1Spring1988Page 11 has a Bell of Pennsylvania add, page 29 shows an RCI bill, page 39 has a State of Florida Public Service Commission letter, that are not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Spring1988.gifBackCoverImages/Spring1988.gif15NULL48
2Summer1988Page 43 has a phone photo by John Drake that is not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Summer1988.gifBackCoverImages/Summer1988.gif25NULL48
3Autumn1988Page 19 has an advertisement from New York Telephone, page 22 and 23 have a memo about unauthorized DOCMASTER access reprinted from w.o.r.m. 1.5, page 33 has a funny fax, page 39 has artwork by J.R. Dobbs, page 40 has an employee memo from Illinois Bell, that are not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Autumn1988.gifBackCoverImages/Autumn1988.gif35NULL48
4Winter1988Page 2 has a National Telephone Company, Limited bulletin, page 18 has a copy of an Operator Assistance Network bill, page 33 has an AT&T direct dial service notice, that are not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Winter1988.gifBackCoverImages/Winter1988.gif4548
5Spring1989Page 1 has an Allied Communications Publication, page 7 has a Department of Defense notice about telephone use, that are not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Spring1989.gifBackCoverImages/Spring1989.gif16NULL48
6Summer1989Page 1 has a security bulletin from Grumman, page 9 has a "PHONE POLICE" flyer, page 17 has a Red Box flyer, that are not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Summer1989.gifBackCoverImages/Summer1989.gif26NULL48
7Autumn1989Page 31 shows a fax received by 2600, page 35 has a British Telecom Ad, page 44 prints a Defense Department phone book's telephone tips, that are not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Autumn1989.gifBackCoverImages/Autumn1989.gif36NULL48
8Winter1989Page 39 and 40 have a comic and humorous picture that are not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Winter1989.gifBackCoverImages/Winter1989.gif46NULL48
9Spring1990Page 11 has an Operation Sundevil map and a brain wave spoof, page 22 has a funny offer and an interesting fax, that are not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Spring1990.gifBackCoverImages/Spring1990.gif1748
11Autumn1990Page 35 has a "check" and an AT&T document that are not listed in the index.FrontCoverImages/Autumn1990.gifBackCoverImages/Autumn1990.gif37NULL48
12Winter1990Page 4 and 45 are blank and not "hacking scandal" as the index indicates, page 31 has a funny advertisement sent in by a reader, page 40 has a notice from NYNEX, that are not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Winter1990.gifBackCoverImages/Winter1990.gif4748
13Spring1991Page 10 has a letter from Pepsi, page 18 has a TymCard/IQ, INC ad and comment, page 30 has a blank US District Court document, page 35 has a letter from a Texas Prison, that are not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Spring1991.gifBackCoverImages/Spring1991.gif1848
14Summer1991Page 6 has the breakdown of costs for the 911 document fiasco, page 13 shows pictures from a neo-Nazi computer game, page 34 has a "proprietary" phone company document page, that are not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Summer1991.gifBackCoverImages/Summer1991.gif28NULL48
15Autumn1991Page 21 has a letter from TRW, page 42 has 'More Exciting Prison News' that are not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Autumn1991.gifBackCoverImages/Autumn1991.gif3848
16Winter1991Page 4 has a picture of a building with 2600 address, page 20 has an example of a scam, page 21 has USPS Hacking Corrections and page 38 has a beer logo and what L.O.D. really stands for, that are not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Winter1991.gifBackCoverImages/Winter1991.gif48"They are satisfying their own appetite to know something that is not theirs to know." - Asst. District Attorney Don Ingraham48
17Spring1992Page 7 displays some LAPD computer messages, page 20 display a scam to look out for, and are not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Spring1992.gifBackCoverImages/Spring1992.gif19"They are satisfying their own appetite to know something that is not theirs to know." - Asst. District Attorney Don Ingraham48
18Summer1992Page 36 and 37 has a Bellcore letter and 2600 response that is not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Summer1992.gifBackCoverImages/Summer1992.gif29"The back door program included a feature that was designed to modify a computer in which the program was inserted so that the computer would be destroyed if someone accessed it using a certain password." - United States Department of Justice, July 199248
19Autumn1992Page 7 has the top ten scams of 1991, page 8 has an AT&T letter sent to "Minor Threat", page 11 has an AT&T fraud claim form, page 12 has a letter from Phone Management Enterprises, page 18 has NYNEX Telephone Service Allowance info, page 23 has info from China, page 39 has info on Meridian Mail hotel voice mail system, that are not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Autumn1992.gifBackCoverImages/Autumn1992.gif39"The back door program included a feature that was designed to modify a computer in which the program was inserted so that the computer would be destroyed if someone accessed it using a certain password." - United States Department of Justice, July 199248
20Winter1992Page 15 has a PTI Model 60 Prison Phone ad, page 16 has a Concern for Calcutta ad, page 23 has a 800 Numbers ad, page 39 has a letter from NYNEX, page 40 has a 900 number ad, not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Winter1992.gifBackCoverImages/Winter1992.gif49"The back door program included a feature that was designed to modify a computer in which the program was inserted so that the computer would be destroyed if someone accessed it using a certain password." - United States Department of Justice, July 199248
21Spring1993NULLFrontCoverImages/Spring1993.gifBackCoverImages/Spring1993.gif110"The Secret Service didn't do a good job in this case. We know no investigation took place. Nobody gave concern as to whether statutes were involved. We know there was damage." - Judge Sparks, Steve Jackson vs. Secret Service, January 28, 199348
22Summer1993NULLFrontCoverImages/Summer1993.gifBackCoverImages/Summer1993.gif210"The Secret Service didn't do a good job in this case. We know no investigation took place. Nobody gave concern as to whether statutes were involved. We know there was damage." - Judge Sparks, Steve Jackson vs. Secret Service, January 28, 199348
23Autumn1993Page 37 contains a correction to a schematic from the last issue that is not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Autumn1993.gifBackCoverImages/Autumn1993.gif310"At this time the Secret Service has no reason to believe that the suspect(s) in its investigation, or the plaintiff in this case, are aware of the nature of the Secret Service's investigation, who is under investigation by the Secret Service, what information is in the possession of the Secret Service, or who has provided information to the Secret Service in regard to this matter." - Secret Service affidavit responding to CPSR Freedom of Information Act request concerning the breakup of the November 1992 Washington DC 2600 Meeting48
24Winter1993Page 13 has a letter from Ohio Bell, page 14 has a letter from a Sherrifs Department, that are not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Winter1993.gifBackCoverImages/Winter1993.gif410"At this time the Secret Service has no reason to believe that the suspect(s) in its investigation, or the plaintiff in this case, are aware of the nature of the Secret Service's investigation, who is under investigation by the Secret Service, what information is in the possession of the Secret Service, or who has provided information to the Secret Service in regard to this matter." - Secret Service affidavit responding to CPSR Freedom of Information Act request concerning the breakup of the November 1992 Washington DC 2600 Meeting48
26Summer1994Page 13 has info about the First U.S. Hacker Congress Hackers On Planet Earth (HOPE) that is not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Summer1994.gifBackCoverImages/Summer1994.gif211"Our experience has found that the best way to hurt a computer offender is to take away his toys. Computers are expensive items, and young offenders in particular may be unable to replace them. The seizure of the offender's computer by police also immediately and dramatically brings home the consequences of computer crime in a way that interjudicial proceedings cannot match. The knowledge that the seized computer system will be retained by law enforcement hastens the realization that the offender must change his lifestyle." - Kenneth Rosenblatt from "Deterring Computer Crime" as published in "Prosecutor's Brief", Summer 198948
27Autumn1994Page 7 contains two letters detailing corporate computer foulups, page 10 has a poster directed at phreaking, page 16 has a NYNEX memo, that are not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Autumn1994.gifBackCoverImages/Autumn1994.gif311"A pretty face can hide an evil mind. Be careful what you say - you'll give yourself away." - Johnny Rivers, "Secret Agent Man"48
28Winter1994Page 11 contains a letter from the US Department of Justice, page 23 lists the funding for EFF and page 40 has a letter from Rop Gonggijp former editor of Hack-Tic that are not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Winter1994.gifBackCoverImages/Winter1994.gif411"He's an absolutely appalling influence on young men who fall for the glamorization of crime he publishes." - Hacker Prosecutor Gail Thackeray on Emmanuel Goldstein48
29Spring1995Page 22 contains a copy of an military email and page 47 has an AT&T Megasystems memo not included in the index.FrontCoverImages/Spring1995.gifBackCoverImages/Spring1995.gif112"There are an estimated 35,000 hackers in the U.S. and their community is growing by an estimated 10 percent annually. They are not isolated individuals, slaving away in a vacuum; hackers have established formal operations within every metropolitan city in North America. Hackers communicate via compromised Internet gateways, long-distance calls stolen from corporate victims and through about 1,300 underground bulletin boards across the U.S. This infrastructure collects and disburses a constant flow of stolen calling-card information, corporate voice-mail-access data, compromised PBX DISA-port numbers, hackable modems, cloned cellular telephones and cellular-phone IDs.... The threat to U.S. businesses also has recently taken a new direction, due to hackers' growing numbers and maturity. Security investigations have confirmed that known hackers are employed within Fortune 500 firms, which know nothing about the individuals' prior activities. The risk to U.S. bisinesses is clear: What will happen when one of these hacker's employment is terminated? Will the individual destroy or damage the company's voice/data networks, release vital information about these networks to other hackers, or plant the seeds of future destruction in company systems? Time will tell." - unbridled paranoia from The Organized Hackerhood, part of McDonnell Douglas' internal security newsletter leaked to us by an inside hacker.60
30Summer1995Page 17 contains a letter from AT&T, page 26 and 27 contain documents referencing the Bernie S. case that are not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Summer1995.gifBackCoverImages/Summer1995.gif212"In a dramatic confirmation of how vulnerable Defense Department computers connected to the Internet actually are, the Defense Information Systems Agency revealed that it has conducted mock attacks on more then 8,000 DOD computers over the last two years. The DISA team successfully broke into more than 88 percent of the computers. Less than 5 percent even realized they had been attacked." - Federal Computer Week, February 6, 1995.60
31Autumn1995Page 13 an flyer for the Boston 2600 meetings that is not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Autumn1995.gifBackCoverImages/Autumn1995.gif312"The threat that contemporary electronic intruders pose to the PSN [Public Switched Network] is rapidly changing and is significant. As a result of their increasing knowledge and sophistication, electronic intruders amy have a significant impact upon national security and emergency preparedness (NS/EP) telecommunications, because more than 90 percent of U.S. Government telecommunications services are provided by commercial carriers. ...technological changes and market forces in the domestic telecommunications industry are fueling a trend toward increasing automation and downsizing of staff. Consequently, there are now greater numbers of current and former telecommunications employees who may be disgruntled than at any time in recent years. These individuals should be viewed as a potential threat to NS/EP telecommunications." - The Electronic Intrusion Threat to National Security and Emergency Preparedness Telecommunications, published by National Communications System of Arlington, VA and leaked to us by a disgruntled employee.60
32Winter1995Pages 10 and 11 contain an alleged AOL memo, that is not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Winter1995.gifBackCoverImages/Winter1995.gif412"All speech is not protected by the First Amendment." - Senator Arlen Specter (R-Pa.)56
33Spring1996Page 8 contains a copy of a letter from MCI and page 21 contains Nokia 100 series telephone programming instructions that are not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Spring1996.gifBackCoverImages/Spring1996.gif113"It's not a computer crime to break into someone's system and just look around." - Susan Lloyd, a spokesperson for the FBI's Washington DC field office as quoted in the March 10, 1996 Boston Herald.56
34Summer1996NULLFrontCoverImages/Summer1996.gifBackCoverImages/Summer1996.gif213"If we're going to live in this kind of world, we're going to have to link the intelligence world with law enforcement." - Senator Sam Nunn (D., Ga.) on a proposal to give the CIA power to begin domestic monitoring of U.S. citizens.60
35Autumn1996Page 54 and 55 show pictures of hacked web sites and are not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Autumn1996.gifBackCoverImages/Autumn1996.gif313"Attacks on Defense computer systems are a serious and growing threat. The exact number of attacks cannot be readily determined because only a small portion are actually detected and reported. However, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) data implies that Defense may have experienced as many as 250,000 attacks last year. DISA information also shows that attacks are successful 65 percent of the time, and that the number of attacks is doubling each year, as Internet use increases along with the sophistication of 'hackers' and their tools." - General Accounting Office report entitled "Computer Attacks at Department of Defense Pose Increasing Risks". It was later disclosed that the estimates were based on staged attacks from within the military.60
36Winter1996Page 40 discusses an AT&T check that is not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Winter1996.gifBackCoverImages/Winter1996.gif413"Some of the computer attack tools, such as SATAN, are now so user-friendly that very little computer experience or knowledge is required to launch automated attacks on systems. Also, informal hacker groups, such as the 2600 club, the Legions of Doom, and Phrackers Inc., openly share information on the Internet about how to break into computer systems. This open sharing of information combined with the availability of user-friendly and powerful attack tools makes in relatively easy for anyone to learn how to attack systems or to refine their attack techniques." - General Accounting Office report entitled "Computer Attacks at Department of Defense Pose Increasing Ricks". The only names they got right in this quote were SATAN and Internet.60
37Spring1997Page 12 shows an interesting book cover, page 26 shows an internal NYNEX Mobile memo, page 43 shows an exploit of INN, page 46 shows an addendum to Cracking AskSam in previous issue, none of which are in the index.FrontCoverImages/Spring1997.gifBackCoverImages/Spring1997.gif114"They have this myth that they are the cool guys and the cool guys always win over the suits. But the fact is that they are half-socialized, post-adolescents with serious ethical and moral boundary problems." - Mike Godwin of the Electronic Frontier Foundation commenting on hackers to the Associated Press, April 2, 1996.60
38Summer1997NULLFrontCoverImages/Summer1997.gifBackCoverImages/Summer1997.gif214"They're self-described nerds, using one word names like "Mudge" or "Dark Tangent" and dressing all in black." - The Associated Press in a July 12, 1997 report using their insight to describe hackers at the Defcon conference.60
39Autumn1997Page 18 displays a fax, 22 displays a confidential memo ripped in two, page 29 displays an FOIA response.FrontCoverImages/Autumn1997.gifBackCoverImages/Autumn1997.gif314"First and foremost, every White House person who has got access to classified information knows that you should not ever transmit any classified material either by cellulor phone, non-protected phone, or by beeper. That is drilled into us fairly well. And as a general proposition, we are alerted to the sensitivity of all electronic communications - walkie-talkies, cellular phones, and beepers. And I think there are probably some staffers who now had a fairly painful reminder that these are indeed public transmissions. So their private matters are now more widely known. It probably will be a useful deterrent." - White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry commenting September 22, 1997 on the release by 2600 staffers of White House pager transmissions. He seems to agree with us that these are indeed "public transmissions." Maybe he can get the word to Louis Freeh.60
40Winter1997NULLFrontCoverImages/Winter1997.gifBackCoverImages/Winter1997.gif414"As a matter of policy, AT&T safeguards customer information from unauthorized access. It is also our policy to allow business customers to access their account-billing records to check the accuracy of their records and to request changes, as necessary, by using an automated system. Until now, questions such as yours have never come up, so we want to thank you very much for bringing your concerns to our attention." - an AT&T media relations representative responding to a member of the Privacy Forum's ( revelation that their automated service intended to reveal the owner of a telephone number dialed on a customer's bill instead revelas anyone's number at anytime to anyone, listed or unlisted.60
41Spring1998NULLFrontCoverImages/Spring1998.gifBackCoverImages/Spring1998.gif115"What Kevin Mitnick is about is creating a mythology of a hacker threat and using that threat to expand the government's statutory authority and increase its wiretapping capability. Find me an individual who was hurt. Find me a company that was hurt. The most you can say is that some companies had to close security holes... and arguably they would have had to do that anyway." - Mike Godwin, staff counsel for the Electronic Freedom Foundation.60
42Summer1998Page 11 has information about an FBI ANSIR fax, page 21 has a 3Com security advisory, page 22 has information on the Sentex Ovation System, page 24 has an AT&T letter and page 25 has a lawsuit threatening letter from the International Churches of Christ that are not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Summer1998.gifBackCoverImages/Summer1998.gif215"At this moment I do not have a personal relationship with a computer... it got so confusing, as to what was on the computer, what wasn't on the computer, what was on the hard drive, what was on the soft drive, that it made it easier for me just to do my work with pen and pencil." - Attorney General Janet Reno, May 24, 1998.60
43Autumn1998Page 55 contains a fax from a user that is not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Autumn1998.gifBackCoverImages/Autumn1998.gif315"This is not a tool we should take seriously, or our customers should take seriously." - Edmund Muth of Microsoft, reacting to the release of Back Orifice, a program that attacks Windows 95/98 with a vengeance, by the Cult of the Dead Cow, as reported in the New York Times. We should point out that they said this BEFORE the program was released.60
44Winter1998NULLFrontCoverImages/Winter1998.gifBackCoverImages/Winter1998.gif415"We will not engage in any assaults or hostile physical contact, physical intimidation, verbal threats of physical harm or violence, or any other actions that are threatening or hostile in nature. We will not carry weapons onto company property, in company vehicles, or while conducting company business, even if we have a permit or license to carry them." - Page 17 of the Bell Atlantic Code of Business Conduct.60
45Spring1999This issue is dedicated to the memory of Walter. August, 1985 to March, 1999.FrontCoverImages/Spring1999.gifBackCoverImages/Spring1999.gif116"We already are seeing the first wave of deliberate cyber attacks - hackers break into government and business computers, stealing and destroying information, raiding bank accounts, running up credit card charges, extorting money by threats to unleash computer viruses." - President Bill Clinton, the most powerful man on earth, declaring war on hackers in a speech at the National Academy of Sciences, 1/22/99.60
46Summer1999NULLFrontCoverImages/Summer1999.gifBackCoverImages/Summer1999.gif216"Public disclosure and dissemination of the victim loss letters was clearly designed to cause additional injury to the victims of defendant's conduct or to cause such victims embarrassment or ridicule." - 5/6/99, from a motion filed by the prosecution in the Kevin Mitnick case after letters obtained by 2600 were made public - these letters claimed that Mitnick, simply by looking at some source code, managed to cost cellular phone companies several hundred million dollars, a huge figure that was never reported to the companies' stockholders, as is required by law.60
47Autumn1999Page 47 contains news of the shutdown of Satellite Watch News by DirecTV.FrontCoverImages/Autumn1999.gifBackCoverImages/Autumn1999.gif316"He is a strange, in some senses pathetic, misguided human being. I don't hold a lot of confidence that he will turn his life around." - Mitnick prosecutor David Schindler, now heading for a lucrative position in the law firm Latham & Watkins, on the subject of Kevin Mitnick, as quoted in the Los Angeles Times 8/16/99.60
48Winter1999Page 42 contains a DOJ letter concerning Kevin Mitnick that is not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Winter1999.gifBackCoverImages/Winter1999.gif416"Hacking can get you in a whole lot more trouble than you think and is a completely creepy thing to do." - DOJ web page aimed at kids to discourage hacking (
49Spring2000NULLFrontCoverImages/Spring2000.gifBackCoverImages/Spring2000.gif117"If we have to file a thousand lawsuits a day, we'll do it." - Jack Valenti, head of the MPAA, referring to the steps they will take to silence those spreading the DeCSS source code.60
50Summer2000Page 46 article has no title, should be "The Privacy Box".FrontCoverImages/Summer2000.gifBackCoverImages/Summer2000.gif217"Posting information about MPAA's anti-privacy operations and techniques will make that information easily available to those engaged in, or planning for, digital piracy of individual works." - MPAA's "Director of Anti-Priacy, Worldwide" Kenneth A. Jacobsen in a filing to the court to prevent the media and the public from learning what they ar saying in pre-trail depositions. He really did say "anti-privacy operations" in his filing. Freudian slip? You decide.60
51Autumn2000Page 12 is a letter from CBS, Page 22 is a letter from Warner Brothers and page 42 is a letter from Microsoft that are not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Autumn2000.gifBackCoverImages/Autumn2000.gif317"Anyone wishing to make lawful use of a particular movie may buy or rent a videotape, play it, and even copy all or part of it with readily available equipment." - Judge Lewis A. Kaplan's way of dealing with the fact that it's virtually impossible to do this with a DVD - his apparent solution is to just go back and use old technology that isn't subject to insane laws.60
52Winter2000Page 53 is a note about registering host names for fun that is not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Winter2000.gifBackCoverImages/Winter2000.gif417"I think any time you expose vulnerabilities it's a good thing." - United States Attorney General Janet Reno, May 2000 in response to security breaches uncovered by federal agents.60
53Spring2001NULLFrontCoverImages/Spring2001.gifBackCoverImages/Spring2001.gif118"Why is it perfectly legal to post a diagram of how to build a bomb on the net, but you can't post a code that descrambles DVDs?" - The March 3, 2001 edition of "Boondocks", a daily comic strip written and drawn by Aaron McGruder and seen in newspapers all over the country. It devoted three days to the DeCSS controversy and, unlike virtually all news reports, got the story right.60
54Summer2001NULLFrontCoverImages/Summer2001.gifBackCoverImages/Summer2001.gif218"Handing over the digital spectrum, or for that matter the Internet, to private power - that's a huge blow against democracy. In the case of the Internet, it's a particularly dramatic blow against democracy because this was paid for by the public. How undemocratic can you get? Here is a major instrument, developed by the public - first part of the Pentagon, and then universities and the National Science Foundation - handed over in some manner that nobody knows to private corporations who want to turn it into an instrument of control. They want to turn it into a home shopping center. You know, where it will help them convert you into the kind of person they want. Namely, someone who is passive, apathetic, sees their life only as a matter of having more commodities that they don't want. Why give them a powerful weapon to turn you into that kind of a person? Especially after you paid for the weapon? Well, that's what's happening right in front of our eyes." - Noam Chomksy, linguist and political dissident, from an interview with the Boston Phoenix in 1999.60
55Autumn2001NULLFrontCoverImages/Autumn2001.gifBackCoverImages/Autumn2001.gif318"We all have to fight against the hacker community." - Judy Elder of Microsoft Canada, as quoted by the CBC, July 31, 2001.60
56Winter2001NULLFrontCoverImages/Winter2001.gifBackCoverImages/Winter2001.gif418"Publication that is deemed to be a threat to legitimate penological objectives." - State of Washington Department of Corrections, 2001.60
57Spring2002NULLFrontCoverImages/Spring2002.gifBackCoverImages/Spring2002.gif119"I realize that this bill basically says you can tap someone's phone for jaywalking, and normally I would say, 'No way.' But after what happened on September 11th, I say screw 'em." - Dana Lee Dembrow, Democratic member of the Maryland House of Delegates explaining her approval of a new bill that would greatly expand the ability of authorities to monitor e-mail and telephone traffic. Jaywalkers beware.60
58Summer2002NULLFrontCoverImages/Summer2002.gifBackCoverImages/Summer2002.gif219"People who go to places of worship, people who go to libraries, people who are in chat rooms, are going to have 'Big Brother' listening in even though there's no evidence that they are involved in anything illegal whatsoever." - Laura Murphy, spokeswoman for the American Civil Liberties Union on the new surveillance powers given to the FBI.60
59Autumn2002Page 13 has a copy of a letter from Direct Media America and page 24 a copy of a letter from Comcast that are not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Autumn2002.gifBackCoverImages/Autumn2002.gif319"What amazes me is that there are thousands of people who could have been whistle-blowers, from the boards of directors to corporate insiders to the accounting firms to the lawyers working for these firms to the credit-rating agencies. All these people! Would a despotic dictatorship have been more efficient in silencing them and producing the perverse incentives for them all to keep quiet? The system is so efficient that there's total silence. I mean, the Soviet Union had enough dissidents to fill Gulags." - Ralph Nader on the continuing corporate crime wave in the United States.60
60Winter2002Page 11 has a copy of a check with an explanation, page 14 has a copy of a letter from the U.S. Department of Justice, page 24 has info about questionable Sprint billing practices, that are not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Winter2002.gifBackCoverImages/Winter2002.gif419"Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country." - Hermann Goering, Hitler's designated successor, before being sentenced to death at the Nuremberg trials.60
61Spring2003Page 23 is a copy of a Warner Bros. letter that is not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Spring2003.gifBackCoverImages/Spring2003.gif120"...the essence of the evil government is that it anticipates bad conduct on the part of its citizens. Any government which assumes that the population is going to do something evil has already lost its franchise to govern. The tacit contract between a government and the people governed is that the government will trust the people and the people will trust the government. But once the government begins to mistrust the people it is governing, it loses its mandate to rule because it is no longer acting as a spokesman for the people, but is acting as an agent of persecution." - Philip K. Dick60
62Summer2003Page 13 has a picture of an Internet payphone and page 29 a picture of a "Homeland Security" business truck that are not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Summer2003.gifBackCoverImages/Summer2003.gif220"Television taught people to watch 'Friends' rather than have friends. Today, relatively little of our leisure time is spent interacting with other people. Now we spend it observing machines." - Robert B. Putnam, author of Bowling Alone60
63Autumn2003Page 8 has a picture courtesy of Internet Qatar that is not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Autumn2003.gifBackCoverImages/Autumn2003.gif320"I do know I'm ready fo the job. And, if not, that's just the way it goes." - George W. Bush, August 21, 200060
64Winter2003Page 25 has a picture of an interesting ad that is not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Winter2003.gifBackCoverImages/Winter2003.gif420"No one realized that the pumps that delivered fuel to the emergency generators were electric." - Angel Feliciano, representative of Verizon workers explaining why Verizon's backup power failed during the August 14 blackout causing disruption to the 911 service.60
65Spring2004NULLFrontCoverImages/Spring2004.gifBackCoverImages/Spring2004.gif121"We have never had vulnerabilities exploited before the patch was known." - David Aucsmith, head of technology at Microsoft's security business and technology unit, February 2004.60
66Summer2004NULLFrontCoverImages/Summer2004.gifBackCoverImages/Summer2004.gif221"Men are only as good as their technical development allows them to be." - George Orwell60
67Autumn2004NULLFrontCoverImages/Autumn2004.gifBackCoverImages/Autumn2004.gif321"We are stunned that RealNetworks has adopted the tactics and ethics of a hacker to break into the iPod, and we are investigating the implications of their actions under the DMCA and other laws." - Apple Computer in an apparent reversal of their "think different" marketing strategy, July 29, 200460
68Winter2004NULLFrontCoverImages/Winter2004.gifBackCoverImages/Winter2004.gif421"We cannot simply suspend or restrict civil liberties until the War of Terror is over, because the War on Terror is unlikely ever to be truly over." - Judge Gerald Tjoflat of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, October 15, 2004.60
69Spring2005NULLFrontCoverImages/Spring2005.gifBackCoverImages/Spring2005.gif122"If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." - James Madison64
70Summer2005NULLFrontCoverImages/Summer2005.gifBackCoverImages/Summer2005.gif222"No government can be long secure without a formidable opposition." - Benjamin Disraeli64
71Autumn2005NULLFrontCoverImages/Autumn2005.gifBackCoverImages/Autumn2005.gif322"The good news is - and it's hard for some to see it now - that out of this chaos is going to come a fantastic Gulf Coast, like it was before. Out of the rubbles of Trent Lott's house - he's lost his entire house - there's going to be a fantastic house. And I'm looking forward to sitting on the porch." - George W. Bush, touring hurricane damage that at press time was estimated to have killed thousands of people, Sept. 2, 200564
72Winter2005Page 61 has the Easter Egg Hunt contest results with a complete list of the Easter Eggs in Freedom Downtime, that is not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Winter2005.gifBackCoverImages/Winter2005.gif422"Value your freedom, or you will lost it, teaches history. 'Don't bother us with politics,' respond those who don't want to learn." - Richard Stallman64
73Spring2006NULLFrontCoverImages/Spring2006.gifBackCoverImages/Spring2006.gif123"Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth." - Albert Einstein64
74Summer2006NULLFrontCoverImages/Summer2006.gifBackCoverImages/Summer2006.gif223"Are you telling me that tens of millions of Americans are involved with al Qaeda?" - Senator Patrick Leahy in response to recent revelations that the NSA has been secretly attempting to create a database of every call ever made within U.S. borders.64
75Autumn2006NULLFrontCoverImages/Autumn2006.gifBackCoverImages/Autumn2006.gif323"An internet was sent by my staff at 10 o'clock in the morning Friday. I got it yesterday. Why?" - Senator Ted Stevens displaying his knowledge of the Internet earlier this summer in a speech designed to help defeat the network neutrality initiative.64
76Winter2006NULLFrontCoverImages/Winter2006.gifBackCoverImages/Winter2006.gif423"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity." - Albert Einstein68
77Spring2007NULLFrontCoverImages/Spring2007.gifBackCoverImages/Spring2007.gif124"The production of too many useful things results in too many useless people." - Karl Marx68
78Summer2007NULLFrontCoverImages/Summer2007.gifBackCoverImages/Summer2007.gif224"Once a new technology rolls over you, if you're not part of the steamroller, you're part of the road." - Stewart Brand68
79Autumn2007NULLFrontCoverImages/Autumn2007.gifBackCoverImages/Autumn2007.gif324"The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men." - Plato68
80Winter2007NULLFrontCoverImages/Winter2007.gifBackCoverImages/Winter2007.gif424"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." - Mahatma Gandhi68
81Spring2008NULLFrontCoverImages/Spring2008.gifBackCoverImages/Spring2008.gif125"The bigger the lie, the more they believe." - Bunk68
82Summer2008NULLFrontCoverImages/Summer2008.gifBackCoverImages/Summer2008.gif225"There's no place like HOPE." - random Last HOPE attendee, July 200868
83Autumn2008NULLFrontCoverImages/Autumn2008.gifBackCoverImages/Autumn2008.gif325"We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology." - Carl Sagan68
84Winter2008NULLFrontCoverImages/Winter2008.gifBackCoverImages/Winter2008.gif425"I think we agree, the past is over." - George W. Bush68
85Spring2009NULLFrontCoverImages/Spring2009.gifBackCoverImages/Spring2009.gif126"It's not just enough to change the players. We've gotta change the game." - Barack Obama68
86Summer2009NULLFrontCoverImages/Summer2009.gifBackCoverImages/Summer2009.gif226"The future is here. It's just not evenly distributed yet." - William Gibson68
87Autumn2009NULLFrontCoverImages/Autumn2009.gifBackCoverImages/Autumn2009.gif326"There is no need for any individual to have a computer in their home." - Ken Olsen, president, Digital Equipment Corp., 197768
89Winter2009NULLFrontCoverImages/Winter2009.gifBackCoverImages/Winter2009.gif426"The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds the most discoveries, is not 'Eureka!' but 'That's funny...'" - Isaac Asimov68
93November1987Page 2 (and part of 10/21) has info from 2600, Page 11 has a copy of a letter from MCI Telecommunications and some comments, pages 14 and 15 are ads.FrontCoverImages/November1987.gifBackCoverImages/November1987.gif11424
94October1987Page 2 has info from 2600, that is not in the index.FrontCoverImages/October1987.gifBackCoverImages/October1987.gif10424
103September1987Page 2 (and part of 16) has info from 2600, that is not in the index.FrontCoverImages/September1987.gifBackCoverImages/September1987.gif9424
104August1987Page 16 has a letter from Telenet Communications Corporation, page 17 has a bill from US Sprint, that are not in the index.FrontCoverImages/August1987.gifBackCoverImages/August1987.gif84NULL24
105July1987Page 2 (and part of 20) has info from 2600, page 9 announces the 2600 answer the phone contest, page 17 has some 1950's telephone company propaganda, that are not in the index.FrontCoverImages/July1987.gifBackCoverImages/July1987.gif7424
106June1987Page 2 has info from 2600, that is not in the index.FrontCoverImages/June1987.gifBackCoverImages/June1987.gif6424
107May1987Page 2 has info from 2600, that is not in the index.FrontCoverImages/May1987.gifBackCoverImages/May1987.gif5424
108April1987Page 2 has info from 2600, that is not in the index.FrontCoverImages/April1987.gifBackCoverImages/April1987.gif4424
109March1987Page 2 has info from 2600, that is not in the index.FrontCoverImages/March1987.gifBackCoverImages/March1987.gif3424
110February1987Page 2 has info from 2600, page 9 has a comic, that are not in the index.FrontCoverImages/February1987.gifBackCoverImages/February1987.gif2424
111January1987Page 2 (and part of 21) has info from 2600, Page 17 has a picture of a British Telecom card-reader phone, that are not in the index.FrontCoverImages/January1987.gifBackCoverImages/January1987.gif1424
148Spring2010FrontCoverImages/Spring2010.gifBackCoverImages/Spring2010.gif127"Knowledge is power. Power corrupts. Study hard, be evil". - Unknown68
149Summer2010Page 26 has a call for 'The Hacker Perspective' articles and pages 50-51 are the Leaked Document Department and displays an IRS document, these are not in the index.FrontCoverImages/Summer2010.gifBackCoverImages/Summer2010.gif227"Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom." - Albert Einstein68
150Autumn2010FrontCoverImages/Autumn2010.gifBackCoverImages/Autumn2010.gif327"When a great truth once gets abroad in the world, no power on earth can imprison it, or prescribe its limits, or suppress it. It is bound to go on till it becomes the thought of the world." - Frederick Douglass68
151Winter2010Page 19 has full page ad for the new 2600 electronic version.FrontCoverImages/Winter2010.gifBackCoverImages/Winter2010.gif427"Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is not safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing." - Helen Keller68
152Spring2011FrontCoverImages/Spring2011.gifBackCoverImages/Spring2011.gif128"The United States continues to help people in oppressive Internet environments get around filters, stay one step ahead of the censors, the hackers, and the thugs who beat them up or imprison them for what they say online." - Hilary Clinton, 15 February 201168
153Summer2011FrontCoverImages/Summer2011.gifBackCoverImages/Summer2011.gif228"If journalism is good, it is controversial by it's nature." - Julian Assange68
154Autumn2011FrontCoverImages/Autumn2011.gifBackCoverImages/Autumn2011.gif328"Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do." - Leonardo da Vinci68
155Winter2011NULLFrontCoverImages/Winter2011.gifBackCoverImages/Winter2011.gif428"Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing." - Oscar Wilde=68
156Spring2012FrontCoverImages/Spring2012.gifBackCoverImages/Spring2012.gif129"The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently." - Friedrich Nietzsche68
157Summer2012FrontCoverImages/Summer2012.gifBackCoverImages/Summer2012.gif229"The Department of Justice does not endorse the organizations or views represented by this site and takes no responsibility for, and exercises no control over, the accuracy, accessibility, copyright or trademark compliance or legality of the material contained on this site." Message on the Department of Justice website that appears when a visitor clicks on a link. This same agency routinely shuts down websites because of links they find objectionable.68
158Autumn2012FrontCoverImages/Autumn2012.gifBackCoverImages/Autumn2012.gif329"If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe." - Nikola Tesla68
159Winter2012FrontCoverImages/Winter2012.gifBackCoverImages/Winter2012.gif429"The best way to predict the future is invent it." - Alan Kay68
160Spring2013FrontCoverImages/Spring2013.gifBackCoverImages/Spring2013.gif130"Be curious. Read widely. Try new things. What people call intelligence just boils down to curiosity." - Aaron Swartz68
161Summer2013FrontCoverImages/Summer2013.gifBackCoverImages/Summer2013.gif230"I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots." - Attributed to Albert Einstein68
162Autumn2013Page 64/65 contains A Response to "Perfect Encryption - Old Style!" by Phil instead of staff page and house ad. See <a href='article.php?i=161&a=2248'>(..)</a>FrontCoverImages/Autumn2013.gifBackCoverImages/Autumn2013.gif33068
163Winter2013Index indicates an article "Identity and Encryption Verification" that doesn't exist.FrontCoverImages/Winter2013.gifBackCoverImages/Winter2013.gif430"If we can't understand the policies and the programs of our government, we cannot grant our consent in regulating them." - Edward Snowden68
164Spring2014FrontCoverImages/Spring2014.gifBackCoverImages/Spring2014.gif131"Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense." - Gertrude Stein, 1946.68
165Summer2014FrontCoverImages/Summer2014.gifBackCoverImages/Summer2014.gif231"If you don't want to be replaced by a computer, don't act like one." - Physicist Arno Penzias, 197868
166Autumn2014FrontCoverImages/Autumn2014.gifBackCoverImages/Autumn2014.gif331"The thought of an entire population using computer terminals, not just the technologically literate minority, is truly revolutionary." 2600 in 198768
167Winter2014FrontCoverImages/Winter2014.gifBackCoverImages/Winter2014.gif431"There will come a time when it isn't 'They're spying on me through my phone' anymore. Eventually, it will be 'My phone is spying on me.'" - Philip K. Dick, circa 1970s68
168Spring2015FrontCoverImages/Spring2015.gifBackCoverImages/Spring2015.gif132"Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations" - George Orwell68
169Summer2015FrontCoverImages/Summer2015.gifBackCoverImages/Summer2015.gif232"The most technologically efficient machine that man has ever invented is the book." - Northrop Frye68
170Autumn2015Magazine index page 2 missing LEAKED DOCUMENTS article.FrontCoverImages/Autumn2015.gifBackCoverImages/Autumn2015.gif332"There is very little that you will encounter in life that has not been infused with bullshit." - Jon Stewart, 201568
174Winter2015FrontCoverImages/Winter2015.gifBackCoverImages/Winter2015.gif432"We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology." - Carl Sagan68
176Spring2016Page 28 is a full page add for the eleventh HOPE.FrontCoverImages/Spring2016.gifBackCoverImages/Spring2016.gif133"The first condition of progress is the removal of censorship." - George Bernard Shaw68
179Summer2016FrontCoverImages/Summer2016.gifBackCoverImages/Summer2016.gif233"We used to say a man's home is his castle. Today, a man's phone is his castle." - Edward Snowden68
181Autumn2016FrontCoverImages/Autumn2016.gifBackCoverImages/Autumn2016.gif333"I have so many websites. I have them all over the place. I hire people, they do a website. It costs me $3." - Donald Trump68
183Winter2016FrontCoverImages/Winter2016.gifBackCoverImages/Winter2016.gif433"If the government is taken over by evil, hackers will be indispensable friends fighting for our freedom." - xphreak68
185Spring2017FrontCoverImages/Spring2017.gifBackCoverImages/Spring2017.gif134"Hacking is bad and it shouldn't be done. But look at the things that were hacked. Look at what was learned from that hacking." Donald Trump68
187Summer2017FrontCoverImages/Summer2017.gifBackCoverImages/Summer2017.gif234"Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't" - Mark Twain, 189768
189Autumn2017FrontCoverImages/Autumn2017.gifBackCoverImages/Autumn2017.gif334"I'm here because I'm a refugee." - Google co-founder Sergey Brin, 201768
191Winter2017FrontCoverImages/Winter2017.gifBackCoverImages/Winter2017.gif434"If I had to do it all over again, I would know a hell of a lot more about cybersecurity." - Donna Brazile68
193Spring2018FrontCoverImages/Spring2018.gifBackCoverImages/Spring2018.gif135"Will the Internet become a theater, crowded with all of Humanity, where demagogic institutions cry 'fire' every time they wish to incite a mob? Will the Global Village be dominated, like so many other small towns, by schadenfreudal busybodies who build their own self-esteem from the wreckage of others whose reputations they've destroyed? So far, this has not happened because most of those in Cyberspace had a sense of responsibility about the preservation of a social contract that, however vague, was precious to us all. But what can be done about entities like Congress, who have neither a sense of the social contract nor enough stake in its preservation to motivate self-restraint?" John Perry Barlow68
194Summer2018FrontCoverImages/Summer2018.gifBackCoverImages/Summer2018.gif235"Are you a one or a zero?" - Mr. Robot68