Author:      wrepp
  Date:        01/09/2010
  Description: Best of 2600 Book information for 2600 index web site

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    <p class="section">Best of 2600 Book</p>
    <a href="#Chapters">see Chapters</a><br>
    <a href="#Articles">see Articles</a><br>
    Complete articles are not always included in the book. See Summer 1987 [14:2] the News Summary/News Items <a href='article.php?i=38&amp;a=424'>..</a>, Spring 1998 News Update/News Items [14:1] <a href='article.php?i=41&amp;a=466'>..</a>, Spring 1991 What's Up?/EFF Lawsuit [8:1] <a href='article.php?i=13&amp;a=104'>..</a>, Spring 1998 [15:1] Message Sent/Our Financial State <a href='article.php?i=41&amp;a=450'>..</a>, Winter 1998 [15:4] The Victor Spoiled/Mitnick Update <a href='article.php?i=44&amp;a=501'>..</a>, News Items Summer 1995 [14:2] <a href='article.php?i=30&amp;a=311'>..</a>, Autumn 1998 [15:3] Progress <a href='article.php?i=44&amp;a=484'>..</a>
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