Author:      wrepp
  Date:        10/13/2008
  Description: status page for 2600 index web site
  Notes:       table editors only available if sub-directory found

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    <p class="section">Status</p>

     This web site is a work in progress, currently I'm going back and cleaning up some things and working on the todo's.<br>
     The current issue will be indexed as soon as possible - please be patient as the initial info (cover jpg, etc) comes from <a href="http://store.2600.com/backissues.html">store.2600.com</a> and I also need time to receive, read and write the article information and update the host server.

    <p class="section">Todo</p>
      <li>Update links with errors (new link and/or archive.org).</li>
      <li>Review articles in bit bucket (add more keywords?).</li>
      <li>Fix local copy logic of tinyurls.</li>
      <li>Add support for IPv6 links.</li>
      <li>Update/finish open source stuff.</li>

    <p class="section">Notes</p>
      <li>Autumn 1994 issue [11:3] page 48 was the first with pictures of phones on the back.</li>
      <li>Summer 1995 issue [12:2] page 16 was the first with reference to the www.2600.com web site. ([12:1] page 21 annouced construction)</li>
      <li>Winter 2010 issue [27:4] page 19 was the first electronic subscription edition and Hacker Digest created.</li>

    <p class="section">Database</p>

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    <p class="note">(Note: I add a Letters article to each issue as I index)</p>

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