and Without1078Discusses several scenarios in the computer-related world and how it would map to a non-computer situation.N501.0000
2024152Automatic Usage of Free Wi-Fi1079Discusses a bash script to automatically find and use open Wi-Fi connections for free Internet access.A511.0000
2025152TRANSMISSIONS23Discusses a new tool for Bluetooth sniffing, wireless keyboard sniffing and how hardware hacking is getting cheap enough for anyone to get into.N522.0000
2026152Coding Bots and Hacking Wordpress1080Discusses PHP and Javascript code that automatically loads web pages, submits forms, and does sinister stuff, while looking like it's human.A546.2500
2027152Abusing the Cloud1081Discusses a method of using someone else's account when connecting to The Cloud's public wifi network.N600.7500
2028152HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events.N611.0000
2029152Non-Verbiage15Dear 2600:Gratitude, Fun Facts, Letters from Prison, Addendum, Feedback, Queries, On WikiLeaks, Wanted, Discoveries, Grammer Words, Advice.N3413.3300
2030153Progress Report2Discusses the ongoing saga of providing 2600 issues in electronic format, including Amazon/kindle and the annual PDF format.N22.0000
2031153Dealing with Credit Card Companies158Discusses lessons learned when the author had to assume control of his mother's affairs and change her credit card accounts address.N6Dealing with Credit Card Companies - Lessons Learned from an Illness1.6600
2032153Detecting and Tracking Stealth Satellites1056Discusses how the author detects and tracks low observable stealth/spy satellites, lists the equipment he uses and includes references.References article 'Anti-Satellite (ASAT) System for Dumbasses' <a href='article.php?i=151&a=1988'>(..)</a>N7ASAT for Dumbasses: Part Two - Detecting and Tracking Stealth Satellites1.3300
2033153Pen Testing from a Mile Away1082Discusses how to build a WiFi satellite dish to greatly extend your WiFi receiving range, includes parts list and pictures.N92.0000
2034153Securing Online Voting1083Discusses the author's experiences creating websites for competitions that allow users to vote for a winner. Include an overview of methods and a case study.N112.0000
2035153TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses the telecommunications system in North and South Korea, the adoption of smartphones, mobile payments and fiber Internet service to the home.N132.0000
2036153Mobile Hacking with Android121Discusses some Android applications of interest to hackers (and criminals alike) and details a proof of concept man in the middle attack.N155.5000
2037153How I Escaped Google1084Discusses open source applications that can be used instead of proprietary web based services, one example is Crystal Mail/Roundcube instead of GMail.Requires a web host and recommends a static IP with SSL certificate.N20How I Escaped Google (and other web based services)1.5000
2038153Add a User with Root Privileges Non-Interactively1085Discusses two methods to add a user that mirror's root's privileges in a non-interactive *nix environment.N221.3300
2039153Simple RSA Encryption1086Discusses how to encrypt and decrypt a simple message using the RSA public key cryptosystem by hand.N23Simple RSA Encryption or Human-Calculable Encryption1.6600
2040153Booze, Nosiness, and City Terminals1087Discusses some public information terminals in a city in southern Germany using the mcOne4all content management system and how the author obtained the admin interface.N251.0000
2041153HACKER PERSPECTIVE1088Discusses the author's view that a hacker is someone with a need to know, who wants to blaze a new trail, make things better and share them, and hacking is asking why and what if and how, it is curiosity and perpetual discovery.N262.0000
2042153How to Protect Your Car from Radio Jammers1089Discusses how a cheaply purchased radio jammer can prevent your car's remote from locking/unlocking the doors and warns you to be aware of this.N281.0000
2043153POCSAG and Radio Privacy1090Discusses pager protocols and their inherent lack of security, details a system setup with examples, and reminds the reader this is probably illegal under U.S. law.See article 'Intro to POCSAG/FLEX Interception' <a href='article.php?i=48&a=574'>(..)</a>N29Air Intercepted Messaging: A Revisit of POCSAG and Radio Privacy3.2500
2044153Auditing the MiFi22001091Discusses a vulnerability in the MiFi2200 Mobile Hotspot used by Virgin Media that would allow temporary free anonymous Internet access.N321.7500
2045153Hiding the Hacker Instinct629Discusses the author's curiosity about a door locking mechanism at work and how he was afraid to mention the flaw because he was sure he'd get into trouble.N47Hiding the Hacker Instinct: Or, No Oppressor Strategy Can Be More Successful Than Training the Oppressed to Oppress Himself/Hers1.1250
2046153Starting a Path to Modern Database Privacy5Discusses how maintaining ones privacy these days is a daunting task and provides a starting point with a list of the largest data brokers and government privacy agencies.N483.3300
2047153TRANSMISSIONS23Discusses the media frenzy surrounding "cyberwar" and describes that the real threats are infrastructure attacks like Vadaphone Greece and Stuxnet.N52TRANSMISSIONS : "Real Cyberwar"1.0000
2048153A Brief Guide to Black Edition XP1044Discusses the illegal Microsoft Windows XP Black Edition, which is XP stripped of useless components and pre-installed with a boatload of useful software and security enhancements.References article "Microsoft, Please Salt My Hash!" <a href='article.php?i=87&a=1437'>(..)</a>N542.0000
2049153The Many Uses of SSH Tunnels1093Discusses how to setup and use an ssh tunnel in Linux/Mac/Windows, including examples of what to use it for and why you would need to use it.N562.0000
2050153Senatorial Courtesy Plates - An Inside Look423Discusses special license plates called "Senatorial Courtesy Plates" issued in New Jersey and some details of what they are and signify.N581.0000
2051153Fishing with Squid1094Discusses how to setup the Squid proxy server, how to use it to see data leaking from your Internet use and to block (blacklist) ad servers.N592.0000
2052153HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events of interest to hackers.N611.0000
2053153Letters15Dear 2600:Reaching Out, New Stuff, Meetings, Clarifications, Electronic Publishing, Curiosity, Observations, Worries, Experiences, Questions, Wikileaks.N34Voice of the People13.5000
2054154Awakenings2Discusses the groups Anonymous and the short lived LulzSec and how they've politicized hacking with actions that can lead to full disclosure, pure mischief and justice.N42.0000
2055154Introduction to Chrome OS121Discusses Google's Chrome OS based on GNU/Linux and the Chrome web browser that puts all it's applications and personal data in the "Cloud".References article So... I Bought a Chromebook <a href='article.php?i=156&a=2117'>(..)</a>N63.5000
2056154Bypassing Shell Restrictions1095Discusses the steps used by the author to circumvent the restrictions of a BusyBox shell on a Dell device.N91.5000
2057154Phishing on an iDevice1039Discusses a proof of concept for turning your iDevice into a phishing device for gaining account information.A112.0000
2058154TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses Chinese phone etiquette concerning Caller ID, the dangers of relying on it and how easy, via multiple methods, Caller ID spoofing is.N132.0000
2059154Network Anonymity Through 'MAC Swapping'1096Discusses MAC addresses, how to harvest and spoof them (with tutorial) and presents a scheme for maintaining anonymity on a network that uses MAC addresses to authenticate and identify users.N156.0000
2060154Both Sides of the Story93Discusses the police interview and presents a survival guide with four rules for anyone who might be questioned by law enforcement.N212.0000
2061154Video Game Hacking1097Discusses game hacking (hardware and software), giving a brief overview on how and why games are hacked.N231.5000
2062154Hacking Alt Detection in Second Life1098Discusses the alt-detecting security system zF RedZone and details of how it works including it's simple substitution cypher.N241.5000
2063154HACKER PERSPECTIVE1099Discusses the authors adventures in exploring, programming and learning about computers.N262.5000
2064154How to Spoof Another User in MindAlign1100Discusses the chat system call MindAlign and how the author figured out a method to impersonate another user in it.N291.0000
2065154Access Control: A Fancy Facade1101Discusses access control systems, gives a basic overview of how they work and a common physical security flaw the many of them contain.N302.5000
2066154Go Daddy Shared Hosting Review1102Discusses some of the vulnerabilities and security holes found in the Go Daddy shared hosting service.N321.5000
2067154Logging and Analysis with Your GPS-enabled Phone1103Discusses some things you can do with the GPS coordinates from your cell phone (author uses an HP/Palm webOS phone).N481.5000
2068154Cellphone, Keys, Wallet? Check!1104Discusses what happened when the author's phone was stolen and how T-Mobile wouldn't block the IMEI and SIM card and why.N491.5000
2069154Mobile Hacking: Really1105Discusses running the Laika Linux OS image on an Android powered phone which gives you command line access to Hydra, Nmap, Metasploit, etc.N511.0000
2070154TRANSMISSIONS23Discusses how little security has improved and in some cases actually gotten worse in the past 14 years of the Internet.N521.0000
2071154Asterisk, The Gatekeeper1106Discusses a modification to an Asterisk system to automatically open the gate of a gated communities' access control system for a specific phone number.N541.0000
2072154Wear a White Hat735Discusses the recent incidents involving HBGary and Anonymous with the author questioning both groups ethics (or lack thereof).N551.0000
2073154How I Got Firefox to Accept the Tel Tag for Phone Calls21Discusses how to modify Firefox so it accepts the tel: tag (which is like a mailto: tag but for phone numbers).N56How I Got Firefox to Accept the Tel Tag and Place Phone Calls from Web Pages1.3300
2074154Fiction: Kill Switch350Tells a story about how the U.S. government restricts Internet and wireless phone networks but are subverted by a group of amateur radio operators.N573.6600
2075154HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events of interest to hackers.N611.0000
2076154Letters15Dear 2600Writing for Us, More on Meetings, Information, Corporations, Digital 2600, Projects, Inquiries, Desperation, Random Thoughts, Retorts, Still More on Wikileaks.N34Utterances14.0000
2077155Movements2Discusses events like the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street movement that used new technologies and social media to effect change and showed how individuals can be empowered and make a difference.N42.0000
2078155Google Temphptations1107Discusses the .php~ problem and how this can be taken advantage of (with suggestions for remedying), shows how google may be used to find such sites.A62.0000
2079155Free Phone Numbers with Google Voice1108Discusses Google Voice, what it is, setting it up, and how to disconnect it from a real phone number.N81.0000
2080155Abuse Reports Still Work1109Discusses how many people think filing abuse reports is a waste of time, but the author contends this is not the case and provides tips and his own experiences to indicate otherwise.N91.0000
2081155MAC Spoofing Your Way to Free Internet1110Discusses a method of gaining free access to pay-for-use wireless hotspots using a MAC spoofing technique that will work in OS X, Linux and Windows.N101.0000
2082155Hacking Refog Keylogger1111Discusses the Refog Keylogger software program, what it is, how to detect it and to completely render the monitoring and invasion of privacy it is supposed to provide completely useless.N11Hacking Refog Keylogger (Snoop Unto Others as Others Snoop Unto You)2.0000
2083155TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses details of the land line and mobile phone telecommunication services in Palau (a former U.S. territory of small islands in the Pacific Ocean).N131.6600
2084155Who is Anonymous?1077Discusses how the Anonymous group doesn't fit the good guy versus bad guy model and how the lack of a hierarchal structure empowers the individual.N151.5000
2085155Property Acquisition - For Free?1120Discusses the author's experience as a Permanent Traveler (homeless) and how her boyfriends payment of her property tax switched the properties title.N161.5000
2086155Let's Feed the Phishes1113Discusses a phishing attempt the author received and provides a Python script for posting bogus data to that phishing site. It could be modified for many such sites.A182.0000
2087155Bypassing Universal Studio's MP3 Security the EZ Way129Discusses a method of removing copyright and DRM from Universal Pictures MP3 files.N201.0000
2088155Internal Denial of Service with Fork and Malloc Bombs1073Discusses a simple c program to Denial of Service a host machine, requires a reverse shell/compromised system to implement.A211.0000
2089155Whitelisting with Gmail1043Discusses a method of completely avoiding spam.N221.0000
2090155Eye Spy1046Discusses the MobileChan phone app and the tools the author used to see what data it was sending.N231.0000
2091155How to Social Engineer Your Local Bank214Discusses the "daily authentication code" system used by many banks and a method for obtaining it (used by the author during numerous pen tests).N241.0000
2092155Laptop Repair, Customer Beware1114Discusses a major security hole in the ASUS Repair Status Inquiry on-line web application.N251.0000
2093155HACKER PERSPECTIVE1117Discusses the author's first experiences running a BBS system, the difficulties security researchers face in disclosing system vulnerabilities in todays environment and her enthusiasm for the work and the community.N262.6600
2094155More Active Gamers Should Become Activist Hackers1119Discusses the author's involvement in writing privacy software for activists and encourages hackers to get involved and help make change happen.N291.0000
2095155Simplex Locks: Illusion of Security, Version 2.01089Discusses a method to quickly bypass many models of the Simplex line of door locks.N301.3300
2096155Hacking Is in the Blood1121Discusses the author's experiences with locks in high school and how that relates to hacking.N310.6600
2097155Support for Cable Providers? Why?1122Discusses a couple of court cases brought by cable providers that have actually been beneficial to consumers and the average public.N321.0000
2098155Pre-Texting-R-Us1123Discusses the author's work in collections and relates a couple of pretexts used to obtain information and find people.N331.0000
2099155Pirating the Caribbean214Discusses how to set up an autorun CD with some suggestions on what to make it look like.N481.0000
2100155Perfect Encryption - Old Style!98Discusses a very simple cipher and encryption scheme that is unbreakable and still used be people all over the world.N492.0000
2101155The Piracy Situation1043Discusses piracy and some of the author's reasons for why it is not a good thing and urges the hacker community to actively advocate against it.N511.0000
2102155TRANSMISSIONS23Discusses cell phone tracking including software like CarrirIQ, how and what information is collected and how the data collected may be sold to anyone (ostensibly for marketing).N521.3300
2103155Anonymity and the Internet in Canada1130Discusses privacy destroying laws in danger of being passed in the Canadian House of Commons and some measures you can take to enhance your anonymous Internet Experience.N54 1.0000
2104155Elegant Password Generation with Oplop1131Discusses the author's system for managing account credentials and his use of the Oplop password hashing algorithm to create them.N553.2500
2105155Hacking the Winn-Dixie Survey1132Discusses the meaning of the survey code at the bottom of Winn-Dixie receipts and the potential for abuse.N580.7500
2106155Switch1133Discusses exploring the drainage pipes under Harbor Boulevard in Costa Mesa.N592.0000
2107155HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events of interest to hackers.N611.0000
2108155Letters15Dear 2600:Opportunity, Still More on Meetings, Postscripts, Wondering, Stories, Requests, Disclosure, Struggles, More Observations, DRM Issues, N34General Assembly14.0000
2109156Game Changing2Discusses SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), PIPA (Protect IP Act) and ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement), the ongoing efforts by corporations and those in power to control speech and art and the activism needed to prevent this from happening.N42.0000
2110156A PHP Rootkit Case Study1134Discusses the author's analysis of a web server that had been infected with a virus, including examples of what he found and suggestions for remediation and prevention.A62.0000
2111156Denial of Service 2.01135Discusses traditional techniques used in DoS attacks as well as introducing some new theories on how to create DoS conditions on a network.N82.0000
2112156Spoofing MAC Addresses on Windows1136Discusses a simple method of changing your MAC address on Windows systems and gives some reasons for why you might want to do this.N102.0000
2113156GroupMe: A Modern Approach to Social Engineering1137Discusses a flaw in the GroupMe social networking application which potentially allows you to gain access to the groups messages so you can gather information for future social engineering attacks.N121.0000
2114156TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses the lack of in-flight telephone service on Asian airlines and the history of in-flight telephone service in the United States.N132.0000
2115156Curiosity Killed the Cat1138Discusses the author's nearly disastrous experience with finding and reporting a cross site scripting vulnerability at a large American university.N151.5000
2116156Stupid 9-Volt Tricks244Discusses several interesting things you can do with a 9-volt battery.N161.5000
2117156So... I Bought a Chromebook121Discusses some additional information about Google's Chrome OS and the Chromebook.References article Introduction to Chrome OS <a href='article.php?i=154&a=2055'>(..)</a>N182.0000
2118156Hacking Giveaway of the Day1139Discusses the Giveaway of the Day web site which gives away software every day and explains how to keep the programs and reinstall most of them.N20Hacking Giveaway of the Day (GOTD)1.2500
2119156How to Avoid the Online Dating Scam1140Discusses how the online dating sites (like eHarmony, Match and Chemistry) are free until you want to see the picture/profile of any matches and a method the author discovered to see them for free.N211.5000
2120156RTF... TOS1141Discusses Terms of Service (TOS) and how important they are to read and understand and the ones that are easier to understand and are upfront will tell you something about the quality of the company writing it.N232.3300
2121156Domain and Security1142Discusses how one domain name registrar manages account and domain information and how control of that data is basically control of the domain.N250.6600
2122156HACKER PERSPECTIVE1037Discusses what the author believes is at the heart of being a hacker and how everyone is or has been a hacker at times.N26The Hacker Perspective2.5000
2123156Towards a Hacker Friendly Mobile World69Discusses some history and information about the current technology available for building your own mobile phone.N292.0000
2124156LinuxLive... Save Me340Discusses a couple of options for setting up bootable thumb drives that have persistent so you can save information.N311.0000
2125156The Major Flaw of Pentesting1122Discusses how pentesting by itself isn't enough, and as the weakest link in any network are the users, the author recommends social engineering pentesting/audits.N321.0000
2126156Free Music: The Quest for the MP31143Discusses the method the author uses for finding and getting MP3 music files.N331.0000
2127156An EMP Flash - It All Stops1144Discusses EMP - Electro-Magnetic Pulse and speculates about the implementation and effects that weaponized versions of these could have on the United States.N481.2500
2128156Learning from Stratfor: Extracting a Salt from an MD5 Hash45Discusses the Stratfor breach and how using the list of user names/encrypted passwords released was able to figure out the salt, which makes brute forcing all the passwords fairly easy.N492.7500
2129156TRANSMISSIONS23Discusses the general trend towards locking down devices so you only run the code you're told you can run (ie. Apple, Intel TPM) and the need for a balance between security and fair use.N521.3300
2130156Control4 and Home Automation1145Discusses Control4 home automation, how it works, being creative with it and the author's personal fears of the potential abuses.N541.3300
2131156Backdooring with Metasploit1044Discusses the Metasploit Framework and walks thru the steps for a basic Metasploit attack.N551.2500
2132156My Grandpa's Books Never More!1063Discusses how the author ripped his college textbooks to save money.N571.0000
2133156Insurgent Technology: In WikiLeaks' Wake1146Discusses some of the social and political implications of Wikileaks, the Arab Spring and Occupy movements.N582.0000
2134156The Pros and Cons of Courses1122Discusses "ethical" hacking and network security courses and though a certificate can be worthless in the real world they can be a valuable learning experience.N601.0000
2135156HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events of interest to hackers.N611.0000
2136156Letters15Dear 2600:Information, Challenges, Meeting Stuff, Revelations, Inquiries, Random Thoughts, The Crime of Knowledge, Aggressive Prosecution, QR Fun.N34Cables14.0000
2137157Scales of Inequality2Discusses the Richard O'Dwyer extradition case (mentions several others) and how this miscarriage of justice is becoming more commonplace.N42.0000
2138157Bluetooth Hunter's Guide1147Discusses bluetooth device discovery including non-discoverable device scanning using available tools and includes real world results from the authors' own experiments.References article Bluetooth Hacking Primer in 27:1. <a href='article.php?i=148&a=1925'>(..)</a>N64.0000
2139157Security by Obscurity = Insecurity1148Discusses how often a security experts advice for protecting your stuff is useless as most locks can be picked without the need for expensive high tech gear.N101.0000
2140157Building a Cat-5 Cable Tap1110Discusses how to build a ghetto/poor man's cat-5 network cable tap.Seriously?!?! <a href=''>try this...</a>N111.0000
2141157NGFW - Not Grandpa's Firewall1149Discusses the nearly quarter century history of firewall technology.N121.0000
2142157TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses the Iridium global constellation of 66 low earth orbit satellites, including details of the historical and current technology and services available.N132.0000
2143157A Counterpoint to 'The Piracy Situation'1150Discusses piracy and urges the hacker community to actively advocate it, details his arguments for this position.References article The Piracy Situation in 28:4. <a href='article.php?i=155&a=2101'>(..)</a>N151.3300
2144157The Piracy Situation: The Devil's Advocate1151Discusses the fundamental problems with the current copyright laws and the positive aspects of piracy.References article The Piracy Situation in 28:4. <a href='article.php?i=155&a=2101'>(..)</a>N161.6600
2145157Why is Piracy Still Allowed?1152Discusses the inevitability of piracy when the price is overinflated and suggests applying the open source model (as it is already successful with software).N181.0000
2146157The New Age of the Mind1153Discusses a very broad overview of dry-electrode EEG and some of the exciting and fascinating doors it opens for people interested in "mind hacking".References the story My Second Implant in 27:2. <a href='article.php?i=149&a=1931'>(..)</a> Recommends Cognitive Neuroscience: The Biology of the Mind, by Gazzaniga, Ivry, and Mangun.N192.0000
2147157Building the Better Brute Force Algorithm153Discusses current dictionary/brute force attacks limitations and presents an algorithm generating passwords containing only English like words or phrases.N21Building the Better Brute Force Algorithm A Guide to Heuristic Password Cracking4.5000
2148157HACKER PERSPECTIVE1154Discusses the author's journey from being a computer novice to professional penetration tester and instructor and self-defined hacker.N262.3300
2149157Firewall Your iPhone1155Discusses the Apple iPhone 4S, how it appears to be connecting/sending data to Apple and other servers and how to block this behaviour.Hardware summary looks screwed up!?!N292.0000
2150157Memoir of a Tech Writer: The Art of Leverage1156Discusses the author's work as a tech writer and his experience editing a post-translated software manual originating from Europe in a corporate environment.N322.0000
2151157Say It Ain't So Verizon1085Discusses how Verizon's stock setup allows you to reset the FiOS Internet service router password without authorization or physical access.N481.0000
2152157Hacking Climate Change With WeatherLink1157Discusses the WeatherLink cloud service maintained by Davis Instruments for use with their weather stations (such as the Davis Vantage Pro 2).N492.0000
2153157Baofeng UV-3R: The Cheapest Dual-Band Ham Radio HT1158Discusses the Baofeng UV-3R ham radio and how to turn this dual-band HT into a tri-band HT.N511.0000
2154157TRANSMISSIONS23Discusses the Android update cycle and how security updates aren't being pushed to older handsets in a timely fashion.N521.7500
2155157Metaphasic Denial of Service Attacks1159Discusses a hybrid of DoS and DDoS (Distributed DoS) attacks called MDoS or the Metaphasic Denial of Service attack.N541.0000
2156157Never Be ON TIME Again!1160Discusses the On Time Payment Protection Systems, Inc. device, a simple method to defeat it and how the author thought thru the process.N551.5000
2157157Fiction: Hacking the Naked Princess 1 & 21161The first two chapters of the newest Dev Manny, Information Technology Private Investigator story "Hacking the Naked Princess".N57Dev Manny, Information Technology Private Investigator "Hacking the Naked Princess"3.2500
2158157HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events of interest to hackers.N611.0000
2159157Letters15Dear 2600:Missing Issues, Questions, Defeating the System, On Piracy, Advice, Social Engineering, A Little Feedback, More Kindle Fun, Article Issues, Opportunity, Observations, Prison Update.N34Kindling14.0000
2160158The Eyes Have It2Discusses the growing use of surveillance technologies since the debut issue in 1984 and the need to question the value of, reasons for and ultimate destination of this trend.N41.7500
2161158Technology at the Federal Bureau of Prisons1162Discusses the Federal Bureau of Prisons computer situation for inmates known as TRULINCS (Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System).N64.0000
2162158Using Bluetooth Devices as an Additional Security Measure in Linux1163Discusses how to use BlueProximity to add a physical layer of security to your Linux system and some relevant potential usage scenarios.N101.5000
2163158Hackers Indispensable for Volunteer Groups1164Discusses the low-budget, not-for-profit world where hacking is a necessity and the hacker's skills and experience would be welcome.References quote by ternarybit in Hacker Perspective article in 29:1. <a href='article.php?i=156&a=2122'>(..)</a>N121.0000
2164158TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses the basics of building a GSM network, including details of NinjaTel at Defcon and ShadyTel at ToorCamp and the OpenBTS and OpenBSC platforms.N132.0000
2165158The Quadcopter Crash Course1165Discusses the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and remote controlled vehicles called quadcopters and outlines the underlying principles one should be familiar with when delving into crafting one.N153.6600
2166158Spear Phishing at a Bank - A Hard Lesson Learned1123Discusses a spear phishing attack against the author's place of employment.N181.3300
2167158Restoring Honest Elections1166Discusses how elections can be (and have been) hijacked and some of the problems with proprietary electronic voting systems.N201.5000
2168158Hackers in Space121Discusses some of the practical aspects of building a free and globally accessible satellite communications network.N212.5000
2169158Hacking Apple's System256Discusses how the author spilled coffee on his Macbook and got the Apple store to replace the damaged keyboard under warranty for free.N241.0000
2170158Fundamental Flaws in Online and Phone Ordering1167Discusses the author's place of work which takes phone and online orders.N251.0000
2171158HACKER PERSPECTIVE1168Discusses why the author believes he's a hacker and how his hacking has evolved over the years.N262.3300
2172158Beware the Cyber Weapons Industrial Complex1169Discusses the growing cyber weapon industrial complex and questions whether militarizing malware and rootkits and selling them to any buyer for profit is such a good idea.References Dragorn article Real Cyberwar in 28:2. <a href='article.php?i=47&a=1406'>(..)</a> See "The Code War" by Michael Riley and Ashley Vance in Bloomberg Businessweek July 25-31 2011.N293.0000
2173158XML Automated Gambling1170Discusses the author's observations of online gambling web sites followed by a series of discoveries, tests, and experiments.A322.0000
2174158Stuxnet: An Analysis1171Discusses the Stuxnet attack as a case study of what a modern computer virus can accomplish. Details exploits used, file names and end result.N482.6600
2175158How to Leech from Spotify1172Discusses how to record albums and/or songs from Spotify and obtain music for free.N501.3300
2176158TRANSMISSIONS23Discusses the network (Wi-Fi and hard wired) used at the this summers HOPE conference.N522.0000
2177158Radio Redux1173Discusses some basic info for those who would like to explore RF hacking and talks about some of the latest news in the RF hacking scene.Recommends the Handbook for Radio Communications and Experimental Methods in RF Design published by the ARRL.N545.0000
2178158Physical Security Threat from Hotel WiFi1174Discusses issues with hotel pay as you go Internet services that allow attackers to compromise your Internet access and potentially gain physical access to your room.N591.0000
2179158A Nice, Hot, Socially Engineered Meal1138Discusses a situation where the author received a free pizza without any social engineering whatsoever.N601.0000
2180158HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events of interest to hackers.N611.0000
2181158Letters15Dear 2600Guidance, Assorted Info, More on Meetings, Feedback, Words, of Note, Just Asking, Payphones, Randomness.N34Fundamental Interaction14.0000
2182159Storm Clouds2Discusses some of Superstorm Sandy effects on technology, particularly how thoroughly cell service was wiped out in so many areas.N42.0000
2183159Basic Code Breaking363Discusses the RSA algorithm, covers some of the weaknesses and gives readers a better understanding of basic code breaking with some simple examples.References article Simple RSA Encryption in 28:2. <a href='article.php?i=153&a=2039'>(..)</a>N62.0000
2184159An Overview of the Security Benefits Offered by Desktop Virtualization1175Discusses an overview of the benefits and detriments of the desktop virtualization model as it relates to the security of the client and network.N63.0000
2185159Hardware Hacking - An Introduction Via Dev' Boards1176Discusses a brief history of hardware hacking with an overview of some of the many options available today.Recommends The Art of Electronics 2nd ed. 1989 by P. Horowitz and W. Hill, Microcomputer Architecture and Programming Wily 1989 by J. F. Wakerly.N111.5000
2186159Hacking Walgreens Photo Processing Machines1177Discusses the author's use of a "Switchblade" prepared SD card to garner information from a digital photo kiosk at Walgreens.N120.5000
2187159TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses mobile phone service in rural areas including AMPS (mostly obsolete), femtocells, microcells and repeaters/amplifiers and signal boosters.N132.0000
2188159C is for Camouflage1178Discusses a method of making the Windows DOS box look more like Notepad so as to hide it's use from prying eyes.N151.0000
2189159A Method to Spider Sites Like with Teleport Pro1179Discusses a method of web crawling (spidering) a web site using a "port bouncer" when the normal method (ie. HTTrack/Teleport Pro) don't work.N161.0000
2190159Steganography over Covert Channels: Implementation and Government Response1181Discusses the hiding of data in dynamic or static channels to covertly transmit information, efforts to detect this, and the increasing use of deep packet inspection to monitor communications on the Internet.N177.0000
2191159New Ways of Ranking Documents69Discusses two additional methods of ranking documents based on the author's proposed information content and inspirational index ideas.N241.0000
2192159Hacking Dirt1182Discusses a problem with sink holes caused by a drainage pipe and the author's hack to correct the problem.N251.0000
2193159HACKER PERSPECTIVE1139Discusses the author's definition of hacking and covers his life story in relation to computing and being a hacker.N263.0000
2194159The Security Funnel: When OpenVPN Meets Tor1136Discusses how to maintain your privacy using OpenVPN and Tor and also how to combine them for an added layer of security.N292.5000
2195159Tactical Teensy Rapid Recon1183Discusses using the Teensy device to deliver payloads as an USB HID (Human Interface Device), including code examples.I've added a link to the USB Rubber Ducky, a similar device.A312.5000
2196159An Alternate Method for Creating an SSH Tunnel with PuTTY and Squid1184Discusses a method of port forwarding that allows you to use PuTTY in Windows to connect to an SSH server.References article The Many Uses of SSH Tunnels in 28:2. <a href='article.php?i=153&a=2049'>(..)</a>N482.0000
2197159How to Survive a DNS Attack1185Discusses a simple method of preventing a website from being unavailable due to a DNS outage.N501.1250
2198159The Breach That Wasn't735Discusses the truth behind the (actually false) news reports of viruses found at City College of San Francisco in January 2012.N510.8750
2199159TRANSMISSIONS23Discusses the collapse of the SSL trust system due to flaws and compromises, describes the two current models (trust certificate authority and self signed) and looks to the future with Certificate Pinning.N522.0000
2200159Wordpress Exploit Immunization1122Discusses the author's web site being compromised (which uses the Wordpress platform) and the steps taken to fix the site and to prevent it's recurrence.N542.0000
2201159Fiction: Hacking the Naked Princess 3-51161The third, fourth and fifth chapters of the newest Dev Manny, Information Technology Private Investigator story "Hacking the Naked Princess".N56Dev Manny, Information Technology Private Investigator "Hacking the Naked Princess"5.0000
2202159HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events of interest to hackers.N611.0000
2203159Letters15Dear 2600:Propositions, Inequity, Reader Thoughts, Listener Thoughts, New Meeting, In Need of Advice, Advice to Share, New Stuff, Miscellaneous.N34Intercepts14.0000
2204160A Lost Promise2Discusses the tragic suicide of Aaron Swartz, a bit about depression and some background on Aaron's case and his outrageous treatment by the feds.N42.0000
2205160Guest Networks: Protection Less Than WEP?1187Discusses a flaw in some Linksys/Cisco routers that will allow you to log into a Guest network setup on these devices.A63.0000
2206160Practical Cryptanalysis1188Discusses the weaknesses of Type 7 passwords that can be used on Cisco routers with a Python program that demonstrates the algorithm.S9Practical Cryptanalysis: Reversing Cisco Type 7 Password Hashes1.5000
2207160Twitter For Fun and Profit1189Discusses a new type of Twitter botnet which doesn't infect computers or steal anyone's account, includes some example php code.A101.5000
2208160Warning for Ye Olde Bank - Don't Do This!1123Discusses an old school phishing attack that used a fax and how close it came to succeeding.N121.0000
2209160TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses voice/internet options while traveling in southern Argentina and on an Antarctica cruise and then the author's new home in Rotterdam Amsterdam.N132.0000
2210160Social Engineering: Tactics for Prevention1190Discusses social engineering - what it is, helpful skills, character traits and tools, and the importance of planing, reconnaissance, organization, preparation and finally execution.N154.5000
2211160Extra-Legal Harassment1191Discusses the concept of extra-legal harassment, outlines the main techniques used and shares hardwon lessons on how activists can most effectively protect themselves from these forms of attack.N196.5000
2212160HACKER PERSPECTIVE1192Discusses why the author considers himself a hacker and some stories to illustrate his belief.N262.0000
2213160Book Review: 1193Discusses the book "Exploding the Phone" by Phil Lapsley, published by Grove Press.N28Book Review: Exploding the Phone1.0000
2214160Fiddler - Never Trust the Client1170Discusses the use of fiddler as a web debugging proxy to examine http(s) traffic and tamper with it. Let's you spoof requests and responses to/from remote machines.N291.5000
2215160U.S. Department Of State Loves Mexico1194Discusses a Department of State Request for Quote document titled Mexico Technical Surveillance System.N311.0000
2216160Hypercapitalism and Its Discontents1195Discusses piracy and hacking as a reaction to the excessive control corporations exert in the modern capitalist world.References D351's article. <a href='article.php?i=157&a=2143'>(..)</a>N321.0000
2217160Fun with Base Math503Discusses what base math and base numbering systems are and provides a brief primer or introduction to how it works.N33Fun with Base Math: A Primer on Base Numbering Systems1.0000
2218160Cracking Push-Button Locks1081Discusses push-button locks made by Borg Locks whose combination is fairly easy to crack depending on the code set.N481.0000
2219160Brute Force Access1196Discusses how to brute force the password for the TRIPLEX DVRLink DVR468RW CCTV security system with a Python script.A491.0000
2220160The Usage of the Assumption Technique in Social Engineering1197Discusses how implicit assumptions and peoples innate desire to be helpful can be utilized in a social engineering example.N511.0000
2221160TRANSMISSIONS23Discusses the value of open communities and forums on the Internet to build knowledge and answers to common problems and warns of services like Facebook and Google+ that appear open but really aren't.N52TRANSMISSIONS The Value of Open Communities2.0000
2222160Dev'ing an OS1198Discusses the basics of systems development including the boot process, real mode, assembly registers, memory stack, interrupts, bootloader, etc.N545.0000
2223160Learning, Hacking, and the Raspberry Pi1199Discusses the Raspberry Pi - what it is, what it's for, some quick and hard hacks and notes about gaming.N592.0000
2224160HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events of interest to hackers.N611.0000
2225160Letters15Dear 2600Propositions, Commentary, Information, Observations, Questions, Fun With Meetings, Reader Feedback, Digital Issues.N34Symptoms14.0000
2226161The Road to Safety2Discusses the fallout from the Boston Marathon bombings - increased calls for surveillance and intrusions on privacy, even though they are ripe for abuse and won't prevent such attacks so don't make us safer.N42.0000
2227161Splunking the Google Dork1200Discusses Google hacking/dorking using SearchDiggity and writes a Python script to automate the process and put the output into Splunk (a log analysis/intelligence tool).S62.5000
2228161Fun with the Minuteman III Weapon System1204Discusses some of the physical security details of an active ICBM missile site.See part two <a href='article.php?i=163&a=2279'>(..)</a>, part three <a href='article.php?i=165&a=2323'>(..)</a>N81.0000
2229161My First Blackhat1201Discusses the use of a cross-site scripting (XSS) attack to get the password of a classic social networking site rip-off.A92.0000
2230161How to Create and Operate a Temporary Free Autonomous Zone1069Discusses a framework of protocols and techniques to organize a large, diverse group of individuals voluntarily gathered together for a shared purpose.N111.5000
2231161TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses CDMA450 technology which is designed for rural areas and is deployed or being tested in 62 countries worldwide (not the U.S.).N132.0000
2232161A Broad Spectrum of DRM1202Discusses a method of disabling the one hour DRM in Alawar's demo games.N151.0000
2233161Getting Free Media - All Without Torrents!1203Discusses several suggestions for finding the media you are looking for on the Internet and advice on how to accomplish it safely.N161.0000
2234161A Beginner's Guide to Social Engineering1152Discusses the most common types of social engineering from technical to simple and explains the best way for users to posture themselves to stay protected from such attacks.N17Tech Gets Better, Humans Do Not: A Beginner's Guide to Social Engineering6.0000
2235161Why Your Grandparents Don't Like the Internet1189Discusses some of the reasons people (often older) are afraid of using the stories to Internet4TheElderly@xnite.orgN231.0000
2236161What Made Unix Great and Why the Desktop is in Such Bad Shape69Discusses how the main ingredient of Unix is the idea that everything is a file (often text) and the flexibility of simple tools that can be combined to increase versatility.N242.0000
2237161HACKER PERSPECTIVE1205Discusses episodes in the author's life that illustrate his hunger for knowledge (otherwise called hacking).N262.6600
22381610-Day Adventures1206Discusses a 0-Day security vulnerability the author encountered while working in a security role and how he assessed it.A291.0000
2239161How a Prehistoric Hacker Got Started1207Reflects on the author's career in information technology which began in the 1960s and describes the first computer he used.N301.0000
2240161The Weather Outside is Frightful/Bulls-eye on the Banks - Again1123Discusses an incident at a bank where ATM skimming equipment was installed by criminals but accidentally discovered by a customer. Also discusses a new Trojan focused on around 30 banks.Two articles.N311.5000
2241161Exploiting the Postal Service Address System for Personal Gain1208Discusses what you can modify in your mailing address and still have the postal service be able to deliver it to you. Useful for offers/special deals that are limited by address.N320.5000
2242161A World without Security1209Discusses the hassles that computer security causes for users and software developers.N321.0000
2243161Book Review: 1210Discusses the book "Pirate Cinema" by Cory Doctorow published by Tor Teen.N48Pirate Cinema by Cory Doctorow1.0000
2244161Cyber Attacks on Equities Markets1211Discusses the instability and frailty of the U.S. electronic markets and exchanges (NYSE, NASDAQ, etc).N49Cyber Attacks on Equities Markets: The Real Threat of High Frequency Trading1.0000
2245161Static Code Analysis Using Watchtower1212Discusses Watchtower, a static code analysis tool the author recently published under the GPL license written in Ruby.N502.0000
2246161TRANSMISSIONS23Discusses the hacker skill set as somewhere between a mindset and a continual vocation and warns of some hacker mindset pitfalls.N521.0000
2247161Tracking Users on Trustworthy Sources1189Discusses a method of obtaining someones ip address from a forum web site.A541.0000
2248161A Response to 'Perfect Encryption - Old Style!'98Discusses the old school method of encrypting messages by hand using a one time pad, still used the world over.References article Perfect Encryption - Old Style!. <a href='article.php?i=155&a=2100'>(..)</a>. Reprinted original article by mistake - see Autumn 2013 (30:3) page 64 and 65 for correct article.N55Perfect Encryption - Old Style!2.3300
2249161Fiction: Hacking the Naked Princess 61161The sixth chapter of the newest Dev Manny, Information Technology Private Investigator story "Hacking the Naked Princess".N57Dev Manny, Information Technology Private Investigator "Hacking the Naked Princess"3.3300
2250161HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events of interest to hackers.N611.0000
2251161Letters15Dear 2600:Reading and Writing, Pitching In, Help Wanted, Inquiring Minds, Service Declined, Call to Action, More Meeting Mania, Responding, The Game of Justice, Memories, "Copy Protection, Trademarks, et al", Advice.N34autonomous consciousness14.0000
2252162The Right to Know2Discusses the Edward Snowden NSA revelations and the Bradley Manning sentencing and what these stories tell us about those in power.N41.7500
2253162An Introduction to Bitcoin1213Discusses Bitcoin, a digital peer-to-peer currency, how it works and some novel uses.N61.8000
2254162Bitcoin: The Hacker Currency?68Discusses Bitcoin, a decentralized, non-fiat currency and covers wallet(s), mining and issues converting to cash.N71.2000
2255162Inquiring Minds = Hacker = Design Engineer1176Discusses some of the differences and similarities of hardware versus software hacking.N91.0000
2256162Hacking The Apple Collective1214Discusses the author's experiences working at an Apple retail outlet.References article "Hacking Apple's System" in 29:3. <a href='article.php?i=158&a=2169'>(..)</a>N101.5000
2257162Internet Trolls735Discusses trolls - what they are, how they operate and some strategies for dealing with them.N111.5000
2258162TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems as they currently are and where they are headed.N132.0000
2259162Controlling the Information Your Android Apps Send Home1163Discusses three methods of controlling permissions for your apps on your rooted/unlocked Android phone.N152.3300
2260162U-verse Networking1215Discusses how to set up a network and correctly configure it to connect to AT&T Business U-verse (a VDSL Internet connection).N171.3300
2261162Scamming the Scammer: A Fun Way to Respond to a 419 Scam158Discusses a Nigerian 419 Scam attempted on the author and what he did about it.N192.6600
2262162The Art of War and What IT Professionals Can Learn from It1216Discusses applying the philosophy in The Art of War by Sun Tzu to the IT profession.N211.3300
2263162Access Tandem Codes and the Hidden Phone Network1217Discusses hidden telephone codes (including access tandem codes), what they are, how they work and how to find them.N233.0000
2264162HACKER PERSPECTIVE1218Discusses the author's history with computing/hacking and what hacking means to him.N262.6600
2265162Palo Alto NGFW Insider1219Discusses the Palo Alto Next Generation Firewall and what the author found opening the unit up and examining the hardware.N292.0000
2266162Identity Management and Its Role in Security Strategy of Enterprise Environments1220Discusses Identity and Access Management (IDAM) and what it means to the security strategy of enterprise environments.N313.0000
2267162Defeating Forensic Attacks on Full Disk Encryption289Discusses several methods to defeat common forensic techniques used to circumvent full disk encryption.N481.5000
2268162Bank Notes1123Discusses a phishing attempt, cloud versus local network security and a social engineering attempt at the author's workplace.N492.5000
2269162TRANSMISSIONS23Discusses security, cryptography, anonymity and identity protection.N522.0000
2270162Relax, We Bought Security1136Discusses how computer security is often poorly implemented in many companies and some advice on the correct method.N542.0000
2271162Clouds, Clouds, Clouds1123Discusses a small community bank's experience with moving it's transaction processing function into the Cloud.N561.2500
2272162Lights, Camera, Hack1138Discusses the author's belief that hacking exists in other facets of life and presents cinema/film making as an example.Book recommendation: Everything is Cinema: The Working Life of Jean-luc Godard by Richard Brody.N571.3300
2273162Fiction: The Error1221Tells a story about someone with a neural implant.N582.5000
2274162HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events of interest to hackers.N611.0000
2275162Letters15Dear 2600:Random Bits, Contributions, Special Requests, Continuations, Critiques, Info Needed, Meeting News, Feedback, On Privacy.N34lore14.0000
2276163Dissent or Descent2Discusses the continuing NSA revelations, some historical NSA related concerns and what should be done now.N42.0000
2277163ID3 Tag Messages1209Discusses the MP3 standard and it's ID3 tag and how it is the perfect place to hide secret messages.N61.2500
2278163Privacy - A New Hope Through Tails1222Discusses using a Linux Live CD called Tails to help prevent tracking and surveillance of your Internet use.N82.7500
2279163Fun with the Minuteman III Weapon System - Part Two1204Discusses some of the communication details of an active ICBM missile site.See part one <a href='article.php?i=161&a=2228'>(..)</a>, part three <a href='article.php?i=165&a=2323'>(..)</a>N112.0000
2280163TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses some of the history of independent telephone companies often seen in rural areas.N132.0000
2281163The Many Vulnerabilities of Verity Parental Control1223Discusses the Verity Parental Control program and numerous methods of defeating it.N152.3300
2282163Anonymity and You, Firefox 17 Edition1224Discusses some methods that could be used to break Tor's anonymity and suggestions to use Tor safely.N171.2500
2283163Wi-Fi Security: Attack and Defense1037Discusses the current state of Wi-Fi security with a practical emphasis on attack and defence methodology.A185.3300
2284163The Maturation Cycle of a Hacker1123Discusses the hacker life cycle.N241.0000
2285163There is Never a Free Lunch1123Discusses the positive and negative sides of technology and mentions the 'Microsoft customer service calling you about a virus' scam.N250.6600
2286163HACKER PERSPECTIVE1184Discusses what the word hacker means to the author.N263.0000
2287163CYS Using a Pi to Pivot1225Discusses using a raspberry pi to cover you tracks online.N291.2500
2288163Pretty Good Privacy1226Discusses using the OpenPGP protocol to encrypt files and emails.N301.7500
2289163Hacking Your Mother Tongue to Obfuscate your Encryption1073Discusses using the Russian alphabet instead of the English alphabet to further obfuscate encryption of plain text.N321.6600
2290163The Growing Schism Between Hackers and the Law1227Discusses finding a vulnerability in a website used by federal law enforcement and the consequences suffered for exposing it.N48Black and White * The Growing Schism Between Hackers and the Law2.0000
2291163Netcam: Basics and Vulnerabilities1228Discusses IP cameras or webcams that operate over a network and lists common netcam default passwords.N501.6600
2292163TRANSMISSIONS23Discusses the several ways governments and companies are tracking your location with suggestion to protect your privacy.N522.0000
2293163All I Want is Total Freedom1069Discusses some ways to get back some privacy.I've assumed Lifeguard and lifegaurd are the same author.N541.0000
2294163Fiction: Hacking the Naked Princess 7-91161The seventh thru ninth chapters of the newest Dev Manny, Information Technology Private Investigator story "Hacking the Naked Princess"N55Dev Manny, Information Technology Private Investigator "Hacking the Naked Princess"5.3300
2295163HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events of interest to hackers.N611.0000
2296163Letters15Dear 2600Queries, Additional Info, Critical Observations, Statements, On Meetings, Free Advice, Horror Story from Hell, Future Plans, Appreciation, Digital Divide, HOPE-X TicketsN34Communicatory Types14.0000
2297164Thirty Years On2Discusses 30 years of publishing 2600 and reflects on what hasn't changed.N42.0000
2298164Lessons from 'Secret' History93Discusses some historical instances of the U.K. government controlling/collecting telecommunication data and how it seems to reveal an on going pattern.Bibliography: Intelligence in War, John Keegan, 2010, GCHQ, Richard Aldrich, 2010, "GCHQ taps fibre-optic cables for secret access to world's communications", The Guardian, 6/21/2013.N6Lessons from 'Secret' History From Cable Vetting to Tempora3.0000
2299164Google's Two-Factor Authentication: The Sneaky Trust Feature1229Discusses a "feature" of Google's two factor authentication scheme.N91.0000
2300164Identity and Encryption Verification1189Discusses some PGP key signing best practices.N101.0000
2301164Asterisk: The Busy Box19Discusses a method to bring back the phreaker busy box using an Asterisk PBX server.A111.0000
2302164Using Square to Obtain Dollars at a Reasonable Rate1230Discusses a method to obtain a reasonable Argentina peso to U.S. dollar exchange rate.N12Using Square from Outside the U.S. to Obtain Dollars at a Reasonable Rate1.0000
2303164TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses voice/internet options while travelling in Ecuador and Mexico City.N132.0000
2304164Robbing the Rich Using Bitcoin1225Discusses how thieves could exploit a couple of the most common security flaws still in practice today.Python script to scrape websites for potential passwords.A154.6600
2305164The Night the ATM Went Down on Me158Discusses observing the boot sequence of an NCR ATM and finding out it was running Windows XP which has just gone end of life.N191.3300
2306164Android Reversing Bootcamp1231Discusses a brief introduction to Android application reversing.A212.3300
2307164Hacking Commercial Maytag Washers and Dryers1232Discusses how to put most Maytag commercial washers and dryers into service mode to reprogram them.N252.0000
2308164HACKER PERSPECTIVE1233Discusses how the author first got into computers and his first program hack to capture user login passwords.N263.0000
2309164Accessing Data Structures in a Randomized Address Space1234Discusses a potential exploit in the Linux glibc library in the srand function.Part of page title : (how to eliminate entropy and bring the universe back to the singularity)A29Accessing Data Structures in a Randomized Address Space (ASLR)3.5000
2310164A Little Excitement Never Hurt Anybody!1123Discusses an email the author received purporting to be from the IRS and an analysis of how he determined it was bogus.N322.0000
2311164Brute-forcing PIN Code Keypads Using Combinatorial Mathematics1235Discusses finding the shortest possible sequence of digits containing all four-digit pin codes from 0000 to 9999.N484.0000
2312164Building a Community Forum1236Discusses how to build successful online forums.N522.0000
2313164Why IMDB Got a Captcha1237Discusses how the GNAA devised a plan to troll IMDb users using various hacks.N54Procedural Worlds Statistical Analysis Image Processing and PRNG Exploitation for the Lutz - or Why IMDb Got a Captcha3.0000
2314164At Home Malware (and Online Ads) Protection1110Discusses a script to update a DD-WRT router with malware/adware hosts to block access to.A571.0000
2315164Automated Target Acquisition1238Discusses a method of protecting a web server while obtaining potential targets at the same time.A581.5000
2316164Fiction: Lock and Key1239Tells a story about a unique hackerspace project.N591.5000
2317164HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events of interest to hackers.N611.0000
2318164Letters15Dear 2600Notations, Questions, Accusations, Litigation, Conversation, Clarification, Donations, Contributions, Investigations, Suggestions, Observations, Versification, Convocations, Appreciation.N34Vapors14.0000
2319165Watching the Watchers2Discusses the continuing Snowden leaks, the ongoing discussion of privacy versus security and mass media's distorted coverage of the issues.N42.0000
2320165Sabotage The System: Encryption as Surveillance State Monkey Wrench1191Discusses two methods of increasing the cost of automation in the NSA's global data surveillance system which can make the output brittle, imprecise and uncertain.N64.0000
2321165Crossover: Where Metal and Hacking Met and Mixed1240Discusses the parallels between hacking and heavy metal in the formative years of both.N103.0000
2322165TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses carrier hotels and the author's unethical methods of achieving efficiencies and cost savings in one.N132.0000
2323165Fun With the Minuteman III Weapon System - Part Three1204Discusses how to intercept basic nuclear missile communications of an active ICBM missile site.See part one <a href='article.php?i=161&a=2228'>(..)</a>, part two <a href='article.php?i=163&a=2279'>(..)</a>N15Fun With the Minuteman III Weapon System - Part Three "AHC Chicken"2.0000
2324165Fun with Data Entropy Attacks1241Discusses how knowledge of variances in compression can be used to gain advantage over a target system.N171.5000
2325165Network Condom1206Discusses a Python script to safely explore the seedier side of the Internet.A180.5000
2326165Yippie Ki-Yay: Social Engineering and Film1138Discusses the presence and implications of social engineering in film.N191.5000
2327165Hack Your House1242Discusses using a Raspberry Pi to control all the lights in a house and play streaming media.A20Hack Your House Making The Most Of Raspberry Pi1.5000
2328165Corporate Security and Chinese Hacking1243Discusses the Mandiant report findings (published last year) and offers suggestions to improve your security.N22Corporate Security and Chinese Hacking Lessons From The Mandiant Report on Chinese Espionage4.0000
2329165HACKER PERSPECTIVE1244Discusses the author's foray into hacking, the beginner hacking subculture and the hacker mentality.N263.0000
2330165Experiences of a Hobo Security Consultant1245Discusses the author's life as a homeless person doing computer repair work for other homeless people.N293.5000
2331165'My Precious...' (Apple)1123Discusses the July 2013 Apple developer site security breach.N321.5000
2332165Hacking the SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive1246Discusses gaining root access on the SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive.A482.0000
2333165Toilet Hacking1247Discusses hacking low-flow toilets.N503.5000
2334165'Good Afternoon. This is Your Fake AV Calling.'1123Discusses ransomware, a form of computer malware.N532.0000
2335165Future Visions1248Discusses how far technology has come since the author was a child and where it might be going.N551.3300
2336165Closing the Schism Between Hackers and the Law158Discusses what the author believes is the proper procedure to follow when finding a vulnerability on a website.References Scott Arciszewski article in 30:4. <a href='article.php?i=163&a=2290'>(..)</a>N572.0000
2337165Fiction: Hacking the Naked Princess 101161The tenth chapter of the newest Dev Manny, Information Technology Private Investigator story "Hacking the Naked Princess".N59Dev Manny, Information Technology Private Investigator "Hacking the Naked Princess" Synopsis 2.0000
2338165HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events of interest to hackers.N611.0000
2339165Letters15Dear 2600Further Questions, Article Feedback, Random Thoughts, Communications, Information, Meetings, Letters on Letters, The Digests, Critique, Experiences, New Stuff.N34Public Address14.0000
2340166A Tale of Many Hackers2Discusses the 2600 distributor Source Interlink disaster and the HOPE X conference success.N41.7500
2341166The Demoscene - Code, Graphics, and Music Hacking1249Discusses what a "demo" and the Demoscene is, some history and sample code in C.Bibliography, Usenet and ftp sites.C65.0000
2342166Bugging a Room with an IP Phone1095Discusses a flaw in the NEC DT700 VoIP system that allows remote recording of any phone in the system.N111.7500
2343166TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses some of the innovations/changes in the telecommunications industry over the past 15 years and what may be coming.N132.0000
2344166Hack the Track: Put Your Money Where Your 0wn Is!1250Discusses the world of handicapping in gambling systems and some of the mathematics and technology being used.N152.5000
2345166Linux Pwned - Just Not By Me1251Discusses the Ebury virus that infests Linux machines.N171.5000
2346166Writing Buffer Overflows for Non-Programmers1110Discusses Buffer Overflows and details the steps required to write one.N191.5000
2347166Remailing with USPS1229Discusses what remailing is, how it works and using the USPS as a remailer along with information about how all mail is monitored.N203.5000
2348166Forensic Bioinformatics Hacks1252Discusses what forensic bioinformatics is and a real life example conducted by the author.N242.0000
2349166HACKER PERSPECTIVE1253Discusses the author's definition of hacking and some of his life experiences as one.N263.5000
2350166Spam: Where Does It Come From?1123Discusses spam, what it is, why it's prevalent and the author's research conducted on a subset of the spam he received over 128 days.N303.0000
2351166Checkmate or How I Bypassed Your Security System with a Shoe String and Hanging File Folder the Morning After You Upgraded It1254Discusses how the author was able to defeat a building security system with simple tools.N331.0000
2352166Installing Debian on a Macbook Pro without rEFInd or Virtual Machines1035Discusses how the author installed Debian Wheezy onto an Apple Macboo Pro without any Mac partitions or rEFInd.N481.0000
2353166Film Review: Die Gstettensaga: A Call to Class Consciousness for Hackers1255Discusses the movie Die Gstettensaga : A Call to Class Consciousness directed by Johannes Grenzfurthner.Review contains spoilers.N491.0000
2354166Xfinite Absurdity: True Confessions of a Former Comcast Tech Support Agent1053Discusses the author's experience working at Comcast in online support for Internet and phone service.N501.7500
2355166EFFECTING DIGITAL FREEDOM1256Discusses patent trolls, what they are, how we got here and how you can help.N521.7500
2356166Covert War-Driving with WiGLE1225Discusses the Wigle Wifi Wardriving Android app used to find wireless access points and details six steps to crack a WEP protected network.N542.5000
2357166Quantum Computers for Code Breaking1257Discusses current technology and limitations of quantum computers, set algorithms, code breaking and trends in hardware.N562.2500
2358166InfoSec and the Electrical Grid: They Go Together Like Peas and Carrots1123Discusses the electrical grid/utility companies and it's/their lack of appropriate computer security.N592.0000
2359166HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events of interest to hackers.N611.0000
2360166Letters15Dear 2600Better Protection, Electronic Editions, Sensitive Info, Ignorance Campaign, Reader Response, Issues, Gratitude, Distributor Problem, Inquiries, More on Meetings, HOPE X.N34RX14.0000
2361167Tools for a New Future2Discusses how technological advances can be used to advance freedom and/or totalitarian control and have dramatically affected social media and video.N42.0000
2362167Password Cracking in the Modern Age1258Discusses passwords, how hashes work, different methods imployed for cracking, HashCat, CPU versus GPU and salting.N64.6600
2363167What Do Ordinary People Think a Hacker Is?1259Discusses some of the misconceptions concerning the word hacker, what it is and the author's attempts to use it properly.N101.3300
2364167Security Behavior1209Discusses using user and group behaviour to monitor users as a way to secure networks and possibly do away with passwords.N121.0000
2365167TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses how cheap GSM phone technology components are and how they're being used by utilities and agricultureN132.0000
2366167Format De-Shifting1260Discusses PDF.js, the PDF viewer written in HTML5 and three methods to download the actual .pdf file.N151.5000
2367167Simplocker Gonna Get'cha1123Discusses the Simplocker malware (ransomware) which infects a system and encrypts files and then demands a payment to decrypt them.N161.5000
2368167Home Depot Hacks1261Discusses how the Home Depot anti-theft devices can be hacked for petty theft.N181.0000
2369167Leeching Music From YouTube For Fun, Learning, and Profit1184Discusses a Python script the author wrote to download youtube videos, convert them to .mp3 and optionally burn to a CD.Coded for Linux.A195.0000
2370167Recon on Disney's Magic Band1262Discusses the Disney Magic Band, a waterproof high tech wristband that is an all inclusive pass to everything Disney (.ie resorts, parks, cruise ships, etc).N241.0000
2371167How Portable Can Wi-Fi Get?158Discusses a T-Mobile Wi-Fi router manufactured by Americhip that was given away in an issue of Fortune Magazine.N251.0000
2372167HACKER PERSPECTIVE1263Discusses the author's experiences learning hacking as an inmate in a prison.N263.0000
2373167The Surveillance Kings: Who's Really Behind Who's Watching Us1148Discusses an IBM project almost ten years ago that was developing and perfecting a computer surveillance program that became part of the operating system.N292.0000
2374167Taking Your Work Home After Work1264Discusses a method of circumventing an email system that blocked most attachments for security reasons.Includes Perl script.A312.0000
2375167The Perils of Lackadaisical Updates1123Discusses computer application update and patch management.N331.0000
2376167Crypto Systems Which Resist Quantum Computers1257Discusses crypto methods which are resistant to known algorithms used in quantum computers.N482.0000
2377167The 21st Century Hacker Manifesto1265Discusses a list of the author's opinions of the current global state of affairs in relation to hackers.N501.7500
2378167EFFECTING DIGITAL FREEDOM1256Discusses what net neutrality is, some history and why it is important to all Internet users.N521.6600
2379167Are You the Consumer, or the Product?158Discusses services like Google and Facebook and why they're "free".N541.5000
2380167Generating Phone Numbers1229Discusses the author's Python script to generate every valid phone number within a specified area code.A551.5000
2381167Hacking Dudley1266Discusses some shortcomings with the Dudley combination lock.N571.0000
2382167Fiction: Hacking the Naked Princess 0xB-0xC1161The eleventh and twelfth chapter of the newest Dev Manny, Information Technology Private Investigator story "Hacking the Naked Princess".N58Dev Manny, Information Technology Private Investigator 3.0000
2383167HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events of interest to hackers.N611.0000
2384167Letters15Dear 2600Curiosity, Deals, Fun with Meetings, Some Facts, Offerings, Ideas, Rules of Publishing, Article Comments, More Observations, Speech, Thanks, InjusticesN34verdicts14.0000
2385168Nous Defions Tout2Discusses the Sony hack and how hackers continue to be catalysts for change and scapegoats for every imaginable problem.N42.0000
2386168So, You Want to Be a Darknet Drug Lord....1267Discusses how to run a hidden service based on the author's stated real life experience.N64.0000
2387168Out of the Box Survival - A Guide to PowerShell Basics97Discusses scripting on Microsoft Windows Vista and later using PowerShell.See <a href='article.php?i=169&a=2418'>Part Two</a>A10Out of the Box Survival, Part One A Guide to PowerShell Basics2.5000
2388168TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses some of the telecommunication services available in Turkey.N132.0000
2389168Brazil's Electronic Voting Booth1268Discusses the Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) voting booth made by Diebold and used in Brazil.N152.0000
2390168Evolution of a Hack39Discusses how a simple Python program to send emails evolved to something more complex.A174.0000
2391168Bleeper - Downloading Full-length Preview MP3s from bleep.com1269Discusses a Python program to download all Bleeper .mp3s for an album.A211.0000
2392168The Enterprise, the Subverted PKI Trust Relationship, and You1270Discusses how SSL traffic can be monitored with a proxy and how you can determine if your SSL connection is secure.N233.0000
2393168HACKER PERSPECTIVE1271Discusses the authors experiences with hacking that does not involve computers.N264.0000
2394168WYSE Moves1272Discusses the WYSE Xenith box and version 8.0_306 WYSE ThinOS firmware.N301.5000
2395168Office Talk or Social Engineering?1138Discusses how office jargon is a form of social engineering.N311.5000
2396168Archiving ComiXology1246Discusses a method of downloading comics from Comixology and provides a program to automate it.C331.0000
2397168McAfee Family Protection - Epic Fail!1273Discusses several methods of bypassing the McAfee Family Protection software.N482.0000
2398168Abusing the Past1274Discusses a method for finding potentially vulnerable website servers.N501.0000
2399168Hacking the HandLink Gateway1275Discusses a method of obtaining free Wi-Fi access from the HandLink WG-500P gateway.N511.0000
2400168EFFECTING DIGITAL FREEDOM1276Discusses the recent FCC vote on net neutrality - what happened and what it means.N521.6600
2401168Ohio Prison IT Security from the Inside1277Discusses the computer and network configuration and security at an Ohio prison.N541.5000
2402168Hacking For Knowledge1278Discusses hacking - what it is with examples from the author's experience.N551.5000
2403168Linux Containers for Event Training1279Discusses Linux based Containers (a form of lightweight process virtualization) specifically ISLET (Isolated, Scalable, and Lightweight Environment for Training).N572.0000
2404168Are Smart Meters the End-All?1123Discusses some of the benefits and drawbacks of smart meters.N59Are Smart Meters the End-All? or How I Learned to Love the IoT2.0000
2405168HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events of interest to hackers.N611.0000
2406168Letters15Dear 2600Opportunities, Idealism, Responses, Facts and Theories, More on 2600 Meetings, Issues, Free Expression, Inquiries, Tribute.N34Ponderings14.0000
2407169Old and New Together2Discusses generational differences and how both sides of any issue can learn from each other and have value.N42.0000
2408169I Tapped That... Tapping a Nationwide Telecommunications Network1280Discusses the authors experience with telecommunications monitoring systems and the amount of detail they provide about individual phone use. Recommends using a vpn.N62.5000
2409169Use Your 3D-Capable TV to View 3D Stills of Your Own Making1281Discusses creating 3D SBS images viewable on a 3D capable TV using a python program and GIMP scripting.A83.5000
2410169A Phone Story62Discusses the author's discovery of a method of obtaining free pay phone calls while in college may years ago.N121.0000
2411169TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses the telecommunications technology used by a TV show called Capture.N132.0000
2412169Chiron and Me: Hacking Astronomy1282Discusses the author's experience writing a program to compute an ephemeris for Chiron.N152.0000
2413169Nigrum Libro Interceptis1283Discusses the basics of writing overloadable libraries in Linux with several examples written in c including subverting time-locked demo program PV-Wave.Followup article 'Nigrum Libro Interceptis: Secundae'. <a href='article.php?i=179&a=2678'>(..)</a>A178.0000
2414169HACKER PERSPECTIVE1284Discusses the author's experiences, career in computers and introduction to 2600.N263.0000
2415169Library Security1285Discusses poor state of security in many programming libraries and some suggestions for improving it.N291.5000
2416169Decoding a Carrier Pigeon363Discusses a coded message found on a long dead pigeon in 2012N313.0000
2417169Attitude Adjustment: How to Keep Your Job158Discusses how workplace networks and IT staff should be treated.N481.5000
2418169Out of the Box Survival, Part Two97Discusses scripting on Microsoft Windows Vista and later using PowerShell.See <a href='article.php?i=168&a=2387'>Part One</a>A49Out of the Box Survival, Part Two A Guide to Powershell Basics2.0000
2419169EFFECTING DIGITAL FREEDOM1286Discusses how websites track internet users to make money and an EFF tool called Privacy Badger to try an protect you from this.N52Effecting Digital Freedom Creepy Web Tracking Tricks2.0000
2420169Coding as a Foundational Skill1287Discusses the claim that "everybody should learn how to program a computer" and argues against it.N541.0000
2421169A Plea for Simplicity69Discusses the size and complexity of current computer programs and argues for simpler, smaller, more understandable programs instead.N552.0000
2422169Ransomware Still Active and Looking for Victims/Volunteers1123Discusses ransomware scenarios, targets, how they work and lessons to be learned.N571.5000
2423169Fiction: Hacking the Naked Princess 0xD-0xE1161The thirteenth and fourteenth chapters of the newest Dev Manny, Information Technology Private Investigator story "Hacking the Naked Princess".N58Dev Manny, Information Technology Private Investigator "Hacking the Naked Princess"2.5000
2424169HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events of interest to hackers.N611.0000
2425169Letters15Dear 2600General Questions, Injustice, Curiosity, Meetings, Artwork, Deep Thoughts, Help, Contributions, Deeper Thoughts, Concerns, Sad Tidings, Replies, Still Deeper Thoughts, Trouble.N34Diagnostics14.0000
2440170The Hacker Image2Discusses preserving, correcting and maintaining the image of hackers and talks about a few current issues.N42.0000
2441170A Primer on Home Automation (and How Easy It Can Be)1288Discusses automating audio/video equipment with a Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home device and a Bluetooth-capable PC.N62.6600
2442170Dangerous Clouds1209Discusses how private companies collect more data on you than the government does.N92.0000
2443170Unexpected Denial Of Service1289Discusses how quite by accident the author wrote a Denial Of Service program that bypassed a clients supervision tool.A111.0000
2444170A Convenient Method for Cloud Storage with Preserved Privacy1235Discusses one method of using cloud services securely.Website maintainer comment: I wouldn't trust Apple, Mac OS X may have a backdoor.N121.0000
2445170TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses the use of mobile phones in prisons and the attempts to prevent there use.N132.0000
2446170Ashley Madison Military Sites346List of .mil domains from leaked Ashley Madison files.N151.0000
2447170The Technology at QPDC1290Discusses the phones available to inmates at the Queens Private Detention Center.N174.5000
2448170Open Source Repository Abuse1100Discusses using open source repositories to find security flaws/info useful for hacking.N211.5000
2449170My Voice Is My Key1264Discusses the process the author went thru to penetrate the physical security of a company for a security test.N233.0000
2450170HACKER PERSPECTIVE1222Discusses the author's hacker mindset and events from his past which illustrate it.N263.0000
2451170Fun with Billing Forms and International Debit Cards1291Discusses a technique to use a debit card without a U.S. billing address even if formally required.N291.0000
2452170Going Nuclear - A Tale of Revenge1292Discusses what the author did to someone who's trolling went way to far.N301.0000
2454170Malware Attacks - Leave Those Banks Alone1123Discusses various banking malware.N322.0000
2455170Mr. Robot - A Ray of Light in a Very Dark World2Discusses the USA Network TV series Mr. Robot.N482.0000
2456170Cruising the Wideband Spectrum1293Discusses equipment likely to be found at hamfests/on ebay of interest for wideband reception.N502.0000
2457170EFFECTING DIGITAL FREEDOM1294Discusses Let's Encrypt - a free, automated certificate authority that will be run by the non-profit Internet Security Research Group.N522.0000
2458170The Dawn of the Crypto Age1295Discusses the "beginnings of a new era of advancement in civilization and the human race" - the crypto revolution.N543.0000
2459170Account Hack: Anyone Can Be a Victim1123Discusses the author's experience with a PayPal account being compromised and how he dealt with it.N571.0000
2460170Fiction: The Stars Are Tomorrow1296Chapter One.N583.0000
2461170HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events of interest to hackers.N611.0000
2467170Letters15Dear 2600Furthermore, The Word on Meetings, The Fight for Justice, On Payphones, Queries, Kindle Karma, Weird Mail, New Stuff, Advice Needed, Digital Editions, Turning Point.N34Conceptions1.0000
2468170LEAKED DOCUMENTS346Discusses and prints an IRS document.N31LEAKED DOCUMENTS DEPARTMENT1.0000
2557174The New Normal2Discusses the use of fear, anger and uncertainty to justify spying and collecting data on everyone and the demonizing of encryption.N42.0000
2558174The Best Way to Share a Treasure Map1270Discusses a Python program that will encrypt and split a file for example into 5 parts where any 3 will recreate the entire file.A64.0000
2559174USBkill - A Program for the Very Paranoid Computer User1163Discusses a program call USBkill which will shut down a computer if it detects any changes to it's attached USB devices.N102.0000
2560174Circumventing Chrome and Firefox's Third Party Cookie Block1072Discusses a method of bypassing Firefox and Chrome's default third party cookie setting.N121.0000
2561174TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses the history of wireless communications technologies and standards in North America that have led to VoLTE (Voice over LTE).N132.0000
2562174Pushing the Limits346Discusses the anonymous author's experience beta testing various hardware and software products.N152.0000
2563174Romeo Tango Oscar1297Discusses the author's experiences as a Radio Telephone Operator with the U.S. Army in Viet Nam in 1969.N173.0000
2564174Yull Encryption1298Discusses the Yull encryption program.N204.0000
2565174A Brief Cryptanalysis of Yull1299Discusses a brief analysis of the Yull encryption program's Andromeda cipher.N242.0000
2566174HACKER PERSPECTIVE1300Discusses techniques collectively referred to as "tradecraft" and examples of their real world use.N263.0000
2567174How to Get Free Gogo In-Flight Internet Access256Discusses a method of obtaining free Internet Access on an American Airlines flight.N291.6600
2568174Accessing Admin Privileges: A Quest Through One of Mac's Backdoors1301Discusses two methods of obtaining administrator privileges on a Macintosh OS X computer - requires physical access.N301.3300
2569174Perspectives on Cyber Security1302Discusses how little computer security has improved over the past few decades and suggests new approaches.References 'Bugging a Room with an IP Phone'<a href='article.php?i=166&a=2342'>..</a>N322.0000
2570174The Splotchgate Saga346Discusses the copyright trolls at License Compliance Services/Trunk Archive and their attempt to get (ie. extort) a settlement payment from 2600 Magazine.N342.0000
2571174Hackerspaces: A Definition1303Discusses how the author found and learned about a local hackerspace.N482.0000
2572174You Gotta Learn From This, Kid1274Discusses a credentials leakage vulnerability in Firefox.N501.0000
2573174The Limits of Open Source Hardware1304Discusses the open source hardware movement - what and why it exists and where it is and may go.N511.0000
2574174EFFECTING DIGITAL FREEDOM1305Discusses ALPRs (automated license plate recognition systems), their widespread use and abuse.N52Defending Privacy on the Roads2.0000
2575174Rewriting History1306Discusses the WARC (Web ARChive) format and the potential to misuse it.N542.5000
2576174The Herculean Task of Making a Documentary on the History of Computer Hacking1307Discusses some of the history of hacking the author is interested in making into a documentary.N56 The Herculean Task of Making a Documentary on the History of Computer Hacking (Part 1)2.5000
2577174Fiction: Hacking the Naked Princess 0xF1161The fifteenth chapter of the newest Dev Manny, Information Technology Private Investigator story "Hacking the Naked Princess"N59Dev Manny, Information Technology Private Investigator "Hacking the Naked Princess"2.0000
2578174HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events of interest to hackers.N611.0000
2579174Letters15Dear 2600Ideas, Article Feedback, Humble Requests, Meeting Mania, Splotchgate Comments, Random Thoughts, Experiences, Suggestions, Observations, Questions, HOPE Tickets.N36Proclamations12.0000
2603176The Powers That Want to Be2Discusses the FBI's demand that Apple subvert the security of their phones and the implications and consequences of doing that.N42.0000
2604176Scraping for Cache, or It's Not Piracy If You Left It Out in the Open1308Discusses a bash script to download Google cached content of an online edition of a McGraw Hill textbook.A62.5000
2605176Hacking Using Parse Database Injection1309Discusses a new form of web site hacking discovered through the Blackbaud website management software.N81.5000
2606176Hardware Hacking - Protecting Dev' Board I/O by Hacking an Alarm Panel1176Discusses methods for interfacing digital and analog i/o ports with external signals and details a cost-effective method of using any alarm panel for obtaining suitable protection.References article "Hardware Hacking - An Introduction via Dev' Boards". <a href='article.php?i=159&a=2185'>(..)</a>N103.0000
2607176TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses the author's training for fiber splicing.Anecdotal, no technical info.N132.0000
2608176My President Twitter Bot Experiment1310Discusses a PHP/MySQL chatterbot - a fake automated Twitter account.A151.0000
2609176Defense Against the Black Arts of Forensics480Discusses some methods of protecting your computer from someone with physical access.N161.5000
2610176A Plan 9 Primer1311Discusses the Plan 9 operating system developed at Bell Labs in the 1980s.N171.5000
2611176Chesslin1312Discusses a sizecoding exercise to code a playable chess engine in 256 bytes.A193.0000
2612176Exploiting HTML - Making Your Browser a Vegetable1313Discusses a simple web page that can quickly fill your browser with new tabs.A222.0000
2613176Exif Location Recon with Python1314Discusses using Python to extract Exchangeable image file format (Exif) information.A242.0000
2614176HACKER PERSPECTIVE1315Discusses the author's experiences with hacking and how it's changed him.N26The Hacker Perspective2.0000
2615176Eleventh Graders and Nuclear Bombs1316Discusses the author's experience teaching an 11th grade programming class.N291.0000
2616176Which Do We Prefer: Neanderthals or Hackers?1144Discusses the current responses to what hackers do and what the author believes the response should be.N301.0000
2617176One Little Pig1317Discusses the author's packet crafting tool called PIG (Packet Intruder Generator).N311.6600
2618176Password and Mobility Security: Something Needs to Be Done1318Discusses mobile devices and passwords use referencing the 2014 Consumer Reports nationwide survey.N321.3300
2619176Another Solution to the Problem1319Discusses a bash script from Ninja OS which will shut down a computer if the OS drive is unplugged.References article "USBkill - A Program for the Very Paranoid Computer User". <a href='article.php?i=174&a=2559'>(..)</a> IRC #ninjaos channel on irc.freenode.netA482.0000
2620176Software Validation1320Discusses general concepts of securing a computer with some specific tools mentioned.pgp = EE5F 99EB E8A8 89AE 1BAF ED64 C9D6 A901 0E89 A3D8N512.0000
2621176EFFECTING DIGITAL FREEDOM1321Discusses Digital Rights Management (DRM), copyright and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).N52DRM Law Keeps Copyright Stuck in the Past2.0000
2622176Reconnaissance at Spa World158Discusses the electronic locker system used at Spa World in Centreville, Virginia.N542.2500
2623176My Local Weather Observations1322Discusses a security problem in the 0915TRX AcuLink Internet Bridge.N560.7500
2624176Fiction: The Bee in Van Pelt Park1323A short story.N574.0000
2625176HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events of interest to hackers.N611.0000
2626176Letters15Dear 2600Being Published, Help!, Observations, A Breach of Note, Thoughts of HOPE, Just Asking..., News from Meetings, Gratitude.N34Peer Review14.0000
2671179Politics Comes Calling2Discusses what a Donald Trump presidency may mean for hackers.N42.0000
2672179Pre-Surveillance of Law Enforcement Using Targeted Advertising1324Discusses using search engine targeted advertising to determine if someone (like law enforcement) is searching for you.N62.0000
2673179Abandoned Routers: Forgotten, But Not Gone1291Discusses the author finding an old wifi access point using default password and settings as a reminder to check for same on your own network.N81.0000
2674179Card Transactions Explained1209Discusses how credit and ATM card transactions work with an emphasis on credit union systems.N93.0000
2675179To Hack an Uber1072Discusses a potential method to get free Uber rides.N121.0000
2676179TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses the use of VoIP and cloud pbx services to route calls anywhere on the planet cheaply.N132.0000
2677179Hacking Malaysian Routers1325Discusses how the author found at least 10,000 vulnerable routers using the Telekom Malaysia ISP.N152.0000
2678179Nigrum Libro Interceptis: Secundae1283Discusses the Jynx-Kit Userland Rootkit and a method for masking and protecting the LD_PRELOAD environment variable.References article 'Nigrum Libro Interceptis'. <a href='article.php?i=169&a=2413'>(..)</a>A175.6600
2679179$35 Hacking Machine1326Discusses setting up a Raspberry Pi Linux system.N231.5000
2680179Accidentally Logging In As Admin97Discusses poorly written websites and their lack of security.N241.5000
2681179HACKER PERSPECTIVE353Discusses the authors experiences going thru life as a hacker.N26The Hacker Perspective3.0000
2682179Gaming Ingress1327Discusses methods to cheat when playing the Ingress game.N293.0000
2683179Learning Hacking via MinecraftEdu1328Discusses hacking for the Minecraft game.N321.3300
2684179Typing Fractions in Emails and Text Files21Discusses the telegraph required format for typing fractions.N330.6600
2685179Surfing the Web Safely and Anonymously with Whonix1243Discusses the Whonix Operating System which uses Tor.N48Surfing the Web Safely and Anonymously Experimenting with the Whonix Operating System2.2500
2686179How I Socially Engineered a Job1044Discusses social engineering a Human Resources department after being an idiot.N500.7500
2687179Why We Need Privacy Rights1329Discusses reasons why privacy is needed in a free society.N500.6600
2688179EFFECTING DIGITAL FREEDOM1321Discusses the U.S. patent systems and efforts to reform it.N52EFFECTING DIGITAL FREEDOM The Patent Reform Gridlock: Let's Pick Bigger Fights2.0000
2689179Free Windows1330Discusses a method of getting Microsoft Windows operation systems for free with a focus on Windows 10.N542.0000
2690179The Top Ten Reasons Why Hackers Should Get a Ham Radio License1331Discusses exactly what the title says.N562.5000
2691179Fiction: Hacking the Naked Princess 0x10-0x111161The sixteenth and seventeenth chapters of the newest Dev Manny, Information Technology Private Investigator story "Hacking the Naked Princess"N58Dev Manny, Information Technology Private Investigator "Hacking the Naked Princess"2.5000
2692179HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events of interest to hackers.N611.0000
2693179Letters15Dear 2600Hacker News, Hacker Queries, Hacker Mentality, Hacker Gatherings, Hacker Followups, Hacker Observations, Hacker Requests, Hacker Targets, Hacker Offerings.N34GLORY14.0000
2713181Promises2Discusses the hacker promise as exemplified by The Eleventh HOPE.N42.0000
2714181Hacking for Knowledge1278Discusses installing Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.N64.0000
2715181MOV Before You JMP1332Discusses the importance of assembly language in finding vulnerabilities and writing exploits.N101.0000
2716181It's Security, Stupid1333Discusses the Freedom Online Coalition and the fundamental rejection of the notion that security requires a sacrifice of individual rights.N11It's Security, Stupid Challenging the Notion That Security Costs Us Our Rights1.0000
2717181Freedom of Thought1329Discusses that even with socialization all thoughts are free and can't be taken from you.N121.0000
2718181TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses damage to copper/land lines from disasters and the inevitable retirement of such equipment.N132.0000
2719181A Captive Portal Puzzle at Sea1334Discusses bypassing the captive portal on a cruise ship.N152.0000
2720181Spyware Techniques1335Discusses the concepts and principles of spyware creation, includes sample code in C# and C++.Pages 17-20 and 54-57.A178.0000
2721181Building DIY Community Mesh Networks1336Discusses meshnets including existing community mesh networking projects, picking hardware, meshing software and putting it together.N212.5000
2722181Musical Monstrosities1313Discusses hacking or "circuit bending" a musical toy electronic organ called the Xorgon.N242.0000
2723181HACKER PERSPECTIVE1337Discusses what the author believes a hacker/hacking is and where it began for him.N26The Hacker Perspective3.0000
2724181The PirateBox1338Discusses the PirateBox a DIY anonymous offline file-sharing and communications system.N292.0000
2725181How to Google Bomb Someone1339Discusses ways to game Google's search methods used to present Search Engine Results PageS (SERPS).N31How to Google Bomb Someone or Rick Santorum's Sticky Situation3.0000
2726181Verizon's HOPE Scam346Discusses the Verizon rip off to get a traditional landline for the social engineering panel at the Eleventh HOPE.N471.0000
2727181The Easiest Way to Break Into a Bank1340Discusses the default online banking account access of TD Bank in New York.N481.0000
2728181Hacking Amazon E-Books with Spy Style1341Discusses a tool written in AppleScript to convert an E-Book to text.N493.0000
2729181EFFECTING DIGITAL FREEDOM1321Discusses the FCC's upcoming decision on the "Unlock the Box" proposal.N52Effecting Digital Freedom Copyright Is Not a Trump Card1.0000
2730181A Parallel President on Twitter1342Discusses a Twitter bot the author wrote using PHP.N583.0000
2731181HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events of interest to hackers.N611.0000
2732181Letters15Dear 2600Offerings, Meeting Updates, Getting Involved, Curiosity, New Stuff, Corporate Fallout, Following Up, Acknowledgment, Political Intrigue, The Eleventh HOPE.N34synergy13.0000
2755183Dark Bubbles2Discusses how people tend to associate only with people they agree with, the November election and electoral college, and how hackers can help.N42.0000
2756183Rescuing Fake Memory Devices1343Discusses an eBay scam that sells SD cards, flash drives, and similar memory devices as having more memory than they actually do, and suggests what to do about it.N61.5000
2757183Having Fun with In-Store Chromecast1344Discusses possible methods of gaining access to a Best Buy wifi network and a suggestion for what to do with it.N71.5000
2758183The Coca-Cola Blacklist1313Discusses the 2015 Share A Coke campaign and lists a lot of the things that have been blacklisted.N93.0000
2759183Bypassing Privileges with Oracle Database Express Edition1345Discusses using an Oracle XE 11g Release 2 instance to bypass certain DBA enforced rules.N121.0000
2760183TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses Canada's mobile phone service and the phasing out of the CDMA network on 01/31/2017.N132.0000
2761183Using Discord Servers to HTTP Flood1189Discusses a DoS attack using the Discord voice/text chat application.N151.0000
2762183Successful Network Attacks - Phase One1329Discusses the five phases of a network attack with detailed discussion of Phase One: Reconnaissance.N162.0000
2763183Spying Across Borders in the Age of Email1346Discusses the unauthorized access of one of the email accounts linked to the author's research.N186.0000
2764183InfoSec at Its Worst, OPSEC at Its Best1301Discusses the methods used to obtain all of his mothers passwords.N242.0000
2765183HACKER PERSPECTIVE1347Discusses the author's life as a hacker.N26The Hacker Perspective3.0000
2766183Can Security Be Built into Pure Data?1348Discusses a proposal for a secure XML standard.N291.0000
2767183mcquery.js - a Web Scraper for Disc Golf Players1349Discusses a program to web scrape the Innova web site for availability of the McPro Roc3 special golf disk.A303.7500
2768183KBChat - Private, Encrypted Chat via KBFS1350Discusses the script that allows encrypted chat using the Keybase service.A482.0000
27691832600 Leak Department346Shows a document which looks like it is used by scammers pretending to be the IRS.N501.0000
2770183Memory Lane346Display a New Jersey Bell document concerning calls to Washington, DC.N511.0000
2771183EFFECTING DIGITAL FREEDOM1351Discusses five things tech companies must do before January 20.N522.0000
2772183Rotten Apples: OS X 1011352Discusses the history and structure of Apple's recent operating systems and some of the security features.References article Accessing Admin Privileges: A Quest Through One of Mac's Backdoors. <a href='http://localhost/2600/article.php?i=174&a=2568'>(..)</a>N541.5000
2773183Automatic Contest Winning via Selenium1353Discusses some Python code to automate contest code redemption using Selenium and Twitter.A551.5000
2774183The One About That File Server1354Discusses a tech support story the author has told.N571.0000
2775183Fiction: Hacking the Naked Princess 0x121161The eighteenth (0x12) chapter of the newest Dev Manny, Information Technology Private Investigator story "Hacking the Naked Princess"N58Dev Manny, Information Technology Private Investigator "Hacking the Naked Princess" 2.6600
2776183HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events of interest to hackers.N611.0000
2777183Letters15Dear 2600General Inquiries, Contributions, Liberation, Scrutiny, Electorials, Events, Digital Editions, Fun with Calendars, More Dialogue, The Bounty, Appreciation, Something New, Issues, The Wonderful World of Meetings, Observed, Knowledge Lost.N34CROSSFIRE14.0000
2803185A Price for Truth2Discusses some threats to hackers and technology from past and current administrations and the $10,000 offer for Trump's tax return.N42.0000
2804185New U.K. Surveillance Laws - Time to Get Serious About Security1355Discusses the Investigatory Powers Bill and several ways to protect yourself from such government spying.N62.0000
2805185Voices in the Sky: Satellite Communication Methods1304Discusses methods satellite operators use to communicate with satellites and spacecraft, security issues and the future of laser communications.N81.5000
2806185Lockbox PIN Code Generator1356Discusses a python program to create a pin list to crack a supra key box.A91.5000
2807185A Lock with the Key Next to It1357Discusses the lack of network security at the author's middle school.N111.0000
2808185Hacking Free Wi-Fi on Delta Flights1358Discusses a method of obtaining free Internet on Delta flights.N120.5000
2809185TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses Internet and cellphone services in Myanmar.N132.0000
2810185Telephones from Space1313Discusses scanning (hand scanning or exchange scanning) and some of the phone numbers found.N152.0000
2811185Longing for the Past1359Discusses the author's obsession with telecommunications and computing history.N171.0000
2812185Getting Inspired as a Student1360Discusses Black Hat Europe 2016 held last November in London which the author attended on a studentship.N181.0000
2813185Google Auto-Fill Suggestions, Politics, and Magic1054Discusses Google auto-fill suggestion results for political peopleN195.5000
2814185The Inner Circle... Part One346ASCII data of ? - not sure what this is or why there is no explanation.N224.0000
2815185HACKER PERSPECTIVE1361Discusses how trust is established between people and comparatively between computers.N26The Hacker Perspective3.0000
2816185Software Cracking with dotPeek1362Discusses the dotPeek 1.5 decompiler and using it with 5 Lives Studio's Satellite Reign.N291.0000
2817185Ignore Your .env - Browsing Environment Files on GitHub1363Discusses some interesting information found by searching GitHub.N301.0000
2818185Obfuscating Torrent Traffic1364Discusses LayerProx and the socks5 support module the author wrote to proxy BitTorrent traffic.S311.0000
2819185Successful Network Attacks - Phase Two1329Discusses use of a number of tools to probe a network for any vulnerabilities and appropriate defenses.N32Successful Network Attacks - Phase Two Network Scanning2.0000
2820185White House Phone Numbers346The title says it all.N481.0000
2821185How to Improve Zone Protection in Burglary Alarms1365Discusses a hardwired zone control panel input that provides enhanced security against compromise attacks with the zone loop.See issue 34:2 Letters section p.44 for comments by Monican about possible errors in the schematics.N493.0000
2822185EFFECTING DIGITAL FREEDOM1366Discusses the movement to encrypt the web with https and Let's Encrypt and Certbot.N52EFFECTING DIGITAL FREEDOM We're Halfway to Encrypting the Entire Web1.0000
2823185Validating Software Validation1095Discusses several ideas to circumvent the checksumming of files presented in the Ben Kenobi article.References article "Software Validation". <a href='article.php?i=176&a=2620'>(..)</a>N561.5000
2824185Thoughts on Phoenix Project II1367Discusses some OS, hardware, software and management alternatives to the "Hacking for Knowledge" article.References article "Hacking for Knowledge". <a href='article.php?i=181&a=2714'>(..)</a>N581.0000
2825185Those Coca Cola Freestyle Machines in Crew Mode1368Discusses how to put the Coca Cola Freestyle machine into "Crew" mode.N591.0000
2826185321 Studios Revisited1369Discusses the software company 321 Studios whose main product was DVD X Copy.N601.0000
2827185HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events of interest to hackers.N611.0000
2828185Letters15Dear 2600Contributions, Distribution, Meetings, Storm Warning, A Look Back, Feedback, Asking, Leaks, The Future, The Marketplace, Observation, Further Info, More Eleventh HOPE FeedbackN34REACTIONS14.0000
2852187The Power of the Press2Discusses journalism and the press, how things are changing but the core fundamentals and importance have remained the same.N42.0000
2853187The Censorship Resistant Internet: How to Run a Tor Hidden Service1370Discusses how to run a censorship resistant Tor hidden service.First of four part series.N6The Censorship Resistant Internet Part 1: How to Run a Tor Hidden Service (a.k.a. .onion)4.0000
2854187Converting the Voter Database and Facebook into a Google for Criminals1371Discusses using the Ohio voter database to link with Facebook information.Author has "redacted some of the secret sauce that makes this work".N102.0000
2855187Hacktivism to End Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery1355Discusses the human trafficking industry's use of the dark web and advocates hacking them.N121.0000
2856187TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses how political circumstances have affected the telcom country codes and infrastructure.N132.0000
2857187How Rogue One Taught Me Not to Be a Bad Guy1372Discusses thinking about ethics and morality in the work the author does in the tech industry.N152.5000
2858187A Declaration of Independence for Cyberspace1329Discusses cyberspace independence, section I Definition of Terms and section II Declaration of independence for the protection of information flow and rights listed.N171.5000
2859187Demonsaw: Bypassing Anonymity Utilizing Social Engineering1373Discusses Demonsaw (an information sharing application) and a method of possibly determining the IP of a user.N191.3300
2860187Creating an Automated Open Wi-Fi Traffic Capturing Tool for Under $201374Discusses building a Pi Zero device to automatically capture the traffic from the most active open Wi-Fi within range.A20Pineapple Pi - Creating an Automated Open Wi-Fi Traffic Capturing Tool for Under $203.6600
28611870x8bc4 Before You 0xffe0244Discusses assembly, machine code and layers of abstraction and their use in exploitation.N242.0000
2862187HACKER PERSPECTIVE1225Discusses the influences, milestones and experiences in the Author's life as a hacker.N26The Hacker Perspective3.0000
2863187My Perspective1375Discusses living in a surveillance society and what is necessary to maintain and promote privacy.N292.0000
2864187OPTingOUT1376Discusses the author's attempt to delete his facebook account.N311.0000
2865187Analog vs. Digital Living: Real Solutions to Absolute Anonymity and Privacy1148Discusses running the Tails OS on an Acer Chromebook for basic anonymity, privacy and computer security.N32Analog vs. Digital Living: Get Off the Grid & Still Stay Connected to the World-Real Solutions to Absolute Anonymity and Privacy2.0000
2866187EFFECTING DIGITAL FREEDOM1377Discusses the EFA (Electronic Frontier Alliance) a grassroots network working to educate people about their digital rights.N46Building Digital Safety Skills in Your Community1.0000
2867187Building a Better Screen Locker for GNU/Linux1378Discusses the goals of a screen locker and builds one from existing source code.A475.0000
2868187CITIZEN ENGINEER1379Discusses some recent patent law court decisions and the expiration of the mp3 patent.N521.7500
2869187VR Trumpers1380Discusses virtual reality and Donald Trump supporters.N541.3300
2870187Successful Network Attacks - Phase Three1329Discusses several modes of gaining access to a network and common defenses.N55Gaining Access1.6600
2871187Advice from the Socially Engineered1381Discusses some general social engineering principles and strategies.N571.0000
2872187Internet Thoughts1382Discusses the Internet and the need to keep it free as in freedom.N580.6600
2873187Fiction: Hacking the Naked Princess 0x131161The nineteenth (0x13) chapter of the newest Dev Manny, Information Technology Private Investigator story "Hacking the Naked Princess"N59Dev Manny, Information Technology Private Investigator "Hacking the Naked Princess"2.0000
2874187HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events of interest to hackers.N611.0000
2898187Letters15Dear 2600Stickers, Corporate Culture, Further Info, Concerns, Meeting Updates, Taking Action, Inquiries, Article Responses.N34CHORUS12.0000
2924189Acts of Courage2Discusses the current political environment in the United States.N4Acts of Courage Take Courage2.0000
2925189Bypass Your ISP's DNS and Run A Private OpenNIC Server1336Discusses running your own Domain Name System server using OpenNIC to help maintain your privacy.N62.0000
2926189PHP Backdoors1383Discusses PHP backdoors under Wordpress and simple ways to write your own with examples.A83.0000
2927189Inseparable: The Intersectionality of Hacking and Politics1384Discusses some of the intersections between hacking and politics.N112.0000
2928189TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses Signaling System 7 (SS7), one of multiple extremely serious vulnerabilities in the U.S. telecommunications network.N132.0000
2929189Enhancing SQL Injection With Stored Procedures1335Discusses how to enhance SQL injection by using stored procedures (including undocumented ones) in Microsoft SQL Server.N152.5000
2930189How to Get Nearly Free Travel from Scotrail1385Discusses a possible method to get free rail transit on Scotrail in Scotland.N170.5000
2931189(learn (LISP))1386Discusses the LISP language including history, dialects and some basic programming concepts.N183.6600
2932189Reverse Engineering Electronic Letter and Number Toys1387Discusses some interesting findings from reverse engineering pinout patterns from four toys.N211.3300
2933189How to Hack Your Way to a Guilt-Free, Political Ideology1245Discusses forming a political ideology from the literal ground up that serves everyone.Assume Eyenot and eyenot are the same author.N232.0000
2934189The Problem with IT Certifications and Their Contribution to the Devaluation of Technology1302Discusses the degrading of IT certifications and argues for more passion and out of the box mindset in IT professionals.N251.0000
2935189HACKER PERSPECTIVE1106Discusses the author's hacker origin story.N263.0000
2936189A Little Brother's Manifesto1388Discusses government mass surveillance and back-dooring of software and online services as the driver of resistance.N291.0000
2937189A Test Harness for Fuzzing Font Parsing Engines in Web Browsers1389Discusses a cross-platform test harness written in Python that assists the user in searching for vulnerabilities in web browsers.Book references: Chris Anley et al, "The Shellcoder's Handbook: Discovering and Exploiting Security Holes, 2nd edition, Wiley Publishing, 2007. Justin Seitz, Gray Hat Python: Python Programming for Hackers and Reverse Engineers, No Starch Press, 2009C304.0000
2938189EFFECTING DIGITAL FREEDOM1321Discusses the SESTA act currently in congress and Section 230 which protects free speech online.N461.0000
2939189Confessions of a (for Now Not So Successful) Bug Bounty Hunter1332Discusses some of the pitfalls of trying to get bug bounties.N472.0000
2940189To Care or Not to Care1390Discusses vulnerabilities in the author's high school computer system and it's iTALIC software.N491.0000
2941189Scrape Textbooks, Save Money1391Discusses an AppleScript that uses the to take pictures of every page of a book.A501.0000 The Complete Google Autocomplete Script1357Discusses a python script to return the first autocomplete result of a google search.Assume ckjbgames and Ckjbgames are the same.A511.0000
2943189CITIZEN ENGINEER1379Discusses setting up an ad blocker DNS server using the pi-hole software and a Raspberry Pi or other low-cost single-board computer.N522.0000
2944189Obfuscating Biopolitics: A Theoretical Primer for Cyborgs and Other Concerned Citizens1392Discusses how "biopolitics" may be subverted using tactics of digital obfuscation.Citations Dillon, M., and Lobo-Guerrero, L. Biopolitics of Security in the 21st Century : An Introduction (2008) Review of International Studies Vol. 34, No. 2 Latour, B. We Have Never Been Modern (1991) Thacker, Eugene. The Global Genome: Biotechnology, Politics and Culture (2005)N544.0000
2945189Debt Journey1284Discusses debt collection of student loans, mortgage and credit cards and some tips and suggestions if you're in debt.N581.0000
2946189Successful Network Attacks - Phase Four1329Discusses general guidelines for maintaining access and common defenses.N59Maintaining Access1.0000
2947189Splatter1393Discusses the Trump election.N601.0000
2948189HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events of interest to hackers.N611.0000
2949189Letters15Dear 2600Administrivia, Following Up, Inquiring Minds, More on Meetings, Contrition, Other Cultures, Political Views, Observations, Projects.N34Mob Rule11.6600
2971191Credit Denial2Discusses data leaks and breaches including the egregious Equifax incident and the government protecting the company rather than punishing it.N42.0000
2972191Using dnscat2 for Encrypted C&amp;C over DNS1389Discusses the process of setting up and using dnscat2.N63.0000
2973191Educating Friends and Family About Online Security1394Discusses tips on how to get people engaged in the vital topic of personal freedom in the Digital Age.N92.0000
2974191Creating Strong and Easy to Remember Passwords1395Discusses a simple technique for creating passwords that is both strong and easy to remember.N111.0000
2975191Don't You Have a Smart Watch Yet?21Discusses pairing a smart watch with a phone for easier two-factor authentication.N12Don't You Have a Smart Watch Yet? It Will Make Your Email Security That Much Easier To Deal With1.0000
2976191TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses the Rural Electrification Act which was the foundation of universal service and how the FCC has gutted that concept and net neutrality.N132.0000
2977191What Happens When WHOIS Data Is Made Public1356Discusses the current WHOIS privacy issues and a proposed replacement called Registration Directory Service (RDS).N153.5000
2978191Deauthing the Neighbors, or Ring Theory1396Discusses one option inN180.5000
2979191Nightmare on E Street (Modem and Me Against the World)1397Discusses the author's never ending saga with her Internet connection, modem(s) and wifi network.N197.0000
2980191HACKER PERSPECTIVE1398Discusses the five traits the author has which defines him as a hacker.N26The Hacker Perspective2.5000
2981191Quantum Computers and Bitcoin1257Discusses the history, current situation, trends, likely future developments and predictions about quantum computers and digital currencies.N292.0000
2982191I Want to Be a Hacker....1399Discusses a list of activities to help those looking to become professional pentesters/security researchers/security engineers.N313.0000
2983191EFFECTING DIGITAL FREEDOM1400Discusses Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act and the bills to reauthorize it by 12/31/2017.N46NSA Spying Is Up for Re-Election1.0000
2984191Conventionalist Theory of Reference in Comparison to Programming Language1309Discusses Gareth Evans' conventionalist theory of reference and the computer programming language javascript.References "The Causal Theory of Names" p18.N47A Semantic and Pragmatic Analysis2.5000
2985191Down and Out in a Land of Script Kiddies1401A poem.N49(or How I Learned to Stop Phreaking and Love Ma Bell)1.5000
2986191Dispelling a Breach Rumor1402Discusses the rumor of the sudo command being compromised in Ninja OS.N511.0000
2987191CITIZEN ENGINEER1379Discusses some of the many open software stacks for hardware devices.N522.0000
2988191The Russian Hacking Diatribe, and Why It Is Complete Agitprop Nonsense1403Discusses the "So-Called" evidence for Russian Hacking of the DNC, RNC and the U.S. election.N54(And, No, I'm Not a Trump Supporter)3.0000
2989191Successful Network Attacks - Phase Five1329Discusses general methods for hiding the attack and common defenses.N57Covering Tracks1.5000
2990191Fiction: Hacking the Naked Princess 0x141161The twentieth (0x14) chapter of the newest Dev Manny, Information Technology Private Investigator story "Hacking the Naked Princess"N59Dev Manny, Information Technology Private Investigator "Hacking the Naked Princess"2.0000
2991191HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events of interest to hackers.N611.0000
2992191Letters15Dear 2600Payphones, Articles, Other Mediums, Old Tech, Digital Print, Misdirection of Efforts, Offers, Accomplishments, Meetings, Queries, Suggestions, Observations.N34Megaphone12.0000
3015193Embracing Empowerment2Discusses the ongoing #MeToo (sexual abuse and assault) movement.N42.0000
3016193The Secrecy and Security of the Special Counsel1404Discusses Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigation and some of the technological vulnerabilities and threats his team must be facing.N63.0000
3017193What Programming Language Should I Learn? Why Not All of Them?1303Discusses the basics that most programming languages have in common.N92.0000
3018193Breaking Standards1341Discusses using old non-standard floppy/disk image formats or steganography to conceal data.N112.0000
3019193TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses SS7 (Signaling System 7), some history, issues and problems and the current FCC review.References article TELECOM INFORMER. <a href='article.php?i=191&a=2976'>(..)</a>N132.0000
3020193How to Run an I2P Hidden Service1370Discusses I2P (the Invisible Internet Project) and running an I2P hidden service.References article Part 1. <a href='article.php?i=187&a=2853'>(..)</a>N15The Censorship Resistant Internet Part 2: How to Run an I2P Hidden Service4.5000
3021193Bitcoin or Bit Con? One Newbie's Adventures in Cryptoland1405Discusses the author's experience with using Bitcoin.N193.5000
3022193The Case of the Murderous AI1406Discusses working on natural language processing and tells a cautionary tale.N232.0000
3023193In Defense of the Net1407Discusses how net neutrality is in the best interests of U.S. Defense and Intelligence Agencies.N25Why U.S. Defense and Intelligence Agencies Have a Vested Interest in Preserving Net Neutrality and How They Can Help Protect It1.0000
3024193HACKER PERSPECTIVE1408Discusses the author's experiences growing up as a hacker and a prediction for the future of hacking.N263.0000
3025193A Review of CopperheadOS1409Discusses CopperheadOS (COS) a smartphone operating system based on the Android Open Source Project (ASOP) with a focus on security and privacy.N292.5000
3026193SSH Keys and Challenges in Enterprise Environments1220Discusses the Secure Shell protocol (SSH-2) used to authenticate remote computers via password or public key authentication.N311.5000
3027193Unlocking the Secret of Keys1410Discusses the master keying system and a few tricks with Simplex locks.N331.0000
3028193EFFECTING DIGITAL FREEDOM1411Discusses John Perry Barlow's vision and writings, co-founder of the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation). RIP.N46Remembering Joh Perry Barlow1.0000
3029193Hacking Our Attitudes (The Key to Being a Better Attitude Trumper)423Discusses political attitudes, opinions and discourse.References article VR Trumpers. <a href='article.php?i=187&a=2869'>(..)</a>N471.7500
3030193Historic Hacking1412Discusses computer mainframe and keypunch machine programming in the late 1970s - with pictures.N493.0000
3031193CITIZEN ENGINEER1379Discusses building a "Google Authenticator" time-based one time password device using the ESP8266 Feather and Python.N52Make Your Own Two-Factor Authentication Hardware Device2.0000
3032193Bluetooth Hacking 1011335Discusses the Bluetooth standard including versions, protocols, security modes, attacks and tools.N543.5000
3033193Hidden ISPs505Discusses three companies that provide mobile 4G hotspot plans.N571.5000
3034193Extrapolating Phone Numbers Using Facebook and PayPal1413Discusses a method to obtain someone's phone number from Facebook and PayPal.N590.7500
3035193The Free Flow of Information1329Discusses several examples of researchers sharing their knowledge for the betterment of all mankind.N601.0000
3036193HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events of interest to hackers.N611.0000
3037193Letters15Dear 2600Article Feedback, Observations, Random Questions, Meeting Updates, Critique, Following Up, Issues, Discoveries.N34Advisories12.0000
3038194Celebrate the Difference2Discusses differences of opinion, debate, keeping an open mind, respect and encouraging individual thought and difference.N42.0000
3039194A N00b's Guide to the Dark Web1259Discusses what the Dark Web is and how Tor (The Onion Router network) is used to access it.N62.5000
3040194The IPv6 Delusion1266Discusses the slow implementation of IPv6.N83.5000
3041194TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses the some of the technical issues with a potential telecommunications company merger.N132.0000
3042194How to Be a Guitar Hero, IRL1414Discusses using an electric guitar used with the "Rocksmith 2014" software by Ubisoft and an online community called CustomsForge. Includes instructions for using custom DLCs (downloadable content) and info on NoCableLauncher.N155.5000
3043194Even Restaurants Need InfoSec1123Discusses the Wi-Fi setup of a Chinese restaurant in Grand Rapids, Michigan the author visited.N201.5000
3044194Serial Number Cracking For Fun and Profit1415Discusses a specialized tamper proof label and how it could be counterfeited.Example bash script.A223.0000
3045194Automating a Police State1416Discusses automated camera tickets and argues they are leading us towards a police state.N251.0000
3046194HACKER PERSPECTIVE1417Discusses some of the author's college experiences with a brand new DEC PDP 11/70 system.N26The Hacker Perspective3.0000
3047194Brute Forcing a Car Door with Math1374Discusses using a De Bruijn sequence on an automobile's keypad door lock to open it.Includes small perl script.A293.0000
3048194Hack(ed), the Earth1418Discusses the requirement to have a cell phone to access many Internet sites these days and the loss of anonymity that implies.N321.0000
3049194EFFECTING DIGITAL FREEDOM1411Discusses S.B. 315, a computer crime bill in Georgia that passed in the state legislature but was vetoed by the governor.N46Grassroots Effort Kills Bad Computer Crime Bill in Georgia1.0000
3050194A Hacker Adventure in Urban Exploration1419Discusses exploring an abandoned building - with pictures (terrible quality though).N473.5000
3051194Beyond the Scare-Mongering1360Discusses the ZeroNights conference in Moscow, Russia.N500.5000
3052194CITIZEN ENGINEER1379Discusses hacking a classic Nintendo R.O.B. Robot.N522.0000
3053194Re-Purposing Old Technology and Ideas for Fun and Emotional Profit1420Discusses the reuse and adaptation of older technologies.N54or Get Off My Lawn, You Technological Whipper Snappers!2.3300
3054194Hacking: Quick and Easy1421Discusses a simplistic hack in four steps: 1. Choosing a Job, 2. Gathering the Tools, 3. Selecting a Targen. 4. SQL injection.N561.0000
3055194Thoughts On Cryptocurrency1422Discusses how crypto currency mining has rekindled the author's love of life, discovery and exploration.N570.7500
3056194Fiction: Hacking the Naked Princess 0x151161The twenty-first (0x15) chapter of the newest Dev Manny, Information Technology Private Investigator story "Hacking the Naked Princess"N58Dev Manny, Information Technology Private Investigator "Hacking the Naked Princess"2.7500
3057194HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events of interest to hackers.N611.0000
3058194Letters15Dear 2600Creative Applications, Political Intrigue, Contributors, Donors, Meeting News, The Hacker Spirit, Drama, Visibility, Being Alert, Requests, Responses.N34Routines12.0000
3082196Injustice for All2Discusses some b.s. and drama that supposedly happened at the Circle of Hope conference.N42.0000
3083196Digital Sanctuary Cities1423Discusses local and community efforts to check federal surveillance.N62.0000
3084196Removing eBook DRM without OCR or GUIs1424Discusses removing the DRM of eBooks from the command line.A82.0000
3085196A Carrier Pigeon Revisited1425Discusses the message Joseph B. Zekany was attempting to decode in the referenced article.References article 'Decoding a Carrier Pigeon'. <a href='article.php?i=169&a=2416'>(..)</a>N102.0000
3086196The Evolution of Ran$omware1426Discusses some of the historical cyber threats from the 1990s to the present.N121.0000
3087196TELECOM INFORMER7Discusses the cooling systems for the Central Office.N132.0000
3088196Hackers to the Rescue! (Maybe)1427Discusses the authors view of the current political climate and what needs to be done about it.N151.5000
3089196Book Review: The Art of Invisibility1428Discusses the book "The Art of Invisibility" by Kevin Mitnick published by Little, Brown and Co.N160.5000
3090196GDPR – Active Empowerment vs. Passive Consumerism1429Discusses the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP) and what we have learned.N171.6600
3091196A Characteristic Study of IoT Botnets: Understanding the Design and Behavior1430Discusses an empirical analysis of Internet of Things (IoT) botnets to understand their design, architecture and operations.Rehashed Circle of Hope talk.N197.0000
3092196HACKER PERSPECTIVE1431Discusses some of the author's experiences with the hacker perspective.N263.0000
3093196Ms. Reality Winner is an American Dissident1432Discusses the whistle blower case of Reality Winner.N291.5000
3094196More Ways to View Hacking1433Discusses hackers and politics.N302.5000
3095196EFFECTING DIGITAL FREEDOM1411Discusses the US Telecom trade association's FCC petition to end the requirement to share their copper infrastructure at established, affordable rates.N46The ISP Chokehold on Internet Access Must End1.0000
3096196Totalitarian Control: How We Used PowerShell to Manipulate User Behavior1435Discusses a PowerShell script to enforce user login for file sync.A471.5000
3097196What Do Lawyers and Hackers Have in Common?1436Discusses the similarities between the legal profession and hacking.N481.5000
3098196No Country for Incarcerated Hackers1315Discusses some of the author's experiences in prison.N502.0000
3099196CITIZEN ENGINEER1379Discusses the assistive technology community.N522.0000
3100196Bypassing Email Anti-Spam Filters1437Discusses a security engagement phishing test and the solution used to get past the client's spam filter.N541.5000
3101196Hacker History: MDT or "The Mass Depopulation Trio"1403Discusses the author's hacking background and claims the fabrication of Mel's Hole.N551.5000
3102196Testing Your l337 h4x0r skillz Safely and Legally1374Discusses Capture the Flag (CTF) and websites available to challenge you hacking skills.N581.0000
3103196Gone Phishin'1438Discusses the use and abuse of sudo (superuser do or substitute user do).N592.0000
3104196HACKER HAPPENINGS346List of upcoming events of interest to hackers.N11.0000
3105196Letters15Dear 2600Thoughts on Articles, Annoyances, Queries, Observed, Meeting Issues, Manifesto, Reconnecting, The Circle of HOPE Feedback.N34Testimonials12.0000