Author:      wrepp
  Date:        01/11/2016
  Description: seperate page for mirrors of 2600 index web site

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    <p class="section">Mirrors</p>

       2600 index website info, please contact me if you would like to host a <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirror_website">mirror.</a>

    <table width="75%" cellspacing="1px" cellpadding="2px" >
        <tr bgcolor="LIGHTGREY">
          <td>Log retention</td>
        <td>Main site</td>
        <td>Three days - apache</td>
        <td><a href="https://www.2600index.info/webalizer">Webalizer - ip's ignored</a></td>
        <td><a href="https://www.vultr.com">Vultr - USA</a></td>
        <td>VPS - Chicago, USA</td>
        <td><a href="https://www.2600index.info">www.2600index.info</a></td>
        <td>Mirror One</td>
        <td>Three days - apache</td>
        <td><a href="https://www.2600index.website/webalizer">Webalizer - ip's ignored</td>
        <td><a href="https://www.digitalocean.com/">Digital Ocean - USA</a></td>
        <td>VPS - New York, USA</td>
        <td><a href="https://www.2600index.website">www.2600index.website</td>

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